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Pond & River (Eyewitness Books) chapter 1 Pond & River (Eyewitness Books), meaning Pond & River (Eyewitness Books), genre Pond & River (Eyewitness Books), book cover Pond & River (Eyewitness Books), flies Pond & River (Eyewitness Books), Pond & River (Eyewitness Books) 4c66c8771f79b Full Color Photos A Very Attractive Pictorial Introduction To Plants And Animals Found In Aquatic Habitats At Various Seasons Of The Year Chapters Focus On Fish, Birds, Mammals, Amphibians, Plants, Insects, Mollusks, Estuaries, And The Salt Marsh The Photographs Are Excellent A First Rate Way For Youngsters To Identify The Common Organisms Starred Science Books Films

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    Pond and River 1988 Written by Steve ParkerThis picture book first focuses on spring plants, then animals, trout, insects in the water, and then life along the river bank, in general Because the picture book quickly flops from topic to topic, it is helpful that there are headings to signal to readers that the topic is changing The picture book is incredibly descriptive and includes interesting facts and statistics that most people wouldn t know without reading it This picture book is set up with close ups of the ecology of plants and animals in freshwater The photographs of the pictures look real and are surrounded with labels, are magnified, and contain descriptions Without these incorporations, readers would only see beautiful photographs, not understanding the meaning behind it The text and pictures help to give readers a really good concept of the plants and animals that makeup rivers and ponds The book contains a table of contents and index Because there is an endless amount of information to be learned from this book, it is good that it is organized in this way The different style of fonts and different size of fonts also help distinguish the different elements from each other The definitely work together to give readers a complete picture of plant and animal life within ponds and rivers The first page is a simple picture of a flower with leaf petals found in a pond While all of the other pages are filled from top to bottom with text and images, this page is extremely different from all of the rest since it is so simple and the picture is placed on a plain background It is a good thing that the reader s first impression is this because it sets them up with the types of images that are to come and doesn t overwhelm them with an immediate overload of text, lots of details, and lots of pictures.I was very impressed by this picture book It is incredible just how much can be learned from a picture book Picture books are often thought of as easy reads but this picture book certainly was not It contained a lot of great vocabulary and concepts that are not easy to understand but important, nonetheless.

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    Chronicles of Han Storm Book Club ReadEasy reference guide to pond and river life Well worth adding to your library.

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