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The Spirit Of The Green Man chapter 1 The Spirit Of The Green Man, meaning The Spirit Of The Green Man, genre The Spirit Of The Green Man, book cover The Spirit Of The Green Man, flies The Spirit Of The Green Man, The Spirit Of The Green Man 2b8d6b51960ca New Understanding Of This Potent Archetype Of Fecundity, The Green Man Today, The Need For Connection To The Green Man Has Never Been Stronger The Pollution On Our Planet Has Rendered Him, Paradoxically, Even Influential To The Future Of Humankind Though Shrouded In Mystery, He Speaks Directly To Anyone Who Wants To Hear Him The Reader Is Shown How To Meet And Interact With The Spirit Of The Green Man Through Practical Work Green Awareness Magic Meditation This Book Fulfills A Contemporary Need For Oneness To The Greenwood And Nature

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    I m quite surprised by the overall rating here on goodreads In my opinion, this book deserves than five stars I found it very well written, researched, and overall unique It blends the mythology of the Greenman and nature spirits with the author s experiences And then there are some charming stories as well, inspired by the places the author visited I can identify well with a place sharing its story because I had similar experiences in the country And maybe that is why I felt as though the author spoke to me, like to a friend Since I first saw it in the small bookshop in London, I sensed that it had some magic in itI recommend this to anyone who is intrigued about the Greenman, and appreciates heartfelt, quality writing.

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    I was hoping for a book with substance and was left disappointed Beyond the very superficial references to the most basic folklore readily available elsewhere this book had very little to do with the Green Man There was a lot of the author s memories of walking in woods, which didn t even really give any depth of feeling, and her views on consumerism The only things I found of use were the tiny sections on the meaning of the Celtic tree Ogham, but again this is available elsewhere.For anyone wanting to actually learn about the Green Man and his history I would suggest you look elsewhere.Even as a book on nature spirituality it is fairly forgettable.

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    For anyone who has ever wondered about who or what the Green Man is, this book gives the reader a bit of the history behind him and his relevance today With stories and fairy tales showing the Green Man s influence, to the Runes and the Celtic Ogham this book has a bit of something for anyone with interest and is a wonderful book to read digest and absorb.

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    Great book I would recommend this book to anybody who wishes to connect with nature, this book has many great suggestions about how to connect with the spirit of nature and steps you can make me become harmonious.

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