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My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #7) quotes My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #7) , litcharts My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #7) , symbolism My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #7) , summary shmoop My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #7) , My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand, #7) e2a3cd2a It S A Whole New Ride From Master Of Fright And Bestselling Author RL Stine With A Story So Fiendish That It Can T Be Contained In Just One Book Before Joining The Other Kids Trapped In HorrorLand, Michael Munroe Will Learn A Few New Lessons In FEAR Never Trust A Teacher Who Calls Everybody Little Monsters Be Careful If That Teacher Invites You To Lunch At Her House And Never EVER Trust A Teacher With A Giant Monster Egg In Her Own Attic Especially If It S About To Hatch

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    Rating 3 5Review to come

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    They Call Me Monster was actually really good I wasnt really expecting that after discovering it was about aliens It is my favorite Horrorland book so far though I loved Michael and the story I like how he tried to make sure everyone would be safe Of course no one is but he still tried.

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    This R.L Stine goosebump wasn t the best he has written The storyline was kinda bland and boring until the last couple of chapters If it was longer and went into thing I would have given it a better rating.

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    Having a 10 year old son in the house, These Horrorland books are really handy to haveIt is a cool book the main charter is called monster but he is not a monster His teacher and principal are acutely monsters trying to take over earth and monster and his friends try to stop her but monster gets turned into a monster with some special eggs that the teacher tries to feed to the school after that he gets turned back halfway with the help of his friends but the teacher has a small army of monsters, monster still has monster arms a defects the monsters.

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    Seems almost a mashup of Egg Monsters from Mars and Calling All Creeps Though I haven t actually yet read the former Maybe a bit outlandish than a lot of Goosebumps the strongest entries usually don t feature monsters but I enjoyed it reasonably well Some nice body horror too Stine was always good at that Like Calling All Creeps, features transmogrifying food set to be served at a school, in order to create a slave student body of ghouls This time it s scrambled eggs instead of cookies.

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    The book, my fiends call me monster by R.L STINE is about Micheal and his friends who get it to trouble and decide to scare there teacher but little do they know there something else waiting for them I give this book a 5 5 because it doesn t give too much away at the begging And I recommend this book to any one who like horror and R.L STINE as a author.

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    The beginning of the book was about Michael and a teacher that is out of this world with some huge monster eggs The first half was kind of silly, but the second half where the kids meet up in Horrorland, was really fun.

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    It speaks volumes about the overall quality of the HorrorLand series that a dumbed down rehash of

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    I didn t enjoy this all that much I think it was an interesting story though I guessed the ending about half way through I like that these have a second story at the end following the events of what led the characters to horrorland

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    Im gonna preface this with I ONLY read this to fill criteria for my monthly book club Its not fair for me to rate this off of what I would give this NOW Its obviously not geared to my age group and not my genre For what it is, it was good I can totally see it creeping out middle schoolers.

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