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Out of the Shadow txt Out of the Shadow , text ebook Out of the Shadow , adobe reader Out of the Shadow , chapter 2 Out of the Shadow , Out of the Shadow c7c4c0 When Shepard Black Left The Rodeo Circuit, He Thought His Days Of Lusting After Young Cowboys Were Over Now Owner Of The Backbreaker Ranch, Shep Raises Mean Spirited Bulls Like The Ones That Used To Toss Him Around The Arena It S A Challenge, But He Never Imagined His Best Friend S Son, Jeremy, Would Prove To Be His Toughest One Yet Watching Jeremy S Long Legs Wrap Around A Bucking Bull Gives Shep Too Many Ideas For Comfort Even Worse, Jeremy Seems To Know Exactly The Affect He S Having On His Boss And TeacherWhen Jeremy Asks Shep To Help Him Train For The Upcoming Cattle Valley Rodeo Days, He Has Two Goals In Mind To Spend Time With The Man He S Lusted After Since He Was A Teenager And To Beat His Father He S Been Through Hell As The Son Of The Reigning National Champion, And He Wants His Dad To Have A Taste Of His Own Medicine He Might Just Get A Taste Of What He S Longed For All This Time, TooReader Advisory This Book Is Best Read In Sequence As Part Of A Series

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    I kind of think its funny that I am a straight female and yet I am reading gay romance I have never read gay romance before the reason I read this book originally is because I have a friend who is gay that is simply in love with this book series because he has told me all about this series a lot I figured I would give it a go well all I can is is my friend has fabulous taste not that he would ever let me forget that for even a second I may be a straight female but I simply love the guys in the series I could not stop reading at one book I just had to know what was happening in Cattle Valley so far I have read the first 10 books in the series and the I read the I fall in love with this series I think its just wonderful I hope all people gay lesbian bi straight whatever find such a happy wonderful place to live in peace and joy I am going to read this full series once I get a chance to as I simply have to know who winds up with who this is better than watching the soaps I just love it..

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    Resisting to temptation is not a sought virtue in Cattle Vally, the Montana fictional LGBT small town And so this new installment in the ongoing soap opera is another story of a man who gives up to temptation Shep is a former bull rider who left the rodeo circuit when the sixteen years old son of his best friend came to live with them Young Jeremy was too much a temptation for the man, and a providential knee injury gave him the right excuse to open a bull breeding ranch in Cattle Vally But one year before, Jeremy came to the ranch searching a work and Shep couldn t refuse him Jeremy now is 22 years old and than ripe to be pick.Jeremy is looking to seduce Shep since he was 16 years old Now that the man of his dreams seems open to his seduction, he will not stop in front of nothing to have his way with him.As always love triumphs in this small town and the main characters have little problem to consummate their love as soon as the book began In less than 110 pages, our heroes make love in bed, in the barn, in the kitchen, in the truck I believe they didn t forget any available surface But this is the quirk of this series, and the reason why it is so sought after it s refreshing and enjoyable to read of a love between two people, when the gay issue is not an issue at all.Usually Carol Lynne raises a social issue, without therefore being boring or pedantic In this one there is not, if not maybe the age difference between Shep and Jeremy even if it s not too much highlighted and the generational jealousy between Jeremy and his father But all in all, I think that with this one Carol Lynne takes a leave, and the real purpose is only entertaining.http www. dp 1907010807

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    Shep owns the Back Breaker Ranch and his best friend s son Jeremy works for him Shep has always had a thing for Jeremy who is seventeen years younger than him and it makes him feel a little like a pedofile At twenty two, Jeremy knows who and what he wants and is working hard to get it He s had a thing for Shep since he came to live with his dad at seventeen.Jeremy has a bigger problem brewing with his dad Todd Lovell, the reigning bull riding world champion Cattle Valley Days are coming up and with that brings the Cattle Valley Rodeo Jeremy wants to win his father s respect by competing in and beating him in the rodeo His father has an issue with Jeremy riding because Jer is better at it and would easily knock him out of his spot if given half a chance Once Shep gives in and lets himself love Jeremy the way they both want, it s a beautiful thing I love me some hot cowboys and it s nice to have the cowboy stories coming up I can t wait for Logan and Jax story You get a preview of their story in this one and it looks to be fireworks filled sigh who doesn t love the hot man candy cowboys

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    This one was going in blind for me I didn t remember Shep or Jeremy other than knowing them in passing from being mentioned in other books I liked Shep, I could see his reservations about starting something with Jeremy Not only is he lots younger, which seems to be a theme in this series, but he s also his good friend Todd s son, sent to live and work with him when life was too dangerous for a fag Todd s words lemme tell ya about Todd, he got off way too easy in my opinion, had I been either Shep or Jeremy I d have paid him back all the heartache and broken bones he d given Jeremy over the years what a terrible terrible human being He ruined this story for me a little bit And Jeremy, giving him his last rodeo, I don t care if he appreciated it or not, I d have outed him for the no good piece of crap he was I digress lol I got a little caught up in this one.Other than that, I really liked the way Shep was with Jeremy once he got over his hang ups and let himself have real feelings for him They were sweet together and complimented each other well Another cute couple with their HEA I ve grown to love about this series On to the next

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    Pretty steamy little read.I ve come to expect this from the Cattle Valley series Short and hot with simple plots and a tad of insta love Great for indulgence reading and always lots of setup for upcoming stories featuring hotties.Shephard is a retired bull fighter who now runs a ranch in Cattle Valley He s been trying to be resist Jeremy s pull since the lad was 17 years old Jeremy decides that he s no longer going to wait for Shep, he s taking the bull by the horns.

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    Shep and Jeremy are a winning, combination Can we say hot It was interesting to see the character growth especially of Jeremy When it came right down to it, his wise decision he proved that he was a REAL man I loved Out of the Shadows good character development, good story with some unexpected twists and hot sex, sex, sex It s a winning combination.

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    I love all of Carol Lynne s books My only problem with her stories is that they are just too short

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    This one was okay Age gap but it didn t appeal to me.Jeremy s relationship with his father and its resolution was jarring There wasn t enough to convince me that the way it finally ended up was believable.

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    This was another great addition to the series They are short sweet romances with good plots and set ups for the books to come Always happy to visit Cattle Valley

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    Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.After the angst of the previous book, this latest installment was a nice break from the emotional turmoil Shepard Black may not be on the rodeo circuit any but that hasn t stopped his appreciation for the younger cowboys Well, it hasn t stopped in regards to one cowboy in particular The problem The young man in question is his best friend s son and is seventeen years his junior Determined to keep his thoughts and hands to himself, Shep attempts to put distance between them but when the object of his desire asks him for help, he can t say no Jeremy has lusted after Shep from the moment the sixteen year old got a look at the man and at twenty one, that lust has only grown and changed into love With the Cattle Valley Rodeo Days coming up, this seems like the perfect opportunity to spend time with the one man he s never been able to forget and if he plays his cards right, maybe he ll than just a chance to compete.This was a fairly easy going book both characters were in love with each other but Shep was held back by the age difference and the fact that he felt guilty over his attraction while Jeremy isn t sure he can get past the space Shep has put between them There was a bit of side story involving Jeremy and his father that added a little extra something to the book in general but I felt it acted as a way to show how Jeremy has grown up than anything else while giving the two main characters a way to spend time together There were a couple of small cameos from familiar characters while some new ones were introduced that I m looking forward to reading about in the future.Overall this was just a nice pleasant read with minimal angsting that was a good way to spend a little bit of my afternoon Filled with cowboys in a familiar setting, anyone who either has enjoyed this series so far or is a particular fan of may december pairings should like this one.

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