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  • Paperback
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  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Lois Duncan
  • 05 May 2018
  • 9780671416768

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    Before it was a 90s slasher movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer was actually a novel by Lois Duncan and believe it or not, a very good one Published in 1973 and revised by the author in 2010, I had superficial issues with her decision to rebrand everything from fashion to geopolitics to telephones for the Young Adult reader of today a decision that felt financial as opposed to creative but where it matters, the book generates a terrific amount of suspense and delivers a satisfying payoff without throwing graphic violence, sex or much foul language at the reader In this sense, it s like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller with teens than slasher fare.Set in the vicinity of Silver Spring, Maryland with its mountain roads, the story begins with high school graduate Julie James getting summer off to a promising start when an acceptance letter to Smith College, the alma mater of her widowed mother, arrives in the mail Mrs James has sensed a change in her redheaded cheerleader daughter over the last year, studying harder but having less fun, breaking up with a boy named Ray Bronson, who left town about a year ago and headed to California Julie almost ignores a second letter she s received, one with no return address on the envelope The message in big block printing ominously reads I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.We next meet Barry Cox, freshman at the local college and a football hero in his high school days whose winning ways still get the attention of the girls For this reason and others, Barry has cooled to his girlfriend of the past year, Helen Rivers, a high school dropout whose ambition and golden looks have secured her a lucrative job with Channel Five as a station rep and on air personality Helen s success seems to be the only reason Barry hasn t broken up with her and when she telephones with something important to talk with him about, he has no choice but go to her apartment complex Barry finds Julie there as well, who shares the threatening letter with the couple Making reference to a pact they made last summer, Barry blames the letter on Ray, who Helen reveals is back in town Neither of the women believe Julie s ex would do something like this The football hero offers that Julie might be getting teased about something else she did last summer Helen is not comforted by this Julie returns home to prepare for a date when she encounters Ray waiting for her While he s missed Julie, she explains that she needs to move on, haunted by a tragic accident in which the car that Barry was driving with Helen in the front passenger seat and Julie Ray in back struck a twelve year old boy on a bicycle named Daniel Gregg.Driving too fast while under the influence of a few beers and a little pot, Barry feared prosecution and fled the accident scene that night Julie s vocal plea that they go back to help the boy was opposed by Helen, who then as well as now is in love with Barry and wants to protect him Casting the deciding vote to stay silent was Ray, who at that time lacked the nerve to stand up to Barry and instead made an anonymous call to 911 Their victim died on the way to the hospital Julie shares her letter with her ex, dreading that someone else knows their secret Ray believes they should confess to the police, not breaking the pact, but dissolving it by convincing Barry and Helen to agree with them.While Julie makes a fresh start with an Iraq war veteran she s dating named Bud, Helen continues to feel distance from Barry Growing up in a low income household and sharing a bedroom with her dumpy and vindictive older sister Elsa, Helen s self made success and minor celebrity has only made her feel ostracized by her family and peers She makes a friend with a handsome new neighbor named Collie but comes close to falling apart when Barry is lured away from his frat house by a telephone call and shot His ability to walk again in doubt, Barry claims that the phone call came from Helen, who denies this By now, both Helen and Ray have received ominous messages as well.Taking the initiative, Julie and Ray go up up to Mountain Highway to visit the Greggs They meet Daniel Gregg s sister Megan, who reveals that her mother blamed herself for Daniel s death and fell ill She s convalescing in Las Lunas with her father Julie is certain that none of the Greggs could be responsible for the threats, while Ray notices a fresh coat of paint on the house and men s shirts drying on the clothesline The mystery thickens when Ray sneaks into the hospital to confront Barry about his fatal phone call He conceals the truth, which is that a caller threatened to blackmail him with photos of the accident and lured Barry into a meeting, where he was shot.Meanwhile, Mrs James has a very bad feeling about all of this Not that the feelings were foolproof and could be taken as gospel Last summer, for instance, there had been a time when she could have sworn that she felt something terrible approaching It was during a period in which Julie was seeing a great deal of Ray, and for a while Mrs James had wondered if that was it, if the young people s feelings for each other were growing too strong and would create a problem Fond as she was of Ray, she was aware of his immaturity, and she wanted another year of high school for Julie and then hopefully college The idea of an unwed pregnancy or a very young marriage was not easy for her to accept.In the 2010 revision of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Lois Duncan made a number of superficial changes to her 1973 text A few are hard to spot, like a blue pantsuit changing to blue pants and a blouse Vietnam and an antiwar demonstration are changed to Iraq and an indiscriminate campus demonstration A noticeable change is the juggling act Duncan has to do with mobile phones, which could have solved her mystery in half an hour if characters were easily able to contact each other or authorities in an emergency In the inferior revised edition, all manner of dead batteries, dropped signals or landlines still strangely in use are offered to keep the plot going.There are reasons why a novel written in the 1970s or 80s should not be revised for the Information Age, even a novel that on the surface seems to be little than a Young Adult thriller The world has changed so much in forty years that relabeling is not sufficient to pass Duncan s story off as one that could take place today The catalyst of I Know What You Did Last Summer is a boy on a bicycle being struck by a hit and run driver at ten o clock at night, plausible and effective in 1973, but today, when all bicycles have reflectors and all children are cocooned in safety gear, not to mention guarded by anxious parents who rarely let their children out of sight, this scenario feels like a stretch.This sort of reboot feels like a financial gambit than one made to improve quality of the book and I Know What You Did Last Summer is compelling enough not to need it Duncan does a wonderfully subtle job of generating tension with characters who ve committed an irrevocable crime and are wrapped so tight with guilt that the slightest tug might force them to snap This is a thriller where I was able to feel empathy not only with the protagonists, but their tormentor, who unlike the boogeyman in the derivative 1997 slasher film and its sequels, inflicts psychic violence as opposed to mostly physical The reveal in his identity, also altered for the movies, is novel as well.Duncan, who allows her teenagers some illegal substances but lets the reader imagine how much sex they ve experimented with, should be respected for writing a terrifying book without racking up dead bodies More sinister and imaginative is how Duncan keeps the teenagers alive In addition to the guilt that s been building over a year, each character is dragged into their own level of hell A sports hero view spoiler may not walk again hide spoiler

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    Find all of my reviews at StarsWelcome to I decided to take a break from my usual selections And read listen to this oldie but goodie to celebrate my favorite time of year Spoiler Alert He s really going to murder her for being a basic white bitch After having a pretty meh time with Killing Mr Griffin during Banned Book Week, I set my expectations super low before starting this one Imagine my delight when I ended up really enjoying it The basic premise was the same group of drunken stumbly teenie boppers kill someone in a hit and run and then decide Little plot twist in the book version they didn t run over an adult instead it was a kid A year goes by when suddenly the teens start receiving notes That have them concerned their secret might get out Or worse I Know What You Did Last Summer stood the test of time surprisingly well While it has obviously been updated since its original release back in the 70s, a thorough job was done here making the modern day references effortless instead of standing out like a sore thumb It does date itself with antiquated remarks regarding things of a girly nature, but if you aren t of the easily offended variety, you can simply laugh it off as talk of the olde days of yore Although I did see the whodunit from about a football field away, there was a little something extra that I wasn t really looking for that ended up being a pretty decent bonus Fairly PG references to underage drinking and smoking pot that wouldn t pass the test with some parents for youngsters to read this Halloween season.

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    Not the greatest film in the world and even worse of a book I Know What You Did Last Summer is so cheesy and predictable that it seems almost on purpose The characters are ridiculous caricatures of typical teens and they acted completely ridiculous at the best of times.

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    Okay guys, I read this book when I was in fourth grade when the movie came out so my recollection will be a little bit foggy Just go with me on this, okay view spoiler Yes, I was 9 when I read this Can you believe that Accelerated Reader didn t even give a quiz for this back in the day Pfft hide spoiler

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    I read this novel in one sitting It wasn t the most enjoyable book I have read, but it wasn t unexciting either I would have probably enjoyed this novel way if I had read it when I was about 13 years old The concept and plot of the book grabbed my attention which is why I decided to read it Also, the length of the book was ideal, just in case if I didn t enjoy it I wouldn t have wasted too much time on it It was quite entertaining, but it lacked suspense for me At first I found it to be captivating, but during some chapters I felt like it was predictable I did however enjoy the main characters, I felt like they were well written and weren t confusing to keep up with The author didn t flood you with an excessive amount of characters in the novel so you could easily distinguish them from one another I felt like I was watching a horror movie as opposed to feeling as if I was in the characters shoes I also expected a intense ending Nonetheless, if you are looking for a quick read that is also entertaining, this is an adequate book

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    An amazing book It holds your attention from start to finish I highly recommend it to everyone.

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    3.5 stars As plenty of you, I know this movie since I think it is one of the most representatives from the 90 s and one of my favorites may I say, since it has an iconic cast and I found it fun and suspenseful as well Sadly, if you are looking to see the movie turning into a book you will be wrong As me and here are my thoughts Plot Development This book tells us the story of four teenagers who are involved in an accident, that ends up wrong since it turns for them to kill someone Months later, Julie receives a letter with I know what you did last summer written on it and by then, everything changes.Honestly, the plot is always there, you will found it in every chapter and each one of the character is tortured in different ways, so that causes the students to create changes in their way of seeing their lives The Development is a page turner, but I think it is very predictable since the middle of the book, at least for me, even though I read it till the end because I wanted to know what would happen Characters With four main characters two boys and two girls , it was amazing the fact that they had this oldie vibe and even when they are the clich personalities Good, Bad, Innocent, Silly, Handsome, Pretty, etc I found it interesting and I think this can be passed on because of the time it was written As for the secondary characters, all of them play an important role Parents changing situations and Friends creating gossips Genre This is a YA Mystery which plays very good with it, I recommend it for the people who wants to get introduced in this genre and love the old vibes It is not scary at all and if you love cheesy movies or books, this one would be your choice Ending As I said previously, was predictable since the middle of the book for me, but for certain reasons, I enjoyed how it ends, not because it was the best ending, but because of the resolution and conclusion of ideas that were presented at the beginning Could be an open ending, but based on the time that was written, it is an ending that could be totally inferred Writing I read the second version of the book, which was re written, so there is no other to say that you will be reading a classic writing with new fashion vocabulary.As an extra, I loved the reader questions and the QA with the author, because my doubts about the film were solved.Favorite Character HelenFavorite Quote If you can t run away , Julie said Chokingly, What can you do Face up to it

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    2.5 StarsI came across this book sometime last year at a library book sale I didn t know this was a book I watched the movie a long time ago and I ve watched it several times since then When I saw this at my local library I decided to get it because I actually really liked the movie and I assumed I would enjoy the book just as much if not Unfortunately that wasn t the case for this book.As I mentioned above I watched the movie long before I ever read the book so its possible that if I had done it the other way around I would have actually really enjoyed the book I was expecting this to be pretty similar to the movie but it was completely different.I can t really get into all the details of everything that s different without spoiling the whole book so this is going to be a hard one to review Most of the characters were so annoying Even though I watched the movie and knew how it was going to end because of all the changes I didn t know the who did it aspect but it was all very predictable It s classified as a suspense thriller and to me the suspense was severely lacking.I know this review makes absolutely no sense but I just don t know what to say about it I think the only reason I even continued reading this book was because I had seen the movie and loved it.

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    WARNING THIS WARNING CONTAINS A SPOILER THAT THIS BOOK WAS MADE INTO A MOVIE Hopefully you didn t just read that For those of you who were smart enough to skip that spoiler you can now read in confidence knowing that you will not be told that the book was made into a movie You will live in happy naivety thinking that the book is a self contained form of media in which this narrative lives Unfortunately, you will be wrong.Since I have neither read the book, nor seen the movie I can safely say that I am an objective critic when it comes to comparing the book to the movie At this point I rate them dead even Their titles are exactly the same and I have mild interest in finding out what occurred last summer in either format In the movie I will expect great special effects and bad acting In the book I will expect suspense and action emphasized at the expense of thematic meaning The problem with comparing books and movies is that one tends to regard the version one experienced first as the gold standard To avoid this I plan on reading the book and watching the movie at the same time If I get too far ahead in the movie compared to the book, however, it will be the same as watching the movie first, so I plan on finishing the two simultaneously I will accomplish this by enrolling in a speed reading course and by watching the movie on my old VCR that seems to be running at 1 4 speed.Everybody wish me luck I ll update with results as I get them.

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    One is never to old to read the classic mystery I know what you did last summer which was also a movie not a very good one and spawned many a copy c at book with a similiar premise.I first read this as a kid I am a huge fan of Louis Duncan s work and this was one of her best novels The premise is simple A group of 4 teenagers, out late one night, partying it up, hit a boy on a bike and do not stop They make a pact to keep what happened a secret.One year later, Julie James one of the members of said pact, receives a letter in the mail All it says is I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.This book was so damn good And I sort of wish the movie spin off had not happened as they took the original premise..and it WAS original back then..and turned it into a horror slasher movie which in my opinion is unforgivable given that the original book was so readable I would have liked to see the film follow the book.What is also great are the characterizations Duncan was always so good at that You feel you know everyone from Julie to her sweet mom to Ray to Helen and her sullen sister to Barry the ultimate jock and frat boy It is short book but it demands attention and honestly if you are in your adult years and have not read it, you would most likely like it.SPOILERS Back then, twists were not an every day thing as they are now so when Duncan did a stunner of one in this book, it was actually a surprise.I have reread this a few times and I always love it Nostalgia is no doubt one reason but there is also no getting around the fact that it s a mighty fine book Read the book, skip the movie.

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Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist, known primarily for her books for children and young adults, in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan s parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Saraso