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  • Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1)
  • M.L. Rhodes
  • English
  • 22 August 2019
  • 9781602722446

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    The opposites attract storyline is one of my favorites when it comes to reading romances I got that and a whole lot when I read Under my Skin by M.L Rhodes She was able to take a common theme, and mix it up to make it one of my favorite opposites attracts books I have read in a long time.Sebastian Keller is going to kill Dylan Radamacher As the owner of a travel book shop, Sebastian s life was quiet and easy until Dylan s tattoo shop moved next door Between the loud music and the feeling that Dylan thinks he s some kind of joke, Sebastian feels like he s being pushed over the edge of reason What s worse is the Sebastian finds himself caring about what the laid back and sexy tattoo artist thinks of him, which makes the straight laced Sebastian resent Dylan even .Dylan has been fascinated by Sebastian from the moment he has laid eyes on him He knows that Sebastian often gets frustrated by the ongoing shenanigans at the shop, but hopes that he and Sebastian can become on friendly terms Actually if Dylan had his way, he and Sebastian would be than friends, and since Sebastian has been the star of some of his favorite dreams lately, Dylan becomes determined to pursue Sebastian Sebastian won t know what hit him I m not getting too much into the storyline I will say that both Dylan and Sebastian are complex characters than what meets the eye I also liked the don t judge a book by its cover undertone to the story I admit both Dylan and Sebastian won my heart I loved them There isn t a tremendous amount of angst in this book There is come miscommunication, and some self esteem issues because of past hurts, but otherwise it s a pretty easy and smooth read I loved it 5 stars

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    Great opposites attract novella between a geeky, bookstore owner, Sebastian, and a tattoo shop owner, Dylan Did I mention they re shop neighbors Nooh they are and Sebastian is quite the uptight, damaged geek And Dylan is such the lovable foil against Sebastian misunderstanding drama he creates Luckily, Dylan knows to take Sebastian in stride and it let the other man hang ups stand in their way.Cute story, hot sex Sebastian has some moves on him me likey Definitely reading the next in the series 3.75 stars

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    I read both installments back to back and I recommend that Under My Skin be read that way If I d read the first story and had not bought the sequel, I don t think I would be charmed enough to want to follow Dylan s Sebastian s romance.UMS 1 is sweet with not much tension I loved the way Sebastian went next door to confront Dylan about the loud music and both were instantly attracted to each other Both men were sexy Sebastian in the quieter, subtler manner and Dylan with his in your face sexiness Their attraction is acted on without much feet dragging but Sebastian is apprehensive and fearful throughout the story because of his being burnt badly by an ex lover Dylan is exactly what his ex was tattooed and rides a bike whereas Sebastian sees himself as a nerdy bookstore owner The first story is sweet with a sweet HFN.The second installment is where both men are dealt with deeply We get to know Dylan much better when he goes to visit his sick mom While he s away, we also see Sebastian confronting his fears about his new relationship without Dylan around because otherwise Sebastian is led by his cock and that just spells heartache and trouble.Sebastian s lowlife scum ex, Beck, returns briefly to provide the dash of suspense and we get the pleasure of seeing the nerdy Sebastian play hero rather competently No TSTL hero heroine this one.Under My Skin had nice little surprises along the way right to the end It is a feel good MM romance between two sexy men who manage to work out their baggage without that overwhelming the story Another M L Rhodes winner for me.

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    Under My Skin is practically a long chapter of seduction and love making After awhile, I end up skipping some of them.It s sweet and I definitely see the charm of opposite attract between Sebastian, the book store owner, and Dylan, the tattoo artist and owner The conflict arises when Sebastian, who has burned before by men who he deems as Dylan s type , thinks that Dylan is trying to seduce him because Dylan wants to expand his shop which means kicking Sebastian out, since his store is next to Dylan s There s a very hurtful accusation and I kind of want kick Sebastian in the ass at that time but it leads to what I call as a promise of HEA.I have second book to check.

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    4 stars because there s a second part and I don t want to be disappointed if it doesn t live up to my expectations.This is a great story Sebastian is a cute and geeky guy, owner of a travel bookshop Dylan is a tattoo artist with a bad boy aura and he s just set up business next to Sebastian s The two shops don t seem to sit together well the loud music and unruly customers from Rad Tattoos could be the reason, but Sebastian can t just stand the owner because of a hurtful past relationship with that type of guys But opposites attract.The story takes place in a span of a few days The two decide to hang out together one night and then to sleep together, slowly realizing that maybe they are meant to be together The point of view switches from one character to the other and even if the story is short we get plenty of reasons why Sebastian and Dylan are reluctant to embrace their feelings both have trust issues but for whole different motives , because they know they have to take the risk to be hurt if they make the wrong choice.Dylan is the one always reaching out and the way he brings Sebastian s defenses down is incredibly moving Sebastian has been so hurt by his previous lover that he always sees things from the worst angle and this is what creates the big drama in the book.For a short story this book is meaty and very satisfying I don t think I ve said it s hot yet, so yes, it s hot There s not a real cliffhanger at the end of the story, but there s still a lot to be told, so on to the next book of the series.

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    Sebastian is a geek and a bit of an intellectual snob Dylan is a tattoo artist, who came from humble beginnings, put himself through college, and now has a very successful business adjacent to Sebastian s bookstore Because of a disastrous past relationship with a tattoo artist, Sebastian can t help himself and he jumps to all the wrong conclusions about Dylan Turns out Dylan is honest, smart, has a big heart and is ready for that special someone Sebastian is so busy living in the past, he can t see Dylan Fortunately, the two have amazing sex even if it was only one night.The whole story takes place over a week It s a shame the story is so short because the author created such strong main characters and I became attached to them.

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    SKINTASTIC More of my reviews and ranting at PANTS OFF REVIEWSWhat can I say about Under My Skin that the blurb didn t I think it covered every element of this short story so I am just gonna share my thoughts on the book I was a sweet story with a nice message and enjoyed reading it.Sebastian is considered the smart guy by looks alone, he is actually a smart guy but he hates the label Sebastian has a habit of picking bad men, and has sworn to stay away from the bad boy looking type, because they only bring pain He has his own travel store, his neighbour store is a tattoo parlour, and he s hating it but digging the owner He knows that the motorcycle tattoo wearing type is bad news but he can t help his attraction.When a late night get together leads to hot sex with the tattoo storeowner Dylan, Sebastian is cursing himself in all kinds of ways, yet he is drawn to the bigger man and is hoping that Dylan will be his right decision Until a misunderstanding leads him to jump to conclusion and might put the love affair to end before it even begins.I really liked this short story it was quick and sweet A few life lessons to be learnt here yes there is life lessons in M M romance erotica This one is don t judge a book by its cover , just because one orange in the bag is sour doesn t mean that they all will be , you know that kinda stuff Sebastian was quick to judge Dylan because of his rotten relationship in the past and it almost cost him a chance at real happiness In addition, deals with labels, because body art does not mean you are crude and stupid Just one of many ways a person can express themselves Overall, a very nice read.

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    2.5 stars rounded up to 3.0Sebastian is a nerdy, travel bookstore owner Dylan is a motorcycle riding tattoo artist who recently moved into the shop next door Sebastian is attracted to Dylan but reluctant to get involved because he s been burned by bad boy types in the past Dylan falls hard and fast for Sebastian but Sebastian s hang ups cause him to be a TOTAL BASTARD to Dylan They eventually settle their differences and make a go of it, but meh.This book was okay I had a hard time connecting to Sebastian He s supposed to be this really smart, nerdy guy but he keeps acting like a dumb ass so I had trouble believing his character I really liked Dylan He s rough looking but a total softy on the inside Honorable and honest He saved this book The ending pissed me off because Sebastian treated Dylan so badly yet it was Dylan who was offering comfort and asking for another chance As if I didn t think Sebastian deserved Dylan even if he had grovelled properly Bottom line an alright tale but Sebastian was really irritating and I had a hard time connecting with him.

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    This was my first book by M.L Rohdes, and it was an ok read I m glad there s a second book, I wasn t expecting this one to be so short I enjoyed the characters in this one, the plot was decent and believable Dylan was great, I liked discovering his layers, he was a good character I liked Sabastian as well and found that I could understand his angst and connect with him Where I began to have a problem was with Sabastian s on going inner dialog while with Dylan the first time That s not the time I was to learn about a character s history, tell me before or after, but in the middle of the moment just pulls me out of it I also don t care for the instant relationship forever inner dialog on the first date I just don t buy that guys think like that Instant attraction and sex, ok But inner dialogs of lasting forevers I m just not buying I m sure I ll read the second one, I would like to see where these two go from here.

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    Once I got into this book, it was good, nice romance, a bit of angst in the middle, but that sure makes the ending happier.Was very pissed off with the writer at the opening scene tho, as the main character was talking to a deaf guy, and I could tell it was supposed to be mildly humorous she loves you and just wants you to be healthy Wealthy Well it s a little late for that, Hillarious huh As a deaf person I m pretty much not laughing, and mildly insulted For all the reasons I could list why thats not realistic mostly it s just because I resent the implication that being deaf means you are stupid Well anyway It pissed me off Maybe I m sensitive, but I did get over it enough to read the story, so I m not all grumpy.

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Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1)characters Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1), audiobook Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1), files book Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1), today Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1), Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1) 455dc The Smart Guy Sebastian Keller S Lived With That Label Most Of His Life Though He Hasn T Always Appreciated It, And It Hasn T Exactly Made Him A Man Magnet, He S Put His Intelligence To Work Building His Store, Great Escapes Travel Book Shop, To The Point It S Now The Favorite Recommendation Of Travel Agents In The St Louis Area His Customers Especially The Jet Setting Senior Citizens Love Him For His Amiable Personality He Doesn T Feel Very Amiable, However, When Rad Tattoos Moves In Next Door To Great Escapes Its Owner, Dylan Radamacher, Rubs Sebastian The Wrong Way From The Get Go The Man S Insufferable, Stubborn, And, Worse, A Bad Boy Everything Sebastian Loathes To Add Insult To Injury, Sebastian S Certain The Loud Music, The Congested Parking Lot, And The Constant Colorful Parade Of The Counterculture In And Out Of The Tattoo Studio Are Scaring Away His Loyal, Conservative Customers And Yet, Much To His Annoyance, The Teasing Sparkle In Dylan S Eyes, His Hot, Inked Body, And Come Hither Voice Set Sebastian S Libido On Fire Sebastian S Been There, Done That With The Bad Boy Type Before, Though, And Almost Lost Everything Because Of It There S No Way He S Going Down That Road Again But When Dylan Sets His Sights On Sebastian And Is Determined To Take Him For A Walk On The Wild Side, Sebastian Knows He S In Big Trouble It S Going To Take All His Smarts And A Whole Lot Of Willpower To Resist The Sexy Tattoo Artist Before The Man Finds A Way To Burrow Deeper Under His Skin NOTE Don T Miss The Sequel, Under My Skin II Genres Gay Contemporary Series

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I m author M.L Rhodes and I write m m romance and fantasy This means my books are about gay or bisexual men meeting, falling in love, and finding happily ever afters with other men Sometimes the settings are contemporary, sometimes the stories take place in worlds filled with dragons, witches, or other fantasy and paranormal creatures But there s one thing of which you can be certain in my boo