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My Father's Lover pdf My Father's Lover, ebook My Father's Lover, epub My Father's Lover, doc My Father's Lover, e-pub My Father's Lover, My Father's Lover b045f7008b1 When A Female Impersonator And Owner Of A Drag Club Is Murdered, His Will Specifies That His Estranged Son, Michael, Will Have To Co Manage The Club For A Specific Period Of Time, Or Forfeit His InheritanceAnthony, The Son Of His Heart, Who He Took In Off The Street, Has Always Loathed Michael For Rejecting His Father S Advances When Anthony Learns Michael Is Coming For The Will Reading, His Opinion Of The Man As A Gold Digger, Is ConfirmedMichael, On The Other Hand, Has No Idea Who Anthony Is One Look At The Gorgeous Young Man, And He Assumes The Worst It S No Better When He Learns That Anthony Had Been Taken In By His Father And His Father S Late Lover Anthony Can Be Nothing Than A Manipulative Whore, His Father S Much Younger LoverThe Only Thing Hotter Than Their Hatred Is Their Lust And Michael S Father Has Assured That They Will Have To Work Together Note The Pdf Ebook Edition Has An ISBN OfWhich Is Incorrect It Should Be

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    When Anthony witnesses the death of one of his adoptive fathers get murdered directly outside of the gay club that he manages he is grief stricken Just when he thought it couldn t go any worse, he finds out his adoptive father has willed half of the club to his biological son Michael, who had practically disowned his father for being a female impersonator When Michael arrives he is cocky and doesn t want to have anything to do with the club or any of his father s friends When he finds out he must run the club and live with Anthony for 2 years until they can sell it and he get his inhertiance he is livid A spoiled brat, Michael is headstrong and often jumps to conclusions without seeing the whole picture first He is immediate hateful and distrustful of Anthony, even though Anthony is the beautiful kind man he has ever met.Ever the responsible one, Anthony does what he can to make Michael comfortable into a world Michael has no desire to be in As time goes by, both Anthony and Michael become closer and an attraction as well as a friendship develops Both come to realize that there is to BOTH of them that meets the eye and maybe Father did know best after all I really loved this book Anthony is such a great hero He is strong, handsome and has overcome so much in his life Michael on the other hand was young 19 when the book starts and has to work through some issues and some narrow minded views he has about the world and how the other half lives.Both characters were well developed and come into their own Michael definately turns into a hero you can stand behind, and I found myself rooting for their love to grow and develop into something quite beautiful I wasn t disappointed.

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    This book had a very fast paced storyline I really found myself rooting for Michael and Anthony There were times I wanted to scream in frusteration at Michael s behavior, but he really does grow up a lot and his character develops into a good man Anthony was the heart stopping sexy hero in this book IMO I ended up loving them together and the ending was beautiful Loved it

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    I m so unsure of what rating to give this book DJ Manly s writing was good and honestly, the story had a good plot, the problem DJ Manly did too good of a job of making Michael Jr one of the MC a detestable, arrogant, gold digging cocky son of a bitch In all of my years of reading and I ve been reading books since I was 4 I have never been so disgusted with a character that I couldn t finish the book This is a first for me.I know me, I m an Army vet, and I will never quit is a motto that was drummed into me, so I know that eventually I will return and finish this book But as of right now, at this moment, I can t finish reading this book without being so annoyed and so disgusted with Michael that I want to throw my laptop, my Kindle and my Droid cell across the room just so I won t be able to finish reading this story That kind of violence Calls for a step back.So I will return to this story and finish it and I m giving it a 3 star rating because the plot WAS good and if I have such a visceral reaction to a fiction character then DJ s writing is EXCELLENT in this book, it just made Michael intolerable and for me, the book was unable to be finished.

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    Mike is an asshole who doesn t deserve Anthony He embodies the worst stereotypes of a gay man Not only that, he s f ing stupid I guess he s this way because he is only 19 19 and too stupid to live He s careless actions and his self righteous judgmental opinions aggravated me His cunt of a mother didn t help The fact that Michael is so blinded by her lies is just depressing I guess the phrase young and stupid completely applies here.Anthony on the other hand is to die for, um mmm He s talented and caring He s also responsible and gorgeous The way Mike treats him is atrocious When we learn at the end of the book why he was thrown into this scenario, it s really not much of a surprise I was expecting it and the letter Please, this is one of the oldest tricks in the books Still, I ended up liking this book because Mike finally grew up a little and wasn t such a narrow minded little shit Plus, Anthony is finally released from his invisible shackles.

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    Michael is the son of a drag queen, Michael as him, who has left the family some years after his born to go on the opposite coast, in California, and try to live as he wants, free and real And with his new partner, Daniel, has adopted also a son, Anthony, a twelve years hustler saved from the street Now both Michael senior and Daniel are dead, and Michael junior has inherited the 49% of the club of his father and Anthony the other 51% And Michael is obliged to live with Anthony and to manage the club for two years, if he wants to confirm the will Michael is gay, but he thinks that gays have to be neutral, and mix themself among the straights and not to be queer as his father Anthony is gay to, a very alpha male, with a line of men who wants to bed him, but he searches for the true love And true love can t be Michael, who at 19 years old searches only sex and a hunk is motto a hard man is good to find I think I like Michael he is really a slut, but a funny slut He measures all in term of sex, for him everything is done for sex and everything led to sex And he can t really stay far from Anthony, even if, after the sex, he repetedly say we can t do this any only to redoing it soon after it s like in those old comedy where a man and a woman have to marry to inherited even if they say to hate each other and all people around them see clearly they are deeply in love.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 89

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    I really liked this The characters were all written so well, so distinctive from one another, all hurting and coping in their own way I found myself aching right along with them for the one they d lost, caught up in the past and present all at the same time It s a story of loss but also, for at least one character, a story about coming to terms with who you are and being okay with diversifying who you think you should be Like I said I really liked it a lot.

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    Am I the only one who wanted to meet that fucker Michael in a dark alley with a baseball bat I kept muttering I hate that sumbitch every time he opened his trap I enjoyed the read despite all that.

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    Very nice romance story with a HEA that does a commendable job at avoiding the excessive sap.I like that Manly took the time to show Michael s personal journey and internal struggles, as well as Anthony s though to a lesser degree It gave a level of realism and believability to the development of their relationship, and the story depth.It s a tad heavy on the life lessons and preachiness in a couple spots, but those moments are easily forgivable considering how many people tend to forget that being true to yourself and embracing your individuality is what brings each of us true joy and happiness in life No one can give it to you you have to find it for yourself.

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    My Father s Lover was a big disappointment for me I don t remember a story when I didn t connect to the characters I really hated Michael He was a loathsome, foolish man and Jason was a true bitch and Sandy needed to grow a pair Anthony was a lone civilized man trapped in nutville I try to not compare books but The Square Peg had a similar plot and it worked so much better.

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    Really great book It wasn t an easy read in the beginning, since I haven t found any of the MCs particularly likeable Michael s been too immature and insolent, but Anthony s lack of understanding put me off too But it s been a real pleasure to see them both mature and to watch their relationship develop Very satisfying story and I loved some of the points, that were raised about homophobia and stereotypes in the gay world.

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