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    This book was a free one on the Kindle I honestly would not have looked twice at it but I do get all the free books I didn t know anything about the series or the author.The book was awkwardly written in present tense first person I never did go back and check, but I could have sworn there were instances of slipping into past tense maybe there weren t and the writing was so weird that it just felt that way.Kara was a miserable character Her whole existence was based on her friend Jordan and when Jordan moved on Believe me, I would have too Kara was such a downer , Kara s life falls apart The girl was so down that she was really half a step from suicide Almost halfway through the book, Kara begins to hang out with some kids in her art class This is actually where the story begins and everything before it was a complete waste with unnecessary focus on menial tasks and activities.Like I said, I had never heard about this series or the author before Because it was free, I didn t really look into it to see if it would be something I was interested in It was for this reason that I was surprised when I got smacked in the face with the religious purpose of the book I don t have anything against Christian fiction I have something against writing being so unsubtle I felt almost tricked because there was no mention at all until halfway through the book and then there s nothing but.Kara finally agrees to go with one of her art friends to his youth group The set up for the youth group felt really cultish as in if it had been any other religion, people would be screaming about brainwashing the children The youth pastor targets Kara s specific problem of feeling absolutely lost without her best friend But she doesn t need a best friend because Jesus is her best friend And Jesus will never leave you for cheerleaders But that wasn t my biggest problem Kara seemed to turn on a switch and suddenly believe Not only that, but her life instantly becomes better Every insecurity she had goes away She becomes immediately happy and confident She even becomes better looking And whenever Kara feels bad, she has internal conversations with her new best friend and I half expected Jesus to talk back She also prays, but all her prayers are selfish She never is just thankful for what she has She always wants something .And then Jordan, her old best friend, wants to be friends again But now Kara doesn t want to be friends because Jordan wants her to make changes in friends and be popular Kara doesn t need her old best friend back, though She has Jesus and tells Jordan so Her description made it seem like she had a physical person as a friend and actually sounded a little crazy Now I did agree with Kara in that Jordan was completely mean to her throughout the year and now wants to change everything about her to make her fit in and I would have declined that, too But the rest was strange.This book was bad There was such a lack of subtlety that I felt like I was being preached at I got the message of the book You d have to be stupid to miss it The extremes in Kara s life her depth of depression and then her amazing confidence were so false that there was no way to relate without having a chemical imbalance Her friends Amy and Edgar were such caricatures and stereotypes that they were also unbelievable.

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    Original post at One More PageI ve been curious about Melody Carlson s True Colors series back when I first saw them during the Manila International Book Fair However, because of my series completion compulsion back then, I never got it For one thing, there are about 12 books in the series, and another, I couldn t find the first book Whenever I do find the first book, I feel like maybe I should get the next one too, so I skip on buying it Until I finally got a copy during one of the sales I went to last year.The True Colors series is a set of Christian themed books for teens that tackle issues that teens deal with everyday family, friendships, drugs, sexuality, body image and The stories are ideally written for the Christian market, but it is also supposed to be readable by non Christians as well The first book, Dark Blue , talks about friendships, and how Kara Hendricks felt after her best friend Jordan Ferguson joined the cheerleading team and became a part of the popular crowd Kara starts seeing changes with Jordan and she feels betrayed Alone and lonely, she finds friends in some of her art class, and ultimately finds her faith amidst this challenge.So I went into Dark Blue expecting to like it, despite the fact that I am far from my teenage years Kara and I shared similar experiences about a friend moving on, so I thought I would be able to sympathize with her The book starts out strong, with Kara introducing Jordan and their friendship, and letting readers understand how they met, what their personalities are and how the cheerleading thing came to be I really, honestly tried to enjoy itbut I couldn t.For one thing, Kara was annoying I know she was left behind and she was angry and sad but she really grated my nerves with all her weepy ness and whiny ness I wanted to shake her and tell her, Girl, you have to try something and not just wallow in self pity Jordan isn t the only one who can make you happy I never even really got the vibe that Jordan left her behind immediately Jordan tried to keep Kara as a friend but Kara pushed her away If Jordan was written with of a mean girl vibe from the start, then I would have found the succeeding events convincing, especially the end However, it was always Kara who is avoiding her gaze, or Kara trying to disappear, or Kara crying because Jordan left her without even thinking once.But okay fine, I can forgive that because it really kind of sucks when your best friend has new friends that you can t fit in with I can t say much on the Christian aspect but I might have to agree with what this one review said Kara s change was so sudden that it felt a bit unreal Like she was holding on to Jesus so much that it came off as using it to slap Jordan in the face as in Hey, who needs you as a friend now that I have Jesus I truly believe that Jesus is enough and He is the best friend we could all ever have, but I also think we are built for community and relationships while we re here on earth, and taking that away just felt wrong.I wish I could say for the writing, but there was tell than show, and I was terribly bored with the things Kara did everyday I mean, it s normal everyday teenage stuff, but why narrate it It may be to stress her depression, but it didn t make for a very interesting book, at least for me I was kind of relieved it was short, so at least I don t have to plod on reading it If it was than 250 pages, I would ve marked this as DNF.I really wanted to like Dark Blue , but it kind of fell in the same traps that I thought Miss Match by Erynn Mangum did annoying characters, too mountain top spiritual themes, and awkward writing Maybe if I read this when I was younger, I would have liked it , but now, I just didn t like it.

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    UPDATE 6 12 12 This is not the type of book I usually read Sure, I had read books with religious themes in it, but never a Christian for teenagers book I picked this book up because my mom thinks is unhealthy for me to read paranormal books Something I disagree very greatly But, since she keeps insisting, I m going to read this book I hope I don t regret this.This is going to be the most awkward review ever.Let s get one thing straight I m a Christian Sure, I cuss like a fucking sailor, I think about sex all the time, and have a twisted humor But I m still a Christian Anyways, like I said before, my mom isn t pleased with my behavior So, when I found these books at the library, I told her Hey, Mummy I found some Christian books to read ARE YOU HAPPY NOW And she responded Yes For some reason, I had feeling I was going to regret this But I like making my mom happy, so I did Read this book, that is.When the main character is irritating you within the first 10 pages you re doing something wrong.Kara Hendricks is the most annoying teenager I d ever read You know what she does for most of the book WHIIIIIIIIIIINEEEE And you know what else she does WHIIIIIIIIIINEEE Seriously, shut up No wonder Jordan dumped you You are a sniveling fucking idiot She tries talking to you, but NOOOOO You push her away like she s nothing and then you wonder why are you alone Why, you little I want to kill you FUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOOUUUU hyperventilates Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I m going to talk about the plot.Girl wants to kill herself because other girl is hanging out with cool kids and she thinks she s dumping her even though she s been trying to talk to her She s so damn delusional and pathetic that the only thing she can see is her hate for herself Finally, other girl stops talking to her and Girl is miserable.For at least half of the book, Kara is an incompetent girl Whine, whine, whine Then, she meets a group of kids Who she judges right away, that bitch and befriends them later on HA Take that best friend who really didn t dump Edgar, one of her new friends, talks to her about the power of Jesus Kara gets excited at the idea.Okay, I get that this is a Christian book, but I felt that the message slapped me in the face PREACH PREACH PREACH Okay, it wasn t that preachy but still It was actually a little bit enlightening But still kind of preachy.And how convenient that Kara s personality and problems changed drastically and quickly once she let the power of Jesus get inside her heart Hmmm Melody Carlson, are you trying to slap something to us Finally, Jordan finally wants Kara s friendship back But, there s a condition Kara should drop her nerdy new friends At that moment, I got to discover that Jordan is really a bitchy parasite Kara doesn t accept because she s tired of being ordered around She tells her that she doesn t need her I was like, Good Way to go, girl Then, the last sentence of the book came Thanks for being there for me, Jesus, I prayed YOU RE MY BEST FRIEND I don t know why I laughed I thought that was awfully corny Aaaand I m definitely going to hell for that shivers Despite that, Dark Blue was very fast to read and took me a few hours to finish But it was also terribly written It reads like a diary, for Pete s sake I heard that it gets worse from Torch Red Well, all I m going to say to that is I m ready.P.S I d been told that Stephanie Perry Moore s books aren t that preachy and actually good Christian fiction I hope they re telling the truth.

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    The first in the True Colors series This is actually my first Christian Fiction book to read, so I wanted to talk about it a little The first two books in this series look like they re the only ones that need to be read in order, and that s only because this book introduces the main character for the next book This was actually pretty good It s the story of a girl who loses her best friend to the popular crowd, and gets horribly lonely haven t we all felt that way , and eventually manages to find some other people to start hanging out with, one of whom talks her into going to a Bible Study While there, she s basically introduced to Jesus and decides to become a Christian This is an extremely simple retelling of the story, there is a little bit extra in there too I rather liked it though Melody Carlson is really good at writing about feelings The sadness, pain, and lonliness that Kara goes through are very real, and then when she opens her heart to Jesus, it was actually a very touching part of the story It s not very preachy, but it has a good, strong message I rather liked it.

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    Basic InfoFormat Paperback Pages Length 206pgsGenre Young Adult Christian Fiction At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession Slight obsession Cliff Hanger NoTriggers n aRating 2 starsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 7Plot 6Characters 4World Building 5Flow 5Series Congruity n aWriting 6Ending 4Total 4In DeptBest Part Nice message Worst Part Horrible characters Thoughts Had WowwwwwConclusionContinuing the Series YahRecommending if you like these, sure Short Review Straight up, i am not a Christian but i can stomach reading Christian fiction, sometimes My MAJOR issue with this book, the characters They are HORRIBLE The MC, Kara , need to grow some balls, so your friend found new friends, how about you find some new friends instead of freaking out Jordan, you need to learn to not be a B towards Kara, yah you have new friends, but you need to make sure you don t just drop Kara Amy, you re just a straight up BBBBB Other issues, the ending, she found Jesus and SUDDENLY every single problem is either fixed or she isn t bothered by them any, don t think it works like that Misc Book Boyfriend Pass Best Friend Material Pass Review in GIF Form

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    Kara has been shy her whole life, then, her best friend dumps her She is extremely lonely, until she finds art friends, who eventually lead her to jesus, and her whole life turns around.This book had it ups and downs where to begin how about the beginning.Well, kara completely overreacted Her friend missed where they where they meet to walk to school Once And her reaction was I guess our friendship is over Even after Jordan the friend in question give an explanition why she missed it, Kara was still convinced Jordan dumped her Jordan started hanging out with people Kara didnt like again, she was convinced this means Jordan had given her up as a freind She can have friends than just you, Kara,So, that were my problems with the beginning How about the middle Well, middle was okay No super big problems, that I remember, just the whole, My friend dumped me for the super popular girls well, Kara, Jordan never said you werent friends any, you just stopped going anywhere near her So that s on you.The ending Oh the ending I hated it Her friend Edgar, is a christian, an brings her his bible study Right after she decides she is a christiam, which is all great with me considering i am a christian But her transition is so unrealistic She goes home and thinks about it for a little while, then BAM she a supper dedicated christian I mean, most of the time, it will take a while to become a dedicated christian and does it like in 20 minutes It just made me get mad at the book And the characters nope nope nope nope They all annoyed me at one point or another, or through the whole book Kara So I didnt really like this book, the plot was okay, the characters ruined it for me.

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    I was very disappointed with this book, for several different reasons Kara the main character has lost her best friend, which is reason to be sad, even depressed but saying her life is horrible , and that she wants to die Going from desperately wanting her former best friend back, to saying that she was dangerous and it was good that she was no longer friends with her This book was simply pages upon pages of overly dramatic self pity.Further, it is quite hard to identify with a character such as Kara, when first she says she is horribly shy, yet acts as if it s a crime to stay home on Friday and it s utterly terrible to go an entire weekend without friends.But the part of the book that bothered me the most was Kara s reason for wanting to become a Christian I found no mention whatsoever of sin or repentance Kara seems to believe that once you become a Christian, your life is all rosy It seemed as if the only reason Kara became a Christian is so her life could be carefree.I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone.

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    I got this book at an Evangelical church conference, and I have to say This book changed my life I don t know, I guess before I was kind of oblivious, but after this book my eyes were opened to all of the tragedy going on all over the world If you are ever looking for an inspirational book, Pick this book up.

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    I read this book as a teenager originally and I remember enjoying it However upon opening the book and beginning my re read, it occurred to me I remembered zip about this book Nothing Nada I just remembered I liked it As I read on I began remembering I actually originally read this book when I had lost my actual best friend And I could argue that I was Kara and my old friend was Jordan I think years later I can appreciate this book even than I did then, with my narrow view of feeling exactly like Kara did, like your life was over and you were so awful your own best friend didn t actually want you God has certainly taken the place of that hole in my heart as well, and seeing the growth but also knowing what that felt like and having it described so well got me emotional It is certainly a great book.official rating A this book checked all the marks author s style 10 10 Easy to read, comprehend, understand I do think some of the commentary could come off negative to some or immature but keep in mind this book is about TEENAGERS, some who are a bit shallow too I think the choice of wording was perfect for the age of the characters author s characters 9 10 Okay, the mean girls were the very clich mean girls, so if you are looking for something particularly original and new you won t find that here I loved Kara as a developing character and I loved the art group people, who remind you not to judge books by the cover Edgar, Amy, and Felicia are great side characters who make Kara think so much about her life and how she lives in the plot itself 10 10 I feel like this plot wrapped up well and was consistent Kara struggled with finding her place with the loss of her best friend Often teenagers hold their identity through their social groups or status and the focus remained on how we try to fill our voids with things other than God but none of those things fit there, so we always end up empty Very important point to take from it possibly strong subplots to discuss BEST FRIENDS 10 10 A huge piece of this book is the discussion of friends, what makes someone a REAL friend, and who should be our best friend In this case, Edgar makes compelling arguments for Jesus being your best friend rather than someone worldly Kara later proves how well that works, because Jesus doesn t let you down the way people do However, physical friendships can be valuable too and I feel when Edgar lost his mother, Kara began realizing what real friends look like, and in turn was not as hurt about Jordan, as she realized their relationship wasn t built on solid foundation how original the story is 7 10 I at least found this story quite original because most books I read focus on a loss of a partner, rather than a best friend I found it a great story because it focused on something that will likely happen to EVERYONE in existence losing your best friend I think Kara was written in a very relatable fashion so that most people could relate to her as well I am glad I picked this up again This book is a great reminder that Jesus should be taking the place as best friend in our hearts There was a small discussion of how we tend to idolize our partners and put them first, but when we put things in the right order there is less pressure on a couple to be perfect I d like to carry that perception in my own life, that Jesus comes first and the people I love second, because the people I love shouldn t have to solely support me on my journey With God lifting heavy weights for us, we can all start healing the imbalances in our own relationships God will even help when you re trying to help someone else through their own burdens God is indeed good

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    This was a pretty good read I may continue with the series It was a book I picked at random It was pretty good.I gave it a B or 3 stars

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