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Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2) explained Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2), review Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2), trailer Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2), box office Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2), analysis Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2), Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2) f27d Jordan Ferguson And Shawna Frye Became Good Friends When Jordan Made Cheerleader But When Timothy Suddenly Dumps Shawna To Start Seeing Jordan, Rumors Fly Shawna Gets Her Revenge, First By Smearing Jordan S Reputation, Then By Tempting Timothy With An Offer He Can T Refuse Jordan Feels Absolutely Green With Envy So Much So That She Considers Doing Everything In Her Power To Get Tim Back Everything This Second Book In The Teen Fiction Series TrueColors Deals With Jealousy And Relationships Includes Discussion Questions

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2)
  • Melody Carlson
  • English
  • 09 June 2019
  • 9781576835302

About the Author: Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the

10 thoughts on “Deep Green: Color Me Jealous (TrueColors, #2)

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    Well, I guess you get what you pay for I got this for free on for the Kindle I recognized the series because a friend read them a year or so ago.This book was horrible I have to say, I m not HUGELY picky with books, I only have one other 1 star book, but UGH Let s start with the characters.Reasons Why I Hated This Book 1 CHARACTERS If this book were a movie then it would be a puppet show with cutout cardboard characters Okay, I don t know if that was even a good analogy, but my point is that the characterization was totally not believable in the slightest way Jordan, the protagonist, was shallow and only thought about how she could get Tim back until the end, but that s another point Shawna was a typical backstabbing mean girl, Kara was a typical goody two shoes, Tim was a typical guy who only wanted one thing, her parents were typically clueless, etc you get my point.2 JORDAN This deserves a whole other paragraph She was SO ANNOYING.All she thought about was Tim, Tim, Tim How can I get Tim back What is Tim doing Where is Tim To the point that she was plain creepy and stalkerish She drove by Tim s house to see if his car was there, she drove by Shawna s to see if Tim was there, to the local restaurant, etc And Tim was such a jerk to her But yet she goes on about how he s so sweet and sensitive, and she could spend her whole life with him Well, I never saw that sweet sensitive side The author never made me feel bad for her when she lost Tim There were several points where she mentions that people think she should be in a mental hospital, and I agree Who stalks their old boyfriend to that extent Jordan is also so spoiled She constantly talks about how much her life sucks, but really she just has some issues with her friends Calm down The only point where I felt she had a right to complain was when she got in the accident 3 PLOT LINE Wait, there was a plot line Where All I read was Jordan stalking, Tim cheating, Shawna being a jerk, rinse, repeat Seriously, though, the story was sooo unoriginal Typical romantic comedy except it wasn t even funny Or romantic 4 RELIGION NOT SO SUBTLE MESSAGE It was quite obvious that the author was religious, and not in a good way Don t get me wrong, I m not anti religion, I m agnostic, and I really don t mind religion in books, it can add a lot But the message of this book was If you go Christian your life will be perfect If you don t you ll get screwed by guys and get into car accidents The whole last part of the book was literally like a sermon Kara and Edgar came in to save the day by converting Jordan and they acted wayyy too mature for 16 year olds Also, the end of the book was not well executed Everything turned out too perfect Shawna, the mean girl who went to all lengths getting revenge teared up at Jordan s apology Really Not in real life But I guess Jordan s conversion to God made her a little warm and fuzzy Jordan also broke up with Tim because he wasn t in God s plans All that productive stalking for nothing 5 DIALOGUE Last, but not least IT WAS HORRID Ever hear a teacher or a parent try unsuccessfully to talk teen That was this book AND PLEASE No saying Crud Nobody says that And Good Grief I kid you not It was like somebody wrote a script and then tried to make it sound as robotic and awkward as possible In most conversations about people, you introduce someone s name then you say he she, her his, etc You don t repeat their name every Single Time And whenever you talk to somebody, you don t always say their name You sometimes say hey or guess what or just start talking It was like this random example I just made Two teens are in a kitchen eating breakfast, sitting at separate sides of the island from each other John, can you please pass the syrup Sure, Mary Lou No problem, John Mary Lou, can you please pass the strawberry bowl Sure, John You know, Mary Lou, it hurt my feelings that you said that yesterday I m sorry, John I need to work on my forgiveness I can get out of hand sometimes Will you forgive me Of course, Mary Lou After all, God forgives us every day That painful Okay, I was exaggerating, but still The only redeeming thing was that she spoke well about The Beatles But then she dissed The Twilight Zone So never mind Just don t read this book.

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    Actual rating 1.5 5 starsLook at the cover Search for the people on the cover At the back you can see a couple That might be Shawna The Bitch and Timothy The Dog In Heat The image is blurry but you can tell it is them Then, HOLY SHIT, WHO S THAT GIRL ON THE FRONT She looks angry Murderous And she s looking straight at you. Run Run, I tell you Stop looking at her eyes She will steal your soul if you do There s so many things wrong with this book that I don t where to start.Wait, I actually do.Everyone is a psychopath Stalking, stealing, manipulating, seducing, sex addicts, and MORE were in this book And that s only the first 60 pages.I thought Kara Hendricks was pitiful and depressing, but, her former friend, Jordan Ferguson the protagonist of this book is a future assassin and demented You might say, But the cover looks so innocent Besides, IT S A CHRISTIAN BOOK I know it is a Christian book That s what worries me Jordan s behavior was approve as an excuse for wait for it true love That s right According to this book, it is okay to stalk and watch a house from your car if you love that person very much And it is also okay to use sex to keep a guy.I m not exaggerating Okay, maybe a little any of this So, what s the plot about Jordan steals Timothy away from her supposed friend, Shawna Frye She actually thinks it is unfair that Shawna is pissed at her Girl You stole her boyfriend Who wouldn t be pissed by that Short story short, Timothy only wants sex from Jordan He tries to get on top of her, he touches her in conspicuous places No, I m not talking about places of the house, I m talking about places on her body , and pretty much gets mad when she says she doesn t want to have sex You know what takes the cake Shawna figures it out that Jordan is resisting herself from Timothy and takes advantage of the situation At a party, Timothy gets drunk Jordan was at the party, by the way , Shawna gets all over him, and they end up having sex on the sunken tub Disgusting Have some respect for yourselves and do it on a bed Jeez Anyways, Jordan gets furious and stalks both of them She can t get over the fact that Timothy and Shawna got back together, and she will do anything to have her man back It wasn t even yours on the first place, you idiot She stalks Timothy out of true love and wants to meet Shawna, as in run her down in the middle of the street with her car hopefully in her cheerleading uniform, leaving this big red and blue blob smeared across the pavement And she thinks that Shawna is asking to be killed Well, my dear readers, I m flabbergasted that this type of things passes off like a good thing in fiction Not only is Jordan a hypocritical psychopath monster, she is also superficial, judgmental, idiotic, and irritating When her friend, Kara now religious tries to help her, she calls her a nerd freak Yeah, that s right And we are suppose to feel sorry for her because Shawna stole Timothy away from her.I thought at first that she deserved every single thing that it was happening to Jordan, until I discover that Shawna is a psychopath, too You have Timothy back, you don t have to almost kill Jordan to prevent her of stealing him away from you again Stealing was one thing, but ruining her reputation and accidentally on purpose causing Jordan to wreck her car is passing the line I swear I want to strangle every single of them with a titanium chain until they turn purple Oh, my God This book is making me murderous What about the religious themes Oh, you know, the same thing that happened on the last book Everything turns better once Jordan converts to Christianity Can you be obvious, Melody Carlson The good thing was that it wasn t as preachy like the last book But still.Were there any likable characters Namely Ashley and Amber They always told Jordan off when she was being an idiot She didn t listen to them, anyway.And HOLY SHIT, that ending view spoiler Timothy and Shawna contracted an STD hide spoiler

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    Basic InfoFormat PaperbackPages Length 208pgsGenre Young Adult Christian Fiction At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession Triangle Cliff Hanger No.Triggers n aRating 2 stars Score Sheet All out of tenCover 7Plot 4Characters 2World Building 4Flow 5Series Congruity 6Writing 5Ending 4 Total 4In DeptBest Part It was short Worst Part Jordan.Thoughts Had Stop now please ConclusionContinuing the Series YahRecommending ehShort Review I think the author knew you would hate Jordan during book 1 and tried to make you feel bad for her in book 2, but no, i hate her now Just saying Doesn t seem to care about hurting her new Bestie s feelings at all Good thing she didn t sleep with that kid thou, haha sigh and of course the end, it was all good and things just worked out so well for Jordan as soon as she converted Misc Book Boyfriend Pass Best Friend Material Pass Review in GIF Form

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    Deep Green was just okay I didn t love the characters it was pretty hard after reading Dark Blue and seeing the way Jordan treated Kara , but I did come to see Jordan in a slightly different light but I still don t really like her The ending was just a tad too unbelievable for me, though.

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    In the second book of the true colors series, we get a book on the ex friend of the previous in the book, Jordan Honestly, I think what hurts this book is how difficult it is to root for Jordan as a person She d been a horrible friend to Kara, and even in a bad situation, she found a way to be a spiteful human being And none of it was really about love I believe it had far to do with her vain desire to be number one The change was good, but I just wonder how long it d be before she goes back to her old crap with Kara OFFICIAL RATING B I felt the message was good, and sent without being shoved down your throat level I just find Jordan unlikeable and have a hard time imagining her faith lasting As soon as something isn t in it for her, she ll jump ship I am also not sure I would totally call what she was doing jealousy I think Shawna better represented jealousy and maybe if the book had been from Shawna s point of view, that idea would have gotten across better It might have even been understandable Shawna had already given her all to Timothy, and Jordan did actually take Tim from her I guess it is hard for me to visualize Jordan as someone who could or would change Shawna even comes off believeable AUTHOR S STYLE 10 10 No style issues, the writing was easy to understand I think everything was easy to follow as well Not much different from book 1 stylistically AUTHOR S CHARACTERS 6 10 I think my big issue here is Jordan s change just isn t believeable To have her in book 1 as the person she was, then even worse in book 2, and less equating all her behavior to either true love or obsessive compulsive tendencies, maybe she should see someone about that She was literally stalking I know facebook wasn t a thing then, but it doesn t make it okay She stole someone s guy, and actively played the victim all the time Even suggesting Kara just couldn t handle her friend group, when in reality she was trying to make Kara into someone she couldn t be Her lack of awareness is disheartening, and while Edgar and Kara, and the other side characters were well developed, Jordan just seems like someone who would not look for God I guess we shouldn t judge things by their actions, but as said, I just feel as soon as Jordan gets nothing from it she ll jump to something else She never feels genuine, and she rarely takes responsibility for the hurt she causes others Her apologies are half hearted at best I just don t take her as a real change I love Edgar continuing throughout the book, Ashley was actually a good friend who could show Jordan a better way, even Amber wasn t so bad Shawna would ve been a believeable character at this rate for a change I think the book is finishable on the basis of the side characters providing great support.THE PLOT 8 10 I think the plot came across well I even think the one realistic thing is Jordan refused to even see God until the jaws of life had to save her and she had no choice but to sit and wonder about the unknown A lot of the points made by Kara and Edgar were good, like mentioning just because you are Christian doesn t mean you are perfect or won t mess up Or even how God doesn t just magically clean our messes, we have to clean them up too I just don t think Jordan s change was very genuine HOW ORIGINAL THE STORY CAME ACROSS 4 10 obviously jealous girl love triangles are nothing new in a book I dislike Jordan though so it gets a few less points than average It could have been done better.I appreciated the continuation of the idea of how we try to fill our empty places with things of this world instead of God For Kara, it was Jordan as a best friend to complete her For Jordan, it was competition and a guy In the next book it appears we are stepping away from the two starter characters and turning a new leaf I think this is a good thing, I doubt much can be done with the Jordan stories, though I appreciate seeing how far Kara had come based on book 1 It is true many feelings of loneliness, jealousy, etc come from us not asking God to fill in our empty spaces The closer you are to God, the harder it is to fall into pitfalls of humanity and becoming one of those hurt people that ends up hurting people I am curious what the next story will have in store.

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    This was a quick read.I like these books because they are somewhat fun to read It s interesting to see all the drama that happens I like the crazy messes these girls get themselves in Well, I don t really like the messes, but they make for exciting reads.What I don t like about the two books that I ve read by Melody Carlson is that they are too preachy I know that the Word of God must be preached, but sometimes the author is so obviously trying to share a message explicitly than write a story If someone wants to teach people about God in that way, I think it would be effective to write an article It s annoying to have the characters teach all the time I also don t like how becoming a Christian suddenly makes fixes everything in her books again, I ve only read two When we follow Jesus, life doesn t all fall into place In fact, it often gets worse The characters were okay They weren t really very diverse And I liked Kara, but I thought she could have simply mourned for her friend for a while without blasting her with truth Jordan was pretty obsessive Timothy was portrayed as a boy who only wants one thing , and Shawna was truly annoying.I would recommend these books to young Christians, both in age and in spiritual maturity.

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    Didn t enjoy this one as much as the first Full review to possibly come.

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    first reviewed here Deep Green Color Me JealousAuthor Melody CarlsonSeries True Colors 2 Genre Teen Christian fictionRating 5 starsDeep Green Color Me Jealous is a teen novel that deals with tough issues But it is really well done I was say that these are books that are for older teens high schoolers This is because the issues are what high school girls face every day Deep Green deals with the issues being Jealous when a girl loses her boyfriend to who she thought was her best friend.

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    I really liked this one Its about a girl who kinda steals a best friends boyfriend, but to get back at her, her ex best friend now sleeps with him, getting him back from her She thinks he is what she really wants, and goes to all extent to try to get him back, even willing to sleep with him, but thankfully she didnt because he had a sexulally transmitted desease In the end, she finds God, goes back to her old best friends, and the mean girl gets exactly what was coming from her So all in all the ending was great.

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    I really liked this book because it was a good follow up to the 1st book in the series Jordan is happy that she has Timothy as her boyfriend But he came with a price Tim s ex girlfriend, Shawna, isn t so happy about their break up, and starts spreading nasty rumors about Jordan And after she ruins Jordan s social life, Shawna eventually wins back Tim Jordan is extremely jealous, and will do anything to upset Shawna s life But is she willing to risk everything for a boy

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