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    Issue DivorceSub issue how it affects the entire familyMagdela Hernandez is certain her life is over when her parents announce they are separating So the action mainly comes from Maggie dealing with feelings against Mom, feelings against Dad, feelings for a co worker, and eventually, forgiveness The family is Catholic, so the divorce is a big thing and during the course of the story, one of Maggie s aunts dies There s a certain amount of self reliance learned by Maggie, and yet there s also knowing when it s your mistake and when it s not.

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    Blade SilverMacy KeenFebruary 21st, 2017Pre AP English 10 5Melody Carlson is writer of many book series and people describe her as a person who truly understand teen girls and what they go through Many and almost all of Melody Carlson s novels are directed toward teen girls or women and many of which are part of a series The book was written in the United States in 2004 This time period was when the world was slowly changing, as it always is, but directed toward teen girls and what they go through.The story takes place in Ruth s neighborhood, home, and of course, her own home.Ruth the main character who tries to hide her self harmRuth s Father a verbally abusive man to his family yet kind to othersRuth s Mother a mother who isn t one of those mothers who is there a lotCaleb Ruth s brother who feels the same about life as Ruth doesGlen a good friend of Ruth that helps her try to solve her problems without her cutting.I think the overall theme of the book is to stay away from self harm when possible But even if a case of self harm, for example Ruth cutting herself, comes of, don t try to hide it Embrace the fact that you went through a trial in your life and got through it safely And that is all the reason for someone to come of to you and bless you for getting through something sas tough as something that could have made you feel life self harm was the only way out.Through Ruth s mother being in their house, ALWAYS, she is never a real mother for Ruth Ruth grows up pretty much on her own with a verbally abusive father and her brother Caleb She takes care of Caleb as he grows up and through everything she can t help him too much Caleb bums money and stuff of their cousin, which they have to keep a secret because Ruth s father gets mad of he finds out Through everything that goes on in her life she starts cutting herself She feels as if cutting herself is taking the pain away from her real problems yet only creating a bigger on She tries to hide it and eventually meets a guy friend who she talks to about everything He suggests that she goes to a cutting rehab after an incident that really endangered Ruth She ends up going to the rehab, going through a 12 step solution While there she devotes her life to Christ and becomes a Christian realizing not to hide what has happened but be proud that she got through it with God.Symbolism and irony are a big part of this novel God is a symbol of heroism in this book He comes in when Ruth was struggling and she devoted her life to him Irony is a part of the book as well It was ironic that there was a person that was actually there for Ruth in her time if struggle that told her what to do and how to help herself Sometimes I feel like I m about to explode This is Ruth speaking when she comes home to her father being upset with her brother after getting money for lunch from their cousin I started cutting last winter when everyone was wearing long sleeved sweaters nd sweatshirts and jackets This is Ruth speaking as well as she is describing when she had started cutting herself My last class is over, and I hurry back to the art room to work on matting my art This is Ruth speaking as she tries to hurry to get to the art room to talk to he friend Glen who has been helping her with what is going on in her life.

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    Bitter Rose is an amazing book It is very sad because of what will happens to Maggie and her family but at some parts it can be really fun, exciting, or even make you feel nervous for what happens Maggie and her family kind of just fall apart with her parents getting divorced and all of that drama But Maggie blamed everything on her mom until she realized the other side of the story.

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    I loved the book because I can relate so much with the storyline And it was like I was talking to someone who understands me while I was reading it I liked it because this is the reality that almost everyone is facing.

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    I think this book was really good it was super sad in the beginning but it ended off strong

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    i loved this book and my favorite charter was maggie and i love at the end when she doest blame her family any

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    I thought the book was pretty good Maggie has to figure out how to live her life with divorced parents.

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    This book was written by 16 year old Stephanie, I m sure of it The Basic Premise Maggie is watching her parent s marriage unfold her senior year Her relationship with God suffers as a result she finds herself questioning lifelong love, God, who is the Good Guy shifts from Dad to Mom to Dad to Mom to and who she is in the midst of all of this.Characters Characters were pretty bland, to be honest Main character Maggie is a pretty typical teenager whiny and rebelling against her parents Ned, college student who Maggie finds herself getting involved with, seems WAYYY too unrealistic There s a scene where they are making out Maggie ASSUMES he wants sex therefore stops kissing him he throws a freaking temper tantrum That whole scene seemed totally unrealistic I feel like Carlson was trying to protray older guys as only after sex that really disgusts me and also I feel was very out of character Also when they all went sledding, a guy is giving Maggie a hard time for not drinking Again, this seemed totally unrealistic I used to hang out with college aged people when I was younger and while they drank, never once did someone give me a hard time for not drinking Ever Again I feel Carlson was trying to make older characters as ungodly and very black and white I really liked Tia Louise She was a great character I admired her spirit a lot I feel she was the only character who I really liked Plot Plot was pretty great I really found myself relating to Maggie I myself saw my parent s marriage unfold when I was much younger, a 6 year old so I really enjoyed reading from the perspective of an older teenager and what sorts of feelings she went through Dialogue was completely realistic and Maggie s relationship with her mother her father were completely believable She put a lot of blame onto her mother and ran to Daddy when Mom pissed her off I feel like I WAS Maggie senior year of high school, although my mother didn t start seeing another guy or anything I found myself completely empathic of Maggie and how she felt so angry at her mother and even though she was being of a little bitch, I completely understood why I know from personal experience that I ve treated my mother the same way in my teenage years I feel like the fact that Maggie s dad was cheating was pretty obvious from the get go but that s just me.I loved that we got to explore changing family dynamics of a family undergoing a divorce from the teenage perspective Divorces are REALLY, really hard especially for the kids Obviously they are hard for the adults as well but throwing a divorce in the midst of a hormonal, rebelling teenager it can get messy I think this book protrayed that really well The ending Ehh It was weird I didn t feel everything was really wrapped up, although that may because I don t find the whole I left it up to God premise satisfying This probably had to do with the fact that I was a non Christian reading Christian lit.The religious aspects of the book were subtle definitely not too overpowering for a non Christian person to read as they don t really go into anything too controversial I found it funny that at one point in the book Maggie says how when she was younger her dad made her promise to NEVER get into alcohol or drugs meanwhile at family situations her uncles get drunk And really, what was the point of making her swear to never drink Even after she turns 21 I mean I understand drugs whatnot but drinking They were Catholic Not Mormon They were generally tolerable with drinking once you are of age, right Basically I loved reading this book for how relateable it was realistic, minus the whole Ned thing I enjoy Melody Carlson s books quite a lot Four stars

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    After a final and major blow up fight, Magdala s parents have announced that they are separating, and it looks as if they re even on their way to a divorce Maggie is crushed, and begins to question what she always thought was certain Were her parents no longer good Christians Did they not think their marriage and family was worth fighting for any She thinks her father moved out because of her mother s constant nagging and bickering, but maybe there is something , a secret no one is willing to spill to Maggie Maggie doesn t know which parent, if either, deserves her trust and respect any Feeling torn between her parents, her life seems to be slowly spinning out of control Melody Carlson s portrayal of a family in crisis is heart wrenchingly accurate The impending divorce of her parents causes Maggie to make decisions without really thinking what might be the consequences Maggie, through the help of her aunt and God, ultimately comes to realize that no matter what the state of her family may be, or how many mistakes her parents have made, it is solely up to her to choose how to live her own life She is the only one who can answer for how she will live She can t merely blame poor parenting or the separation of her parents for her rebellion.Learning to forgive others is the main lesson in this Bitter Rose Many teens will be able to relate to the Maggie s circumstances Divorce is sadly very prevalent in American culture, and countless young people face the destruction of their families by divorce Maggie learns that she must come to terms with her parents divorce It isn t something that she can control or prevent She finally makes the decision to forgive her parents, with God s help, and chooses to move forward in her life The Wordsmith Journal strives to guide readers to books of personal interest, with the understanding and respect that what appeals to some may not appeal to others Therefore we attempt to keep our reviews focused on content, genre and style The rating is necessary to make use of Goodreads and It reflects the reviewer s own level of enjoyment, but the review is intended to be informative for the benefit of all readers.

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    This was a really good book that will capture anyone emotions It is so realistic that it makes you feel like a little person sitting on the character s shoulder watching them I m pleased with the writer and how relatable her characters are You should really read this.

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