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The Keys to the Street chapter 1 The Keys to the Street, meaning The Keys to the Street, genre The Keys to the Street, book cover The Keys to the Street, flies The Keys to the Street, The Keys to the Street 578fbb42522bf London S Wealthiest, Poorest, Kindest, And Most Vicious Citizens All Cross Paths In Regents Park Quiet, Pretty Mary Jago Could Never Have Suspected That A Series Of Unspeakable Murders In The Park Contained Threads That Tangled Around Her Simple, Ordinary Life

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    I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that this book was written by Ruth Rendell It is a cross between the London Street Guide and a weather report The plot, what there is of it, is paper thin and never gets started Absolutely nothing happens until 3 4 of the way through and then it is so weak that I felt like I was missing the point After looking at some of the other reviews here at GR, I feel better since there was no point to miss This has to be the worst book Rendell has ever written and I usually like her work Avoid it like the plague.

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    Good stuff, complicated stuff At the center of this multi character story is Mary Jago Mary is a young woman who is having some difficulty getting an abusive boyfriend out of her life entirely She works at and partly owns an odd tourist attraction The Irene Adler Museum Adler was a fictional character in one of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle The museum offers items from the period, items Adler might have worn , might have owned It has a gift shop with reproductions of originals for sale As it is located not far from the famous 221b Baker Street Holmes supposed residence , it attracts tourists in the area.Mary moves out of the house she shared with Adrian, against his protests She moves into a house sitting job, taking care of a dog and a house while the owners are on a lengthy vacation in other countries The house is in a nice location and is not far from the Adler museum, making it possible for her to walk to and from work Unfortunately, Adrian shows up from time to time, expecting her to take him in and for their lives to continue as before, joined While Mary is dealing with relationship issues, others are making their lives very differently Bean is a dogwalker who takes pride in where he lives, a residence willed to him when his wealthy employer died Among others, Bean walks the dog belonging to the couple that Mary is housesitting for Bean is ambitious and haughty, rather full of himself and not given to thinking well of others The dogs put up with him but there is no evidence of any great affection towards him Bean hatches a scheme to take advantage of his position to find little bits of dirt on his well off employers and to use it to his advantage.Roman lives on the streets He doesn t have to, because he has money tucked away But after his entire family was killed in a crash, he found no way to cope but to sell everything and take to the streets He manages to maintain some semblance of an acceptable appearance, but his barrow of goods gives him away One day when he awakes from inside the gate to the Adler Museum, Mary sees him and says hi to him From then on, he takes an interest in her, one of the few people who think of the street people as still people He even begins to feel a little protective of her when he sees an altercation with Adrian.Then there s Hob A petty criminal addicted to various substances, he is ripe for any job that can use any of his skills, including beating up various marks Hob does not seem to have any endearing characteristics, which makes reading about him not much fun for me Mary, while still with Adrian, contacted an organization that solicits marrow donations from healthy persons for use in cancer cases She offered to undergo the donation process for a person who had leukemia and would die without it Some time after the donation, she learned that the recipient was doing well, and the organization allowed contact between them if she so wished She did wish, and she arranged to meet him This encounter led to many others, during which she found herself deeply drawn to the pale, thin person who reminded her very much of herself.While all these people are going about their businesses, murders are committed Street people are found hung on the stakes on top of walls Because of various connections that do not seem connected, between Mary and the other characters, she is indeed connected with at least one of the murders Interesting and absorbing reading, complex enough to call for thought.

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    Found this book on a bench at a Tube station in London sometime in September 2008 Should have left it there.It seems like Rendell couldn t decide whether she wanted to write a thriller or a drama The different sub plots don t really tie in to form something bigger apart from a collection of portraits of different people in different walks of life, interspersed with minute details of London street names and the reveal at the end un imaginative First time I read a thriller as far as I can remember , maybe the genre is not for me.

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    This was, at the original time of my review, the blurb given for The Keys to the Street here on GoodReads For the snobbish, upper crust that live around London s Regent s Park, the homeless are an eye sore and a nuisance Only Mary Jargo, a meek, sensitive young woman who has recently moved into the neighborhood to house sit shows compassion She often shares food and conversation with the unfortunates, particularly Effie, Dill, Roman, and Pharaoh When someone starts murdering members of Regent s homeless community and lancing them on the spiked fencing that encloses the park, only Mary seems to notice or care Through her quest to discover the murderer, she embarks on a journey to overcome what she perceives to be her own insecurities and passivity.Really That s not the book I read, and anyone who relied on that I m sure discovered the disconnect for themselves None of it is wholly inaccurate the book deals with a series of murders of homeless people around Regent s Park, and one of the characters is a mild mannered young woman who does show some interest in and kindness toward them as she encounters them in the community But her quest to discover the murderer doesn t exist At no point does Mary Jago not Jargo turn into an amateur sleuth to find the murderer She is only marginally concerned with the crimes until she is called on to identify one of the bodies and beyond a reasonable expression of distress over anyone s death, and a certain amount of disquiet at the murders happening near her home, they re only background information she isn t haunted by them and doesn t display any real fear of becoming a victim, and she certainly doesn t spend enough time thinking about them to discover who s committing them.Moreover, Mary is only one of several major characters hers is not the only story being told There are four characters on whom the book focuses, although Mary s is by far the primary storyline There s also Roman, a man who is homeless by choice after the deaths of his entire family in a car accident Bean, a peevish dog walker with a superiority complex and Hob, a drug addicted and mentally slow yobbo who s constantly looking to make some easy money providing services as a frightener hired muscle, so he can get his next fix.Once again, I wish I could give this 3.5 stars I can appreciate Rendell s skill in this thoughtful, well crafted narrative, but it was an odd read More than a traditional whodunnit, The Keys to the Street is a morality tale about the ways in which people prey on each other and put their own needs above those of others the wealthy residents of the neighborhood who overlook the dossers that eke out a limited existence on the margins of normal society, even when someone starts killing them the dealers and other criminals who put Hob onto his next assault for hire, knowing he s unstable Mary s ex fiance, whose controlling behavior caused her to break off their engagement, and who tries to bully his way back into her life when she inherits a considerable amount of money even Bean, whose low level dog walking job provides him occasion to pick up bits of sensitive information useful for extorting extra money and choice personal references with which to expand his clientele The murders are solved, but almost as an afterthought If you re looking for guilty parties confessing on the witness stand, or forensic fireworks that uncover key evidence, this is not that kind of book.

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    I read this first years ago, and just finished rereading, and loved it as much as I did the first time around One of my favorite things about this Ruth Rendell London where I lived as a teenager as a character, as much of one as the people and dogs another favorite thing who populate it She s the only mystery writer I know who can describe a physical place so gorgeously, atmospherically who can make it real in the same way her characters and situations, even the most far fetched ones, become real in the context of her books.

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    I was surprised this wasn t a Barbara Vine, but anyway I thoroughly enjoyed it Fascinating, believable characters, most of them with interesting secrets and grubby grudges She slips effortlessly between narrative styles to show the different points of view the book is worth studying for that alone I found the ending a little weak and abrupt perhaps convenient But I d really enjoyed all the build up Definitely reading of her.

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    This book has been on my shelf for way too long Time to change that Rendell wove interesting mysteries around social issues in London that very likely continue to exist don t believe we were ever made aware of the year or time period I could be wrong Now I question myself if I read of people doing internet searches Hmmm Things we take for granted today I think I m bumbling away with this review, and not making any sense, so I ll bore you no , and just say Rendell is a new author for me, but I plan to check out or her books

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    This is the third book I picked from the free exchange shelf and it will probably be the last, because I did not like any There must be a reasons why books are abandoned and low quality springs immediately to mind.I heard about Rendell being a famous thriller writer and I thought this could be good holiday reading.This novel perhaps is not her best, but from the beginning it did annoy me a lot The description of a specific central London area around Regent Park, I think is over detailed I lived in London for years, so I had an idea of the place, but people who have never been there may find the geographic details overbearing and useless Also the overaboundant descriptions of flowers and plants is sort of unnecessary information, unless you are a florist or a keen gardener.The main characters are not particularly enticing 1 Mary is a doormat of young woman who needs a man at all costs She tries to get rid of abusive boyfriend Alastair only to fall for mysterious Leo 2 Bean is an elderly dog walker slash blackmailer, who tries to make a fast pound by blackmailing his clients 3 Roman is posh homeless guy, who dropped his privileged life due to personal tragedy, and 4 Hob is a violent drug addict who hurts people for cash, about whom I cared nothing.The lives of these people get entangled in a rather implausible plot which takes a lot of pages for the set up and too few for a satisfactory denouement.Finally, some parts of the plot are deliberately kept obscure, such as who actually is The Beater I assumed it was Carl, although this is never spelled out But then again, is difficult if not impossible to imagine the Carl character being soulless and simultaneously caring so much for his brother.

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    The Keys to the Street was the first Rendell I read, back in 2004, and I wondered then why it took me so long to discover her The Keys to the Street is a stand alone book, rather than one of her Inspector Wexford mysteries, and it stands up quite well to rereading The plot is centered around a series of murders of homeless people in London s Regent s Park Around these events, Rendell weaves the lives of the characters Mary Jago, a young woman who has recently left an abusive relationship Leo Nash, the mysterious man to whom she has anonymously donated her bone marrow Roman Ashton, a homeless man who has chosen to live on the streets after a personal tragedy Bean, the odd elderly man who works as a dog walker Hob, the drug addict who beats people up for money and many others Rendell writes trenchantly yet elegantly she sees deeply into her characters, with penetrating insight, and brings seemingly separate lives together into a shocking, yet satisfying conclusion.

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    I have read a few dozen of Ruth Rendell s novels, and this is one of her best I am continually amazed by the seemingly infinite variety of her plots and her penetrating psychological insights There are not many happy folks in her stories, nor many well adjusted people She excels at articulating the lives and concerns of the demimonde Her novels are rarely straightforward chronological accounts of lives She goes back and forth, filling in here and there, as though patching a structure until by the final pages we understand not just what has happened but why it has happened Her books are shelved in the mystery section, and there are mysteries involved for sure, but I think of her books as novels that just happen to involve a death, usually offscreen I cannot think of an author with greater insight in human existence.

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