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Agnes at the End of the World pdf Agnes at the End of the World , ebook Agnes at the End of the World , epub Agnes at the End of the World , doc Agnes at the End of the World , e-pub Agnes at the End of the World , Agnes at the End of the World 7da33567260 The Handmaid S Tale Meets Wilder Girls In This Unique, Voice Driven Novel From Kelly McWilliamsAgnes Loves Her Home Of Red Creek Its Quiet, Sunny Mornings, Its Dusty Roads, And Its God There, She Cares Tirelessly For Her Younger Siblings And Follows The Town S Strict Laws What She Doesn T Know Is That Red Creek Is A Cult, Controlled By A Madman Who Calls Himself A ProphetThen Agnes Meets Danny, An Outsider Boy, And Begins To Question What Is And Isn T A Sin Her Younger Brother, Ezekiel, Will Die Without The Insulin She Barters For Once A Month, Even Though Medicine Is Considered Outlawed Is She A Sinner For Saving Him Is Her Sister, Beth, A Sinner For Dreaming Of The World Beyond Red Creek As The Prophet Grows Dangerous, Agnes Realizes She Must Escape With Ezekiel And Leave Everyone Else, Including Beth, Behind But It Isn T Safe Outside, Either A Viral Pandemic Is Burning Through The Population At A Terrifying Rate As Agnes Ventures Forth, A Mysterious Connection Grows Between Her And The Virus But In A World Where Faith, Miracles, And Cruelty Have Long Been Indistinguishable, Will Agnes Be Able To Choose Between Saving Her Family And Saving The World

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    I love this book I had the absolute pleasure of being Kelly s mentor and watching this book grow into what it is today AGNES AT THE END OF THE WORLD is such an emotional, powerful story, filled with hope and grace and utterly selfless love On June 9, 2020, this beautiful novel will be on bookstore shelves, just as it deserves Make sure you put this one on your TBR shelf immediately.

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    Official comments Unforgettable and full of hope, Agnes at the End of the World is at times beautiful, at others dark The love that transcends these pages is a triumph.Unofficial comments This book has really solid Type I diabetes rep, so please read it, share it, boost it, etc It deserves all the love

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    My official comments A truly unique gem of a book Set during the apocalypse and featuring a disturbing virus and terrifying cult, McWilliams s tale is ultimately one of hope Agnes is a fascinating heroine determined, selfless, and brave I was rooting for her from the very first page My unofficial comments This is a special novel, and one that s hard to sum up in a way that does the story justice For me, it was two stories in one an action packed virus outbreak apocalypse story and a coming of age character driven tale of survival, family, and faith I ve been thinking about it since I finished reading it last week It comes out in June and it should 100% be on your TBR list.

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    I love the premise of this book, and, start to finish, it does not disappoint Beth and Agnes are great foils for one another, and I loved seeing the story play out You will stay up all night reading it.

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    Agnes at the End of the World rips the heart from a well trod genre, resurrecting it as something glittering and serene What emerges is a complex tapestry of dystopian nightmares, rank idolatry, glowing spirituality, love, hope, and feminist power.In honesty, end of world stories are absolutely where my heart leans, but I ve been burned by so many tired testosterone brigades in the genre that I ve stepped away from it But when I saw this book, I knew that I had to take a chance, and I m really glad I did.This is exactly the kind of book that I always hope to read Strong driving plot, compelling, passionate characters, a dark pulse of danger, and something beautiful and magical sparkling in the darkness.On the surface, it is two stories woven together the story of a fundamentalist cult and the oppressed girls raised under its thrall, and the strange magic of a pandemic that contorts physical connections into ruby chrysalis The book manages to hold mundane elements of contemporary humanity alongside new weird paranormal and a timeless biblical undercurrent in its way it feels absolutely now, and absolutely eternal.I don t often read books with a strong spiritual center as a queer reader, I often end up feeling angry and alienated However, my thesis examined imagery of the Virgin Mary, through research on the bible and apocryphal texts and on rare occasions, I can really connect with stories that focus not on godliness, but on humanity within the mythos of the scriptures I could write a whole thesis on the spiritual elements of this story For now, I ll just say that I see Agnes as a delicate, powerful Jeanne D Arc.As always, I do read for diversity, and I ll say that these elements struck an unusual balance in this book Because of Agnes fundamentalist origins, she s raised in a very sexist, racist community Her entire world is white until the story begins, which feels true to the world, but limits the representation on the page When Agnes connects with Outsiders, she connects with several people of color, and there s no moment when she must confront her own prejudices she never personally held them The story sidesteps explorations of race based cultural differences because all Outsiders are strange to Agnes, the outside world gives the impression of a post racial society I liked this element, but the tradeoff is that the racial diversity is external than cultural.There s also strong illness rep, as Type 1 Diabetes is a central thread in the story It s handled with urgency and compassion and I really appreciated that the author s note acknowledges that this element comes from outside her own experience.As a queer reader, I found so many elements of the story resonating with my own experience and those in our communities Agnes story is about breaking from expectations, discovering her true self, and living a life of integrity and love My sense is that, though there were no queer characters on the page, if Agnes were to have encountered any queer communities in her journey, she would have embraced them.All told, get ready for a beautiful, dark story that is rich enough to merit rereads for years to come.

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    The Handmaid s Tale meets Wilder Girls um I haven t read Handmaid s Tale yet but WILDER GIRLS I m thinking this is a must buy

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    Agnes at the End of the World introduces readers to two very different sisters living in a cult community Agnes is very devout and has always found peace in her community except when she has to deal with outsiders to get the medicine her younger brother needs to survive Beth, is of the wild child rule breaker who likes to rebel and sneak off to be with the boy she likes Shut off from the outside world Red Creek believes in extreme things polygamy, doomsday prophecies, and that women are subservient to men in all things picture Sister Wives, The Handmaid s Tale, and The Village combined with The Hallowed Ones and an apocalyptic virus spreading in the outside world As Agnes begins to question the practices she s always followed and Beth is bullied and shamed by their community into oppression and marriage to a much older man she doesn t love who already has 5 wives and is the father of the boy she loves the dynamic begins to shift between the sisters and Agnes realizes she needs to get her siblings out of Red Creek before it s too late I really enjoyed this book I was drawn to it with the cult premise because I love the transformation from a character being so brainwashed by their elders becoming the one to smash that cult to pieces and gain independence I should note I am not at all religious and am very against all forms of organized religion so when I read books about cults I feel a trill of vindication that I m right in my opinions on the matter I also loved the element of the sickness outbreak spreading in the outside world, it had enough of a creepy factor to give readers the chills And the way that Agnes could sense it was unique and inventive More than that, I though the author s depiction of Ezekiel s type 1 diabetes was spot on I m a caregiver for my grandmother who has type 2 diabetes so I m familiar with monitoring blood sugar and giving injections and the like so I was glad it was accurately portrayed on the page.Overall this book will grab you from the start, not only taking on the dynamic between siblings and learning to value your own beliefs and opinions even if they break from what everyone around you believes but also weaving an eerie tale where a mysterious illness spreads uncontrollably seemingly with no end sort of like now.

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    Agnes at the end of the world is a whole new genre of fantasy that I ve had the pleasure of reading This book overwhelmed me with elements of sci fi, fantasy, dystopia but most of all it is one such book that is so RELEVANT and IMPORTANT Agnes is about taking a stand, of shedding the notion that treats a misogynistic institution as superior and a classic tale of prevalence of good above evil I absolutely enjoyed everything about this book be it the author s slant writing, the two sisters duo who even after living under the same roof were guided by different values and were shaped into such contrasting characters I at times felt disgusted and to even think that such atrocities still prevail in the world makes my blood boil.also, before I forget to mention this book has such a brilliantly done DIABETES TYPE 1 representation ahhhhh PLEASE READ IT.

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    I received an early copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Don t you just love when you discover a new favorite author Kelly s writing style is absolutely beautiful and I definitely look forward to read of her books Agnes at the End of The World is a story unlike anything I ve ever read It was a quick read and I loved the way the story progressed as I read It was a wonderful story from beginning to end Agnes is a new favorite heroine of mine One who I was cheering for the very beginning She, along with her bothers and sisters, and the rest of the people who lived at Red Creek went through a lot only they didn t know thatThe Prophet was taking advantage of those who lived at Red Creek No one could have access to medicine or technology but Agnes risked everything the moment she asked an Outsider for help to save her little brother.Everyone believed whatever The Prophet said but Agnes, little by little, started to realize the lie they were all living in.Agnes at the End of The World was one of a kind

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    Review to come I had the immense privilege of reading an ARC and can t to yell about how good this book is

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