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Reckless Seduction summary Reckless Seduction, series Reckless Seduction, book Reckless Seduction, pdf Reckless Seduction, Reckless Seduction 37bfc2eaba When Nineteen Year Old Cody Bradbury Gets His Hands On An Invitation To The Hottest Party Of The Year At The Casbah, An Exclusive Gay Men S Club Owned By His Uncle, He Doesn T Plan To Let Anything Stand In His Way Of Attending With A Stolen Invitation, Fake Identification, And A Hastily Thrown Together Costume, Cody Sneaks Into The Club During Its Annual Halloween Bash With The Intention Of Checking Out The Action And Possibly Losing His Long Despised CherryHe Can T Believe His Luck When Dante Santiago Comes On To Him He S Had A Hard On For His Uncle S Friend And Employee, Dante, Ever Since He Realized What His Dick Was Good For He S So Enad Of The Older Man That He Doesn T Think Twice When Dante Starts Referring To Him As Pretty Boy , Instead Of By His Given NameBetween His Fears For His Job And His Stubborn Certainty Cody Can T Possibly Be The Bottom He Wants, Dante S Giving Him The Cold Shoulder He Knows Dante Wants His Body, But Cody Wants His Heart Is There Any Chance The Older Man Might Want Than An Orgasm There S Only One Way To Find Out, And Cody Plans To Make It A Night Neither Of Them Will Ever Forget

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    I really enjoy reading May December romances I don t know why, but I always seem to seek them out There is something about having a experienced hero and a hero or heroine not quite so experienced that keeps me glued to the page Cody is tired of people not taking him seriously Even his beloved Uncle still refuses to see that he is a man and not a boy When Cody asks his Uncle is he can attend the Halloween Pary at the Casbah, a very private gentleman s club his Uncle ownshis Uncle refuses for him to go, insisting that Cody is too young to attend even though Cody is of age to go Cody reluctantly agrees, but when he finds an invitation to the exclusive party he decides to go in disguiseafter all it is a Halloween party.Dante Santiago runs the Casbah He is sexy see cover smart, and wickedly handsome The Halloween Party is always a huge hit at the Casbah and Dante even dresses for the occasion himself this year as a fallen Angel Dante has a reputation as being a man s man He has no desire to get involved in a relationship with anyone He likes his free spirited life, with nameless men and one night standsbut when he sees a mysterious young man dressed up in a skimpy black costume, he is immediately attracted and drawn to him.Cody can t believe his luck Not only is Dante interested in him, but being with Dante can fulfill all of his fantasies he has had about the sexy older man Cody knows that Dante has no idea who he is Dante has always thought of the younger Cody as of a spoiled child, and never really tried to see who Cody is on the inside.When Cody s identity is revealed, Dante is furious and amazed Seeing Cody as a man for the first time has stirred up thoughts and feelings he didn t think was possible.I loved watching Dante falling for Cody the bigger they are the harder they fall He doesn t go down very easily, and is still leary at the end of the book, but Cody is a man that doesn t give up easily, and fights for what he wants and believes in.I loved this book I am hoping that maybe one day we find out how Dante and Cody make their relationship workmaybe we ll have a sequel I am keeping my fingers crossed

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    The May December romance between Dante, and the much younger Cody, had me hooked from the first word I really liked them together They fit somehow I am looking forward to reading the continuation of their relationship in the next book in this series.

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    This was my 1st book by Amanda Young I liked her writing, but the story was too short The age difference between Dante and Cody bothered me, especially because Dante had slept with Cody s uncle a time or two in their misspent youth Considering Cody s uncle had raised Cody since childhood, I couldn t help feeling a little uncomfortable with the situation Despite that, I rooted for Dante and Cody and intend to read the sequel, Reckless Behavior, because I need to know if they will find their HEA in that book The HFN I got in this book was realistic but unsatisfying.

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    When I read a story like this, I always feel a bit guilty, since I was enjoying an erotic story where one of the character is a 19 years old, so he is still a teen, and teen means very very young But then I think that it would be sweet if every young man or woman could have the chance to be initiate to love in a so wonderful way, and if there is the possibility that the first love is also the one and true, even better So put aside the guilty and enjoy the story.Cody is a 19 years old pretty friendly and open boy Raised by an uncle after the death of his parents, he has soon had the chance to know what sex is, since his uncle owns one of the most hot gay club in the city Know but not see, because his uncle is worst than a mother hen, and treats Cody like a victorian virgin maid no one is good enough for his nephew and there is no way that he will allow to Cody to enter his club, no matter that now Cody is legal.But Cody knows what he wants, and in a way he is also responsible even if he has long ago realized that he prefers men, he never got serious with someone, since he wants that his first time is special He sets his eyes on Dante, friend and employer of his uncle, and he would do anything to have him and if that is not the case, well, he will find a good substitute And here comes out the young and spoiled Cody true he believes to be in love with Dante, but he is also an horny teenager who wants to have a taste of forbidden He is really not old enough to take a cool decision, and he is really lucky to have around people who care for him.Dante is not a perfect man True, he avoids Cody since he is the nephew of his best friend, and a virgin too, but he has no qualms to enjoy the company of guys of the same age, but experienced He is not a bad man, but it s not a moral matter that take him far from Cody, is a question of the too much heavy baggage that arrives with him explain to his best friend that he had sex with his nephew, deal with a first time experience of an impressionable young guy, admit that maybe he is aging and Cody is too young for himThe story is not very long, less than 80 pages, and pretty erotic There are four scene, and in two you have sex, so you can imagine how much there is in the book but it s enjoyable and sweet than anything else, very fresh and young like one of the man involved.http www. dp B002BY76KA

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    Hot sexy read I loved how Cody went after what he wanted, and Sexy player Dante is all he had his sights set on Wow steamy sexy halloween fun And this quick little read took off for me and never looked back I would love a longer story of how Dante and Cody are doing.

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    4.0 of 5 starsI have a not so secret kink for younger man older man stories and this one pressed all my buttons A very sexy read Plus, it has one of the hottest covers ever Whoa, baby

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    In this novella we are introduced to nineteen year old Cody who has had the hots for his uncle s friend Dante ever since he hit puberty Dante has basically ignored him, thinking him a spoiled brat However, Cody has a plan By a stroke of good fortune he manages to get hold of a pass to a Halloween event taking place at the club which is run by his uncle and Dante It is here that he makes his first move on Dante Once Dante realises who Cody is, he rejects him, not wanting to take advantage of Cody or ruin the friendship he has with Cody s uncle Cody doesn t give up that easily and, later that week, whilst Dante is staying with Cody s uncle, he sneaks into Dante s room and attempts to seduce him.I liked the enterprising young Cody in this book He wanted to lose his virginity, but was determined that he wasn t going to do it with someone his own age He recognised that Dante was a good choice for his first lover and then set about making it happen He had a charming youthful enthusiasm which made me warm to him as a character He was also remarkably self aware for a young man of nineteen, perhaps a little too self aware and I did occasionally wonder whether young men actually do think and speak in such a mature fashion Cody seems so self assured, even when being rejected by Dante, that I felt he seemed mature beyond his years Mind you, perhaps we needed to see that in Cody to make the age difference between them palatable We find out very little about Dante in the story except that he s a bit of a man slut which was then at odds with the sudden feelings he has for Cody enough to make him want to have a relationship with him when he s never had the urge to commit before.I said in my review of Reckless Behavior that I d wished to know about Cody s uncle Well here I was equally disappointed as he is only used as a barrier between Cody and Dante What a shame as I still found him to be an interesting character and wished to know about this seemingly conservative gay man, who gave up part of his life to raise Cody Perhaps the author might be persuaded to base another novella around him On the whole I enjoyed this book than the sequel It was well paced, with nearly all the interaction focused on the main protagonists The sex scenes were hot but also, because they were from Cody s point if view, they had a rather jubilant feel as he experienced sex, and good sex at that, for the first time The attraction that Cody feels for Dante was believable and I was satisfied with the HFN at the end of the book, especially knowing how that relationship pans out in the sequel All in all I would recommend that you read this book, especially if you are in the mood for a short, sexy read and I would give it a grade of Very Good.

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    Reckless Seduction is a short novella and my first book by author Amanda Young With some good writing and interesting characters I wasn t disappointed.Nineteen year old Cody Bradbury is tired of being a virgin so when he gets his hands on an invitation to the hottest party in town at The Casbah, an exclusive gay men s club owned by his uncle, he has no intention of letting the opportunity of getting his cherry popped go by With some fake ID and a quickly put together costume as a disguise Cody sneaks into the club during its annual Halloween party with exactly this intention in mind.He can t believe his luck when Dante Santiago, his uncle s long time friend and Casbah employee, comes on to him Cody s been in lust with Dante for a while, but up until now Dante hasn t given him the time of day Dante has no clue who Cody is, but he s definitely interested and doesn t hesitate to have the hot encounter that this pretty boy is offering.But when Dante finds out Cody s true identity he leaves him high and dry Not only is he conflicted about having sex with the nephew of his long time friend and employer, he also doesn t do relationships and is certain that Cody can t possibly be the bottom he wants Cody knows that Dante wants his body but realises that after their one hot encounter, Cody wants Dante s heart Is there any chance the older man might want than just hot sex Cody s not sure but he won t take no for an answer And if he can t have Dante the way he wants him, then Cody plans on giving Dante a night neither of them will ever forget.What I enjoyed most about this story was the cat and mouse pursuit between Cody and Dante Although inexperienced, Cody is no pushover and is quite capable of standing up for what he wants and going after it For his part, Dante s conflict over doing the right thing versus doing what he really wants provides for just the right amount angst The push me pull you chemistry between the characters and the twist of just who is the cat and who is the mouse make the story interesting and keep the reader in anticipation of what will happen next Add to this some altogether hot sex between the two and this short novella hit the spot Reckless Seduction provides just the right amount of angst and lust factor to make this story a good pick for a lazy hazy summer escape read.

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    How reckless could you be All Cody wanted was to be appreciated Appreciated and understood by everyone especially his father figure, his Uncle and Dante, the older man he admired, his uncle s business partner Sneaking into the older men s erotic club elicited all kinds of feelings in Cody And when he snagged the man of his dreams, he knew there was no way Dante would keep him once he knew the man behind the mask It was going to take than an apology to get Dante to see things his way Seduction led to reckless behaviour Love can bring even the strongest man to his knees.Six months into their affair, with the blessing of his strict uncle, Cody and Dante were ready to take it to the next level, but fear had them arrested.Cody was enjoying the fruits of being with Dante, but the older man was regretting the lifestyle he had introduced his younger lover to Now there was someone else standing in their way and if neither one can express what they were feeling, could it be the end of Dante and Cody Reckless Behaviour is a sequel to Reckless Seduction and even hot and erotic.This is the 2nd edition of the stories published in 2008 I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.

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    Amanda writes an incredibly moving story of young man coming of age and trying to find himself and a lover.Every book I read of Amanda s becomes my favorite at the time and this one is no different.Amanda told me she would describe this book as a coming of age story and I have to agree At 19 Cody just wants to loose his virginity and he knows just who he wants to loose it to Dante his Uncle s best friend, Cody has been in love with him since he was old enough to know it was men and not woman he wanted.Never come between a man and the man he wants When Cody decided he wants Dante well lets just Dante doesn t stand a chance.The only thing that could come between them is Cody s uncle who is determined to protect his nephew from lecherous men Will Cody stand by his man or will he cave to his uncles wishes The story Amanda creates for us is funny, sweet, just a bit sad, and extremely HOT your going to laugh and cry a little WOW the heat level Well if this was a print book I swear it would have went up in flames The only thing I didn t like was the book just wasn t long enough, I wanted of Chris and Dante The story just didn t feel as if it was over hmmmm I wonder is there a sequel in the future for Chris and Dante Who me greed Nah lolTheresa

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