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Endpoint: Book 2: New Life summary Endpoint: Book 2: New Life, series Endpoint: Book 2: New Life, book Endpoint: Book 2: New Life, pdf Endpoint: Book 2: New Life, Endpoint: Book 2: New Life 6409d099c5 The Endpoint Series Continues As Ryan And Violet Make First Contact With A God Like Mega Neutron Star The Encounter Draws Them Into A Veritable Star Chamber And A Questionable Welcome Using Images From Ryan S Own Memory, The Otherworldly Encounter Conveys A Message And A Path To Discover Long Lost Technology Meanwhile, The Daerk Rampage Drives On, And Countless Stellar Structures Have Fallen To The Lumuera Unchecked Proliferation Of The Darkness Has Created An Imbalance In The Galaxy And Drawn The Attention Of Powerful, Advanced Species, Each With Uncertain Motives From Ryan S Perspective, A Curious Gravity Has Drawn Together A Handful Of Survivors As The Number Of Aligned Associates Grows, Ryan And Violet Make A Shocking Discovery, And Even Stranger Alliances Are Forged With A Growing Rebellion That Includes Outcasts And Gangsters, The Line Between Enemies And Allies Is Blurred The Deeper Ryan And Violet Wade Into This New Life, The They Come To Understand The Dangerous Double Edge Of Their Role In A Precarious Dance Between Salvation And Destruction, The Battles To Come Will Involve Manipulating Time And Unleashing Forces Of Pure Power To Become A Conduit Of These Forces And Restrain Their Cataclysmic Nature, Ryan Must Be Prepared To Sacrifice Everything Even His Own Life

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