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  • Summer Fever
  • Catt Ford
  • English
  • 17 June 2019

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    Summer Fever by Catt Ford is another one of those books that I ve had in my TBR files forever The cover is stunning, so being the sucker I am for a good cover, I immediately bought it When I got it, I saw that it was in first person Since first person in romance is my least favorite point of view, I kept putting off reading it I am not going to get into the storyline There have been several reviews on this book, and they describe the storyline very well I wanted to give the few reasons why I rated the book the way I did.I have mixed feelings about this book I was disappointed in it I didn t believe the two main characters J.D and Russ really had a good emotional connection I didn t like that within the first two minutes of them meeting J.D offered Russ a blow job to not get a ticket Russ is a cop I didn t like J.D very much period I thought he was wishy washy with his feelings, and I didn t think he was fair to Russ a few times I know he was hurt from a previous relationship, but I never really cared for him I thought he was a bitchy, selfish and pretty slutty He even admits he s all of these things throughout the book I think Russ could have done better I liked him, but not enough to give it stars than I did Because Summer Fever is was told with J.D s point of view, I didn t get to know Russ like I would have liked That s too bad because Russ had great potential to be a great hero I see that other people s ratings and reviews have rated this one higher than I am I guess I just never got the connection between them, and they did I will say that this book has many erotic moments between the two of them There is a lot of sex in this book, so much, I felt myself skimming over some of it I would have liked emotional connection and a little less sex Maybe I would have liked the book better if it wasn t in J.D s point of view Since I never really liked him, the book was doomed for me to begin with It s interesting to me, that I seem to be the only one who didn t really like this book I will definitely be looking forward to seeing what my friends here think of it The best thing about the book was the sweet and sexy cover In my opinion the book didn t live up to it Too bad.2 stars

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    First of all let me say that this is one of the most erotic and sexy book I read lately, and I have no problem to say that sometime when reading a book with too much sex, I skip a sex scene here and there to read the story, if there is a story and instead this time I read ALL, story and sex scenes alike So the first thing that struck me of this book was the sex, and how could not be so, since the book starts with J.D who said to Russ What I wouldn t let you do to me , nothing strange if not that Russ is a cop and he has just stopped J.D along a street To add fuel to the fire J.D., as farewell to Russ, propose Maybe I could suck your cock Probably from this you could understand that J.D is not a shrinking violet an adult and self conscious gay man from the city, he is used to have and find sex when he wants His gaydar points him to Russ, and Russ is happy enough to be pointed but Russ is a cop, and if this is not enough for making him a good boy, he is also used to live in a welcoming small town, where everyone knows about his neighbor not the best setting for meaningless sex with a stranger.And so where J.D pushes for a summer fling without strings attached, Russ is steady in his feet and refuses to be treat like a toy boy It s pretty funny to see the reversed role of the two J.D., with his small frame, his cute face and his intellectual work, should be the man asking for commitment, since he inspires protection, and instead it s Russ, big, sturdy and authoritative that has the role of who wants to build a nest, like an animal who is going in dormancy and before that wants to be sure to have a comfort den and a warm body beside him.J.D is pretty open with his sexual relationship you can guess that he had no problem with his coming out phase and he is comfortable with his sexuality But he also had a bad experience in the past with love, and so he decided to not be burnt again Where some men, with maybe a romantic side, would give up love and sex together, J.D chose the path of the meaningless sex More, he uses sex to not let people near him if he states loud and clearly till the first moment, that he is interested only in sex, men can t form strange idea on him, and above all they can t fall in love, no one would love a vain man like him.But Russ sees something other in J.D he is stubborn enough to not let J.D deviate him from his path, a path that lead directly toward the man s heart Russ is almost too good to be true.And so, a good erotic romance paired to a romantic plot definitely a shame that the book is only 70 pages long and so with little chance to see it on print, since this one would be for sure in my wish list.http www. dp B001HL0FGA

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    The book was a short, fast read, but it was cute and pretty funny Right away, J.D s voice comes through, and he was hilarious I d have to say my favorite part in the opening is when he s trying to get out of a ticket he wasn t even going to get The tension at the end was enough to give me something and get me nervous for a few minutes, which I appreciated Well worth the read if you re looking for something short and fun.

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    3.5 starsThe first part where J.D offered Russ a blow job to not get a ticket is making me giggle It s just cute Even if J.D is a jerk at one point, I still think the whole story is sweet and makes me happy

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    A quick nice read, nothing ground breaking, but I enjoyed it

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    3.5 StarsSummer Fever is a very short, funny, sweet story that starts out as Erotic Romance and ends as a love story My definition of an Erotic Romance is a story which is primarily made up of sex scenes with little to no plot A love story is primarily a Romance with a plot and little to no sex What sex there is belongs and is not just there to titillate, that s not to say it can t be hot as hell Summer Fever does a good job of being both I wish there had been I would have loved to get to know J.D and Russ better As far as short, insta lust, insta love stories go this is an enjoyable one.

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    Oh, I loved this so much It was funny, the narrator J.D has a wry sense of humor I was a little scared with a cop character sometimes they do follow a pattern, I didn t feel that way about Russ at all I liked too that there is an epilogue at the end, I m the kind of person that will continue a story in her head after the end and so I like to know where the story went I would say if you like something short, sweet and hot, you ll will feel satisfied after reading Summer Fever so don t hesitate.

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    Light often amusing read The way the two main characters met is beyond unlikely, yet set the tone for the story well It did manage to develop deeper feelings later on which made me want to rate it of a 4.5, yet the ending was again off into unlikely and they lived happily ever after that was almost at odds with attempts to reach deeper and go towards angst near the end of the tail For me it was a bit inconsistent in tone.

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    This reads like a vacation Smooth, easy, no rush, lazy days sitting on the porch, no appointments, no must do sI wished I could have learned about the main character but it worked out okay Though, I did worry for a moment that he was going to be a Big Prick but he only had brain damage for about 24 hours.

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    almost gave it 3.5 stars, I loved Russel, J.D was a little harder to warm to, specially since little was said about the guy who left him, what was so traumatic to make him decide against a relationship , it was good and sweet but the end didn t round it up for me, Russel J.D get together, they say i love you but they don t talk about J.D issues.

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About the Author: Catt Ford

Catt Ford lives in front of the computer monitor, in another world where her imaginary gay friends obey her every command.She likes cats, chocolate, swing dancing, sleeping, Monty Python, Aussie friends, being silly, spinning other realities with words, and sea glass She dislikes caterpillars, cigarette smoke, and rude people who think the F word as in faggot, or bundle of sticks is acceptable.