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    Unfortunately, many of us will never step foot into a true, centuries old castle Even those who can vacation in these historic spots don t experience the structures in the ways of the people living back yonder unless you own a time machine For these people, Stephen Biesty takes readers inside castles in, Cross Sections Castle Cross Sections Castle is intended to strike the fancy of children but certainly appeals to adults interested in the topic, as a sort of coffee table book Biesty breaks Cross Sections Castle into main focus topics such as the defense of the castle, architecture, trades, food feasting, entertainment, etc This provides readers with a wide view on castles but in a summary method.The main issue with Cross Sections Castle is the identity crisis the book suffers from The text comprises of nothing than a paragraph introduction on the topic and then labels the illustrations providing easy reading for children However, the text itself isn t captivating for children and better connects with adults The problem is that readers don t learn much from the text or retain the information Naturally, the highlight of Cross Sections Castle are the awe inspiring illustrations These hand drawn, colorful, detailed masterpieces will delight both children and adults with its shedding of castle walls in order to illuminate the inside of the structures The illustrations are comparable to Where s Waldo books and are delightful on their own without any text present Also similar to Where s Waldo is Biesty s creative angle of not only teaching castle facts but installing an enemy spy into Cross Sections Castle and encouraging readers to search him out This adds an element of adventure and participation to the reading Cross Sections Castle does contain some unique facts which aren t overdone or heavily mentioned elsewhere resulting in some standout moments The conclusion of Cross Sections Castle is rather abrupt with no summary or wrap up leaving an ending lacking any memorable notes However, a glossary of terms does add a little oomph.Overall, Cross Sections Castle is quite nice on the eyes but not necessarily as riveting fact text wise as one would hope The book is great for grade school children interested in the topic in particular but may bore others A much better choice would be David Macaulay s, Castle Cross Sections Castle isn t bad but not mind blowing, either.

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    One reason I don t like this book is that it is not well sourced, and does little to encourage me to look and read outside this text at all No consultation with historians, librarians, or other experts is cited The virtue of the unique illustrated cross sections give this book a lot of reasons to stand alone, but it s not right for Biesty to hide his research Shouldn t this have been what DK added for a 2013 edition This dragged the book down to a 3 from a 4 for me Anyway, Biesty s cross sections are perfect for the DK standard format, because titles in the Eyewitness series don t always offer something worth looking at repeatedly in the central image Biesty s illustrations make you sit and look, and look, and look again Another reason I like this book is because it contradicts the Common Core directly by providing what I would call scaffolded text When I am not already interested in a mundane topic, I can count on DK to know how to draw me in and walk me through a broad range of subtopics I would say breadth within a topic rather than depth is DK s strength in this format But because of the broad range and the small amount of text, the information is largely surface level This title exemplifies what I expect from Dorling Kindersly s informational text, and delivers even better than the developed Eyewitness series 1 Each double page spread is a self contained informational text, covering a complete sub topic 2 There is a main central image and a main central text to focus me 3 There are a few or several side images with their own caption or label style text to encourage within page browsing 4 The main image is captioned or labeled to encourage multiple ways of looking at the center I love this format It makes me want to spend time on the single spread, and to go back to favorites when browsing around It also encourages browsing, because while there may be a progression to the order I don t need to read in order YIKES As far as I could tell, there is nothing changed from the 1994 original edition other than the cover art and some small design features around the peritext at the beginning of the book However, DK did NOT put any information in the peritext to suggest that this is a new edition of the old book That s illegal, isn t it They ve made it look like this is a brand new 2013 title.

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    Quite An Interesting Insight Into A Great Structure.

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    As many of you may already know, I am a huge history buff I love everything and anything from our past I love learning about where we came from and how we can make the future better.Castles are breath taking and majestic I am not sure how else you can describe them They are powerful, standing out proud against the sky in defiance They not only impress but they protected their people within the walls I always imagine how it must have felt to walk the halls during these time periods and even approach these magnificent buildings Would you be intimidated What did it smell like What were the sounds This book gives us a great introduction to what a castle is, all of the features I liked this term the anatomy of the castle , how it functioned and so much The specific chapters include defense and siege, garrison and prisoners, building the castle, trades and skills, living like a Lord, food and feasting, entertainment, livestock and produce, munitions and punishment phew now that is a list.Each two page spread contains one large picture that usually spreads out over both pages The picture is of the castle hence the name cross section t really does remind me of anatomy classes when we were in the lab Bolted points and their corresponding paragraphs are found throughout the pages with arrows leading to the specific part in the picture While the pictures could be a bit busy, you definitely learn a lot while reading this book with your child It is definitely geared towards an older child, unless you sit with your child to explain the wording and pictures There is a lot of interesting facts my kids liked learning about a bakers dozen bet you didn t see that one coming This is great book for the child that loves to learn about their past and has a fascination with castles and knights.

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    My Grade 88% BI can only say that if this is a picture book for a kid, that kid must be Pugsley Addams There are drawings of hangings, decapatations even catapulting severed heads or animal bodies at enemies to dishearten them , drawing and quartering, removal of entrails, heads on pikes, torture all sorts of fun stuff.This 32 page is an amazing collection of aspects of life in a 14th Century European English Castle.Easy double page layout comes with one full page devoted to a huge cross section picture and the other side to groups of smaller drawings, and of course, full explanations and arrows pointing things out.Some of the two page subjects include building, trades and skills, living like a lord, food and feasting, entertainment, and livestock.I think this is about my fourth Biesty book in the last few years, and they are all delightful It s strange that they can only be found in the children s section of the library.

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    One of the finest children s education books I ever read, it s amazing artwork, solid layout and lack of romanticising the siege scene is notable bloody and violent made a great impression on young library hunting me as a child and when I encountered it again in a charity shop in my 20s, I instantly got it.

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    Great illustrations Compact and full of information.

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    This book lent me countless hours of imaginative entertainment as a kid Superb illustrations and detail.

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    This appears to be a children s book, and I think elementary children who are reading well would especially enjoy this The pictures and information are very good It gives good detail about the physical elements of a castle and how they were used.

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    Stephen Biesty s Cross Sections CastleThis book provides a lot of insight on castles It covers topics such as the parts of a castle, the castle gate, preparing for an attack, the feudal system, clothing, the noble family, entertainment, and food supply It has many illustrations on what a castle could possibly look like I can connect this book with Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George This book is about Princess Celie who lives in a castle with her family These books connect because after the students read Tuesdays at the Castle, they can look at the pictures in Stephen Biesty s Cross Sections Castle, as well as get information on what living in a castle was like.

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