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  • 04 March 2019

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    I thought the story started off good and I was kinda looking forward to it having a little bit of a mystery thrown in, although I thought would have been done with the father The stalker really didn t add much to the story and the mystery wasn t what I hoped for, but, I liked both the characters and they had a nice romantic sex story.

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    A Sure Fire Cure started out very well I really liked the understated characterization of Dean as we learn bit by bit that he s been hurt pretty badly in the past When Scott comes blazing on the scene, he s a necessary force to push Dean out of his self enforced exile They work together and I enjoyed how well matched they were and, most especially, how very manly they were Their relationship builds slowly and that seemed very natural and very needed for this couple There is a stalker involved in this story who is infatuated with Dean It s creepy and I waited breathlessly to see how far it would escalate And then we have Dean s ultra conservative senator father who adds another menacing evil to the story I really felt for Dean and rooted for Scott to be the white hat cowboy who would bust in and rescue him But then they started to have sex A lot of sex Sex scene after sex scene after sex scene And then sex It was hot the first few times, but if you haven t caught the tone of my text, let me make clear how very tedious it became I adore the sex scenes in stories, but I caught myself skimming paragraphs in this book Which totally sucked because I had to go back and read them again It wasn t that the sex scenes were written without sensuality it was just that with each scene, the hotness factor went down a point until it was just boring The inundation of sex, while perfectly understandable for a newly coupled pair, still detracted from the story and by the end I had lost all interest in the characters and the long forgotten menace of the stalker and the evil father I think if we had cut away a few times from their bedroom antics, it would have still left me with the knowledge that these were two lusty studs and allowed me to continue to enjoy the actual plot.The writing was done well with elements introduced at necessary moments I was happy to follow along the trail the author left for me The climatic scene when the stalker is revealed and both men are in peril was written with a good sense of drama, even if it was cut a bit shorter than my angst loving heart would have liked.All in all, this book was pretty good The characters, both main and side, were nicely fleshed out, and the emotions weren t over done I would recommend this book for people who really, really, really like sex scenes because the entire middle of the book is crammed full of them But you ll also enjoy this story if you like down to earth characters that you can imagine bumping into in real life.

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    I just wasn t into it.Don t get me wrong, this is a perfectly nice story in some ways.The prose is somewhat purple, but in a manner that s a little unusual, so it makes for an interesting change to what I m currently used to seeing Both protagonists tend to be grumbly but in a way that I can ascribe to realism , and Scott has some issues with securing consent before he does things, but all of that does get drowned out by by the boredom, actually.Because from a certain moment on it s mostly just sex interspersed with a few plot points.It bored me to the point of putting off reading again and again Even when I did pick the book up, I only made it a few pages, past the current sex scene and into the next one It seems silly to struggle with something that is, in essence, not as bland as other stuff that bored me.I am thinking in part it might be my current mood Only in part, though Because the sex still overtakes the longer the story continues By the end all other developments are almost merely summarized in between the bouts of sex.Honestly For the first two third I still thought this book had some merit despite the sex marathon But then characterization and plot and basic empathy simply went from moderate to barely there and the author skipped over or skimped on describing what might have been key points aside from the sex And that s not acceptable even for a story that came out when the genre was still sex laden as a rule.I d hoped for so much I d thought my meh memory of this book would not hold up to the changes in my reading habits over time But nope It s really no than mildly okay.

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    Vet Dean Conlon has been building a wall around his heart after a painful betrayal he suffered 8 years ago Until Scott Whittaker came in front of his door, asking for help for his mare, and everything changes It s a contemporary romance with a touch of suspense I enjoy the two characters very much I like reading how Dean s wall slowly crumbles with the intense attraction he feels for Scott I really, really on the verge of my patience waiting for the I love you to be declared grin Which is a good thing Nothing annoys me the most that throwing those words very early in a book and then what I get only continuous romp in the sheet.

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    4.5 of 5 starsI really liked this story and look forward to reading from this author Dean and Scott were great, three dimensional characters, and the story was well written with a lot of details that enriched the plot That said, the stalker element of the story is pretty predictable, but it didn t take away from my overall enjoyment of the book I sometimes forgot all about there even being a stalker I was that engrossed in Dean and Scott s growing relationship.http iheartpaperbacks.com

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    Nice story, I enjoyed it That being said I think I would have enjoyed it without the stalker part of the storyline, I figured it out pretty early and didn t think it added anything to the story, and I would have liked to see of the development of the relationship between Dean and Scott, there was a lot of sex, which is great, but I wanted to see of why they loved each other But, it was a good story and I did like it.

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    Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures3.5 StarsI ll admit, the cover for this book drew me in When I read the synopsis, I knew it was one I wanted to read and review Who can resist a celibate veterinarian or a lonely horse breeder Not me, that s for sure Dean Conlon is the new veterinarian in town he s proving himself to be very competent and well liked He spends the majority of his time working and caring for his patients Having been betrayed by his only long term lover and cut out of his family by his prominent father, Dean doesn t trust anyone.Scott Whittaker is a local man and well known horse breeder He pretty much keeps to himself but has been restless, wanting in his life When he wakens Dean one night with a medical emergency it becomes quite evident that there is some major chemistry between these two men.Dean is very resistant to Scott s advances and given his past it s understandable Scott remains pretty patient and soon they are enjoying lunches together and getting to know each other better I liked watching Dean struggle and finally give in to his growing attraction to Scott Once they do begin a physical relationship it is hot, sexy, and at times a battle for control I ll admit this is one reason I enjoy reading M M stories is because while there always seems to be a dominate partner at some point testosterone takes over and the lines are blurred.In addition to the growing relationship between these two men, there s a stalker plot that was far too predictable for me, and the ongoing conflict between Dean and his father I really didn t understand why Dean put up with his father s verbal abuse he s smart, well educated, self reliant, and yet he still lets the man get to him There were some other sub plots that just seemed thrown in there that personally didn t add to or advance the story I honestly would have liked to see of Dean and Scott figuring out their feelings than these seemingly unnecessary story lines.That being said, I did enjoy the story of Dean and Scott It s always nice when two people find each other when they aren t looking and I loved that they took some time to build their relationship before jumping into the I love you, let s move in together stage Dean and Scott were both well written I enjoyed their honesty, humor, and obvious love for one another This is my first book by this author, but I will be checking out her other offering soon as I found this one entertaining and enjoyable.

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    Dean is the new vet in town He has worked to harden his heart for years He will never be hurt and betrayed again That is until Scott wakes him in the middle of the night demanding his help.The one issue that I had with this was the editing No on caught the mess up with the timeline Each encounter between Dean and Scott happen one to two weeks apart, we know this because it is stated clearly Two weeks after but then later on it stated that the incidents happened over a shorter period of time giving the impression of insta love and the lack of time of unraveling Dean s heart Irksome.The mystery stalker was interesting I changed my guess a couple of times before I caught on right before the reveal.I do think that issue with Daddy dearest was wrapped up too quickly I would have rather seen the man squirm before he got kicked off I have no idea why Dean even talked to him on the phone I would have hung up and changed my number Overall, I really enjoyed the story 3.5 stars

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    Short srory tentang dokter hewan yg gay standard sih,ini cerita homo homo an yg lumayan ada ceritanya..males bikin review karena terlalu short, merayakan tahun baru bersama, made love sambil minum2..standard lah..With his stomach clenching in anticipation at the commanding growl in Scott s voice, Dean complied until he lay on his stomach He felt the heat of Scott s breath waft over his ass as his cheeks were parted Soft lips and a wet tongue caressed the firm swells of his buttocks, while curious fingers took hold of the plug and jiggled it Dean s sphincter tightened, trying to hold the solid bulk of latex still, but he was no match for Scott s determined toying In a matter of moments, he was being lightly fucked as Scott rhythmically pulled the plug out an inch or so, only to ease it back in Dean found himself clutching the blanket under him and groaning.standard banget kan hahahahha

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    I really enjoyed this book The building relationship between Dean and Scott is lovely to be a part of They have some issues to overcome, but in the end it all works out Maybe it all worked out a little too smoothly and quite fast to be honest, but because of the way it was presented it wasn t really an problem Things don t just get pushed aside and ignored, magically solved, but they also don t get stressed and angsted over forever either And as an additional bonus the sex scenes are hot I m definitely looking forward to the sequel.

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A Sure-Fire Curecharacters A Sure-Fire Cure, audiobook A Sure-Fire Cure, files book A Sure-Fire Cure, today A Sure-Fire Cure, A Sure-Fire Cure c7efc Who Knew Love Could Be Dangerous Veterinarian Dean Conlon Had A Pretty Good Idea After Betrayal At The Hands Of A Former Lover, Even A Guy As Sweet As Scott Whittaker Seems Dangerous, But He Can T Deny The Attraction While Dean Struggles Against His Own Fears, Scott Wages A Tempting Campaign Of Seduction As The Walls Come Down, Dean And Scott Discover A Love Greater Than Either Could Have Foreseen And A Danger That Rises To Separate Them Forever Publisher S Note This Book Is A Homoerotic Love Story And As Such Contains Acts That May Be Offensive To Some Readers Male Male Sex Practices

About the Author: Kate Steele

As a kid, from the time I learned to read, I ve treasured books Fiction mostly, because I m the type of person who likes to be taken on journeys of imagination I guess it was only natural I d try to orchestrate some of those journeys myself, and share them with others Writing can be fun, frustrating, and sometimes even frightening, but it sings a siren song that entices And whether you end up