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No Night Is Too Long chapter 1 No Night Is Too Long, meaning No Night Is Too Long, genre No Night Is Too Long, book cover No Night Is Too Long, flies No Night Is Too Long, No Night Is Too Long e46eefa87b8be Tim Thought He D Gotten Away With It For Months After The Murder Off The Alaskan Coast He D Heard Not A Word No Policeman At His Door Asking Questions Nothing And Then The Letters Began At First They Seemed Almost Innocuous Accounts Of Historical Events But A Common Theme Emerged Quickly It Was Particulrly Germane To Tim, And It Related Directly To Murder In No Night Is Too Long, Barbara Vine Has Written A Tour De Force, Rich In Characters And Setting, A Remarkable Novel By An Internationally Celebrated Master Of Her Craft To Research The Book, The Author And Her Hushand Embarked On A Boat Trip From Seattle Up The Alaskan Coast The Stark Beauty Of That Experience Provides No Night Is Too Long With An Extraordinarily Vivid Sense Of Place The Novel S Exploration Of Sexual Identity And Guilt Represents A Departure For Vine Its Resolution As Always Is A Stunning Surprise

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    Totalmente 4 thriller psicologici orribili a 1 thriller psicologici decenti Avevo gi avuto una delusione con questa autrice ma questo libro stata una scelta casuale di mia zia alla Festa dell Unit di Bologna Lei ovviamente era ignara che a me questa autrice non piacesse Comunque ho scoperto che ne ho un altro nei gialli mondadori 2013 2014 Noioso a dir poco Ogni tanto si riprende ma restiamo sul quel piano Prolisso e infinito I capitoli sono lunghissimi Che non sarebbe neanche un problema se mi piacesse ma non mi piace Tira troppo per le lunghe Oltre 400 pagine ed Gialli Mondadori non scheda sono troppe Tim insopportabile Rinnegamento di essere gay bi dopo aver sedotto LUI Ivo per la prima volta Se avessi genitori omofobi, e questo fosse un gay book e non un thriller, ti capirei ma non posso Piantare Ivo perch ti secca come parla, ci che dice e come lo dice mi sembra in se banale Lui ha sedotto Ivo ripeto Se non era il tuo tipo perch l hai fatto E poi i tradimenti a destra e manca Per non parlare della cosa delle crocere che mi verrebbe da strangolare Tim solo per questi Ivo molto meglio Non eccelso ma ci vuole poco ad essere meglio di Tim Non mi sarei mai aspettata per che Isabel fosse la sorella di Ivo.Sar perch leggo troppi M M che non posso apprezzarlo Di sicuro non apprezzo l autrice Due fallimenti su due libri letti.

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    I ll admit The first thing I ever heard about this book was actually on YouTube, watching a video of the first kiss between Tim and Ivo from the movie version of this novel After clicking around, and finally watching the whole movie, I decided that I couldn t get enough of the story, and high tailed it to the library to check this book out.I couldn t decide for whom I felt sorry Tim or Ivo One of the coolest things I liked about the characterizations was their quirky ness Despite being a college kid, Tim loves opera, and Ivo loves fossils The two don t seem like they would mess, but they do, somehow, and their relationship quickly develops Isabella added a nice twist to the story, especially at the end, and that particular twist is one of the reasons I love this story to death.

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    One star lopped off automatically for that ending, which belongs in a torrid MM romance rather than in a fairly nuanced psychological thriller about obsessive love and its consequences.Vine plays coquettishly with stereotypes about gay characters in fiction, from their unbridled lust to their latent murderous tendencies, but always remains in control of the material, no matter how melodramatic or purple the prose.Until the last page, of course And careful as she is in tying up all of the loose ends, there is at least one glaring omission in this carefully constructed house of pink cards.

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    What a horrible, crushing disappointment this book turned out to be I absolutely HATE the ending Hate it, hate it, hate it The conclusion felt like a betrayal and ruined the entire reading experience for me Actually, the nauseating and wholly unbelievable insta love that took place earlier on almost did the ruining, but I was willing to give Vine s fertile imagination a chance to redeem itself Then, shortly before the end, the revelation of the letter writer s and the murderer s identities nearly made me pitch the book across the room Both of these characters were minor and virtually irrelevant to the main plot, and they seemed like nothing than convenient, eleventh hour scapegoats By far the worst blow to my expectations, however, was that conclusion, that formulaic HEA, that sugar cube with a bow on top for the two most deceitful and generally despicable characters in the story Vine s portrayal of a gay relationship as destructive and a hetero relationship as redemptive a cure all for the poor, confused, hitherto shallow and self absorbed narrator was appalling and reprehensible.I d expected from Barbara Vine than this The quality of her prose is all that kept the novel from a one star rating.

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    I eventually skipped ahead to confirm my assumption of the major plot twist The main character was tremendously petulant and self absorbed, and as it was written in the first person, it was impossible to get out of his whiny head I stuck with the book longer than I should have, because I respect Rendell Vine s writing, but found it interminable I can t recommend it.I almost forgot one of the minor characters is a professor of geology at UC Berkeley

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    Ruth Rendell simply is the best mystery writer alive Her books tend toward psychological studies than toward suspense, with subtle, devious clues throughout Even the best sleuth will ask themselves, How did I miss that And, she s an outstanding writer Every now and then I say to myself, I ve earned another Ruth Rendell Not just for mystery lovers.

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    I ve read about two dozen books by Rendell Vine and this is my favorite Can t recommend it enough for a thoroughly engrossing and satisfying read.

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    , 150 .

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    aka Ruth Rendell Writes the best psychological mysteries in my opinion

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    I picked up this story after a friend raved about it Tim was a mess as far as obsessive relationships went Ivo had his own insecurities to worry about but Tim just completely flipped him around The ending was awful as many reviewers have stated I did enjoy the psychological twists and turns but I m not sure about jumping into another of Ms Vine s books.

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