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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Sight Unseen
  • Robert Goddard
  • English
  • 08 February 2018
  • 9780440242802

10 thoughts on “Sight Unseen

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    I ve read a few of Robert Goddard s book now, and to be honest, I find it a bit hit and miss Some are great, others are a bit meh This one tends towards the meh It s a good story, and the twists and turns of the plot always keep you guessing as you go along Unfortunately, the big reveal at the end was something that you will easily guess at I also had a problem with the chapters in Kew, where all the previous good work is undone by a very unbelievable coincidence that enables the protagonist to track down another character The main character, David Umber, is a bit bland a problem I have with most of Goddard s books.What lifts this book is Goddard s obvious knowledge of the historical elements of the book, and the way he can weave them into the plot, he does this much better than Dan Brown So, the positive and the negative tend to cancel each other out, leaving me with a three star rating I will read Goddard, but I won t go looking.

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    I picked this up on a whim, 2nd hand, because of the Avebury connection, a place I ve visited twice in lovely Somerset I was expecting, hoping for a mistery that would stick close to these surroundings but that wasn t to be.Instead I read a mistery that proved annoying at times but remained unputdownable.Annoying because of the bland characters, unanswered yet obvious questions at certain stages, the protagonist hopping on one train and plane after another without the accounting resources Likewise concerning hotels or hire cars the few hundred quid he might have combed off a deceased baddie don t quite cover it The writing style is adequate but unremarquable.Unputdownable though because the pace of events is complex, unexpected and never slacks down.The mistery unravels slowly, the cinch of it to be fond on litteraly the last page.Will I be hunting down another Goddard No.Would I pick up another Goddard Probably, in a huff of annoyance

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    Entertaining with many twists and turns Robert Goddard at his best.

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    I enjoyed this a lot, it kept me guessing right to the end Unfortunately the end is the worst part The unveiling of the plot was very clever and unexpected but I have a couple of gripes.I didn t like the way that Sharp just disappeared from the story Once he was out of jail I was waiting for him to come back into the story, but he never did Neither did I like the fact that the villains went free and unpunished, though I suppose that it s feasible given the way the plot evolved But what really bugged me was the way that our hero disappeared off to a new identity with a girl he hardly knew, leaving everything and everyone behind without a qualm This just didn t fit in with my image of him at all.But anyway a good mystery, a very, very good plot and I will certainly be reading by Goddard

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    Convincing denouements are such important things aren t they, for our enjoyment of a crime or mystery novel In crime novels, the denouements, are of course, the revelation of the identity of the murderer, maybe also the how and the why if they have not been revealed already.In Goddard s novels the why is all important, even I would say, above the identity of the perpetrator perpetrators The scene is set for mystery, intrigue, murder, disappearances and conspiracies The past is all important but the why eludes until the very end In Sight Unseen it is July, 1981 The peace of a summer s day at the ancient stone circle of Avebury where I now want to visit is shattered by the abduction of two year old Tamsin Hall and the violent death of her sister Miranda One of the witnesses is Ph.D student David Umber, waiting at the nearby pub to meet a man called Griffin who claimed he could help him with his researches into the identity of Junius, pen name of the famous and mysterious and by the way real eighteenth century letter writer and political polemicist But Griffin never showed up And Umber never heard from him again He lost interest in Junius and never completed his Ph.D Goddard sets the scene of the abduction and death flawlessly and in 2004 as new events unfold in the lives of Umber and the retired Chief Inspector of the case George Sharp, the reader is left wondering and turning pages to find out the connection between Junius and the abduction of a small child When the denouement finally comes after yet tragedy, the why is a very believable one It is the strongest of course denouement that I have read so far in Goddard s novels By this time we have journeyed a long way with Umber, understood how the abduction derailed his life and the lives of several others and the ripple effect it created on all those involved A very satisfying read.

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    This started off well, with a 1981 abduction and a murder in Avebury witnessed by a historian, and as the plot thickened it drew me in and made for an enjoyable read Somewhere around the mid point however, all the plot twists and conspiracies started to become a little difficult to swallow, and there was a whiff of Dan Brown in there albeit Goddard is a better writer than Brown with heroic derring do and solving of mysteries of entitlement via clues in ancient documents It all felt a bit contrived and I stopped believing in the central character s ability to get to the bottom of things, meaning the last hundred pages were skimmed a little Formulaic, though not without merit in terms of a pacy page turner.

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    This had a somewhat far fetched plot that lost its momentum toward the end, so it was a disappointment But all in all it wasn t a bad mystery It involved a decades old kidnapping that resurfaces following the death of a person who was affected by the original crime It also involves the mystery of authorship of the letters of Junius, a political commentator of the 18th century That one has a kind of pat ending.

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    I couldn t put this down Perfect pace for me, filled with interesting places and historical bits and pieces Great plotting too.

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Sight Unseencharacters Sight Unseen, audiobook Sight Unseen, files book Sight Unseen, today Sight Unseen, Sight Unseen 5586a Another Classic Mystery From The Master Of The Clever Twist On A Summer S Day In , A Two Year Old Girl, Tamsin Hall, Was Abducted During A Picnic At The Famous Prehistoric Site Of Avebury In Wiltshire Her Seven Year Old Sister Miranda Was Knocked Down And Killed By The Abductor S Van The Girls Were In The Care Of Their Nanny, Sally WilkinsonOne Of The Witnesses To This Tragic Event Was David Umber, A PhD Student Who Was Waiting At The Village Pub To Keep An Appointment With A Man Called Griffith Who Claimed He Could Help Umber With His Researches Into The Letters Of Junius, The Pseudonymous Eighteenth Century Polemicist Who Was His PhD Subject But Griffin Failed To Show Up, And Umber Never Heard From Him Again The Two Year Old, Tamsin Hall, Was Never Seen Again Either The Hall Family Fell Apart Under The Strain Sally Wilkinson, The Nanny, Wound Up Living With Umber, Whom She Had Met At The Inquiry But She Never Recovered From The Incident, Suffered Increasingly From Depression, And Eventually Committed SuicideIn The Spring Of , Retired Chief Inspector George Sharp Receives A Letter Signed Junius Reproaching Him For Botching TheInvestigation Sharp Confronts Umber, Whose Explanation For Being At The Scene Of The Tragedy Has Always Seemed Dubious Obliged To Accept Umber S Denial Of Authorship Of The Letter, He Nonetheless Forces Him To Join In A Search For The Real Culprit And Hence The Long Concealed Truth About What HappenedYears Previously It Is A Quest That Both Will Later Regret Having Embarked Upon Too Late They Come To Understand That Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved

About the Author: Robert Goddard

In a writing career spanning than twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.