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  • 19 January 2018
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10 thoughts on “Regularly Scheduled Life

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    I hated this book I thought it was going to be sad, it wasn t it was just annoyingly frustrating I would have liked it better if Kyle wouldn t have taken Sean back I hated Sean and how selfish and inconsiderate he was towards Kyle view spoiler I hated how Sean would have slept with Brandit if Brandit wouldn t have had to catch a plane I hated how in the last chapter When Sean is making his big speech and Kyle asks about his publicity and Sean says he is done with publicity because Brandit got a new higher profile client Basically it was I want you back because Brandit left me There were a lot of reasons I hated Sean and nothing he did to redeem himself at all Poor Kyle deserves better hide spoiler

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    I am aware a lot of people love this book.I have a message for Sean and Kyle You both unnerved me I must be sick or something because I have the bad habit of finishing my books And I don t learn That s not healthy, or practical, but that s me the silly young woman who reads every paragraph from page 1 to the end I must change, I know, I ll die soon if I don t Because these two gave me heart palpitations Firstly, I have had not very good experiences with stablished relationships For instance, Prey and The General and the Horse Lord were a no no for me I had those warnings, and maybe that s why this book spent so much time on my TBR self something within me, very deep within me, knew this was going to happen Thanks, inner goddess You knew better than me.Secondly, the writing didn t get to me I found better hobbies to do than reading this book That s a bad signal itself The writing tired me only for trying to follow the thread, which itself was not interesting to begin with.Thirdly, the plot is studiously shocking a shooting in a high school, in which Sean is one of the victims who survive After the worst has passed, he and his boyfriend for six years, Kyle, have to come back to normal life But things are not as easy as they seemed in the beginning, and soon they discover that the hard part has yet to come So, okey, it plays with your emotions the fear of confronting a mad kid with a gun and the despair at knowing that the love of your life has been shot It was convincing Almost That s the excuse for us to get attached to the MC but I didn t fall for it I need pages and time for that, and there is no chance of achieving it without getting to know the characters first Eventually I did have a concern of sorts, but it wasn t enough to get on with them.Fourthly, the main characters are plainly stupid They are grown adults Really So, Sean, why do you agree with Brandt s plans Can t you see the obvious Can t you see your relationship is sinking because of that Can t you see the important things in life Can t you UNDERSTAND And then you are shocked because things go wrong Seriously, you know about cause and effect The butterfly effect The last straw Maybe you deserved it all and I almost like Brandt for it.And Kyle, your reactions are childish sometimes I can t buy that after a two page argument things are over You give up too easily You don t fight for what you want or what you believe or what you love The characters are so thick they are hilarious sometimes I can t believe they lasted six years.The sex It s supposed to be hot but for me it was like a cold shower Ok, there were one or two scenes that were not that bad, but most of them didn t inspire me If I read sex scenes and I feel like I m reading the shopping list in the supermarket, they are not worth it.So, this book was boring and unreal, I WASTED too much time reading it and the feeling I had when I finished it was not satisfaction or contentment, just relief and frustration It was almost a torture sitting down to continue the story I didn t like the form nor the content of this novel It made me roll my eyes, it made me yawn and it made me pull my hair out Buddy Read with Alvin, Mishyjo, Meli Mel, Catherine, Sonia and Erika.

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    3.75 Stop fighting Stars Some parts of this book I really liked, while others not so much It was hard for me to get into at times, but there moments that I was totally connected.What I liked about this book, was the fact that the two male leads were already in a relationship of six years when this book began This was about a couple trying hard to maintain their happily ever after But after Sean gets injured during a school shooting, their relationship seems to be headed down a bad turn.Sean I liked in the beginning, in fact I liked both in the beginning They seemed so caring and loving of each other But after Sean got injured, I became annoyed with the way he at times pushed Kyle away I got that his pride was hurt with him being handicapped for a while, but it still made no sense to push the one person who loved him away I also didn t like how selfish Sean was when it came to Kyle s feelings He knew that Kyle didn t like having Brandt around, but that didn t stop him from letting Brandt into their homes and pretty much their lives However, I did like that he tried to make a difference He wanted to send a positive message that being gay isn t a bad thing That I loved about him.Kyle was at times as frustrating as Sean was He would complain about Sean not paying much attention to their relationship I got where he was coming from, but I also thought Kyle should have been a little supported of what Sean was doing I liked how much Kyle loved Sean, so it hurt my heart to see them arguing all the time.While, the beginning was a tad bit slow, and the book had it s boring moments The second half of the book really grabbed my attention I desperately wanted things to work between them And right when things seem to be getting better, it gets worse I was so frustrated and hurt by all the things they were saying to each other that, I almost wanted them to separate I know How could I want that to happen I m so glad they didn t In the end, I really did enjoy this book It wasn t perfect, which is kind of what I liked about it Relationships don t end at Happily Ever After, and this book was great at showing how you can struggle to keep it going, but they tried The ending was great, I was really happy for them I think they still need to work on a lot of things, but I m glad they have each other I hurt and smiled I loved the secondary characters as well Overall, it was a good read Buddy Read with Alvin, Mishyjo, Catherine, Sonia, Sheziss and Erika

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    Wow I don t think I have ever needed an HEA for a couple than I needed one for Sean and Kyle Whew This book was amazing I was blown away by the writing I am used to m m being light and romantic with relatively simple characters and writing style But this was serious as a heart attack and didn t ever let up until the end This story was real, and it was poignant and heart wrenching and just so well crafted It kept me hooked every single page.Sean and Kyle are a perfect couple, and Mitchell did a great job of filling them out and making them real and believable I loved the way she showed the little things that made them who they were together the cute little games they played with each other and the way they said I love you These two were so in sync with each other and then Mitchell showed us in excruciating detail how it slowly derailed I really want to recommend this book to everyone It completely transcends the genre This was not just an m m romance This was a well written story about how people deal after a crisis and the way it can tear a relationship apart This story tore me to shreds but I loved every minute of it May 2010 re read Still 5 stars I love Kyle and Sean an I so badly need a sequel I know there are prequel shorts on Mitchell s web site, but I don t want prequel shorts I want a full length sequel so that I can rest assured knowing Kyle and Sean were able to learn from their mistakes and make their HEA last I NEED it

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    Sean and Kyle have been together happily for six years Their friends call them the perfect couple and they truly do love each other One day, everything changes when a young man comes into Sean s school where he is a teacher and begins shooting randomly Sean runs to the rescue, tackling the shooter, saving a bunch of kids, and getting shot in the process Sean s leg is injured pretty badly, but the minute everyone hears about the shooting, Sean becomes a hero He is interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show with his partner Kyle by his side All of a sudden, Sean is a gay hero and becomes somewhat bombarded by offers to appear on TV shows etc He ends up hiring a PR guy named Brandt to help him get speaking engagements and other bookings Kyle has felt like he needed to tiptoe around Sean from the minute he got home from the hospital Now, with Brandt s help, and Sean getting tons of media attention, they cant even go out to dinner without being interrupted by appreciative people Kyle feels bad about his annoyance, but after months of enduring the attention, it begins to seriously impact their relationship It doesnt help that Brandt is very attractive and gay Kyle wishes things could go back to the way they were before the shooting and Sean cant understand why Kyle is being so moody and difficult If their relationship is going to work, something has to change Can they make it work This book is actually really good The author does a great job building up Sean and Kyle s relationship prior to the shooting, so I really felt for them, especially Kyle, when everything started going south The constant miscommunication and avoidance of the issue at hand, reminded me a lot of a real relationship There were times when I had to put this book down and pick it up again later because the angst was a little too much to take When I did pick it back up however, it would suck me right back in There is definitely some hot m m sex in this book, but there were some times of awkwardness, which made it seem all the realistic I really enjoyed this book and if you like drama in your m m romance, give this one a try xo

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    HAS A GREAT BEGINNING, BUTIt has too much bickering from the middle of the book onwards Stopped at 46% I ll try to finish this because it was a buddy read but unlikely The beginning was great and the writing of the shooting was sensitive enough I just can t handle quarrels from both MCs any.If you can get pass that though

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    It was really hard to rate this one and really hard to think of a review I always try to write good things than bad things frustrated sigh but I just can t for this one It s not often that I take away stars because of my feelings for a character but in this case, I absolutely detested Sean and Brandt view spoiler Let me first start off saying that the blurb really doesn t tell much about the book Yes, it says what happens to Sean and how getting injured affects the lives of Sean and Kyle but what it leaves out is Brandt Brandt is the reason why Sean and Kyle s lives were turned upside down, not the shooting You know why I think this Because Sean and Kyle would have pulled through if they just had to deal with Sean s injury and a few weeks of being in the public eye Sean and Kyle would have gotten into fights because Kyle was hovering but in the end, it would have been fine for the two but, no, Brandt had to fuck it all up for everyone Basically instead of the shooting and Sean s injury just being blown over, Brandt drags it on for months, making money off of Sean being a hero while making Kyle miserable and purposely flirting with Sean while Kyle is nearby making Kyle hate Brandt all the because what does Sean do Flirts back Brandt basically brainwashed Sean Telling him he was helping other people out when, honestly, it seemed like Sean was just making it worse While extorting his heroism at the same time Grr Sean, oh how much I hate you, Sean I wanted to stick my hand through my Kindle and throttle him until he turned blue in the face and then I d like to take some of the knowledge that I ve learned in those cruelty books I m so fond of and use them on him just for how much he was hurting Kyle He completely disregarded all of Kyle s feelings, especially the ones concerning Brandt and didn t get a rats ass that he was doing that I hated how much he was dismissing Kyle s fears of what extorting being a hero would mean to them I hated how he wouldn t even listen when Kyle would tell Sean about them Sean would ask what was wrong with Kyle and whenever Kyle would answer Sean wouldn t even let him finished a fucking sentence He basically tosses Kyle away so that he can have his fame and his glory and his oh, so, fucking hot PR guy, Brandt, and be on his lovely way And while he s walking all over Kyle, he s saying how much he loves Kyle and promises to do this and that and stop all the publicity but what does he do The first chance he talks to Brandt he agrees to do talk shows Oh And lets not forget about the whole Christmas thing He books a show at Disney for Christmas Instead of asking if Kyle wants to come along, he books a flight for himself And Brandt Yeah, way to fucking show how much you love a guy, Sean Oh, yeah, and Sean did everything to push Kyle away All Kyle wanted to do was help whether it was getting him a drink, massaging his leg or just being there to listen when Sean needed it but what does Sean do when Kyle tries helping Snaps at him, yells at him, gets angry at him but here s the kicker, Sean lets Brandt do all that shit to him and the only thing Sean uses Kyle for is sex Which to me means that their six year relationship they had basically was reduced to being fuck buddies I just fucking hated how he walked all over Kyle, the man he supposedly loved In the end, though, there s a HEA Honestly, I would have been happier if Sean died and Kyle moved on because while Sean and Kyle do end up together, I ll always have this thought that Sean doesn t actually mean what he s saying to Kyle and the first chance another twink shows up, Sean will do all the shit he did to Kyle all over again So, all those I love yous and I m sorrys are totally bullshit in my mind because if Sean really loved Kyle that much, he wouldn t have been so inconsiderate of what Kyle was feeling and wouldn t have gotten so angry whenever Kyle didn t like an idea or disagreed with it Everything Sean says to Kyle to make it better just seemed false to me That is basically what this book is about Kyle getting walked all over because Sean, the man who has supposedly loved him for six years decides that there s a new twink in town and he d like to have him while saying fuck you to Kyle.Oh, and I really didn t like how everyone was on Sean s side for a majority of the book when it was Kyle being wronged So what if Sean was injured, he wants to be an asshole then his ass deserves to be dumped Kyle s friends and family had no right to make Kyle feel bad for how he was feeling about all the publicity and what Sean s decisions were doing to their lives hide spoiler

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    This is one of the best books I ve read about relationships We meet these guys when their relationship is in crisis but it s clear that these guys really love each other and have lost their way Many times they don t talk and if they do it s superficial and it ends up with them in bed We watch as these guys just fall apart and it s really hard to watch when it s clear how much they both love each other but they just don t know how to fix things This book is really a journey through loss and redemption One of the best things in the book is when someone tells them that marriage isn t for the weak It s tough and it s difficult but it s worth it These guys learn this but the hard way As heartbreaking as it is to watch these guys fall apart it s equally satisfying to watch them redeem themselves.

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    What really struck me about this book is that the author plays her characters as if they were musical instruments She brings out all kinds of emotions with incredible depth and subtlety.I found myself worried about Sean and Kyle and I couldn t take sides, because both know what is making them miserable or happy and, like many people in real life, they can t bring themselves to do the things which will improve their situation because of their pride or because they are afraid they ll make things even worse than how they are.I could really feel the chemistry between Sean and Kyle, but I could also feel the strain of their relationship, as they were going through their trial I also liked the secondary character the sleazy Brandt, or Jack and Tony, the main couple s best friends, the sometimes overwhelming families.I can t really say much , it s an amazing book.

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    This is my 7th time reading this book and the first time properly reviewing it The fact that I ve read it so much tells you something, and that something is that no matter how old a book is, if it s a good book we must not put it on a shelf and forget about it There are so many new readers to this genre and sometimes it s just good business, or in this case, a public service to keep this one on the table Obviously, not everyone loves the same thing, but K.A Mitchell, and the Ohio series is still, years later, one of my all time favorites.Sean and Kyle immediately called to me because they are disgustingly happy six years into their relationship Established couples are a rare breed and though I like to read about guys meeting for the first time and falling in love, I also love to read about the established pairs dealing with real life issues that test their relationship and find their way back to each other.In this case, Sean, a high school teacher, is involved in a school shooting and is injured then instantly touted as a hero Kyle, his biggest fan, is scared to death of having their faces, especially Sean s, plastered all over the national news Not everyone is happy to read about a gay hero But, lucky for them, Brandt, a public relations expert convinces Sean that he needs to get ahead of the ball and put his story out there before it s twisted of course, Brandt has a lot of money to make off Sean, and Kyle knows it To him, Brandt is sleazy, to me, Brandt is sleazy, to Sean, Brandt is helping him showcase gays in a positive light and earning him a couple pennies at the same time Kyle just wants to go back to his regularly scheduled life where he and Sean are safe.My heart went out for Kyle He needed as much comfort, if not , than Sean But, Sean was the one shot so Kyle is just viewed as being petty, at first Sean was really not the good guy at home Even though I loved him, and he was my favorite between the two odd, I know , he still needed to speak up with his internal fears His desire to not depend on Kyle was paramount to pushing Kyle away, he just didn t see in time And allowing Brandt liberties he would not allow Kyle really irked me But, I got it He wasn t trying to be jerk, but he clearly was not thinking straight.These two go through the ringer, but in the end, Brandt is gone and Sean and Kyle are the committed couple that began this story It was not easy, and it was not pretty, but sometimes you have to lose the best thing that ever happened to you in order to move forward I love this book and will probably read it again That right there tells you than this review.Overall Impression It was amazing I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review The 7th read but the first real review by Thew Blogger Girls

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Regularly Scheduled Lifecharacters Regularly Scheduled Life, audiobook Regularly Scheduled Life, files book Regularly Scheduled Life, today Regularly Scheduled Life, Regularly Scheduled Life 26bce It S A Long Way Back To Happily Ever AfterSean And Kyle Have Enjoyed Six Perfect Years Of What Their Friends Called A Disgustingly Happy Relationship But What Happens One Sunny Tuesday Morning In October Might Be Than Even The Most Loving Couple Can SurviveWhen The Bell Rings That Morning In Chemistry Teacher Sean Farnham S First Period Class, A Terrifying Sound Fills The Halls Gunshots Without Considering The Consequences, Sean Runs To Tackle The Shooter, Sustaining A Bullet Wound To His Leg Despite His Actions, He Is Unable To Save The Lives Of The Principal And Two StudentsArchitect Kyle DeRusso Hears About The Shooting On The Radio, And In The Flash Of An Instant Finds His Life Irrevocably Altered Everything Especially His Heart Hangs Suspended In A Nightmare Until He Finds Out Sean Is Alive It Doesn T Matter That Sean Will Be Left With A Permanent Limp Kyle S Just Relieved The Worst Is OverOr Is It Putting That Day Behind Them Isn T As Simple As It Sounds As Sean Struggles To Make Something Positive Out Of The Tragedy, Kyle Fights To Save Their Relationship From The Dangers Of Publicity And Sean S Unwillingness To Face How The Crisis Has Changed Him Warning This Book Contains Adults Doing Adult Things, Like Using Adult Language And Having Hot M M Sex In Various Positions And On Various Furnishings It Might Also Cause The Tender Hearted Adult To Reach For A Tissue Or Two

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