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    This biography is no literary masterpiece, indeed the writing style is rather bland However, I had trouble putting it down and found it an engrossing read because of its subject matter The central figure is Dr Catherine Hamlin AC, esteemed Australian surgeon and humanitarian based in Ethiopia Catherine and her late husband Dr Reg Hamlin arrived in Addis Ababa in 1959 to work in the capital s main hospital teaching obstetrics and gynaecology, and to found a midwifery training centre Catherine says We were touched and appalled by the sadness of our first fistula patient a beautiful young woman in urine soaked ragged clothes, sitting alone in our outpatients department away from the other waiting patients We knew she was in need than any of the others Obstetric fistula is an internal injury caused by an obstructed labour during childbirth The fistula is a hole between the birth canal and the bladder or rectum, caused when labour goes on for days and the foetus dies inside It leaves survivors leaking urine or faeces or both through their vagina This cruel medical condition is prevalent in the poorest nations of the world where young women give birth in primitive circumstances without the assistance of trained midwives Sufferers are usually rejected by their husbands, banned from their communities, hidden in huts, and left unattended and loveless because they are smelly and unwholesome.Fistula sufferers are often located in remote parts of the Ethiopian countryside and make bone wearying journeys to get to what s fondly known as The hospital by the river On arrival they are given shelter, clean clothes, food and personal care while the extent of their internal injuries are assessed by the medical team A simple fistula may require a straightforward procedure, with follow up, resulting in a woman returning home healed and optimistic for resuming a normal existence The badly injured patients may require multiple surgeries and many months of treatment and monitoring Everyone is treated with respect and compassion, and nobody is turned away The commitment of Catherine and her team to the welfare of these traumatised women is truly remarkable.The book provides a summary of Catherine s life story, detailing her background, upbringing and career It examines with sensitivity her personality, values, work ethic, faith and spirituality, the elements that drive her to continue this important life work even though she is now in her 90s Most interesting, the author spends time getting to know Catherine s staff and patients, their hopes, motivations and life stories as well We meet several fistula sufferers from different parts of Ethiopia, helpfully illustrated with some charming colour photographs The author returns to their bedsides regularly to check on their recovery and report on set backs The dedication of the Hamlins and their colleagues, and the efforts made by their group and others to assist fistula sufferers are well documented and make for fascinating reading It is a truly phenomenal achievement Catherine Hamlin was named the Senior Australian of the Year 2018, adding to an already impressive list of international awards She has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize In my opinion she deserves to win it, as recognition for her life work as a woman pioneering new treatments in women s health, and for the transformation of so many lives that had been so tragically ruined by the social conditions in which they existed.It is worthwhile to visit the Catherine Hamlin website to learn about the work being done to eradicate obstetric fistula.www.hamlin.org.au

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    I didn t know this author had written another book about the Hankins, and in some parts, this book struggled to summarise what I d missed I also felt it became a little like a medical report card of a bundle of names None of this discounts the fabulous work done, but did detract from the readability of the book for me

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    I read this in anticipation of my visit to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in January As I expected, I was tremendously moved by the many individual stories of the women who seek treatment there As I hoped, I not only learned about Catherine Hamlin, the hospital s founder, but also about what motivates many other doctors, both Ethiopian and Western, who have made sacrifices to dedicate their lives to helping African women recover from devastating childbirth injuries I am taking away from it a reinforced certainty that, while the world has some pretty big problems, the caring acts of individuals really do matter.

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    What an inspiring read With dedication and passion Dr Catherine Hamlin has brought and is still bringing in her eighties new lives to Ethiopian victims of fistulas Fistulas are devastating injuries caused by obstructed labor This is a powerful read showing the power of individuals to transform lives As we discover the stories of the individual women impacted by this surgery we see how love, hope and faith have renewed their lives.

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    I m amazed at the resilience of the women who have experienced fistulas, and so many other hardships, and yet are still able to smile The fistula hospital does amazingly important work and yet there is so much to do

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    Lots of technical medical terminology interwoven with stories of those rescued from disastrous delivery traumatic situations.

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    This book was good, with enough back story and education to learn but also lots of personal stories to stay endearing Catherine and her team are amazing people.

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    Hard going Just a repeat of The Hospital by the River

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    The story of an amazing woman s life work Her devotion to helping women in Ethiopia is a story that cannot be forgotten

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    Catherine is a one in a million This is a really interesting, humbling read about the work that she undertakes in Africa with African Women.

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Catherine's Gift download Catherine's Gift, read online Catherine's Gift, kindle ebook Catherine's Gift, Catherine's Gift ee63e69088f0 Dr Catherine Hamlin Has Been Described As A Living Saint And One Of Our Greatest Australians Since She Has Lived And Worked In Ethiopia, Helping The Victims Of Fistulas Devastating Injuries Caused By Obstructed Labour In Childbirth, Which Condemn Women To A Lifetime Of Incapacity And DegradationThe Surgery She Pioneered Has Helped Tens Of Thousands Of Sufferers Return To Normal Life After Being Shunned By Their Families And Communities The Hospitals She Has Set Up In Her Adopted Country Now Act As Teaching Centres For Obstetricians And Surgeons From Many Developing Nations Catherine S Gift Takes Us Inside Her Extraordinary World, Following The Fate Of Some Of The Women Who Have Travelled To Dr Hamlin S Hospitals In The Hope Of A Cure For Their Fistula Injuries It Shows Us The Day To Day Experiences Of Her Incredible Staff, And The Tireless Work Of Catherine Hamlin HerselfThere Are Few Inspirational Stories Than That Of Dr Catherine Hamlin, And This Book Brings Her And Her Work Vividly To Life