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    I am not enjoying this series at all There are too many unrelated storylines I think the Bailey Cody thing could have been in a different book as there is only the thin tie of Andi It is once again predictable and frustrating to read as the little inconsistencies pop up It is almost as if she doesn t pre plan the story in anyway and just writes what pops into her head I was bothered that no one remembered they knew Taz from Clear Creek High until the middle of this book Cody and Bailey had both seen him, but only now remembered they knew him and his reputation I am also disappointed in the Chase Kelly storyline as it appears to be all her fault and not his at all She must suffer completely because he is doing his calling from God This is why so many ministers end up in divorce because they neglect their families for the sake of the call and that isn t God s plan at all The ending left too many loose ends and now you have to read the third book to find out what happens next.

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    This book was not nearly as good as the first one It falls into the category of I m glad it is out there for people who are were struggling with the issues addressed, but I prefer not to fill my reading choices with these books Before I get into this, I just want to say that 1 I don t normally write reviews, but I felt this needed an explanation, and 2 I loved the faith in Keith and Lisa and a few other characters That being said, I liked this book less and less the further I got into it I am seriously considering not finishing the series mostly because of one or two characters My biggest problem was Andi She s a missionary kid that used to have a strong faith, but now that she s in college she wants to live a little Even when you think she will learn, she turns around and does the same thing all over again except this time, even worse then the last I don t typically read contemporary books because of the modern day issues drinking, drugs, boyfriend girlfriend, rape, sex, depression, affairs, divorce, all of which are included in this book I prefer reading books that are wholesome and general audience than this book I don t mind a little romance and most characters are going to make a bad choice somewhere along the line But to repeat that bad choice over and over again Not normally Also, Chase never seems to think about his wife and kids unless he feels discouraged and wants to talk to his wife And then when they reschedule a meeting to his daughter s birthday when he was supposed to be home and didn t even say anything This is so frustrating And then he acts like everything is Kelly s fault I also have a slight problem with Kelly She can t seem to be able to keep up with the house and the girls when Chase is gone, but yet even if he had a normal job, wouldn t she have to do that anyway And she gets into the overeating habit way to fast and can t stop even though her stress is partly because they have no money It sounds like she s drowning 5 10 of candy a day It s one thing if the food is already at your house, but when you go and waste so much money on itI m also not saying that Karen Kingsbury is a bad writer I haven t read her other books so I wouldn t know And some people will think that I m crazy I just don t like these topics coming up in the books that I read If you are ok with all the issues mentioned above, you will enjoy this book than I did.

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    I love Karen Kingsbury novels but this was not even close to a good book.First, let me say, I started this series before I picked up on the continuation of the Baxters after their first series ended.Knowing that may effect my opinion of this series but really she explains everything that has happened pretty nicely and catches the reader up almost too redundantly in each one Take One was okay and my husband bought me all 4 for Christmas so I m giving them all a chance but I hope the rest are better than this one was.1 I don t like Bailey AT ALL I hear she s this favorite character and she s so wonderful I have the rest of her series after this sitting on the Kindle I bought ahead And now I dis like this girl so much it s unbelievable for a character She tosses so many rocks like the typical judgemental Christian that I really kept hoping one would bounce back in her own head and knock her out It annoyed me to death how judgemental the author wrote this person s thoughts So her room mate is going through some bad choices, rather than understanding the past of the friend s death and really being there she is almost haughty with her right at the beginning of the novel Seriously If that were my only experience with a Christian novel, or religious material, I d be offended and turned off before I was to page 100 As a Christian, I catch myself asking Is how this girl is portrayed Christ like Because everyone in the novels certainly thinks the sun revolves around her.2 While she s busy doing all of this judging on her room mate, Andi, she doesn t dare share a good Christian man for her to date She bounces between Tim Cody in her mind all the time It s like enough already For such a wonderful moral example she is jealous of Cody with no rights to be as she is with someone else and leading him on for two novels now Really That rock she tossed about her room mate s behavior at a party in the beginningmeet glass 3 I could have overlooked point 2 if the author were making the point that they are very young adults and still undecided about serious relationships had the author allowed Cody to at least date Andi a little bit and really open up with her and show him moving on a little bit Instead she has Cody Bailey so stuck with each other, yet only one of them is even attempting to move on and see other people It s just awkward and doesn t work They both are young, dumb, and playing the college field or they aren t Instead they are both so lovesick it s terrible and she s going to drag this out in 2 books in this series and 3 or 4 in another Seriously How many men will Bailey use 4 Kelly s weight was a big issue because she ate some junk food WHAT So her husband is gone all the time and she eats a few MM s or cookies and suddenly she s terribly fat Is this even pretending to be serious or reach people I love, love, love Karen s previous novels but this looked like some formulated crud threw together to appease a publisher It was just terrible I hope the rest of the series improves but given how much I d like to never see Bailey s name again, something tells me I m going to regret the money I spent on this and the next series Normally, I can feel some emotion with her novels Or they touch me Or I can even see them touching non believers and being a good witness tool As far as witnessing to someone that doesn t know Christ, this book should be thrown away It would leave a terrible taste in their mouth and could almost be a new story line for the ABC show that s such a controversy on Sunday nights instead.

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    I really enjoyed the Baxters series but I just can t get into the Above the Line series I disliked many things about this book, including how Chase and Keith seemed to always put their families second to their work but that was okay because their work was a mission from God I also was disappointed with how the Andi Tax storyline played out As a book, it basically said that what Andi did was right because it was art Perhaps there are repercussions in the following books but it still didn t sit right with me I just don t relate to the Bailey Cody Andi stories and feel they are somewhat unrealistic I was disappointed with the lack of ending I m tempting to just read some spoiler reviews on the third book to see what happens because I don t have much of a desire to read the whole thing.

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    SORRY EVERYONE I HAVE BEEN INFORMED I HAVEN T BEEN AT YOUR PRESENCE ON THIS SITE FOR 13 DAYS I m incredibly sorry for the inconvenience but I did finish this book last night and the ending was good finished of with Kelly knowing what to do and things BUT I wish the book included of the Baxter side or even the Flagian side now, I know this isn t supposed to be about them but it is just so sad to give up these wonderful characters anyway, Karen signed this book and it is a pretty wonderful signature.

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    I keep hoping that her writing style goes back to her earlier books I feel as if she is just pumping out books now and I don t really like them any.

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    another amazing book written by mrs Kingsbury i love this book although i want to hear about cody and bailey i love hearing about andi and the poor girl she keeps making all the wrong choices here one feels for her i wish bailey would get rid of tim and finally be with cody and chase watch out with him and kelly being on the outs kendall is sneaking in look forward to reading take 3 i cant wait

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    I have read very mixed reviews on this book, but I really liked it Too often when I read Christian books I feel like everything is all tied up in a neat bow and the characters are either too perfect or too sinful The reality is that most people relate better to something in the middle of those two I love that Karen had characters struggling through real issues and that despite their attempts, their battles haven t been won quickly That seems realistic I know there has been some harsh criticism of the Andi character and some of her choices in this book I saw that someone had said they wouldn t even let their teenage child read this book I completely disagree If you have a teenage daughter, this series would be an excellent one to read together and discuss For things like staying pure, you have to have a plan for how you re going to deal with dating situations Not discussing situations and what you would do, doesn t help you when you actually come to those situations The struggles Andi is having are the kinds of struggles 90% of teenaged girls in our culture are having I m so thankful Karen decided to delve into some dark places with this character I think this book could be an excellent tool for a mother in her teenage daughter s life It s easy to talk a good game regarding our faith, but as we see with Andi when we re in the situation, how quickly we can fall away.I also liked the reality of the marriage between Chase and Kelly Their struggles are real and I could feel myself relating with each of them at times Great book Can t wait to see what happens next

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    I m not sure if it is because I knew the characters better this time, but I liked this much better than I liked Take One I enjoyed the first one, but not as much as I did Karen s other books I wasn t sure if I was going to like the series and had put off reading Take Two I m glad I did and I picked up Take Three as soon as I finished Maybe I identified with Kelly some, now that her character has been fleshed out My husband traveled a lot when my youngest son was little and I was all alone I felt a lot of what she has been feeling when Chase is gone I also think that having Bailey in the first book along with many of the Baxter family kept me from investing in the newer characters instead of helping me This time, even though Bailey had a storyline, the book gave info into the lives of Chase, Keith and their families That enabled me to invest in them Guess we ll see how I feel after reading Take Three I know I will enjoy it, as I do all of Karen s books I am hoping that I continue to invest in this series.

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    If I could give this zero stars I would Awful Horrible Cliched characters Self righteous and judgmental The author tries to draw conclusions for her readers by telling rather than just letting the text stand on its own and allowing readers to experience the story how ever they want to For example, when she describes a situation in which a married man is having an affair and has gotten his girlfriend pregnant, the author describes the mother as a bad mother I got the feeling that the woman dying in a car accident was supposed to be justified because of the affair I was horrified that it was just dismissed that the woman left behind two small children And no mention of how awful for the man who survived the car accident Neither is that man described as an awful person for his part The author vilifies the woman.

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