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St. Nacho's pdf St. Nacho's, ebook St. Nacho's, epub St. Nacho's, doc St. Nacho's, e-pub St. Nacho's, St. Nacho's 8ebe3ede260 Cooper Has Spent The Last Three Years Running From A Painful Past He S Currently Moving From Town To Town, Working In Restaurant Kitchens, And Playing His Violin For Tips As Soon As He Starts To Feel Comfortable Anywhere With Anyone He Moves On He S Aware That Music May Be The Only Human Language He Still Knows Ironically, The One Man He S Wanted To Communicate With In All That Time Is DeafShawn Is Part Of A Deaf Theater Group At The Nearby College Shawn Wants Cooper As Soon As They Meet And He Begins A Determined Flirtation Cooper Is Comfortable With Down And Dirty Sex, Just Not People As Far As Shawn Is Concerned, Dirty Sex Is Win Win, But He Wants Cooper To Let Him Into The Rest Of His Life As WellCooper Needs Time To Heal And Put His Past Away For Good Shawn Needs To Help Cooper Forgive Himself And Accept That He Can Be Loved Both Men Find Out That When It Comes To The Kind Of Healing Love Can Bring, The Sleepy Beachside Town Of Santo Ignacio, St Nacho S As The Locals Call It, May Just Be The Very Best Place To StartPublisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices

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    When I have the word deaf plus the word romance plus the term m m , it immediately catches my attention But I usually end up disappointed when I read those books Mostly because there are important flaws Because the authors have a tendency to portray deaf people as normal people without the hearing and forget about the consequences of that lacking in their lives and their way of thinking.Being deaf, above all from a short age, changes everything in your life It changes the way that person thinks Because the human being is the animal who talks If you are deaf you can t talk with other people You can make signs, you can communicate with people who understand them Maybe you can say things out loud and you can lipread But it s not the talking I m talking about The talking I m talking about is saying things out loud and hearing things said out loud Sound that travels from your mouth and sound that travels from the other person s mouth Hearing is the most important sense for the brain development If you are blind you can compensate with the other senses, and you can still communicate with other people But that s not the case of hearing Loss of hearing is not something you can compensate with other senses Seeing can cover something, but not all of it When you hear certain areas in your brain work and develop and some connections are made But if you don t, you miss lots of those connections I don t mean they are a different species or aliens or monsters, but if you interact with some of those who have never in their lives heard a thing you notice there is something you don t find in other people I can hardly explain it, it s like seeing life in a different light But don t misunderstand me, I do believe learning sign language is not the solution for their isolation But in this book the author managed to make it beautiful.I don t belong in that world, but sometimes my relatives wonder if some issues about my personality is due to that or if I m just being myself As a part time visitor, it s only fair some of it has passed on me.Anyway, now and then I found myself remembering this book.Because, gods, it s beautifully intangible When I get this kind of intimate atmosphere I am swallowed and I wonder if I am ever going to breathe again You know that funny feeling in your stomach and you discard nausea or pregnancy Yeah, this is it In two pages I was sold I could be persuaded to believe anything.I fell in love with Shawn I fell in love with Cooper I fell in love with their no words communication I have a weakness for that, for the ability to feel the MC connection I m not talking about chemistry, although that s as important as it gets I m talking about a deeper connection And, gods, they did have it.I was lost in their story before ever beginning it I was lost in their conversations with glances I was even lost in their chats via mobile phone I only wanted to know MORE about them The most important things, the stupidest of things, where did Cooper got the piercings, what bug made Shawn deaf, their shopping list, whatever I want to learn Shawn and Cooper s language.But But then Jordan appears and it spoiled the whole book I was so mad when he stayed half of the book I don t complain about a little drama, but I HATED it when the story revolved around him It s not him I want to know about I want the pierced and tortured Cooper I want the deceptively gentle and sweet Shawn I want their touches and their gazes, their kisses and their caresses I want them It wasn t long after that we fell asleep, despite the music filling the room from downstairs He and I woke up at different times through the night, always finding each other, straining together, and bringing each other off I got to know the feel of him, the weight of him, the strength and taste and smell He held me tightly in his arms, and when he needed to, he just got up and dressed By then I belonged to him I was property, and somehow he knew it He only looked back once for reassurance that we both understood that before he left I was SO SO SO mad when that beautiful thing changed into this other A reader is the one who stands as spectator of the show, but in this case I wanted to really participate, just to erase Jordan from the face of Earth He s a PAIN In fact, it was PAINFUL to see my idyllic relationship shattered by that stupid guy I have no idea why the author included him here, he should have been an abortion, because really, I don t know why he deserved to be born I hate him even than most baddies Please Am I exaggerating I won t tell you I m not.The plot about Cooper s past was a failure You are half of the book wondering what awful thing happened to him and then you spend the other half wondering WTF The events change sharply and I couldn t recognize the same story, it s like it had been written by two different people, that is how shocking it was to me.Do I sound mad I am Do you think I m going berserker You are right It is as if I m there saying Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yesssssss ein Seriously anticlimatic You wouldn t believe me if I told you this is one of those times that a book really makes me angry Or do you Anyway, I m team Kill Jordan forever.And then I realized that Jordan has his very own book in the series Who is going to read it Definitely, not me So, if you want my opinion, read this book but tear out Jordan s pages That would be about half the book left but it s less of a waste Believe me.

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    Ughhhhhhhhh, ya empieza mal todo con el t tulo, St Nacho, Nacho es Ignacio, espa ol, con el saint ughhhhhh Sigue peor cuando veo que el lugar donde todo ocurre se llama Santo Ignacio, en lugar de San Ignacio ughhhhhhhh Y ya remata cuando conozco a los protagonistas y veo un insta love poco cre ble y una forma de narrar un tanto rara.DNF en el 20%, bah.

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    I see all the reviews about this book and everyone going on an on about how much they love Shawn Yeah, Shawn is wonderful He s kind and giving and persistent and has the patience of a saint But Cooper Cooper is amazing He thinks he s broken but he s really not Yes, he still has some healing to do but he is far stronger than he realizes He s not weak at all What he is, is guilt ridden He feels responsible for what happened in the past with the accident but he does not let it drag him down too far before he stands up for himself He doesn t let anyone push him around and will say how he feels in an honest and kind manner He made a snap decision that I wasn t fond of but after reading , I think he really needed, if only to help him come to the realization that he is actually worth something, not only to others but to himself.Shawn is Cooper s rock His salvation He gets Cooper like no one else does Leave it to someone who had never heard me speak to understand me so clearly Cooper keeps referring to Shawn s appearance as a train wreck and that couldn t be true, but that is one train that needed to be derailed There needs to be people in the world like Shawn.I have to say that I enjoyed reading this book immensely It was a slower pace than I am used to and that in itself was a breath of fresh air It was a simple delight and a great way to spend a Sunday morning I will be reading the rest of this series soon, starting today

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    Wow This book came totally out of left field Tried starting a few books and none of them gripped me I m a very moody reader For some reason this author came to mind Looked her up, looked through her back list, saw this one, read the blurb, bought the book, and ended up loving it It s a beautiful story of healing and forgiveness What I loved Shawn From the moment he is introduced I loved him Loved that he was patient and caring but had this other dirty side to him Cooper Loved the way the author developed his character Secondary characters Steam There wasn t tooooo much but the ones it had were pretty hot Emotionally satisfying I think this is probably one of the few times that 1st person POV worked for me I am all about a dual POV but I don t think it would ve worked here Loved the way Cooper and Shawn communicated with each other.What I didn t love I wish some of their backgrounds were explained a bit .Highly recommend this one and I ve got the next on deck ready to be read 4 4.5 Stars.

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    Any talk of angst generally turns me off a book, but after reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give St Nacho s a try I m glad I did This sweet love story had its share of sad parts, but I wasn t overwhelmed by it and I didn t feel manipulated by the author.The MCs were very likeable, with distinct personalities My first impression of Cooper was of a somewhat cocky loner, but he actually turned out to be self conscious and bashful He was a little scared of developing close relationships with people, but he was also hopeful that he could Shawn, on the other hand, was self assured, and he wasn t afraid to take charge and get down and dirty He was perceptive, and so sweet, but he also got impatient when he didn t agree with something He didn t take crap from anyone, and I loved that I also loved how Cooper and Shawn each had an impish sense of humor that kept me grinning Most of the sex scenes were brief and almost mechanical in their description Yet they totally got me steamed up How does Maxfield DO that I wish there had been longer on page scenes, though, and I also wish they d explored of Cooper s submissive side I was upset at how Cooper handled the whole Jordan situation, but based on their past friendship and Cooper s intense feelings of guilt, it made sense I m glad he didn t put up with the crap for too long, though I did like seeing how strong Cooper s love for Jordan was, and how determined he was to help his friend Jordan was such a mess, and my heart broke for him when he finally faced everything I m looking forward to his story.Side note Cooper s sister Julie was great, but the absence of parents for Cooper and Jordan was weird I want to live in Santo Ignacio.

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    What I loved about this book was how it wasn t what I expected I adored both Shawn and Conner as characters, and I loved their interactions I loved that Shawn was deaf but that he was the stronger character, the self assured and self possessed I loved the way he pursued Conner but also how patient he was with him I loved how Conner was so completely broken without being angsty or whiny I felt his struggles were very real but also accessible his root situations weren t ones all of us can relate to, but Maxfield invited us in to experience them, and it worked The setting shift was clunky for me It recovered well, but for about twenty pages I was worried the wheel had come off But once Shawn reappeared, all was well.I recommend the book for the characters, the emotions, and the story as easy a cool drink on a hot day, despite the conflict of the characters And for the first person narrative, which I mention because I m horribly averse to first person as a general rule, so when I like it, you know it s done well enough to convert the unwilling.

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    2.5 starsI have read several of ZAM s recent stories but I never read this one Since it was offered FREE at per 3rd January 2017 and I won the second book on a giveaway, I thought I gave it a try Well maybe if I read this 7 8 years ago it would be a different reaction Turned out, now, for me this was a disappointing read I found Cooper as the main character to be unappealing Just didn t feel for his self guilt slash angst attitude I found Shawn, as the love interest, might be interesting unfortunately, his disability felt on the surface only, and his character wasn t fully explored I felt like I knew NOTHING about him It didn t help that about halfway, the book suddenly switched focus to Cooper and his long time best friend, Jordan Jordan yeah, he was also not interesting He was whiny, needy, and I guess I didn t have patience for these kind of characters who seek penance with sex or BDSM Which probably means that I wouldn t read the 2nd book after all, since it was Jordan s Creepy Pastor Stan is CREEPY and how stereotypical And the sex scenes MAN, those felt mechanical How I dislike gratuitous sex scenes for the sake of moving the story along and since I neither care for these characters, those sex scenes became highly annoying.The only savior of this story for me were the St Nacho s guys I liked them enough Jim, Alfred, Oscar, Thomas

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    Cooper and Shawn were dreamy, my heart fluttered when they first met on the patio it was that first glance at Shawn s hand, beautiful The interaction between them while Cooper plays the violin is exquisite, all those little glances and touches are so tender and romantic Then the kiss when Cooper rides off, so bittersweet I cried Jordan, I wanted to shake, hug and kiss him better, such an emotional wreck All that desperation and self destruction was painful and so sad, I wish he d never met that weirdo Stan who did harm than good, I disliked him intensely Can t wait to read the next chapter in Jordan s life I really liked this a lot.

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    Great first read for me from Z.A Maxfield I really loved Shawn and Cooper together Shawn being deaf added an interesting layer to the story, especially how hard Cooper worked to learn to communicate with him I also really liked how Shawn enjoyed feeling the vibrations of Cooper s violin when he played it Those scenes were just beautiful I was a little thrown off when halfway through the book Cooper s best friend and ex lover Jordan suddenly appeared It stole a lot of attention from the original story as Cooper tried to help Jordan overcome his guilt from a terrible tragedy Overall, though, I really enjoyed it and I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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    What a touching story I am in love with Shawn and Cooper Shawn is deaf, but has the sweetest demeanor and a smile that lights up the room I love that he s not as innocent as he looks And Cooper who s carrying around so much guilt and regret over his past I think he still has some healing to do, but it seems like he s beginning to realize he s not responsible for his best friend Jordan s actions.St Nacho s sounds like a wonderful place I think I d like to go visit Moving on to book 2

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