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    Wow Can I rate this book higher Forged A Hammer Novel, surprised me in ways than not It takes an unexpected turn in the middle of it, that tests the physical and emotional connection between the characters They both come through the situation will a love that is stronger and a bond is formed between them that will not be broken I won t say what exactly happens because I don t want to spoil it, but do yourself a favor and don t miss out on this one When Jeremy takes a job as the new bouncer at Hammer an exclusive BDSM club, he thinks it will be just another day on the job He has just a few short months until he graduates from college, and he is excited about starting his life after college Jeremy has had problems with his love life Built like a brick house, it is surprising to most people that he has no desire to be a Dom Because of his size, he has had trouble finding a Dom that will fit into his independent lifestyle Simon has been alone for a while Although he frequents the Hammer he has yet to find the perfect sub and soul mate he is seeking Not wanting a man who totally subservant, he craves a man who will bend to his will, but not break to it When he meets Jeremy at the door the club, he is immediatey fasinated with him Not only is there to Jeremy than meets the eye, he finds himself totally captivated by Jeremy s sweet disposition, intelligence and charm.As the two men hit it off, they soon see that they are perfect for one another They have the same needs and work together like a well oiled machine in many ways Just as they think that everything is going perfectly, tragic circumstances change their lives forever.This book is about commitment, loyality and love Watching Simon and Jeremy dedicate themselves to make their relationship work, no matter what is thrown at them was a beautiful thing to watch As usual, Sean Michaels writes a very emotionally charged book with characters very well written and made for one another If I could give this book than 5 stars I would It was simply a wonderful read.A word of warning for the faint of heart This book has MANY sex scenes in it There is some BDSM play nothing to over the top and some very dirty language throughout this book If this is offensive to you, this book is not for you Luckily, I love a beautifully written love story with some very hot sex and such well written characters, I would be happy to call them friends.Enjoy this one I did

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    What a wonderful novel The passionate relationship between Jeremy and Simon made reading this book addictive The book had a shocking twist to it from midway on I love the Hammer series so far, and look forward to reading the next one.

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    I m becoming a Sean Michael Addict Holy sh I loved this book Simon and Jeremy were both cool heroes that I absolutely fell in love with The book surprised the sh out of me midway with what happened, but I loved how they worked through it.Now that s a fantastic couple

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    The second book in the Hammer series features Simon and Jeremy Simon is a Dom currently without a sub and Jeremy is looking for just the right man to submit to From their first meeting there is an immediate spark which turns into a raging inferno as soon as things get physical between them.This is a well written character driven story Both Simon and Jeremy are a bit different from the typical Dom and sub Jeremy is a big tall muscular he man looking guy while Simon is the smaller of the two Outwardly it looks like Jeremy should be the Top but neither man cares about that They are both confident in themselves and while Jeremy is indeed submissive to Simon theirs is not the typical full D s relationship.Jeremy has played a bit in the lifestyle but has never truly had a Master He s looking for a Dom but definitely not to be anyone s full time slave Lucky for him Simon appreciates Jeremy s independent streak and their relationship is based on mutual respect with healthy doses of fun and laughter and lots of loving and hot sex.This book is about commitment, loyalty and love I loved the fact that they realize this fairly quickly There is not a lot of angst and outside problems to get in their way instead the author allows the natural progression of their relationship to shine through I loved the passion and romance between Simon and Jeremy.When Simon and Jeremy are settled into their relationship with all of their boundaries and needs clearly noted and agreed upon life throws them a huge curve ball The tragic accident and subsequent change to their happy new life was not only totally unexpected but also so well written that I was almost as devastated as Simon and Jeremy Sean Michael excels at writing emotionally charged moments and in this book he outdid himself.The last part of the book focuses on the changes brought about by the accident and its affect on Simon and Jeremy s relationship They will have to deal with not only the physical changes but also with the emotional impact Both of them, to different degrees, are deeply affected and it will take hard work on both of their parts to overcome and get back to the way they were prior to the accident.

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    Although i didn t liked Bent the first one of the Hammer serie , i wanted to try another one because i really like Sean Michael s style.And i was right With Forged i went on a journey loving, having fun, laughing, loving, sharing, hurting, loving and loving.A rollercoaster of emotions i shared with the two characters.It s not all about sex even if there is a LOT of sex in this story.It is about a real relationship one of the thing i did not like in Bent was that the relationship between the lovers felt one sided Simon and Jeremy are in love and both give everything to the other Forged is definitely a winner

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    What a fantastic love story with the D s theme Characters had real problems they had to work through to be together Can t wait to read the next in series.

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    I loved the passion and romance between Simon and Jeremy Who knew 2 people who were so different would find themselves in such a beautiful relationship I was surprised by the accident that happened, but was so gratified to see Simon whip no pun intended Jeremy back to the land of the living.Wonderful book

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    This was a surprisingly deep SM read Lots of the sexin you expect in a SM book, in fact, I was starting to skim and then bam A major event happens to test Simon and Jeremy s burgeoning relationship and determines whether they re going to survive as a couple or not.Jeremy has just begun working at the Hammer and he s looking for a strong man to push his boundaries Simon goes to the club one Friday night and he s looking for the kind of sub he just hasn t found in the past They click There was an interesting dynamic as well that Jeremy is big and tall and Simon is a smaller man The kinks covered here are a bit different than I usually read, kinbaku and sounding, and I enjoyed reading about it I had read a Habu shorty about sounding Dark Angel Sounding and didn t really get the attraction with it but I could understand it here.I m definitely going to delve into the Hammer series.

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    Wow Lots of m m action, but it was also a very heartfelt love story It brought tears to my eyes when they were dealing with their issue.

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    A different take on BDSMWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10PROS I m used to Michael s sub characters being rather repressed and shy not to mention physically smaller than their Doms , and I was disappointed at first when Jeremy came on so strong and confident in his desires I grew to appreciate it, though Jeremy is honest and open and unashamed, which makes for a different sort of story from this author see cons below also Simon does push Jeremy eventually to do things he s never done before, and I liked that I was able to see Jeremy s uncertainty in those situations It made his trust in Simon much sweeter The characters DTR Define The Relationship talk and the discussion of their contract is very matter of fact, which isn t the most romantic thing in the world, but it did strike me as realistic, which is the way the whole D s angle of their relationship seemed to me unusually practical and thought out After the tragedy in the story, Michael does a good job of depicting not only Simon s shock and quiet strength, but also Jeremy s despair and frustration I really, really liked a couple of the secondary characters and my favorites were entirely separate from the Hammer crowd that is, not other characters involved in the D s scene.CONS My main critique of Jeremy s unwavering confidence is that there s very little seduction involved in this book My favorite BDSM stories tend to go something like this I want to tie you up Heh No Oh, I think you want me to Hmm Maybe Come on You ll like it Well Okay Forged is like this I want to tie you up Awesome Your place or mine As much as I found it enlightening to read about a different type of BDSM couple, it was still weird to me how much bigger stronger powerful the sub was than the Dom I found it strange that when Jeremy and Simon had their serious talks, it was the Dom who was in the sub s lap and not the other way around.Overall comments This book was not what I was expecting Even after the tragedy, the relationship felt to me as though the two men were a couple who get off on kinkiness than people who really NEED D s, which is the kind of story I prefer Still, the emotional journey these two characters experience together is touching, so I liked the book overall.

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