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The Hard Truth quotes The Hard Truth, litcharts The Hard Truth, symbolism The Hard Truth, summary shmoop The Hard Truth, The Hard Truth cfc2fba8 Blackmailed Into Claiming A Birthright He Doesn T Want, Cadge Johnson Is Thrust Into A World Of Politics And Intrigue His Only Ally Is Old Friend And Former Lover, Red Taylor The Very Man Who Swindled Him Into Traveling To The Council S Stronghold Thrown Together With A Man He S Kept At Arm S Length For Decades, Cadge Fears For His Sanity The Sordid Past They Share Is Nothing Compared To The Trials Ahead After Nearly A Century Of Love, Loss, Murder, And Deception, Only The Cold, Hard Truth Will Finally Set Them Free Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices, Violence

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    This book continues right after the first book Cadge travels to meet the council with Red his friend and former lover to claim his legacy as being one of the two Daywalkers left Cadge has been fighting off his feeling towards Red, even if they have a long history between them While Red has been in love with Cadge for than 70 years Now, being together in a compound of the council, with danger lurks, the two must try to save their life and at the same time works out their complicated relationship once and for all.Oh, gosh, I LOVE this story so much I KNEW there is something about Cadge and Red from the first book I never though that their relationship pans for 70 years It s just wonderful reading about the two of them, and to see when Cadge finally succumbs to his feeling of Red I just wish that this is not the end of the series I feel like this series have potential to be the likes of J.R Ward or Lara Adrian or other PNR in the M F counterpart I want to about the world, and I think there are still questions left unsaid, like who is responsible behind the mass killing of the Daywalkers population Plus, the second book introduces other character in Griff, Red s fucking buddy whose story I d like to know .

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    Short and oh so sweet Like this book as much as the first one I hope that Ms Young continues this series Recommend.

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    I love Amanda Young She s a great writer and I have really enjoyed the other things I ve read by her, and she has also been extremely nice and helpful to me personally She s awesome and I recommend her stuff to everyone.That said, this book fell a little short for me I liked the characters and Amanda s style is great, I just felt like the plot and the romance both took their corners too quickly and weren t developed to the extent I would have preferred I was a little disappointed after having loved the first book in this series so much But we can t love everything, and I will definitely continue to read as much stuff from Amanda Young as I can get my hands on.

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    I am thoroughly enjoying these books.

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    3.5 starsIn return for help rescuing his brother Teague, Cadge Johnson made a deal with his old friend and former lover, Red Taylor Red has wanted to see Cadge claim his birthright a seat on the Council Of Immortal Beings for many years and he finally found a way to make it happen After the death of his family, and the majority of the Daywalkers, Cadge has no desire to enter the world of politics for which he was groomed since childhood Upon arriving at the Council s door, Cadge is met with suspicion, threats, disbelief, manipulation and animosity His only ally is Red, but the time they spend with one another, the difficult it becomes for Cadge to deny his feelings for the Nightwalker As a result of helping Cadge and Teague to remain under the Council s radar, Red is paying the ultimate price His life is being stripped away and he will not longer be a regulator for the council But that means nothing to Red as long as Cadge is safe When Cadge and Red are framed for murder, they must face the truth of their feelings for one another in order to survive The Hard Truth is another wonderful story set in the world created in the first book of the series, Secrets and Lies Red and Cadge were possibly my favorite part of the first book and I was very excited at the chance to revisit these characters There is much development of them here as they are the main focus of the story and it results in engaging characters and an attention grabbing story There is a lot of fast paced action and shifts within the story that keep it moving quickly and I was sad to reach the end This story very much picks up where Secrets and Lies left off and for that reason I do not recommend starting with this story You really need to read Secrets and Lies first to understand the situation with Teague that led Red and Cadge to where they are now, as well as the history of why Cadge and Teague were in hiding These books fit very well together and The Hard Truth is a seamless continuation of a series that I definitely recommend.

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    Hard Truth picks up right were Secrets and Lies left off Cadge and Red who grew up together and were lovers when they were young are on their way to the council to inform them of Cadge and his brother Teague s existence Red believes Cadge will be accepted and treated well because he s a Daywalker Cadge on the other hand believes that the council will turn him into a lab rat They get there and Red is suspended and people start to plot against them It turns into a struggle of survival and who and not to trust With the tension and their history between them Cadge and Red can barely talk to each other with out fighting Can they get over their past and pride to get back what they lost and help each other survive While I enjoyed this book a lot and it keep me completely immersed it ended with too many questions unanswered and questions that I thought would be answered in this book from book one weren t answered either Because of these unanswered questions I m giving Hard Truth 4 stars instead of 5 I hope there s another book to bring it all together and answer those questions.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Weird book Lot s of confusing intrigue that wasn t very interesting Not a huge fan of betrayal and machinations, backstabbing and treachery That whole You deserve better than me I m cursed, broken, unlucky, have halitosis, whatever really ticks me off It irritated me when I was reading m f and it turns out it s just as annoying when it s two dudes Get over yourself I d also like to lodge a complaint about the recent spate of titles with the colon before things like Gay Paranormal Romance or Bad Boy M nage MFM Romance or my favorite so far MMF BISEXUAL ROMANCE An Unexpected Third All caps, before the title Really Nothing says self published novice like having this kind of title This is what blurbs are for I love my Kindle and sometimes I like to demo it for people who are interested and haven t made the digital conversion yet Titles like this have me looking over my shoulder to check if anyone can see my screen Sigh.Both MCs irritated me on and off It felt like a mess of a relationship The flashback to when they were young was nice, though I wouldn t read it again but if you like angst, I ve read worse.

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    This was an enjoyable read It s the second in the Daywalkers series but for the most part can be read as a standalone If you ve read the first book, then you are already engaged You get to know Cadge and Red in the previous book and know that something is going on between them but not what Neither one have quite told the other person the truth, they both have really good ideas but it hasn t been spoken out loud Cadge and Red are also in the middle of a situation that started in the first book and we get the culmination and find out who was behind the problems in the first book I liked the characters There s also intrigue in the story The reader is trying to guess who s behind it and who s pulling the strings and how many people are involved The sex is explicit but not very frequent It s a quick read and there s enough things going on already that it doesn t really allow for it to be frequent The story line was an interesting one and the story went by very quickly for me because of this I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Stubborn meets stubborn I was looking forward to this book, having gotten acquainted with Cadge and Red in the first installment Secrets Lies, and it than exceeded my expectations With two dominant men who fight as hard as they love, it would be a difficult choice to pick which one was the stubborn, which may have been my favorite thing about them as Cadge faces the legacy of his birthright Their combativeness stems from a long history, and with neither able to deny that they are better together than apart, when they give in to the tension between them, it s explosive This is a great addition to the Daywalker Legacy, with a quickly moving story line and intense chemistry, I loved these two men together.Please note that I received a complimentary advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Pros Just like Secrets and Lies, you relate to the characters Cadge Teague s brother has to fulfill his end of the bargain he struck with Red in order to save Kyle, and so you follow their personal journey Again, the personal romance and the sex were great, and the narrative was just as smooth as before.Cons Again, plot elements reiterated in this book, as well as added, don t really see the conclusion you d expect at the end The intrigue wasn t very intriguing, and the politics were lackluster As with before, it ends and I m left with that expectation of I don t know if Ms Young intends any in this series, but I do hope so I would like to see the questions answered.

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