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Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6) summary Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6), series Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6), book Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6), pdf Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6), Where The Heart Is (Bay City Paranormal Investigations, #6) c73ae149bf Falling In Love Is Easy Holding On To It Can Tear Your Life ApartA Bay City Paranormal Investigations StoryWhen Dean Delapore Takes A Break From Bay City Paranormal Investigations, He Doesn T Expect His Work To Follow Him To The Eclectic Town Of Carrboro, North Carolina The Chance To Investigate A Haunting At The Blue Skye Inn And Winery Is Than He Can Resist, Mainly Because Of The Inn S Owner Deceptively Shy And Gorgeous, Sommer Skye Is Not Only Fantastic Company, He S The Best Lay Dean S Had In AgesAs Dean Probes The Misty Secrets Of The Haunted Inn, He Unexpectedly Peels Away The Layers Hiding Sommer S Private Pain Pain Sommer S Not Sure He Can Withstand By The Time Dean Realizes Just How Deep His Feelings For The Innkeeper Run, It S Far Too Late To Turn BackNow If Only He Can Convince Sommer That Falling In Love Changes Everything, Maybe For The Better If The Bones Of The Past Can Be Laid To Rest

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    I won t get to much into this one because there have been so many great reviews written about it by my friends here I will say I loved it and would rate it higher than 5 stars if I could The storyline and chemistry between Dean and Sommer lept off of the pages and kept me interested until late in the night The only thing I would have liked different is, I would liked to have read Sommers point of view Although, it is NOT in first person thank goodness it is written all with Dean s perspective I really would have loved to see what was going on in Sommer s mind, too I liked Dean but I loved Sommer In some ways he reminds me of Hell of Heaven Sent Like Hell, he is sweet and somewhat angelically shy to the outside world, to Dean he was sexy, sexually aggressive and for no other better word an Imp, just like Hell I LOVED HIM

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    My opinion of this book is kind of confusing, at least for me I really enjoyed it, primarily just because I love Ally Blue s writing Her style and her characters are always great She s always good at secondary characters which I feel like a lot of m m writers skimp on Ron and Kerry were awesome But for some reason I just wasn t feeling the connection between the two leads for most of the book, until the very end The end was very sweet.I really don t know why The story was well written, the sex was hot I just wasn t feeling it I do think I would have liked to get to know Sommer better, maybe that was the problem I probably would have given it 3.5 stars except the end bumped it up to four Warning to some, plug for others Contains a fisting scene It was the first one I ve come across in my m m adventures and I decided I liked it.

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    Splendid Gosh, I ve waited a while for Dean.we get a glimpse of him in what hides inside, and oh my gosh I adore him His story was worth the wait, it was sooooooo cute, so sweet and such a solid read.

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    Dean Delapore

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    My fav BCP book yet Of course, that might be because I absolutely adore Dean g I loved the pacing in this one and the intensity of the relationship between Sommer and Dean I was a wee bit worried about how it was going to end, but trust Ms Blue She knows how to do it right D

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    OMG Dean I am so happy you finally found someone I loved Sommer he was such a sweetheart The only thing I would have liked answered was, where was his Dad

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    Loved it, I have always liked Dean and this book just makes me love him even Also, who could not like the sexy Inn owner, Sommer Skye.

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    I didn t like this book It was full of clich s and sappy romance when I think the storyline needed horror and action I was so relieved when it ended, I don t think I could have gone on much longer.

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    Where the Heart Is follows Dean Delapore, one of the characters in the Bay city Paranormal Investigations series In this spinoff, we follow Dean as he visits his college friends in Carrboro, North Carolina On his first day, he and his friend go to a local coffee join and fate steps plays her cards in the form of Sommer Skye, a handsome man with shoulder length red hair and a body that bulges and curves in all the right places A self proclaimed easy lay, Dean immediately sets his sights on Sommer as a pleasant extracurricular activity partner while visiting his friends.Very quickly, he is drawn into a paranormal investigation of his own Blue Skye Inn and Winery, once owned and run by Sommer s parents who have mysteriously disappeared, is haunted As Dean investigates the inn, he also faces demons of his own demons of the emotional kind which are just as powerful and destructive Throughout the story, dean struggles with his desire to find love and his fear of opening up to the pain of being rejected The tension in the investigation rises in tandem with the rising tension within Dean and Sommer When events lead to a shocking discovery, both men are rocked to their core, struggling to hold themselves together The question resonating throughout is can they allow themselves to take the risk of opening up to happiness, and potential devastation As usual, Ally Blue delivers a story in which the action flies, pages turning fast and furious as the story rages forward until the ending The sex is far exploratory and extreme in this book than in the Bay City series Each encounter searing hot and deliciously written, leaving no nerve ending or emotion untouched She also delivers paranormal activity in a believable manner, seamlessly maintaining her world where supernatural events do in fact occur and making the ability for her readers to suspend their belief easy and fluid.Unlike in her other works where the relationship between the characters develops organically and the tensions arise in entirely believable ways, Dean and Sommer s relationship feels a bit forced As I read, I felt I was following Dean s struggle to allow himself to love, rather than following the two men and their developing relationship The issue that drives a wedge between them seems to be a bit unrealistic in that Sommer s reaction is a bit extreme Once can understand why he reacts the way he does, but his lack of action after his initial anger doesn t ring true The ending also seemed to wrap up all of the loose ends a bit too nicely All in all, this is a pleasant read, but does not measure up to the level of emotional impact as many of Ms Blue s other works However, her style, humor, and narrative, remain of the high quality I think I was spoiled by reading several of her other works before reading this book.

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    I ve been waiting for this story since I read the first BCPI bookWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS It s about Dean Yay I ve been a pretty big fan of Dean s ever since BCPI Book 2, What Hides Inside And it was about halfway through Book 3 that I started wishing Dean could have his own happily ever after And now here it is Sigh I found the sex pretty hot so than in the other BCPI books Dean and Sommer are both out, for one thing, so there s not as much timidity with regard to displays of affection And Sommer is just a hint on the dominant side and Dean just a hint on the submissive side, which I ve discovered I think is rather sexy see cons below also The plot isn t just absolutely fantastic and hair raising and breathless, nor is it terribly involved, but I did enjoy reading about a paranormal investigation that had something other than interdimensional portals at its center I know, I know I harp on this CONS The guys sleep with each other the same night they meet, which I m never a huge fan of I m all for emotional, loving sex rather than the hormone driven, back scratching kind, and much of the sex in this book is the latter We do see Dean starting to fall for Sommer pretty much right off the bat, though, which lends a degree of emotional intimacy to the sex scenes Sommer also says something before they sleep together for the first time that led me to believe something would happen in their sexual relationship before the story ended, but that thing never DID happen There s a period of angst that s just long enough that it made me a little anxious but wasn t long enough that I became really uncomfortable I do think that the wronged guy forgives his lover a little too easily quickly, though I thought the ending was just a little disappointing The grand gesture made by one of the guys is touching, and they re together at the end and everything, but there s no frantic I m so glad we re together and I must make love to you or even just REALLY kiss you now scene The final scene is very controlled.Overall comments This might be just sort of an okay story if you re not already familiar with the character of Dean from Blue s Bay City Paranormal series I was hard pressed not to like this book because a Dean s the star of this one, and b he and Sommer are sweet together and have a decent amount of pretty hot sex.

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