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Escape Under the Forever Sky pdf Escape Under the Forever Sky, ebook Escape Under the Forever Sky, epub Escape Under the Forever Sky, doc Escape Under the Forever Sky, e-pub Escape Under the Forever Sky, Escape Under the Forever Sky 1b13d325bc8 Loosely Based On Real Life Events, This Suspenseful Story, By A Debut Novelist, Is Also Funny And Touching And Will Have Readers Riveted From Start To Finish Lucy S Mother Is The US Ambassador To Ethiopia, So Lucy S Life Must Be One Big Adventure, Right Wrong Lucy S Worrywart Mother Keeps Her Locked Up Inside The Ambassador S Residence All Lucy Can Do Is Read About The Exotic And Exciting World That Lies Beyond The Compound Walls And Imagine What It Would Be Like To Be A Part Of It That Is, Until One Day Lucy Decides She Has Had Enough And She And A Friend Sneak Off For Some Fun But To Their Horror, Lucy Gets Kidnapped With Only Herself To Rely Upon, Lucy Must Use Her Knowledge Of African Animals, Inventiveness, Will, And Courage To Escape, And In The Process Embarks On An Adventure Beyond Her Wildest Imagination

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    I recently finished ESCAPE UNDER THE FOREVER SKY By Eve Yohalem and I have to say that was hands down one of THE best books I have ever read It made me really think about how lucky am to have all the things that I have Like food and and clean water unlike some of the African villagers and the freedom to go places that I want to go without Marines guarding me unlike Lucy It had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish I had trouble putting it down be cause it was so intriguing and suspenseful I don t really have any way of relating myself to Lucy or her situation, but I do remember once getting sent to my room and trying to escape by climbing out my window on to the balcony and then into the house but I was seen and sent back In a way it s kind of like Lucy s problem because she was escaping from a place that she didn t want to go and I was doing the same Except that even though she was seen the people who kidnapped her were unable to bring her back to there little camp while I did have to return to my room And then there s the fact that her situation was much serious than mine I do think this book was fast paces because it was one problem or situation after another But they were still long enough to were the author let herself describe the situation so that it was really easy to put myself in Lucy s shoes I can definitely say that this book truly deserves 5 stars and though I have said that before this book was above and beyond incredible So actually ill give it 6 stars out of 5 It s THAT good I recommend this book to everyone because it has complexity and simplicity and is all around great.

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    I recently finished reading Escape under the forever sky by Eve Yohalem This story starts out in the boring embassy compound were Lucy the main character lives She has always wanted to go out of the compound and explore, until she has to do that in real life for her own survival She has gotten kidnapped This book was very detailed which made me feel like I was there in Ethiopia on the run for my own life The author realy made the story come alive by describing Lucy s thoughts and feelings and the place or setting with a lot of detail This book grabbed my attention because of its unusual setting The story was nerve wrecking at almost every moment Lucy was in some kind of danger yet she stayed positive and never lost hope I was surprised, and still am that this book was based on a true story It made me realize what a privileged life I have have here in Austin I can come and go freely where ever I like and live in the comfort of my home with my family around me.From getting saved by lions to going to a native tribes primitive festival, this book was packed with adventure, action, and quite a bit of humor along the way I would recommend this book to anyone and every one.

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    Read for our Mother Daughter book club and this was one of my favorites so far Exotic locale and circumstances, matched with a suspenseful plot peppered with macro thoughts about humanity Great choice.

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    Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToo.comThirteen year old Lucy Hoffman dreams of exploring the wilds of Africa the hot desert sands beating around her and exotic animals around every corner for her to study This wouldn t be so ironic if she didn t already live in Africa.As the daughter of the American ambassador, Lucy spends her days cooped up in a guarded compound in Ethiopia with only school and the occasional game drive through the local wildlife park to keep her entertained She even got in major trouble when she snuck off to visit the marketplace with her two native friends Her mother actually sent out a SWAT team of marines to retrieve her Once she s finally allowed out again after that little incident, she and her friend Tana decide to sneak off for a concert at a local restaurantand Lucy ends up kidnapped Now, she really is out in the bush, fighting for her life and trying to escape her captors.She never thought she d be exploring Africa this way, and all she wants to do now is return home During her captivity and escape, we catch a glimpse into her memories as she travels back, thinking of different times in her life and how they ve brought her to today With limited access to food and water, and having no idea where in Ethiopia she is, Lucy must use her wits and acquired knowledge of African ecology to survive and find a way home.This endearing story about a headstrong, intelligent heroine is based on an actual incident that took place in Ethiopia in 2005 Although the real tale involved a native villager, this book works to bridge the gap between nationalities and point out that people of all cultures have the same goals, hopes, fears, and dreams.

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    This book is about a girl who s mom has a big job and she moves to a lot of places around the world My mom also works but she does not world at a big job We don t have to move everywhere It is very hard for Lucy the main character because in the book she says she never really gets to see her mom because she said she is always at work and Lucy s mom never has time for her Her mom thinks her job is important than her Lucy is never allowed to go outside Her mom is super protective and never lets her go outside One day her mom let her go to her friends house.her friend told her that they should sneak out and go to a nice cream shop When they did Lucy s driver found them and brought them home The driver took her friend home but they kidnapped Lucy and grout her to a tall building where she would wait until her parents came to get her I have never been kidnapped so I really can t tell you how I can relate but I can relate by me not knowing where I am going in the car This book is mainly about her trying to escape and living in the jungle If you would want to know i think you should read this awesome book

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    Well what I think about this book is that it is amazing and a beautiful book that I had fallen in love with instantly It is about an American girl who is living in Ethiopia with her mother because her mom is the ambassador and her dad got a different job in another place So while her parents are separated her mother is doing everything in her power to keep her safe and sound Until one day she gets kidnaped by smugglers 3 evil people trying to triad with them for the girl But when the government will not do it So when she decides to run into the African wilderness she goes through a lot of difficulties she tries to get home no matter what I think that my favorite part of this book is when she comes face to face with the lions and only a few feet away So the rating that I would give him would be is 5 stars because it has all the things that I would want in a book is in this one It is amazing and a beautiful story and would recommend this to the world I hope you read this book.

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    A few days ago I started reading Escape Under The Forever Sky by Eve Yohalem from what I ve read it is so far about Lucy hating her super overprotective mom she has not ever leaving her embassy compound and when her mom finally decides to let her go to her friend Tana s house they leave with no one knowing later she gets kidnapped by Tana s family s driver Dawit kidnaps her, that s all I know so far Yohalem does something that most authors don t do switch stories every now and then to make the story cool also you can really see how characters look because of the rich descriptiveness here s an example of a way Iskinder is a small, thin man with snow white hair, a high forehead, and skin color of a well done toast You can automatically tell that he is pretty old one key thing I find helpful is snow white hair all old men have snow white hair One way I am like Lucy is I don t leave the house much I give this book so far four stars because it is turning out to be really good

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    So the moral of the story is that if you are disobedient then you will get kidnapped but that will only lead to you getting back in less then a week with friends and a life ten times better than before while you get to live adventurously exploring African wildlife which has been your dream since you were six Sneak out and be disrespectful kids

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    best blue bonnet ever

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    Super good

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