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    I bought this book over 20 years ago and have had good intentions of reading it since I ve started it a couple of times most recently last week The problem I don t understand what I m reading More precisely, I understand every few sentences or every few paragraphs, but I can t follow the guts of what J rgen is saying.I m sure he says it well, and I m sure it s worth reading, but the effort required to read and understand isn t for me.I m finally acknowledging that I ll probably never read this book and understand it So rather than slog through it and understand a quarter of it or less, I ll relegate it to the never to be read in this lifetime pile.There I ve said it Done.

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    His understanding of church as the locus of the spirit is both visionary and revitalizing.

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    Acclaimed theologian J rgen Moltmann continues his thorough investigation of a theology stemming from the initial concept of hope in this study of ecclesiology First published in 1975 after Crucified God and Theology of Hope, this volume argues for a reform from looking at the church as an institution that looks after people to a community that lives and connects in the midst of people Moltmann urges theologians and church members to see the crisis in the way church has traditionally been done not as a failure but as an opportunity to return to its true roots in Jesus Christ and the hope that he brings from God for the future The church lives in tension between its reality in a fallen world and the assurance of God s triumph in a world to come It lives into this tension by modeling God s victory by providing a community and a mode of being that reinforces the power of the creative and the new the power of the Holy Spirit In a telling quote, he says, The church s new freedom is freedom in the spirit of the new creation of the world It does not act out of freedoms or alternatives which are already implicit in a social system, and are conceded to the church it proceeds from the freedom and the qualitative difference from the form of this world which has been revealed to all things through the spirit of the new creation 105 Moltmann continually references scriptural texts and historical theology to flesh out how living in the present kingdom of God makes a difference in how we live and believe the church in Christian relation to other denominations and other religions, in understanding of the sacraments, and most importantly in the church s eschatological mission to the poor, the outcasts, and the unloved A masterful thread of theological craftsmanship by a thinker of hope, peace, and justice.

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    Theology for the World For a long time this now classic exposition of messianic eschatology has influenced me at the same time I keep wanting to understand it better Reformed theologian Moltmann continues moving beyond theology for the church to theology for the world, essentially proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit as the horizon of the fullness of God s future new creation inbreaking and also becoming fully realized amidst the present suffering of creation.Over and against theology of the first article of the Creed, or theology of the essential goodness of creation, beyond what we recognize as the Reformers second article theology of sinful depravity over and against grace made manifest in the cross of Calvary, third article theology of church and world in the sovereignty and power of the Holy Spirit interprets the Spirit encompassing all creation in the brokenness of the cross along with the triumph and the hope of resurrection.Almost every paragraph is packed full of ideas to contemplate and consider I ll conclude with a couple of quotes page 238 In the power of the Holy Spirit baptism is entirely and exclusively related to the Christ event and must therefore be understood as the representation, witness, sign, and illumination of this event It points away from itself and its own happening in the direction of Christ alone And, page 358 What constitutes the apostolate are the appearance and the commission of the risen Christ, not merely the discipleship of the 359 earthly Jesus The Church in the power of the Spirit for the world

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    I may be reading too much Moltmann all at once, but these books are very much starting to sound the same Without question, the theology of hope with its emphasis on open ness to the future, history as an open system capable of receiving the kingdom of God, runs throughout his work Here, he brings it to bear on the church itself, its sacraments, its ministries, its people, and certainly its politics.

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    The Church in the Power of the Spirit is one of the great ecclesiological works of history I would dare to call it a classic work in the history of theology Though this work is often eclipsed by Theology of Hope and The Crucified God in Moltmann s corpus, it deserves its own attention in understanding Moltmann and missional theology.

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    Moltmann s ecclesiology anticipates a lot of what would become the emerging church movement emphasis on congregations, identification with the poor and suffering, elimination of hierarchies and bureaucracies, post denominationalism, etc.

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