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    Update my students are enjoying it than I anticipated, bumping it up a star for its utility accessibility in a non fiction unit sometimes it s important to appreciate what we have in a certain realm, even if we wish the resources were better Someone please write some middle grade accesible books on Eritrea and Ethiopia, so my students can learn When there are better versions of this type of book out there, this one will lose a star so petty of me, but hey, I believe in reflection and revision.

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    This illustrated biography is about an eleven year old Ethiopian girl, who discusses her life, culture and country throughout the book This biography begins with an introduction of herself and her country Her name is Tsion, which the audience learns to means heaven in the language of Amharic The story is filled with photographs of Tsion, her family, the town and her home The reader has the opportunity to clearly visualize everything that Tsion describes Tsion embraces her country s culture and is proud of its long history, beautiful traditions and exotic places The audience is then introduced to her family and where she lives As the story progresses, the audience can decipher that Tsion and her family are humble for all that they have Her father is a hard working butcher and her mother works at a government owned restaurant She is very close with her brother, but occasionally, can get in fights with him like normal siblings do We learn through her grandmothers, some of the traditions of her culture For example, her great grandmother was married at the age of seven and started having children by the age of thirteen Tsion and her family embrace the religion of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity She loves to sing songs and is very spiritual when it comes to prayer Lastly, the biography ends with her passion for school He parents pay twenty dollars a month for her to attend private school She would love one day to have the resources to learn about astronomy Tsion s life represents the culture, stories and voices of the Ethiopian people.This book allows students to analyze the similarities and differences they have with Tsion s story Students can evaluate the strong relationships she has with her family and notice that she isn t so different than they are at times I think students would be able to relate to her relationship with her brother The text states, Tsion and Yonas love each other very much, but like all sisters and brothers, they argue I strongly believe that most students would have a personal connection to this line.

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    A day in the life of Tsion, a quick picture book explaining how it is to live in a middle class of Ethiopia Tison an eleven year old girl shows the reader her neighborhood, her family and home as well she shows us her school and her friends Then we learn about foods of Ethiopia and how they are made and how people should eat them Tsion is a cute little girl and this story has a little facts about her, her family and her country I would use this book to introduce a class project, each student will make their own Day in the life book Starting when they wake up, their favorite food, what are the jobs of their parents, school to after school activities They can add pictures, or draw them out, have fun facts and little stories like Tsion did Bellward, Stacy 2008 Ethiopian voices Tsion s life Photos by Erlend Berge Brooklyn Park, MN Amharic Kids.

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    I thought that this was a very enjoyable informational book It is ablout the daily life of a little girl who lives in Ethiopia There are many great details, descriptions, and pictures of her daily life This book would be a good book to read to younger Elementary grade students, but could also be enjoyed by any grade This would be a great book to read when talking about communities and families, and other cultures Overall I really enjoyed this book and I think it would bring a lot of cultural depth and information into a classroom.

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    beautiful pictures, great story about a real girl luv it

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