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    I have a confession to make It was the cupcakes on the cover that got me I mean don t they look so delicious I could just feel my mouth water by just looking at them It s no wonder lately I ve been craving cupcakesPenny Lane feels out of place since she has moved to middle of nowhere Hogs Hollow Her mother has opened up a cupcake shop and Penny s parents are taking a break Penny just want things to get back to how they use to be but she finds out quickly that things don t always work out how you want them to That maybe she just is going to have to figure out things as she goes.I m having a hard time explaining why I enjoyed this book so much I loved the RPS Rock Paper Scissors Society, the theory of how a Jolly Rancher can tell you a lot about your personality, or how magical the beach really is Again the beach is just so key in this book It makes me want to live near one, and never go back Marcus ie the guy in the book is so adorable but has much to him than what meets the eye The dynamic between Tally and Blake friends of Penny is just so awesome I laughed numerous times and couldn t help but think that Penny was so mature for her age She finds that she isn t the only one with problems and that maybe just maybe Hogs Hollow may not be all that bad Art plays a huge role in the story, and it was interesting to see the many forms of art there was I was glad to see that the whole book did not concentrate on the revenge against Charity Penny s bully from day one I have read Dream Factory by her and Brad Barkley, but I very much prefer this one I m not sure if it s because she did The Cupcake Queen alone, or that there wasn t a change of narrators but this one did it for me Though in the end things seemed a little rushed, it was fine because sometimes in real life things happen at break neck speed without you noticing As always I have to nitpick at something At school Marcus doesn t seem to pay much attention to Penny and when we find out what it is it s just seemed like it doesn t fit It s just doesn t explain everything in my opinion Nevertheless this book was just what I needed It made me think of how much everyone has to deal with but somehow things seem to work out if you just let people in.

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    You know, life s too short, and when I don t like a book in chapter two I m really probably just not going to like it I tried to power through after getting offended in the first chapter on that soon but when the tale of parental separation and move to a small town sounded so cliched I could have just filled in all the blanks for Hepler, I put this one down.Hey, so, writers I am many things loudmouth and opinionated and really into musical theatre and also I am whatever you want to call it, fat or plus size or chubby or curvy or whatever your favorite euphemism is I shop at Torrid, OK I m not saying this to excuse or explain or to make you grossed out or to garner your sympathy or for you to say something like but laaaaaaaaames you are so cute anyway because, whatever.But here is the thing I know what it is like to live in a society where the ideal is something much smaller I know what it s like to already be a lady in a culture that already doesn t want me to take up any space, and here I am taking than my supposedly allotted share.So, writers If you want to pepper your books with wacky and supposed to be funny hijinx where those goofy fat people are so fat and aren t they fat and hi ho ho ho so fat and they just have noooo idea how fat they are and of COURSE they d lean against something causing everything to fly through the air because har har har so fat Look we know I know I tiptoe around not drawing attention to my size I certainly don t go literally throwing myself around causing pastries to rain down on events And I don t think I m some lone exception who s figured out how to, you know, be a normal person People are normal people, regardless of how thin or fat they are So let s just not do this any, OK Let s be better, especially when we write for kids Let s not make people be jerks or jesters or anything so one dimensional based on appearance People are so much than that, and I think we should be too.

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    When I finished THE CUPCAKE QUEEN by Heather Hepler, my first thought is that the cover is slightly misleading But not in a bad way You can look at the cover and think you ll be getting a cute, fun story but this book has a lot substance to it While it was an adorable quick read, it dealt with some issues that not only teenagers can relate to, but also others as well a child s relationship with their parents The main characters all had problem with their problems they had to deal with, such as losing a parent, separating parents, or being abandoned by one It made the book emotional than I was expecting, and I felt the author did a good job of letting me experience Penny s turmoil with her parents.I liked Penny s narration She had incredibly insightful and funny things to say about her life in Hog s Hollow, such as If someone found out they only had one day to live, they should totally move to Hog s Hollow, because here every day feels like an eternity 56 Another of my favorite lines was I think about the problem with running from your trouble The problem is in the stopping The whole time you think you re getting away from everything, the trouble is running like mad, too, trying to catch up with you And it doesn t slow down when you do it keeps on sprinting So when trouble finally reaches you, it hits you hard 107 There are other passages in the story that I really liked but I won t give them all away.Even though I found the beginning a little slow, it picks up and becomes intriguing I continued to read the story because I came to care what happened to Penny, and when I closed the book, I was happy for her, which is always a great feeling to have at the end of a novel.

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    Pink Frosting with Black Sprinkles How would you feel if you left your home town and where alone The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler is a great book that shows sadness, happiness and lonliness to a girl in a new town Penny is a city girl with separated parents who just moved to the middle of nowhere, Hog s Hollow Hog s Hollow is a small town with no tall bulidings or the smell of coffee and ciaggrettes in the morning Hog s Hollow is a place where people grow there own tomatoes and build a solar system replica in the forest Penny is not used to such a small town with nothing to do and has no friends Penny just started school and already has an enemy, Charity All Penny wants to do is move back to NYC with her dad, but when Penny makes a best friend, gets a boy friend and her mom opens a bakery, everything changes Penny has fears to face and decisions to make Every page I read in this book I was either smiling or crying Penny held through her sad times and kept on a smile on her face like I do I recommend this book to anyone who has been strong during sad times and kept on a smile for the world to see.

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    Cute and sweet as the cupcakes on the cover The Cupcake Queen was just that, a very cute book It dealt with some serious issues, like divorce, but it didn t have much depth to it It could have easily been much cliche than it was, but thankfully Hepler makes it a little interesting and incorporates some fresh ideas Although, I will say I m really tired about reading about the MC getting picked on by the spoiled rich popular girl.Penny was a likable character, as was Tally and Blake I didn t really get the appeal of Marcus, except that he was cute The whole ignoring thing at school was a little strange, I don t understand why he just didn t come out with it The whole out of school nice, flirty Marcus, and the in school won t even look Penny s way Marcus was a little really unnerving.Despite my small problems, I actually liked the story I had fun reading it

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    running from your trouble, the problems is with the stopping The whole time you think you re getting away from everything, the trouble is running like mad, too, trying to catch up with you And it doesn t slow down when you do it keep on sprinting So when trouble finally reaches you, it hits you hard This is a pretty wonderful story Because it feels like a true story Moving is hard Moving as a young teen is even harder Starting a new highschoool, struggling to understand what s really going on with your parents andmagically getting on the bad side of the meanest girl at school This is Penny at 13, almost 14 And she s still trying to figure it out.

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    What a fun and refreshing read I definitely enjoyed it much than I thought I would It made me smile and laugh at all the super cheesy cliches There wasn t anything too special about the book so that s why I took away a star But overall I m glad I picked this one up

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    A special thanks to Lenni Jones for recommending this and so many other clean romance novels I found it to be a very well written book I think the author, Heather Hepler developed the scenes in this book very well, and I like how she put it all together I was glowing with mirth at the cute sense of humor the story was interspersed with It was a very light read for a heavily burdened farm labour and her husband Dari said her got as much pleasure from my radiant facial expression and shining eyes as he did from the story we were planting collards as we listened to it Dari figured out long ago that it s a lot cheaper to buy audio books and do the work our selves than to hire farm workers an audio book is 9.50 1 credit and lasts 8 hours on on average while paying a laborer 7.25 hr fro 8 hours is 58.00 So yeah we go through alot of audio books I enjoyed getting to know Penny over the course of the book I adored Tally and wanted to make things right for her with her Dad and everything but I m so glad that she had her Aunt and Blake Tally s revenge on Charity and those other nasty girls had me smiling like a loon throughout the book That is exactly what Charity got I enjoyed getting to know the folks around Hogs Hollow as well From Mr Fish to Penny s grandma and just everyone mentioned in the book.My favorite part of the book was of course, Marcus I thought the blossoming relationship between him and Penny was too cute I m glad that the book ended the way that it did because it was perfect for the way that this story was told It stayed true to Penny s personality Penny was private and quiet, she told you the basic things you needed to know and let you make up your mind about everything else.Overall, this book was a good read If you guys are in the mood for light and fluffy, this is the book for you.

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    Heather Hepler rocks I ve read the novels that Hepler co authored with Brad Barkley and they were wonderful, but her first solo novel is truly awesome There is the common storyline of the new girl in town and doesn t want to be there, but Hepler freshens up the storyline by bringing her own unique twists to it The characters in The Cupcake Queen are believable, quirky, and so well written that you, too, will find yourself disliking Charity and her peeps as much as Penny does The rich descriptions of setting enable readers to feel as if they are a part of Hog s Hollow, experiencing life in the town that has become the bane of Penny s existence.Would I read this novel again I surely would, and I ve already read it three times If you have never read any of Hepler s novels, this would be an excellent one to start with Drop what you are doing and head to the nearest bookstorethis novel is just that great.

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    I think this story is talking to the teenagers, But I enjoied reading it alot I would recmoned it to my cousin Shayma aYou will love it my dear cousin

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