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Once Was Lost chapter 1 Once Was Lost, meaning Once Was Lost, genre Once Was Lost, book cover Once Was Lost, flies Once Was Lost, Once Was Lost 5ee658204d5a6 Samara Taylor Used To Believe In Miracles But Her Mother Is In Rehab, And Her Father Seems Interested In His Congregation Than His Family And When A Young Girl In Her Small Town Is Kidnapped, Her Already Worn Thread Of Faith Begins To Unravel Young Adults Samara Taylor Used To Believe In Miracles She Used To Believe In A Lot Of Things As A Pastor S Kid, It S Hard Not To Buy In To The Idea Of The Perfect Family, A Loving God, And Amazing Grace But Lately, Sam Has A Lot Of Reason To Doubt Her Mother Lands In Rehab After A DUI And Her Father Seems Interested In His Congregation Than His Family When A Young Girl In Her Small Town Is Kidnapped, The Local Tragedy Overlaps With Sam S Personal One, And The Already Worn Thread Of Faith Holding Her Together Begins To Unravel In Her Third Novel, Acclaimed Author Sara Zarr Examines The Coexistence Of Affliction And Hope, And What Happens When Everything You Thought You Believed About God, About Your Family, About Yourself Is Transformed

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    The I read by Sara Zarr, the I think I understand her and the I begin to appreciate what it is she does She doesn t take sides, she isn t emotionally manipulative, she releases a whole bunch of complex characters that aren t typically likeable and allows the reader to receive them however they choose I think this is why I failed to appreciate Story of a Girl, because the issues targeted in it are very important to me and I wanted the author to fight for Deanna, to stand up for her and that s just not Sara Zarr s style I get that now.Once Was Lost, on the other hand, is an absolutely perfect novel to use this technique in I am an atheist, but I cannot stand anyone who preaches their religious views in novels, whatever they may be and regardless of whether or not they agree with my own beliefs, I don t wish to have any idea rammed down my throat Sara Zarr is the reason I was able to stomach a book that has a very heavy focus on religion, because she never attempts to put ideas in my head In my review of Story of a Girl I remember commenting that I wished I knew where the author stood on the problems in the book because it wasn t obvious And again with this novel, I do not know where Sara Zarr stands when it comes to religion, but this time I feel the novel is better for it.The novel becomes about the characters and their emotions and suffering and recovering, it is not a book about whether or not God exists The religious aspect is an important part of showing how Sam loses her grip on her perfect life and what she d previously believed in The main questions are will Sam recover what she has lost, not just her religion but her life, family and happiness How will she do this Will she ever become the person she once was Though I don t think this was as strong a novel as How to Save a Life, it has cemented my love for Sara Zarr and I can t wait to see what she writes next.

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    Once Was Lost is a book about faith About losing it and finding it.Yes, I know how it sounds Nothing can stop me from reading a book quicker than knowledge that I am about to delve into some Christian fiction I am not a religious person and dislike being preached at.But in this novel Samara s waning faith in God is similar to a non religious person s belief in the good in the world Sam feels hopeless Everything seems to fall apart her house, her family Sam s pastor father is distant and neglectful, her mother is in a rehab and unapproachable , her friendships The final straw is the disappearance of a 13 year old neighbor which forces Sam to lose faith in all the people around her Is there anything solid in this world Anything at all good Anything worth holding on to Anyone she could trust Sam is lost and doesn t think that there is a point in it all, that there is anything worth believing in What I liked the best about Once Was Lost is its subtlety Writing books about depression, despair and loss of direction in life is a tricky thing Many authors fall into writing melodrama Zarr managed to write a nuanced, deep and touching story about depression without resorting to over angsting and a story about faith without being preachy.

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    3.5 I wonder how you re supposed to know the exact moment when there s no hope I have read 5 books from Sara Zarr including this one and I can say that this book is my least favorite Not that it wasn t good It was good I bet some people will like it than I do Actually, some Goodreads people liked it than I do haha It s just that I didn t get attached whole heartedly with the main character, who is Samara And sometimes, I did feel I can t connect with the story either I mean, one moment I understand what is happening and the next moment, I don t.But even though with what I ve mentioned above, I did feel the emotions within this book and its characters the pure sadness, worry, anger, suffering and recovering, that really moved me in one way or another Besides, these flawed and complex characters made the story engaging to read What We Lost is still a compelling read for me, despite my issues with it, which tackled serious life and spiritual issues and will remind you of what you lost.

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    Street Corner TBR Pile reduction challenge 7 Olivia I seldom read books about faith and religion, simply because, as what you could consider a non believer, they are rarely something I can relate to In this case, I have to say, Sara Zarr really succeeded in creating a very relatable heroine, not only for people who can identify themselves with her faith, but also for everyone else This book does not preach, and although Samara s situation is closely linked to her disappearing faith in God, her doubt and uncertainty are universal They are nothing only a person of faith experiences, but rather something anyone has to deal with sometimes Now and then, I was thrown off by the biblical references Sam comparing her situation to stories in the bible , but mostly because that is something I am unfamiliar with and also something I would never do But I think for her as a pastor s daughter, this was a part of her everyday life, something she grew up with.This story is a quiet one, unravelling slowly, without much action or drama But it is also a story that lingers, with a message I thought about and characters that became very dear to me The first half of the book was slower for me, the sadness and desperation sometimes hard to take, making my stomach hurt from the pain Sam experienced The second half was a much quicker read, with shimmers of hope shining through every now and then, making me hope for a change for the better I am amazed at how much feeling Sara Zarr succeeded in packing in such a small book.Recommended if you are looking for a different, quieter YA contemporary I will definitely read by this author.

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    3 1 2 starsWhile I can now say unequivocally that I am a committed Sara Zarr fan, this one is probably my least favorite of hers Like her other novels, it s well written and replete with honest, bare emotion, but for some reason I didn t connect with this one completely For me, her books belong in two categories there s the bristly, damaged, and difficult category for Story of a Girl and Sweethearts, and then there s the melancholy but hopeful category for How to Save a Life and this book Me being me, I prefer the horribly difficult category But I strongly suspect that this novel and her latest will be the most popular among readers So, if you are one of those folks who didn t quite like Story of a Girl because it seemed too depressing, then I would give this one a try.Still, Sara Zarr is one of my favorite writers of contemporary YA She s the kind of writer who, if I were a bit less mature, might make me want to say, In your face Australia Sam is a teenage girl isolated by her status as the Pastor s daughter She lives behind an image of the good girl, the devout Christian, the perfect daughter in the perfect family But in reality, her mom is in court suggested rehab and her dad, the perfect young and hip Pastor, doesn t have time to notice that she s alive Even her friends keep her at an arm s length When a terrible tragedy occurs, the people of her small town are shaken, and Sam begins to question her own faith.This is a book about faith, but not just simple religious faith It s about faith in the people around you, in your family It s about that childhood realization that parents are just extremely flawed people like everyone else, and they will make horrible mistakes I kept going back to the title of this book while reading it, to the lyrics of Amazing Grace I once was lost, but now I m found, was blind but now I see Reading this book makes me consider those words in a new light, because as much as this book is about regaining what once was lost, it s also about having your eyes opened Sometimes that s empowering, and sometimes that means losing something that can t ever be regained.I think that this book is also about repression and denial Sam keeps everything her anger, grief, jealousy, and doubt bottled up inside And it s clear that she s learned this behavior from her mom, the perfect housewife who drinks to get through the days and from her dad, the perfect Pastor whose life is actually falling apart It seems like by the end of this book, nothing has really changed for Sam in that respect although I did see growth in both of her parents She never does tell her mother or her father or anyone how she really feels And I think that would have been completely realistic and yet another example of the ambiguous endings that I ve grown to know and love from Sara Zarr , but the ending itself just feels too resolved In my mind, Sam was heading down a path of depression and a possible addiction of her own someday if she didn t learn to open up to someone. But the ending seems to be telling me that everything s going to be alright, and that just doesn t add up for me I guess I was looking for catharsis, with an ending that neat Maybe I feel like happiness demands a price.Perfect Musical PairingMumford Sons Hold on to What You BelieveAh, it s been a nice run of Sara Zarr and Mumford Sons, hasn t it Now I just have to wait for her to write another book.I think that this is a love song primarily, but when I listen to it I think about Sam and her mother Those were the parts of this book that affected me the most Sam is so fundamentally a little girl who misses her mother terribly, and that reached me as both a mother and a daughter I also love this verse of the song But hold on to what you believe in the lightWhen the darkness has robbed you of all your sight

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    Author Sara Zarr goes from strength to strength with her writing Story of a Girl and Sweethearts are both beautifully told quiet and courageous stories but I think Once Was Lost is my favourite so far.While the religious premise may make some mainstream readers hesitant, it is so honestly portrayed that it s not about religion at all, rather one girl coming to terms with faith, hopelessness, searching for the truth and trying to find her place in the world not issues unique to Christians, rather relevant to everyone regardless of religious belief There was nothing preachy about it phew It s a subtle book, unfolding in layers which continually drew me in until it got to a point where I felt deeply invested in the characters lives It is the kind of book where I held my breath and somehow felt touched and empowered after completion.Zarr has an amazing talent and teen voice Her stories may not feature original twist y premises or jaw dropping OMG climaxes Rather they feature layered, flawed and achingly real characters in circumstances that are relate able her stories feel like the truth and challenge me as a reader They cause me to think beyond myself and to hope Once Was Lost felt simultaneously effortless to read yet there was constance depth bubbling away under the surface This was completely absorbing and absolutely touching and the kind of YA contemp that keeps me coming back to the genre for .Also I should mention her prose is just lovely simple and flowing and occasionally quietly metaphorical Gorgeous.

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    I am in love with this book.Dear Sara Zarr,The only other book I have read by your magical self is Sweethearts Maybe I need to read it again, because I don t remember liking it that well and we are clearly MEANT TO BE.Love, ErinYep, didn t feel like writing the whole review in letter form cause who does that I say that with love toward all of you fine reviewers who do just that But, unfortunately, I can t put my feelings about this book into words very well right now Maybe ever I ll try anyway 1 Sara Zarr is a poet I notice this especially after reading The Maze Runner, which, while not badly written, was clearly not written by a poet Sara dwells on her words with love The descriptions and inner monologue are rich and multi faceted, while the dialogue is realistic and glorious to read So many of these characters were truly hilarious And, in many cases, cuddle worthy.2 The romance killed me Oh my dear goodness For a long while I was not really paying much attention to the relationship between Sam and Nick, happy with the two of them being friends and sharing their unique pains Um well so By the end I was like WOULD THE TWO OF YOU PLEASE JUST GET MARRIED AND BE HAPPY FOREVER 3 More importantly than any of that although the above two factors have made me a Once Was Lost fan TILL KINGDOM COME , was the simple fact that Sam s story hit me Hi guys, just the local Christian going to a Christian college here, letting you know that Sam s faith doubt issues are pretty much the most amazing thing ever I want her to be my best friend, and I will punch Erin in the face for her which is a weird thing to type, my name being what it is , and I dah, I don t know As soon as I finished the last page, I started daydreaming about the fine day when I will officially own this book And read it until the binding falls apart.That is what it deserves Read it read it read it read it.I open my eyes and look past Erin, past Daniel, through the leaves of a nearby tree and into the sky I attempt to see past the sky, and into God s heaven, from where he watches, doing nothing.

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    I want to believe the stories, that there really is someone who would search the whole mountainside just to find that one thing that he loves, and bring it home I am at a total loss as what to rate this book But one thing I can say for sure is that it gave me a lot to mull over and analyze, that I even thought about how I felt at the age of 15 again.At Samara s age I can remember being very contemplative like she was in the story She feels the urge to mature and to fully grasp the understanding of the things she always relied on, but is struggling so much because of what is happening around her Her father is the pastor of a local church in Pineview, and her mother is in rehab There is the whole thing about being the pastor s kid, and how she is treated differently because of it Things are going on as normally possible, but something happens that shakes the whole town Jody, a local girl from the chruch, is kidnapped.This book tackles the sensitive issue of religion, and Zarr did this with ease When talking about religion in books it can come off preachy, and you can just imagine eyes rolling You see actual substance, and you never feel this is an anti religion book though some people may see it that way because of the doubt that Sam harbors It touches a lot of subjects without being heavy handed The feelings that Sam has really come through to you, and though I was close to being annoyed at her she would do something redeeming Sam is fairly mature and I appreciated that she could see why her father, mother or anybody for that matter would do certain things, but she never excused them for it With Jody being taken away you see how the paranoia can get to people The whole town sees everybody in a different light, and I had to keep guessing who did it, though this isn t necessarily the book s focus It s real focus is how this event affects everyone in the town and specifically Sam What can be admired about the author is how she can write scenes that hold lots of hidden meaning without much being actually said Sometimes what is not said speaks louder than what is.After reading the review I obviously had only positive things to say and it is one of those books that make the gears in your head turn Delivered the message with much heart that even though you feel lost you can find your way.

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    Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr is set in the small town of Pineview Samara Taylor is fifteen and lives with her father, Charlie, the town s pastor She remembers a happier time last summer, spending time with her parents but now her mother is in rehab and Samara feels like everything in her life is breaking or already broken Her father is ignoring the problems they re facing, like her mother being in rehab and the fact that they rely on the town to pay their bills, and while he s good at being there for his congregation, he s not good at listening to his daughter.Sara is a master at writing opening pages, I immediately felt the heat and hopelessness of Samara s life Samara s mum is an alcoholic and has been in a local recovery centre for two weeks, after she crashed her car while drunk Before that Samara can remember a time when her mother still functioned but over the last year or so, Samara increasingly had to cover for her mother, explaining why she couldn t attend an event or why she d forgotten to do something She understood the pressure her mother felt to keep up appearances as the pastor s wife but it was a lot of responsibility to put on a fifteen year old.While dealing with her mum, Samara is also coming to terms with the fact that she has lost her faith She can remember believing when she was younger but lately she finds herself doubting her belief and questioning the idea that your church community is always there for you, does that include when your mother is in rehab Do people actually care when they ask how you are She still attends Youth Group with some kids from her school, including her best friends, but she s always felt like an outsider because they only see her as the pastor s daughter and they assume she ll tell on them if they do anything they re not supposed to.Then a girl from their community, Jo, goes missing and her father is once again spending time with others rather than dealing with his own life Nick, Jo s older brother, is a member of Samara s Youth Group The two of them aren t really friends but his sister s disappearance throws the two of them together and Samara enjoys having someone to talk with honestly.I really felt for Samara, she s trapped in a situation created by her parents and she doesn t have anyone to talk to, apart from Nick Her Youth Group leader, Erin, wants to help her but Samara is suspicious of her relationship with her dad, another thing Samara has to worry about I didn t like her dad very much, he let his work get in the way of caring for his daughter and at the same time he was really controlling Samara isn t allowed to use the internet and has never even held hands with a boy, so of course her dad reacts negatively to the news that Samara and Nick are becoming friends Samara broke my heart when she asked Nick if a boy would ever see her as a real girl, I can t imagine feeling like I wasn t real and wondering if anyone is going to like me for me My only qualm with her was her need to make up answers instead of being honest about her feelings so as not to make people uncomfortable, but I don t blame her, I blame her community for that because she feels like she must have everything together, all the time.I don t usually read novels revolving around religion, but Once Was Lost has a lot going for it, so don t let that put you off Sara has a way of writing so honestly, and to me, the bigger issues were family, growing up, taking responsibility and love.There was a sad and lonely feel to this story but the ending was quite hopeful Written in Sara s brilliant way, Once Was Lost is sure to please fans of YA contemporary.

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    April 17, 2019 That was an enjoyable story I m glad I found this book I didn t know I had yesterday May 14, 2019 3.5 STARS Rounded up to 4 because I didn t hate it Get ready for a long winded review because I took a lot of notes for some reason This book follows the life of a 15 year old girl named Samara, the daughter of a pastor This story is about how Sam s life turns upside down and she begins to question her faith when her mother gets sent to rehab after an accident leaving Sam with her Forever Too Busy For Family Father and she questions it even further when a young girl from her church goes missing NOTE This isn t an In Your Face Shoving Religion Down Your Throat sort of story either, so if that s what you re thinking because you saw pastor and church , you can stop thinking it now I promise it isn t like that READ THE REST AT YOUR OWN RISK Because My Notes And Opinions Are Sometimes Detailed And May Unintentionally Reveal Something You ve Been Warned CONTENT LANGUAGE Not a lot to report here, only at one point does one character apologize to another for being an a , and one or two uses of the word crap VIOLENCE It really wasn t a violent sort of story, but just in case these mild brief mentions bothers anyone, I pointed them out A 13 year old girl is stolen, but it s not detailed at all on the exact events or what goes on while she is in captivity it s really not bad A character has a low moment where they just sort of break down and jump out of a vehicle and ends up falling down a hill and getting cut up from the impact of the rocks, but they re okay and again, not violent per se, but still putting that little accident out there In the end, the captor kills them self by fatal gunshot only mentioned by a news anchor in a recap of the whole missing person case, there s not a whole scene about it or any sort of details DRUGS ALCOHOL There was NO drug use in this story The protagonist s mother has a drinking problem though, and receives a DUI this part isn t actually in the story it s only mentioned after getting into a car accident Other than that, there s only a few mentions of how the mother would drink a lot in the past and about her being in rehab SEX NUDITY None There was only one kiss in the entire book This wasn t a romantic kind of story Sex is only mentioned one time when the protagonist is discussing how people avoid don t include her in thins because she s the pastor s daughter and they don t want her telling on them if they swear, drink, sleep around, etc Our Main Focuses Of The Story Are Sam s Mother She has a drinking problem and after colliding with a pole and receiving a DUI, the authorities strongly suggested rehab for 30 days And she seems to not want any contact at all with her family for the most part Living Life As A Pastor s Kid everyone treats her different because her father is a pastor they don t invite her places, they avoid her outside church, act extra good around her, etc Expectations are high Basically it sucks from her perspective Jody Shaw Goes Missing 13 year old girl disappears without a trace one Sunday after church on her way to get ice cream It affects the entire community, so they all band together to search for her She s missing for about 12 days Sam s Relationship With Her Father seemingly not all that great He s helpful and good at listening and being there at the drop of a hat for anyone else, by not so much for his daughter In my opinion, it didn t seem like he knew how to be a parent at all without his wife around Sad Nick Shaw Jody s older brother So, Sam likes all these things about this soon to be college boy He s considerate, sweet, kind, cute, nice to be around basically all the girls LOVE Nick Sam sort of does Lovey Dovey ness really isn t important to this story, or in the storyline at all So the kiss that Sam and Nick share that is never explained or really revisited is sort of random and unnecessary to me But like, at the same time, I expected the kiss This isn t a love story though Everything That Is Broken The Air conditioner, the fan, the ice cube dispenser on the fridge, the TV, their backyard honestly, that yard was talked about so often and I don t even know if it ever got fully revived Other Points and Notes I Made While Reading Sam is very closed off about her feelings At one point she mentions internally that she thinks she s depressed That didn t get revisited I did NOT enjoy Vanessa s character AT ALL Instead of a 15 year old girl, she reminded me of an 11 12 year old Idk She was just REALLY annoying and whined a lot And her whole attitude and everything took me back to those middle school days, which I did not ask for so, NO THANKS However, I was curious about Daniel because I actually liked him I wish he d been around than Vanessa I feel like we didn t really get to know all the characters all that well, it felt like okay, let s just pretend for a second that this book is a swimming pool and the water is the characters in this story, you just barely dip your toes in the water You hardly touch the surface at all I dunno, maybe that s good enough for some people, but for me, characters and character development are things that I care about a lot I just wasn t feeling like I got very much about who the characters were, and so because of that, I didn t really connect with any of them Alright, so was Sam s dad having an affair or ALMOST having one with Erin Because I m not sure which thing happened there You kinda have to infer. honestly I m not sure I can t tell I really don t know _ _ To be honest, I didn t really get into the whole mystery aspect of the story I wasn t tryna figure out Whodunnit The whole time In fact, I didn t try to figure it out at all So I didn t have any sort of ah huh moment or an oh, I never would ve guessed moment when the captor was revealed It wasn t an intense mystery, nor do I think it was intended to be So basically, if you re looking for a thrilling suspenseful mystery story, that s not what this is This story is about self discovery, and trying to keep faith when hard times make you question it.

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