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Rawley's Redemption chapter 1 Rawley's Redemption , meaning Rawley's Redemption , genre Rawley's Redemption , book cover Rawley's Redemption , flies Rawley's Redemption , Rawley's Redemption cd333fc2aa63c After Unjustly Losing His Job, Ex Sheriff Rawley Good Turns To The One Person He Has Long Denied Himself, Rancher Jeb Greeley But Rawley Soon Learns He Can T Always Be The Boss When It Comes To Love Relationships Aren T Like Running A Town And A Man Like Jeb Is Not About To Be Dominated Even In The Name Of LoveThough He Is No Longer The Sheriff Of Summerville, Rawley Won T Back Down From His Investigation Into His Brother S Shooting Something S Not Right There Is A Murderer To Catch, Corruption To Fight And His Job To Get Back More Importantly, Rawley Isn T About To Walk Away From The Greatest Love Of His Life Sheriff Or Not, Jeb Greeley Is The Man For HimNow He Just Needs To Convince Him Of That FactThis Book Is Best Read In Sequence As Part Of A Series

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    I really liked all three of these books Not ready for Twin Temptations yet They were well written and enjoyable I am not a fan of cowboy stories usually but all three of these were great Between all three books I can not think of one thing that annoyed me, also rare for me I am excited to read about Nate, Rio, and Ryan in All Play No Work

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    Rating 2.5 5I don t have much to say about this book I pretty much only read it because I d read the first two books in the series and they have very connected storylines I ll admit, though, that I did quite a bit of skim reading since, in all honesty, Carol Lynne books just don t really engage me I ve tried to get into them, but they re just too superficial.This is the third book in the Good time Boys series The first three books are very connected and need to be read in order for them to make sense.In Rawley s Redemption, Rawley Good is finally coming out of the closet about his sexuality now that he s lost his job as sheriff For a long time he s lied and said he s straight because he did not want to lose his job But it happened anyway due to events surrounding his brother s shooting and there s no sense in hiding who he is any However, even though he will admit his feelings for Jeb Greeley, part of his own mind still has trouble accepting his homosexuality Along with that, he s determined to get his job back and catch the man responsible for almost killing his brother.Like the second book in the series, this one jumps right into the story It literally picks up where book 2 left off and it feels like a new chapter instead of a new book Which is why it s necessary to read these books in order.Otherwise, I just don t have much to say This is a pretty typical Carol Lynne book The romance was so sothough I did kinda like how Rawley had trouble accepting his own sexuality I would have liked it if it had been explored further The plot resolution regarding Sonny s shooting was pretty predictable There s also a side story involving secondary characters Rio, Nate and Ryan Would have liked it if that had been utilized.Basically, with this book and this seriesif you like Carol Lynne stories then you d probably like this book series But if you ve not read her before and you re the type that likes books that dig deeper and have emotional conflict then I d suggest looking for another M M author.WARNING, this book contains explicit sex and language, M M sex, anal sex, references to a M M M relationship

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    3.75 enjoyed this one because it features Nate, Ryan and Rio who I actually preferred even though they are really only supporting characters in Rawleys story they go on to start the first book of the Cattle Valley series.

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    So glad I read this one, now the first cattle valley is making sense.

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    Rating 3.5 starsI liked this book a bit better than I expected to Rawley has not been one of my favorite characters in the series, however I did like his partner Jeb I liked how their relationship progressed throughout the book I also liked how we continue to get multiple perspectives throughout the series I really wanted to read about Nate, Rio and Ryan I guess I m going to have to get the first book in the Cattle Valley series to see how their relationship turned out All in all, it was a good book and we finally got some closure on Sonny s shooting so that was good.

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    This story continues where the previous one left off At the exact sentence, to be exact The gang is still trying to gather evidence against Lionel for Sonny s shooting Nate is brought in, as well as Rio, then Ryan Rawley gets on my nerves a little bit in this book He denies he feels anything for Jeb for so long, to save his job, etc., but then, when he decides to go for it, he immediately falls into lovey dovey boyfriend mode, while constantly whining that he doesn t know how to be one He gets it together in the end, but build up drove me nuts I m looking forward to reading about the secretive sexy twins and to following Nate Rio Ryan to Cattle Valley.

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    Such a wonderfully sweet book and couple I was so happy that Rawley finally came around and accepted who he was and who he loved Jeb is such a beautiful man patient but determined, he d prefect for Rawley.The tone of this book was so nice, so much caring and loving going on, even with all the upset and disorder going on sometimes, it still held true to the sweet atmosphere I loved getting to know the twins a little better might even have to read the next one even though it has girlie bits love me some twincest and the new Ryan, Rio and Nate threesome.

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    Hot and Sweet have loved the Cattle Valley books by Carol Lynne and was sure I would love this one too I wasn t let down either She delivered and then some.Rawley shows up at the man he loves home after being fires as the sheriff Rawley s has been trying to nail the guy he knew shot his brother Sonny He has never been in a relationship before but knows he loves Jeb without a doubt Jeb welcomes him telling Rawley they will get him room for his clothes later They end up having sex for the first time there Rawley has a lot to learn about relationships and love with family and Jeb both Things are rocky with Jeb when he messes up twice The first by not including Jeb and the second by not understanding what being with someone means I was glad when he figured both of his mistakes out I felt bad for both of them because they were hurting.Rawley hired Nate Gills who we know from the Cattle Valley books as Rio and Ryan s partner This is the book that starts them being together Nate is undercover trying to get the guy that shot Rawley s brother to mess up,which he does finally Nate knows how to be a good PI but things go bad before they get good for him Nate falls in love with Rio who is into him but want cheat on his partner Ryan With advice from Jeb s brother Ryan comes to the town to see what s going on He admits he finds Nate good looking too HEe just isn t sure if it ll work between the three of them however by the end of the book they are leaving for Texas together.Rawley gets his brother s shooter and the one who but the hit out behind bars The guy s stupidity gets the best of him I was glad that he was brought down for what he did Sonny suffers from seizures nd bad heads because of what happened His personality to Rawley has changed and Rawley gets called on how he s been shying away from Sonny He blames his self for him being shot Rawley and Jeb get a great ending and Rawley got his job back Jeb wants him to run for mayor next They worked out the problems that Rawley was having during the book about being together which was hurting then both Advice from others helped a lot Rawley also apologized to his twin brothers when it comes to them being together I can t wait to read that book Twincest is a guilty pleasure to read It s not don t care what others think Carol Lynne did a great job and I will be reading of her books soon.

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    3 Another enjoyable quick easy to read book in this series stars.

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    3.75 starsThis story features Ryan s first appearance It explains how Nate, Ryan and Rio ended up in Cattle Valley

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