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Trust quotes Trust, litcharts Trust, symbolism Trust, summary shmoop Trust, Trust 210cc87c Brad Callahan Has Lived With Regret For Thirteen Years In College, He Broke Justin Lowe S Heart By Cheating Justin Hasn T Spoken To Him Since, Although His Love For Brad Never Died When Brad S Paramedic Unit Is Called To An Accident, He Finds Justin In The Wrecked Car When Brad Visits His Former Lover And Well Known Mystery Writer In The Hospital, Justin Reveals He Believes He Was Forced Off The Road And Has Been Receiving Ominous Letters Brad Takes Justin Home Passion Long Held Back Ignites And They Cannot Resist Being In Each Other S Arms But Someone Still Wants To Tear Them Apart And Justin May Never Be Able To Trust Brad Again

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    If I could give Trust than 5 stars I would.I wasn t planning on reading or reviewing Trust yet I have had a hard week, and had planned on reading Trust this weekend Of course, when I bought it, I decided to peek at the storyline just to tease myself until the weekend WRONG The minute I started reading this book, I was hooked It s no secret that I have enjoyed every book I have read written by Shawn Lane I enjoy the ride she takes me on when I start reading her books I usually experience a range of emotions throughout reading her stories Plus, I love her characters In my opinion, they are always well developed, and the chemistry between them is addictive to read about Not to mention the HOT and SMOKIN SEX SCENES.WHEW Justin Lowe and Brad Callahan had a serious relationship in college Justin, a native from England, is a smart man with dreams of becoming a mystery writer someday, while Brad is well on his way to becoming a professional football player Six months into their relationship, Justin is devastated when he comes upon Brad messing around with a teammate after a game Despite Brad s plea for another chance, Justin refuses to forgive him, and firmly wedges Brad out of his life Thirteen years later, Brad is a paramedic, who never got over Justin, or what he himself, did to sabotage their relationship When Brad is called to a horrible car accident, he is horrified to see Justin in the wrecked car with serious injuries Brad pulls out all the stops to rescue and keep Justin alive until he reaches the hospital While Justin recovers, Brad cannot keep himself away even though his knows Justin may not want him around when he regains consciousness When Justin becomes conscious, he is than a little shocked to see Brad in the hospital room Even though Justin has fulfilled his dream of being a successful mystery writer, he has always missed his first love, Brad But, Justin has never found it in his heart to forgive him.As a fragile bond starts forming between them, Justin and Brad realize that the car accident was no accident at all Someone is out to kill Justin, but who While Brad and Justin try to discover who is out to harm Justin and they start to rekindle their relationship, will Justin ever find it in his heart to forgive Brad and give their love a second chance Better yet, will Brad ever forgive himself, and think he could ever be worthy of Justin s love again I LOVED THIS BOOK I HATE cheaters There are very few books I have read that when hero cheats, I can either finish, or end up forgiving the hero along with the person he cheated on I admit I was angry at Brad when Justin finds him with another man I understood and applauded Justin s decision to leave Brad BUTIt wasn t long that I easily forgave Brad, wanted Justin to forgive him and for Brad to forgive himself.I thought this was a beautifully written novel about rekindling lost love, forgiveness and learning to trust again This may be my favorite Shawn Lane book, yet Although, that s a hard choice

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    I have said this before, I don t plan on reviewing books I will leave that up to Jack and all of my friends here BUT, I wanted to share that Trust is one of my all time favorite books.Like everyone else, I hate reading about cheaters Ironically, I had no idea when I started reading Trust, that one of the heroes was going to cheat When Justin walked in on Brad cheating, I didn t know who was surprisedme or him I expected to like Justin I did NOT expect to love Brad This is where Shawn s writing is at her best I know by my own reading experience, it s not often I like the cheater better than the one who was cheated on Brad is one of those heroes that is easy to stand behind I loved Brad and Justin together I enjoyed watching them reconnect and rekindle their relationship This is easily my favorite book I have read this year I agree with Shell It deserves than 5 stars

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    Think FAST What will you do in this situation Your boyfriend of less than a year cheats on your with his random teammate and you break up with him You re angry as hell for what he did and are quits Then you guys meet again in thirteen years and when you survive a car crash and are able to stand on two feet, you do a Curse his ass out some because he broke your heart 13 years ago b Make him regret what he passed up all those years ago and make him work his self back in your good graces Let him redeem himself and you might call himmaybe.c Drop to your knees with no explanation and suck him offNow, if you chose b, you re probably are a reader like me who doesn t mind cheaters in stories if they can redeem themselves and grovel appropriately and the ex s groveling is well written.If you chose a, you know an ex is always a damn ex And you don t waste your time on exes F ck em.And if you chose c, well then do I have a M M short story for you It s called Trust It features a drop to his knees happy MC and his ex boyfriend who did nothing to redeem himself or explain why he cheated those thirteen years ago Oh and he s depressing a bit This is the second book I ve read by this author where one of the H s is a Debbie Downer My face after reading this story.

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    I echo what Shayne, Ashley, Shellie, EH and Brenda said about the book it s wonderful and I LOVED Brad Oh, and Justin, too How can I resist a hot Brit

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    Shawn, i m blaming you again for my lack of sleep It s 2 in the morning and i m going for another round have to work tomorrow I won t say much because there has been wonderful reviews of this book already.I ll only say AWSOME AMAZING BREATHTAKING Within the first ten pages i found myself crying for Justin.Then i couldn t hate Brad at all Actually, i love him, nearly as much as he love Justin_lolShawn get to me every time with characters i can t help falling in love with Justin and Brad are so human, so mature one thing i really liked is that that the author did not try to minimized the trahison behind words like alcohol or forced or wasn t aware ofThere is a big mistake and there is love and it s all can we make it work _ is this relationship worth it Trust is defintely my favourite of all Shawn Lane s book.

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    CharactersBrad Callahan The young man who had the world on a string, but one mistake and he ends up as the man with one too many memory to regret.Justin Lowe s The young man who grew up to be a well known mystery writer There is also a mystery of late in his life, but nothing important than coming face to face with the one man he has never been able to forget The PlotWhen Brad Callahan broke Justin Lowe s heart, little did he know that than a decade later he would still be wearing the scars from the event.Now a man getting on with day to day life as best he can, he s called out to a traffic accident to see the boy he loved now a man trapped in a car and it s almost than he can take.Visiting Justin in hospital, lead to Brad taking him home after he reveals that the accident that he was involved in was no accident With unresolved issues left over from years ago between them, passion quickly ignites and natural curiosity leads them to explore the past decade without each other.However with all the heat these two produce someone is out to get at least one of them and with Brad not sure where he stands with Justin they take baby steps, but is it too much too late Smut Ick FactorNot enough in my opinion, these two have some chemistry between them, even after than a decade apart, the something special that clicked between all those years ago was still there years later There is no swinging from the rafters, but lots of touching and those looks that promise so much was very much in evidence PositiveThe character themselves were a treat I always love Ms Lane s protags, not only do you not know what sort of chip they will end up having on their shoulders, but you never know where they end going with the battle within them.I love the transition setting of the book, it starts off with obviously the event and then leads up to the main plot no in hindsight for this book nice.Quite an emotional read, with the emphasis being on TRUST , how easily it is to lose it and the lengths you will have to go through to get it back I love the vulnerability that Ms Lane brings out in these men, it is not often that you see a protag that is able to open himself up to hurt and even ridicule if the worst scenario plays out The little moment of insecurity and bravado were few but they brought a smile to my face.I love the angst between nosy parents and their son and son s lover and vengeful parent it was so today it could be my parent..It s probably weird of me, but there is definately a feel of penance to this book, self justification for past wrong and i like it.There were some underlining issues that was never developed, it was a short read so that is naturally expected, however i do hope Ms Lane revisit Justin and Brad once they get some mileage on their relationship.NegativeNot perfect by any mean, but not enough issues to make a song and dance about TRUST was a sweet read, it was over before i realized it you ll easily get caught up in the magic of Brad and Justin CoverI like the cover alot, Firstly there are Nekkid men showing lots of abs, over every time i look at the cover i see something different not only does it have a what could be feel to it, but it s heavy on the eeriness the eyes in the back ground is too spooky

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    I wasn t going to read this book I hate cheaters But, everyone has seemed to love it, so I thought I would give it a try anyway I loved it I cared for Brad as much as I did for Justin I loved how they rebuilt their relationship and found one another again.

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    uh after what happened in the prologue i expected this to go differently then it did the story was too short and had way too much sex to really get into the plot every time something serious came up instead of talking about it they just had sex view spoiler the whole Brad never had sex with anyone after he cheated on whats his name just didn t seem believable while they were together he couldn t keep it in his pants but after the break up he goes 13 years with no sex like seriously you cheat on your boyfriend while he is waiting outside for you to have sex with but you leave him waiting to have it with a teammate Also the story never explains why he cheated we get Brad s POV for how guilty he felt for it blah blah but all we know is he was celebrating with the team for their football victory and then the boyfriend walks in on him and some guy hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsNice story about two former lovers who were apart for 13 years and try to reconnect after crossing paths again.

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    2.5 stars rounded upThere were some frustrating aspects to this book The editing was not too good The language a bit stiff The plot not drawn out properly Julian and Brad were lovers back when they were in college Brad was caught by Julian in a compromising situation and Julian ended the relationship Thirteen years later Julian, now a successful mystery writer, is back in California and in a car accident Brad is one of the paramedics that helps rescue him, and things re develop between them.It s the I loved you then I can t forget you and I still love you now type of books Yes, that s a long category I like that type of premise I can be a sucker for it, as unrealistic as it usually is It s fiction, whatever However this wasn t executed particularly well Julian still loves Brad but can t forgive him, so I say either get over it and be together or move on, plenty of other fish in the ocean, honey There has to be a statute of limitations on these sorts of things you were young, someone made a mistake OR you just don t want to be with them again Done Over But, no, Julian agonises over it, all while getting his rocks offof course Brad has self punished for thirteen years to the point of absurdity Julian is being sent threatening emails and Now he says he s been run off the road No one seems to take him seriously, except Brad The bad guy was known to me right away There were typos in key areas instead of he liked seeing his head bobbing up and down on his cock it was bopping his cock Ouch, sounds painful.On the plus side it was sweet If you re looking for quick, plenty of sex, and light hearted this could be your go It s not serious or maudlin and I appreciated that so 2.5 stars.

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