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Broken Boundaries chapter 1 Broken Boundaries, meaning Broken Boundaries, genre Broken Boundaries, book cover Broken Boundaries, flies Broken Boundaries, Broken Boundaries b8c6205632f5e Chaz Is The Youngest Recruit The Academy Has Ever Seen Godlike Reflexes And Hawk Eyes Make Him A Natural Gunner Assigned To Fly The Futuristic Ship With Technology So Advanced It S Still Classified But It Takes A Two Man Crew And Chaz, The Lone Wolf, Must Have A PartnerOn His First Day He Meets Ferron, The Most Dangerous Man At The Academy The Ice Blue Eyes And Scarred Face Of The Older Cadet Aren T Enough To Scare Chaz Nor Are The Rumors That Ferron Killed His Last Partner But When He Finds Out They Are To Be A Team, His Anxiety Starts To MountTension Climbs To A Breaking Point When Ferron Informs Him That In Order To Fly The Needle He And Chaz Must Have Their Bodies Pressed Together In A Dance Of Sensual Intimacy That Makes The Sexually Straight Chaz Angry And UncomfortableFerron Must Master Chaz Completely And Break Down His Physical And Emotional Boundaries The Only Thing That Will Keep Them Alive Is Their Partnership Any Space Between Them Means Certain Death

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    dnf at 20 percent.silly, and juvenile, and shouty lots of emo douchebaggery and magic peen syndrome.i really liked the premise, and hated everything else i likened it to degrassi junior high IN SPAAAACE.there s, like, a roving gang of shouty homophobes in it and everything.it was like grease but with killer space lobsters and less sophisticated characterization.big ol pile of dafuqery, then.you d do well to avoid it, unless you don t necessarily need your leisure reading to make any sense whatsoever.i hereby invoke and affirm Anne Marie s Maxim what if i died reading this shitty book with space lobsters in it

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    I just upped this review by a star Why The I talk about it the I realize that I actually DO like it in a Spaceballs vs Star Wars kind of way It actually has very good entertainment and conversation value Added to my guilty pleasures shelf Okay this is the third book I ve read by Evangeline Anderson and I ve figured out her M.O. For some reason, she can t write about gay relationships without putting in some absurd reason for two men to get together This might be the last book I read from her because it bothers me that, while I like the GFY genre in general, she almost forces the straight guys into these situations, kicking and screaming Exhibit A The Assignment was about two best friends and partners that have to go undercover at a gay resort to bust a drug ring While they are there of course they have to make out in front of people and then practice in their room so they ll be comfortable together It even goes so far as to force them to have sex in front of other people in order to not break their cover Okaaaaay Exhibit B Str8te Boys This could ve been a real cute story between two roommates and best friends that fall in love, but no why not add an extremely competitive game of gay chicken Seriously It s not obvious that your roommate is totally into you when he challenges you to gay chicken And it s not obvious that you are a latent because you challenge him back whenever you get a chance And finally the third strike and honestly this one is the most ridiculous of all.Exhibit C Broken Boundaries Chaz Brighton is accepted to the Space Academy and wants to be a Needle Gunner The Needle is the name for this top secret fighter craft So far so good He is partnered up with the best Needle pilot at the academy brooding, good looking cadet Eric The Falcon Ferron Again I m totally with her on this Two flight partners can fall in love because they re training together right But nooooo Ms Anderson has to FORCE them together by concocting a totally ridiculous reason that they have to get physical Apparently, Gunners and their Pilots are connected by a high tech neural net that synchs them together But wait, there s , the connection intensifies when they are, um, physically connected And I m not talking about cuddling So yes indeed, they fly naked and the pilot manhandles the gunner to strengthen their connection No I m serious I cannot make this shit up So Chaz is straight and apparently so was Eric when they started at the academy but circumstances being what they are it s basically F or die a horrible scorched metal explosive death The sad part is, Ms Anderson is a decent writer, her characters are likable, and her storylines all have promise But the fact that the situations that get her characters physical are all SO contrived just irritates me How about just having two characters that fall in love despite all odds It was almost like watching some kind of spoof Like the movie Zombie Strippers yes, this is a real movie and yes, I ve seen it the whole thing was just so ridiculous I had to laugh and roll my eyes the whole way through.I recommend this book for gay men who are so far in the closet it will take a backhoe to dig them out Because apparently the only time having gay sex is okay is if you are saving the Earth against lobster aliens oh, yeah, in case i forgot to mention lobster aliens Your Honor, I rest my case.

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    I keep waiting for this to happen the whole book The whole God nope, just me joke is getting old, stale, and downright moldy But that s not all that s getting old with E.A s books.I will write a review on all three arcs of the story.1 The STRAIGHT MANI am not gay I am not gay I am not gay And then go on and repeat it for something like 200 pages because you re certainly not getting an erection while getting close and personal to a guy you did not have an orgasm while giving a guy a blowjob you definitely did NOT long to let him hump your brains out.Nope, nope, nope.Barring all the signs so obvious that a moron could have noticed it, continue to insist that you re straight, even after someone tells you that scientifically speaking, everyone who s a pilot, is gay You know what they say Repeat it enough and it ll be the truth.2 THE RAPE I m not even going to put this in a spoiler tag because you can see it coming from like, Chapter One, and so doesn t merit the effort of using an actual spoiler tag.So yeah, cheap rape ploy that borderlines on ridiculous And this book has a lot of ridiculous in it Let s see, humanity s last line of defense against invading aliens is a group of spaceships manned by people who are having sex while they drive In fact, if one of them turns out to be a prude and they DON T have sex while they drive, we ll be taken over by crustacean monsters called Lobsters.Are you feeling safer already Well, are you This isn t the first book of EA s that I ve read about this whole sex or die thing either Slave Boy had one In til Kingdom Come had another, and even a medieval equivalent of the joystick driving.Honestly, I don t mind rape What I do mind is that EA feels the need to justify it all Rape is ugly It should be ugly, and not choke full of attempts to dress it up nicely in a ball gown TKC had a rape scene where the MC is forced to do it, and the MC in this one is also forced to do it, thus justifying that it s actually not rape at all lol but to save the world.Seriously, man up and stop making excuses.3 The MAKE UPSo after the rape Naturally, our MC is distraught He kind of forgets the whole we had to do this OR ELSE factor about the whole thing, wigs out, and basically ditches the other MC, thereby prompting a lot of angst.So then the really cookie cutter, 2D, ridiculously cartoon villain corners him, nearly kills the other MC and suddenly he sees the lightand they live HEA.Verdict Do I really need to add this part Okay, I ll just leave you with this note Buy this if you really feel you need to read something like this.

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    Wow This book was really hot The scifi plot was interesting and unique but had a few plot issues that distracted me as I questioned them The futuristic space fighter is very advanced and requires a two man team to be extremely close in order to fly it at maximum efficiency The government has found a way to find the people best suited to not only fly the machine but to each other as well The government is never wrong and they don t take into consideration the emotional upheavel such revelations may present to those chosen for the program Much of this story is centered on a theory that the tests reveal outright homosexual biological imperatives or latent tendencies For each of those participating in the flying program full m m bonding is a necessary requirement to succeedhowever even that far in the future there is still a Don t Ask Don t Tell policy, rampant homophobia on the ship that goes completely unchecked and no physcological support for those chosenhad a hard time with this part of the plot Chaz is left completely rocked by the idea that not only is the government telling him he is gay, but apparently they are right at least toward his partner GFY then throw his roll of submissive in the partnership and bam, one very confused and frightened kid He left his homeworld, his parents, his girlfriend and a chance at West Point for the progrm without any knowledge of what is ultimately expected and struggles pretty realistically with the reality of his situation Ferron Falcon is already several years into his training when his partner is lost to him He has his own emotional issues to deal with after the sudden loss but he is now matched to a new partner His new partner is nothing if not reluctant to face his true nature Falcon is left to figure out how best to break all the barriers and boundaries down between them The building relationship between Ferron and Chaz is very touching and well done Chaz s inner monologue about submission, homosexuality and what makes a man felt very real to me I was sucked in and struggled right along with Chaz to accept the role that really would make him happy even as it made him miserable and ashamed to get there Most of the time, the sexual interaction is somewhat forced on Chaz and he accepts with great reluctance only to continually find that he likes it Outside characters really make their journey much difficult then it might have been but also in the end help them admit the true full nature of their relationship I marked this down to 4 stars because there were some unanswered question about the partnerships that didn t quite make sense to me I am not going to go into them in this review because maybe they won t occur to other readersbut if you find some, feel free to come back and comment so we can discuss.

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    Are you a big fan of sci fi Do you love to read about gadgets and technologically advanced machinery Are you interested in books which contain aliens and their impact on our society in the future If you are can I gently suggest that you stay right away from this book because it may make you a tad annoyed Broken Boundaries is Evangeline Anderson at her finest It s a gloriously over the top piece of high space camp that will appeal to those who love EA and are willing to set aside all pretense at a believable plot and hang on for a great ride All her favourite plot devices are here Straight to gay gay for you dubious sexual consent public sex fast pacing oodles of sexual tension and evil villains All this and lobster shaped aliens who are trying to take over the Earth What could a m m reader want Except, perhaps, fantastically hot sex scenes and, guess what, there s that as well.The story begins when we meet our hero, Chaz, who is newly arrived at the lunar station to train to be a needle gunner The needle is a technologically advanced space craft, specially designed to be swift and deadly in a space fight However, Chaz is not happy to discover that the only way to fly in this machine is for the gunner and pilot to be surrounded by a neural net In order for this net to be effective the men have to pressed together skin to skin The net works at its ultimate level when the men are joined together in sex For the ostensibly straight Chaz this idea is completely horrific, especially when he discovers that his pilot is Ferrin, a man who is rumoured to have murdered his previous partner As I m writing this description now I m thinking, this sounds like the biggest load of tosh and, to be honest, it is completely laughable and sounds like something out of a porn film or a gay space version of Top Gun Guns on Top , perhaps The thing is, EA makes it work I was wholly sucked in to the whole silly nonsense and couldn t stop reading it from start to finish in one sitting.The relationship between Chaz and Ferrin shifted from tense to a gradual tenderness as Chaz began to realise that if he wanted to fulfil his life s ambition to be a needle gunner then he must set aside his inhibitions Ferrin was very gentle and patient with Chaz, never pushing him to do than he could take, but furthering their intimacies through constant touching and always being alongside Chaz Thus the sexual tension grew and grew until an explosive finale I liked both Chaz and Ferrin I sympathised with Chaz and his mixed feelings about realising that he was attracted to Ferrin and I liked that Ferrin admitted that he too had been through those feelings when he first started his training The scenes where Ferrin comes to terms with his previous partner s death were emotional and touching, allowing us to see how important that man had been to him.There were a few things I hadn t liked about the book Many of the secondary characters came off as a little too cardboard cut out for my liking The ultra evil homophobe the campy twink the thick headed muscle guy the twins who complete each other s sentences I was also rather irritated by the way that Chaz refused to have sex with Ferrin because then he would somehow have to admit he was bisexual There is also a graphic scene of non con sex which didn t bother me too much because of the circumstances, which I can t explain here or I ll give major spoilers away but some readers may not find to their taste.Overall, I was thoroughly engrossed in this wholly daft book At no point did I think that this was anything but a tongue in cheek pastiche of a sci fi novel If you like reading thoughtful, realistic sci fi which looks at the importance of maintaining cordial relationships with alien cultures, then I d give this book a miss However, if you are looking for a lighthearted space romp with lots of great sex and space battles, then look no further than this book You won t be disappointed I certainly wasn t which is why I m giving it a grade of Very Good.

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    3.5Upped by 1 2 point upon re read And the award for the most inventive use of a spacecraft goes to.Kind of like a cross between Independence Day for brainless fun , Top Gun same with the two macho enemy studs and the very good sci fi novel Ender s Game for scenario Add the fuck to live aspect and it is really is kind of irresistible

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    This is a science fiction based story about training young men to be excellent fighter pilots against the possible threat of the return of space aliens called Lobsters that threaten the Earth s existence Sound familiar Well it should, the plot is incredibly similar Ender s Game except the pilots are forced to be gay Considering this author is well known for her gay for you stereotypes, she certainly stays true to form with that in this particular twist There are additional problems from the characters to the themes, to the not so subtle it s wrong to be gay sentiment woven throughout the story While there is a heavy yaoi element to the characters and their sexual connection, nothing can make up for the poor plot and uneven writing.As I ve said if you ve read Ender s Game, you ll understand the plot of this story except the pilot and gunners have to be naked and having sex to actually be great at flying Unfortunately whereas the former is a well deserved classic, this particular offering suffers from trying to incorporate too many elements and ultimately being unsuccessful at most Starting with the plot, which is unoriginal and unimaginative, there is no additional explanation or understanding of the choices the author makes For example, the implication is given that all the pilots and gunners chosen have latent homosexual desires, which make it possible for these men to engage in the various sexual acts that are deemed necessary for survival and great flying However, several characters are depicted as never having homosexual desires and simply want to return to Earth to forget their actions So either every single man chosen is a closet homosexual, which is clearly not true, or these men are all forced to be gay to save the world Let s just say that s not exactly the rationalization that works in a science fiction based romance, neither would it work if it was the opposite and gay men were forced to be straight.Further the author tries to explain that this connection is acceptable because it happens so rarely, yet this rare connection is debatable as Ferron is paired up with no fewer than at least three partners within the span of this story Additionally the pairing of Landrews and Sanderson is described several times as lacking any emotional connection and based purely on wanting to succeed within the Military rankings, thus showing that your match isn t necessarily the person you are perfectly matched with in all ways So again, not only is the necessity to be naked and having sex while flying is never explained but even the weak and transparent explanation offered to soothe the fragile latent s chaotic emotions is ridiculous.Unfortunately the character of Chaz swallows all of these rationalizations, and other things, while going meekly along with the program He repeatedly questions his acceptance of the program, how the Needlers are run, the need for actual naked and sexual contact and the need for all men to be gay within the program, yet accepts sweeping blanket statements such as the intimately I touch you, the better the connection, and the effective we are as a team Make sense Unfortunately this doesn t make sense, neither as a plot device nor Chaz s easy acceptance of such At the same time he s struggling with new feelings and exploring the gay for you and only you trope that seems to dominate the book Chaz only desires Ferron and needs him, but he s caught up on not being gay and thus can t give in fully to Ferron.Putting aside the problematic plot and focusing on the character of Chaz, he clearly shows classic yaoi characteristics with his back and forth desire and fear of actual sex He practices heavy self denial and uses a pseudo BDSM rationalization to give up any personal responsibility and accept his actual desires His sexual encounters with Ferron tend to be heavily yaoi influenced as well with his outward refusal but inwardly wanting the older man to simply make the choice for him His final acceptance of his sexuality and ability to own up to his feelings is classic, yet unfortunately never worked for me I can see the yaoi influence for sure so perhaps some fans will enjoy it but even that can t make up for the uneven writing from corny and porno to actual solid and tight writing.Additional characters such as the multiple villain counterpoints in this book made the melodrama stretch pretty thin From the closeted homophobe character of Burns who mocks the Needlers for being faggots to the openly hostile character of Landrews that constantly attacks Chaz as latent for not being openly and proudly gay there is no shortage of tension and created conflict for the intrepid and confused hero of the story Add in the taciturn character of Ferron who offers little in the way of understanding and furthering emotional progression, and it s little wonder that Chaz has no personal growth at all during the course of the story If he weren t forced into a physical homosexual gay situation, Chaz would still happily be with his girlfriend His change from homophobic to homosexual requires no introspection and emotional growth on his part, merely the domination of another man.This of course leads to a controversial aspect of the book the actual rape scene With the yaoi influence during the sexual encounters, I wasn t bothered so much by the yes no flip flopping Chaz was spouting However, the actual rape scene was not IMO a classic yaoi sex scene and further it was simply what it was a rape Chaz does not want to be penetrated and Ferron s weak and ridiculous excuse that it has to be done to save the world from the Lobster Queen in no way had Chaz secretly wanting that sex Perhaps in another setting between just the two of them when Chaz s fears were overcome gradually, he probably would have wanted the sex But to ream the poor man s ass without benefit of lube to save the world is simply rape and it has no place in this story or a romance.Neither does the outrageous and corny porno like scene of a suck off challenge between Landrews and Sanderson and Ferron and Chaz Of course Chaz has to prove his homosexuality by seeing which man can bring their partner to orgasm first so both Chaz and Landrews drop to their knees happily in the middle of a crowded lounge and go to town The purpose of this scene is clearly to progress Chaz faster towards his acceptance of the ultimate necessary sex, yet is frustratingly obvious while being uninteresting to read.The rape bothered me some as it was unnecessary, but really the worst sin this author did was give a poor plot with unevenly paced writing that went from interesting and descriptive to corny and ridiculous The weak rationalizations and obvious anti gay sentiment makes this a failure even considering the yaoi elements Further the author herself markets this as an m m romance and nowhere refutes that statement The characters repeatedly state they are not gay, they re just taking care of each other and are gay for you leaving these tropes as overdone and worn thin within the context of the poorly constructed plot This was especially unfortunate as the author is clearly talented and creative with hints of strong, descriptive writing However between the character, plot, and writing problems this book wasn t enjoyable to read nor did it satisfy as a romance for me.

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    Second time round for this quirky sexy sci fi story by Evangeline Anderson and however far fetched and WTF this book gets at times I couldn t give a flying you know what Its got sizzling, palpable sexual tension, which always ticks my boxes, fantastic chemistry, its hot as hell and I adore brooding Ferron and skittish Chaz with a passion At first glance this is just another chunk of space erotica with a kinky excuse to get the two guys, one of whom thinks he s straight, into doing the nasty space pilots with a cough difference but the you get into the book and having now read it a second time, for me it turns out to be a really lovely, romantic in its own way, love story in the GFY catagory and at times its really poignant and deals with serious matters view spoiler there is an attempted rape and an off page rape hide spoiler

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    Review later, I m conflictedLater I am still conflicted Ironically when I performed a search for the book, I found there s a book with the same title that talks about betrayed relationships and that s the core of what Chaz, the young protagonist of the book, feels for some time This is not the first dubious consent story I ve read here I think it s really non consensual The problem is that I hated both Ferron and Chaz while it was happening.This is a gay for you story and Chaz and maybe a little bit Ferron too makes it clear that he s not into guys, but with Ferron it s different I am not extremely fond of gay for you, but I can find it enjoyable And this book was incredibly entertaining and hot I prefer tighter writing styles, this book could have spared me some adjectives, but like the two other books by Evangeline Anderson that I ve read I couldn t put it down Trainwreck effect Probably Maybe I hate myself a bit for liking this book too much when it made me uncomfortable.Back to the rape issue The scene in the spaceship where Ferron forces himself on Chaz was hard to deal with because it was raw, there was no real doubt in Chaz s mind, he didn t want it and no matter what was happening he didn t feel Ferron was justified in what he did If I could have placed all the blame on Ferron, I would have felt better But no I should have felt sympathy for Chaz but there was something in his attitude, in his continuous denial of his attraction for Ferron, that made me feel betrayed, because he should have made up his mind and surrendered to Ferron at that moment, when things were bad, but no, he resisted He broke my comfort bubble and made me feel a little dirty too.I m confused On one hand I found Chaz s attitude immature and sometimes even a little bit offensive On the other hand he was disrespected It s a book that I would have no problems to recommend, but it left me with a bitter taste It s just me, I know.

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    This book is just plain ridiculous Having sex while piloting a spacecraft and shooting aliens in a life or death situation The fact that having sex while you re doing these things is supposed to make you a better pilot gunner And don t forget the I m only raping you so we can save the world which is made even ridiculous by the fact that the character being raped actually improves his marksmanship while he s being violated Reading the synopsis, I thought I d stumbled upon an interesting sci fi concept and to the author s credit, I still think it s an interesting idea I just don t think it was done well or believably in this particular story , but the whole thing reads like an excuse for the characters to get it on None of the actual science made any sense to me and all the explanations and conflicts not to mention the cookie cutter antagonists just felt like they were thrown in for the sole purpose of getting the main character to break down and finally submit The romance never felt believable so when he does finally have consensual sex, it felt like he had been manipulated into it, and I don t believe the happy ending either.

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