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    Fuck, this book was the BEST kind of nasty It had some seriously kinky sex, but all in the absolutely best possible way This was really unlike anything I have read or thought I would enjoy reading I have a new GR friend named Ann and I was stalking her favorites list and this one stood out and I decided to give it a try Boy, am I glad I did No hearts, no flowers and it is historical gasp Check out the long list of books on my historical shelf to see what a huge fan I am of the genre But this book doesn t need any of those things to be romantic because, by the end, you will melt into a big puddle of goo at the glorious HEA our heroes receive.If you like down and dirty, ridiculously hot and nasty sex between men from the old west, you gotta give this one a try Recommended

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    Can I get a Well wasn t that just a kinky, smutty good time An outlaw on the runA bounty hunter.Throw in some horses, a saloon, a train.What do you get Oh waitwrong gif There, yes it was kind of like that Or maybe even thisBut hey, that s okay too I can t get down with some young Clint Eastwood I guess this one is considered historical.a historical western I mean they did travel by horse But it didn t really feel historical And despite the short length and extra smutty good time the story was pretty good too Recommend.

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    Wow, what a sleeper hit For some reason maybe the cover or maybe because the first book, Stealing Northe is a m nage I have skimmed past this book when looking for my next read for quite awhile I finally stopped to really read the blurb and decided to give this story a go I usually love Jamie Craig Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean writing together you can t really go wrong and I am glad I did Although this is the second book in what I guess is just a two part series, it is a stand alone You do not need to read the first book to follow this story at all I did not expect the strong BDSM theme, but it fell right in line with the position the two heroes find themselves in and was very erotically well written Thomas is a bounty hunter and Leon is a wanted man When Thomas catches up to Leon, the dominance and submission begins, much to the surprise of both men Leon had always been in charge of his past partnership, he is stunned to find how much he enjoys the role reversal he finds himself in Thomas has never been so attracted to his catch before but finds himself in a position of power that he is a surprised he enjoys as much as Leon The sex in this book is very, very hot Scorchin even I really wanted to see of the two as their D s partnership progressed and new wonders were discovered I did not want the book to end If you haven t read this one yet and like the BDSM theme, I think you will like this one It is unique in its setting and how they both stumble upon their need for each other Potential ick factor summary no m nage, no publicly displayed sex, no humiliation and no blood play Although there is a particularly violent scene with blood, it is part of the story, not part of the sexual interaction and does occur to further the story along

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    4.5 dirty, filthy stars Jet was right I loved it.My CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME review Why do I think Jet picked Stealing West for me That s easy Because cowboys, duh Also because of the dirty, filthy sexy times and she knew I would need the aww factor and this one is so very aww worthy Of course, she knew the ending would get me reeeaall good too.Now, I love me some cowboys and I ve been meaning to read this book since Jet first told me about ages ago but for some reason I just never got around to it Thank the gods for CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME cause I could kick myself for not reading this delicious filth sooner Let me just tell you This book is dirty y all Like down in the actual dirt, screaming obscenities while being pile driven, got scratches from tree bark on my dick dirty It Was Awesome We first meet Leon on the train with his partner in crime Kenneth and Kenneth s new family Leon s feeling a bit out of sorts and like a fifth wheel ever since Kenneth married the love of his life and decided to settle down He decides to take a walk down the length of the train to try and calm his mind Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it it he spies the last person he wants to see, the best bounty hunter in the West, Thomas Grady So, doing what outlaws do best, Leon makes his getaway the moment the train stops.And the adventure beginsI honestly didn t expect to love this book as much as I did Now, I like me some dirty, raunchy sex as much as the next person but for me to really enjoy a book it needs to have an actual story For some reason I had it in my head that this was nothing than PWP with some cowboys thrown in So imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered this not only had a plot but was a well written, sweet story And it had feels Oh, did it have some feels The cat and mouse game these two men and they were men not boys played made me squirm The sexual tension was delectable and the sex The sex was absolutely divine All the manhandling, the tying up, the holding down guh And that bathtub scene If you read this for nothing else, read it for that bathtub scene Gives me the good shivers Throw all that in with a plot and loads of emotions and I was hooked The only reason it doesn t get a full five hearts is cause it s too damned short I could have read a 100 pages of this story I fell in love with both of these men but Leon especially Leon now has a pocket reserved just for him He was so adorably snarky I could just eat him up.So thank you Jet for making me read this You really do know how to pick em.

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    This is exactly how you want your old school westerns to be, just a million times better because of the absolutely off the charts heat between Leon and Thomas, the two MC s in Stealing West This book has it all, good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things, the morality line is a little skewed by the need to survive in the old west while being on the run from the law This is actually a sequel to Stealing Northe, the story of Leon and his partner Kenneth and how Leon came to be on his own Stealing West can be read as a standalone There is enough background given, you won t be lost for not having read the first installment of the Stealing series.Stealing West starts out with Leon, Kenneth, Kenneth s new wife Amy and her son Woody on a train bound for Salinas There is a bounty on Leon and Kenneth and Kenneth s only goals are to keep Amy and Woody safe and to start on a new life living the straight and narrow Leon and Kenneth had been partners for years, in many ways and Kenneth looked to Leon for direction and comfort throughout all their adventures Now that Kenneth has a family of his own, Leon can t help but feel like an outsider and it s heartbreaking to see the brave face that Leon puts on in front of his friend Leon decides to go for a walk through the train to clear his head and stretch his wounded ankle when he locks eyes with Thomas Grady, a bounty hunter who always gets his man Leon can only hope Thomas didn t see him, but knows that is probably wishful thinking Leon makes his way back to Kenneth to warn him, and it s time for them to separate, hopefully not for good, but there are no guarantees and the two say goodbye The plan is for Leon to create a diversion, drawing Thomas off the train at the next stop and off Kenneth s trail Leon creates quite the distraction when the train arrives and it rivals the great escape stunts you see in the best of westerns Thomas isn t easy to shake though and Leon is ill prepared for the ride and the weather He s also still nursing a broken ankle, so the chips are stacked against him After a few days chase through the mountains Thomas does finally catch his man and this is where the real fun begins Leon is absolutely full of snark and I liked him a lot Thomas is the perfect stoic straight man to Leon and their banter ratchets up the tension between them that is so fun to read For instance when Leon says to Thomas after Thomas accuses him of being too stubborn Stubborn Me I m the picture of good manners I didn t knock your hat off your head when I shot at you now did I And, of course, there is an undeniable something between them that starts to show itself when Thomas ties Leon up for the first time The banter increases, the tension increases and damn if pants don t come off One thing that Leon has never admitted, not even to Kenneth, was that his preference was undoubtedly for men Leon and Kenneth had always stuck with the we re doing this just to relieve some tension dance, but the encounters always meant way to Leon and what happens between Leon and Thomas is the ultimate release for Leon If you don t think you are into reading BDSM books don t let that keep you from reading this one While the story does have some of the elements, the relationship and balance that develops between Leon and Thomas really makes sense and is easy to understand I think what makes it so believable is that the development is a real revelation for both of them and takes them both by surprise Neither of them really understands what is happening between them, and it s a completely fun and filthy journey reading about how they figure it all out It s the balance that they strike that is so appealing and you never mistake Leon for being a stereotypical sub Reading from his point of view gives you the sense of power and release he feels, even when he s on his knees.As the two make their way to town so that Thomas can turn Leon in to the authorities and collect his bounty, both find they aren t really ready to let go When they reach town they hear word that there is an even bigger bounty to be had for catching Phoenix, the outlaw to end all outlaws Add the fact that Leon has some information on Phoenix that he may be able to use as a bargaining chip to win his release, we have hope for Leon and quite possibly and even importantly, for Leon and Thomas So, on to San Francisco where western adventures are to be had by our two MC s I ll leave all those adventures for you to read, because this is where these two really start to get their kink on Give these boys a hotel room, a hot bath and a little rope and dammit if that isn t the hottest bath scene I have ever read The Hottest I Have Ever Read And I may have read it repeatedly For all the wonderfully deliciously filthy bits in this book, what may end up surprising you is how incredibly romantic it can be too How the authors managed to fit that in is really well done and is completely believable for these two characters This story has everything in it that you don t normally put together with true romance, BDSM, view spoiler fisting, yes, fisting don t be scared, it works , hide spoiler

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    So apparently I had nothing better to do today and somehow stumbled on this Not gonna lie I d marked it as Want to Read a while ago, mostly for the cover and it turned out to be a nice surprise Leon and Thomas meet cute or really Thomas is a bounty hunter and Leon is on the run Leon gets caught On the way to Sacramento and as a way to shut Leon s smart mouth Thomas does the only logical thing, which is f k Leon s mouth while he has him tied up It works It works on a couple of levels Blow job given or really mouth used, Thomas gets off and Leon starts to get an inkling that he likes being at Thomas mercy, which is not always kind Turns out that this roughness is also new to Thomas, tying up Leon, using him, biting him, choking him and our boy Leon loves all of it Sexual compatibility or admitting they like dick is not a problem for Thomas Leon and damn was I grateful for that Their big hurdle is trusting one another and I really liked how they worked it out Historically accurate Probably not 100% but I enjoyed it.

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    4.5 smoking starsThis review is being written by Justin s ghost The mortal Justin spontaneously combusted while reading this book and is now just a pile of ash The mortal Justin would want me to tell everyone to read this damn book It s very well written, incineratingly hot and has just enough tender to make it all work If you want to read a real review, read Ann s review Thanks for the rec, Peach I wish I d listened to you a loooong time ago.

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    Didn t really connect with both of the MCs or the story unfortunately Fine, it was smutty not hot and a lot kinky that last scene especially had my jaw dropping However, I found it very difficult to believe the emotional aspect of their story As for the I love you s that were thrown around at the end Made me roll my eyes

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    A kinky western YEE HAW

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Stealing West download Stealing West, read online Stealing West, kindle ebook Stealing West, Stealing West b48332dc6137 Leon Stroud Is Wanted For Robbery And A Murder He Didn T Commit On The Run To California With His Partner In Crime, Kenneth, He Spots The Relentless Bounty Hunter, Thomas Grady, On The Train The Only Way To Protect Kenneth Is To Create A Distraction, And That S What Leon Does When He Flees The Train At The Top Of The Sierra Nevada Mountains He Forces Thomas To Chase Him, But Nothing Can Prepare Him For What It Means To Be CaughtThomas Grady Always Gets His Man, And Leon Stroud Is No Exception To That Rule But Almost From The Moment Thomas Touches Leon, He Wants The Outlaw For Something Besides His Bounty Driven By Desire He Doesn T Understand, Thomas Repeatedly Claims Leon S Body On The Long Journey From Soda Springs To San Francisco And Leon Only Begs For An Even Bigger Threat, With A Larger Bounty, Could Be The Very Thing They Need To Drive Them Togetheror Tear Them Apart