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A Strong Hand explained A Strong Hand, review A Strong Hand, trailer A Strong Hand, box office A Strong Hand, analysis A Strong Hand, A Strong Hand c843 Nicholas Sayers, Needing Money For College, Takes A Job As Assistant To Infamous Photographer Damian Wolfe It S Just Taking Pictures, Right Wrong While Nick Has Never Questioned What Kind Of Man He Is Or What He Truly Wants In Life, Working For Damian During A BDSM Photo Shoot Opens His Eyes To All Sorts Of Sexual Possibilities, And Many Of Them Include The Handsome Mr WolfeDamian Has Serious Doubts About Getting Involved With A Younger Man Who Knows Nothing About The BDSM Lifestyle, But Nick S Adventurous And Humorous Approach To New Experiences Is Far Too Alluring To Resist Although He Knows It Might Be A Mistake, Damian Takes Nick Into His LifeFlirting On The Edges Of Control, Submission, And Pain Excites Nick Than He Would Have Ever Dreamed Possible With Damian, Nick Learns About His Own Deeply Hidden Desires And Finds Out That Relinquishing Control Doesn T Make Him Weak, Having Someone Else In Control Of His Sexual Pleasure Simply Heightens It And The Reverse Is True For Damian Control Turns Him On So They Set Out To Explore These Sensual Boundaries Together, Neither Expecting To Find Love Along The Way

  • Kindle Edition
  • 240 pages
  • A Strong Hand
  • Catt Ford
  • English
  • 09 October 2019

About the Author: Catt Ford

Catt Ford lives in front of the computer monitor, in another world where her imaginary gay friends obey her every command.She likes cats, chocolate, swing dancing, sleeping, Monty Python, Aussie friends, being silly, spinning other realities with words, and sea glass She dislikes caterpillars, cigarette smoke, and rude people who think the F word as in faggot, or bundle of sticks is acceptable.

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    Awwww man I got duped by a cover again But look at that cover I mean Come On That cover coupled with the title I thought fer sure I was gonna get slammed up against a wall thereby making my pupils dilate to the size of pancakes Instead what I got was This has been reviewed ad nauseam so I m not going there but I will give you a list of what I like to call my whatever moments.My main whatever is the BDSM elements just didn t gel for me Damian is a Top who reportedly likes the D s dynamics of kink Ok, great He likes spanking Nick but says he s not a sadist but every 5 seconds there s flogger, a crop, a tawse, a paddle even a cane But then he says he won t hurt Nick The kid doesn t like pain Sure, I get it With the kink spectrum being as wide as the Grand Canyon, I kept expecting them to drift into bondage or role play or something Nope So then I tried to focus on their dynamics those didn t gel for me either Damian s referred to as a Top s Top but he twice retreats from Nick, leaving him confused angry Where s the communication skills, Damian Try try as I might to understand what was happening with the information I was given was like trying to unravel this The FSoG caning scene was the proverbial straw that broke the camel s back At that point I said, Fuck it I don t care any Let s just get this thing over with The dialogue is wooden, canned, rehearsed, artificial I couldn t shake the feeling that I d read it all before All the talk of claiming the ubiquitous mine ugh, recklessly bludgeoning me with their instalove Speaking of instaloveDamian Nick have been working together for some unknown amount of time but the events of A Strong Hand take place over about 2 weeks or so at the end of which I got what s the word I m looking for here oh to hell with it I ll let you judge for yourselves You know what you re agreeing to, don t you, baby Damian asked anxiously I m fine just playing, but when I pledge my heart, it s forever You re agreeing that you ll be mine til death do us part No one else gets to see this ass but me I know Ms Ford s going for the possessive Dom prototype but most of the time Damian sounds like a basket case Both Nick Damian are portrayed as beautiful desirable to everyone their sister yet you d think they were both chemical burn victims to listen to their own thoughts.And what s with all the old older man business Damian s 32 let me tell you if I hadn t been given that information I would ve thought he was on the cusp of being sent the nursing home reduced to using in the not too distant future They act like their 10 yr age difference is insurmountable It s 10 yrs 10 Now, I do realize the difference experience wise between 22 32 is big but since when did 32 equate to geriatric We all struggle with self image issues but I have a real hard time with the poor, unloveable, not pretty enough, not good enough, apparently not young old enough me tactic especially when it s not executed well it wasn t here It felt contrived I didn t buy it I didn t connect with either of the MCs Ashley was amusing sometimes I won t even go into the content points that made me go, Wait, What I m giving this 2 stars for 2 reasons The sex was pretty hot I just wish the two wingnuts having the hot sex weren t annoying as all get out And Ms Ford has a knack for description She really brought the images Damian took for the photo shoot to life I could visualize them they were sexy.In short, I was looking for this And I got this instead Did I ever tell you how much I hate coconut gag

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    Damian is a photographic artist with a taste for the kinkier side of artistic life He is a Top but has not indulged in that part of his life for several years Nick is a struggling last year art student He is looking for something but truly has no idea that he is looking or that he needs anything For that matter, Damian is also looking for something and doesn t realize it Nick becomes the assistant to Damian and their two lives collide Damian is photographing products for his friend Ashley s BDSM toy and product catalog He is a visual artist determined to make each shot perfect No boring pictures for him When his model doesn t show, he uses Nick as a stand in It s during this process and in these unplanned moments that Damian notices Nick Nick is about to make some startling revelations of his own that will begin his journey Up to this point he has been about the girls He is stunned by his attraction to Damian and his equally strong reaction to a quick, mostly innocent, spank With some push from Ashley, the two begin to delve deeper into a relationship Nick is very na ve about D s and BDSM but takes to it like a duck to water Damian is reluctant to become too attached to someone he perceives as too young and likely to move on after a little initiation into their world Nick is convinced Damian won t want to keep him since he so naive The book spends some time on the descriptions of the photos and the models The writing describing the whole process of showing each product to its best advantage and use was very well done I could really see the pictures in my mind and wanted that catalog when I was finished reading It would have been magnificent The cover art for this book is unbelievably appropriate It could easily have been a photo that Damian took of Nick Damian finds that Nick has good artistic vision and fits well into his life He is able to help make his visions come true both in the photos and on his spanking table g Nick s own artistic nature is not explored enough This is the one area that the book did not do justice We do not really get to see any of Nick s art or his process We don t know if he is a good artist or what Damian thinks of any of it He is a sculptor but we never see him create anything This book is firmly about his time with Damian and he seems to neglect his artistic muse once he becomes a part of Damian s life I would have liked to have seen of this side of Nick besides a quick two paragraphs in the epilogue Damian and Ashley are both Tops with their own talents and we get to see those talents From Damian we experience it with Nick With Ashley we see the results with his boy s and his wisdom and understanding with Damian There is also another sub character couple that is extreme than Damian and Nick Their interactions are quite violent and lead to very interesting introspection for Nick These scenes add a dimension to Damian and Nick s relationship that asked a lot of questions and prompted a lot of soul searching from both of them Okay, so now for the sex scenes If you are at all squeamish about the physical side of the BDSM scene, this book may not be for you There is a lot of very well written erotic play and toy usage This encompasses spanking, whipping, paddling, slings, cuffs, clamps, cages, canes, collars, leashes, beads, spreaders, leather, etc Sometimes they are just being modeled and photographed and that is still off the charts hot in this book Sometimes they are in full use between Damian and Nick Clearly I do not have a problem with any of these things because half way through this book I needed a fire extinguisher At the end, my body temperature was contributing to global warming Since I know the group that will be reading this review, I will add that there is no m nage, no public sex, no bloodsport and no humiliation between any of the main characters It may seem like this is really just hot kinky porn, but this book really had a lot of emotional depth I strongly felt the connection between Damian and Nick I loved that Nick uses his safe word That is pretty rare in these types of stories Damian also respects that use without any guilt or recriminations I loved one of the later scenes in the club when Damian is so sensitive to Nicks discomfort I loved that Nick did not just love everything Damian suggest or demanded They both had limits, they were both pushed past them, but they didn t have to revisit the painful ones Nick is also sweetly na ve and seemed to have really well thought out reactions that a newbie would have For instance, if you don t know the significance of a collar, why would you care who put one on you for a photo shoot I am very glad I pushed this book to the top of my TBR pile It is a keeper for me Not one I would recommend to just anyone, but one I will pull out and re read which is very rare for me.

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    Meh This book is probably of a 2 2 1 2 star read for me, but I bumped it because I do love the cover, which was what first drew me to the book Nick is the assistant to a photographer, Damien Damien s friend Ashley runs a company that sells kink everything from whips to leather pants Ashley has asked Damien to shoot his catalogue, but Ashley also wants to play matchmaker plus he might have a thing for his assistant, Derek, who used to be Damien s assistant Damien and Ashley are both into the scene and are both tops Derek is scared off by the whole thing Nick is straight and not into any of it, except that he is There is VERY lite bdsm There are a lot of characters that I thought might be important to the plot than they actually are, because they get POV time And the whole idea of shooting this catalogue was such a huge plot device that to me, it seemed silly Like an excuse to have hot men half naked and chained and expose our young protagonist to this lifestyle without really exposing him to it The goodThe cover Ha But seriously, the characters were sweet Their relationship was sweet, except when they were being silly Most of the conflict in this book is because they didn t talk to each other A few words from either one, instead of ignoring things and the misunderstanding could have easily been cleared up If there had just been build, character development, just this book could have been a 5 star read The badNick at the start of the book is a surly straight assistant to this photographer 50 pages in, he s a sub, to a gay man, who he s having a lot of sex with What If either of those things had been previously established, jumping to the other one might not have seemed like such a big deal, but as it is, he realizes he is gay and a submissive in one swoop Well, except that he s not really into it, the sub thing He likes some spanking and such, but collars and leashes and public displays are not his thing I guess this is like gay sub for you lite, because I don t get the sense that Nick would do this with anyone else I wish there was some exploration on Nick s part about his sudden shift I wish there was some build to the relationship between the two as well I just never felt the connection to them and it made the book hard to get in to Also after a while every scene between Nick Damien was the same Either they were having sex, Nick was getting spanked, or they were both doubting themselves, each other and their relationship and ignoring each other There wasn t a lot or variance and a fair amount could have been trimmed and replace with some character development Plus, the ending was abrupt Like because the story didn t really build, the HEA was sort of out of nowhere They spent a lot of the book being wishy washy about most things, then suddenly it was all tied up in a neat little bow The uglyWell, the ugly is a two shot combo of the language and the POV head hopping in this book Let me explain The prologue is mostly from Ashley s POV Then we are in the book and the POV shifts, often within a paragraph from Nick, to Damien, to Ashley to Derek, to a random model named Markie just all over the place This type of writing I find very hard to follow Then there were the wtf moments You see Nick seems to be the only Brit speaking Brit and really it s only the words flat tube and arse and every time he said one of them it threw me The book is set in London, if not London exactly, then some outskirt of it Yet there is nothing that says England in the writing No colour , no kerb , no phrase that I had to go look up because it s a saying I m not familiar with Nick is the only one that took the tube home to his flat He was the only one with an arse It was weird If no one had used any of this it would have been fine, but I mentally stumbled every time he said arse, and in this book that was a lot The conclusionSo at the end of the day, this book had a lot of potential It could have explored Nick realizing he may be gay It could have explored Nick realizing that he may be into a little lite bondage and an occasional spanking It could have explored why it was exactly that Damien had been alone, celibate and not participating in the scene for over five years It could have showed Ashley and Damien s friendship How Derek had ended up as as Ashley s assistant Or why any of these people were attracted to the ones they were attracted to beside that they were pretty It could have built to a HEA, but instead it jumped there.Another good blurb, where the book just didn t deliver.

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    I started re reading this for the second time in November 2013 but was disillusioned at about 50% It wasn t living up to the 5 stars from my first reading I felt like I was reading a shifter book The MC s were marking each other and growling mine and talking about being mates I decided to put it down for a bit and re read at a later date My original rating will remain for now.

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    4 DELICIOUS LICKABLE BUM Does it excite you to be under my power, to surrender your pleasure to me, to trust me to give you enjoyment when you deserve it, to be under my control Yes, sir Alright.The main reason I marked this book isAbsolutely because the cover Oh, come on, ladies Look at that adorable delicious lickable BUM Gosh I really REALLY wanna lick it or snuggling on it or welluhmyesI must admit that it make me wanna do some light spank on the chick eh grinning wickedly That BUM was just too W.O.W for me No wonder Damian drooling and become possessive with Nick s bum Wowkeh I ll make my review as short as I can still cannot promise it ll that short though Lol Nicholas work as part time assistant to a very famous smart talented and phenomenal photographer, Damian Wolfe.He is young, beautiful with lean muscular body, and he is straight When Damian s friend Ashley asked him to help him make a catalog for his product with BDSM concept, Nick start to feel un easy yet horny too when he saw models took their photo session test He start picturing himself on the scenes that Damian took When suddenly Damian asked him to take a pose for him to test the set and lighting, Nick stripped his clothes in front Damian without any protest.Cuz there s something in Damian tone gave him unknown sensation and he want to obey it His heart was beating so hard and loud he was surprised that Damian couldn t hear it The thought of Damian owning a shot of him, naked and restrained to a bar, made his cock twitch, and he wasn t even gay Was he Ashley is the one who found that Nick is a natural sub and only react to Damian command.Ashley then teased Damian to claimed him, but Damian keep denying it.Until one day, Damian need to test Ashley s theory and asked Nick to kneel before him,and.Nick did all he said without any hesitation.Damian then bring Nick to his lifestyle, the D s world that totally new for Nick.Slowly, Damian start to teach Nick the world of subs, how to explore his needs and how to enjoyingthe painWhat happen next is too late for Damian, cuz he start to falling for Nick and want to own him, and it meanshe must broke his own ruleI agree with what Ashley said We like to think we re in charge, but we poor Tops are the real slaves We have to do all the work and still deliver the sensations the bottom is looking for, or they complain and we re drummed out of the life in disgrace Reading the way Damian teaching Nick is like seeing step by step to the BDSM world to me, not in rough way but in very sweet way.And the photo sessions Gosh are really REALLY HOT Both Damian and Nick are so adorableI have BUM fetish And this book full of bum scenes with various combinations Delicious bum Rosy pink bum Glowing bum Lickable bum Full sexy globes chick bum or whatever bum Gosh Can you imagine what its feels like to a bum fetish like me It s make me CRAZY HORNY and lil bitNAUGHTY Cuz no matter I see, I keep picturing those sexy delicious lickable BUM Now enough about those bum , how about the story itself Is it good Did I enjoying it Is worth to read Well, I hv only ONE answer to all those question.OH, HELL YES Did reading what Damian did to Nick gave you strange sensation Oh, YES suddenly I hv strong obsession to pinch, light spank,and touch spank touch a bum LMAO Did this book satisfied me Oh, HELL YES

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    This book felt like a short story structure rather than that of a full novel There were no real world intrusions, no meeting of friends outside of the lifestyle, and the main character didn t confront his sexuality in any meaningful way.

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    This Awesome BDSM book Nick Sayers is a young artist who begins working for a well known photographer, Damian Wolfe, and eventually begins modelling for a kink catalogue that Damian is shooting Nick has some curiousity about the lifestyle and Damian eases him into things slowly Surprisingly there s a lot of info dump here but it never gets in the way of the really sweet romance that develops between the two men Nick is a submissive and Damian is a top who really understands and enjoys the dynamic that can exist between them and in guiding Nick shows him what he s capable of as well The chemistry between Nick and Damian is incendiary Whew I mentioned in one up my updates how refreshing it was to read about a top who is having fun and enjoying himself without being overly tortured by the lifestyle he s chosen I d say read the book just for that Recommended.

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    This is my first book by Catt Ford and I really enjoyed the coupling of Nick and Damian Damian is an experienced Top and well known erotic photographer who has chosen not to participate in the scene for the last 5 years, although we are never really given an explanation why other than the subs were annoying him Nick, is about 10 years younger as we are often reminded , working his way through his last year of college as an art major and has never been attracted to another man or the BDSM lifestyle until Damian During a shoot for a catalog for Damian s friend Ashley, featuring BDSM equipment and clothing, Nick acts as a model and Damian notices Nick s interest and submissive nature It was nice to see Damian as a Top who really enjoys the play aspect of his lifestyle He is not into humiliating or causing his subs pain, but he enjoys getting their submission This works out well as an introduction to the lifestyle for Nick Where the storyline began to lose me was that the relationship tension is based upon both men not speaking up to each other and discussing what they want Damian feeling that Nick is too young and once he gets a taste for things will move on and Nick feeling that he is too inexperienced and not good enough for Damian After a while, it got to the point where it was too repetitive, Damian freaking out after each scene and freezing out Nick Another problem I had was the writing style The POV s sometimes changed from paragraph to paragraph without any warning or indication to the point where I would have to go back and re read once I determined whose head I was in There was also overuse of the terms older and younger man Overall, though, the story between the two MC s was very sweet, and the secondary characters were entertaining I would have enjoyed of an exploration of why Damian chose to spend the last 5 years celibate and Nick s feelings as he went from vanilla, het college boy to embracing a lifestyle of gay submissive.

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    It is a miracle I finished the book On an upside, there were plenty of hot sex scenes, page after page if that is what you go for On the down side, the story was really weak There was not much of anything else going on other than a sexy catalog photoshoot and a new Dom Sub relationship in blossom.What made me drop the book multiple times was the CONSTANT headhopping It happened even in a single paragraph I don t mind not knowing all the time what goes on both mc s mind let alone everyone else s mind in the room Gnah Oh and getting bored with the repetition of the theme going on in the book.Damien was probably the most idiotic experienced Dom I have ever read about There wasn t much depth with any of the characters so I was quite disappointed I did like the visuals and descriptions with the photoshoots, for a while, before they started to be repetitive Some sweet and cute moments, though, and a lot of babying and pet talking.The book was written in 2009, so I will give it a cheer for that A few years later there have been several D S M M books on the market that do this much better In my mind this should have been at least 200 pages shorter, lol, and edited with a hard hand Then it might have been satisfying.

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