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Riddle of the Sands pdf Riddle of the Sands, ebook Riddle of the Sands, epub Riddle of the Sands, doc Riddle of the Sands, e-pub Riddle of the Sands, Riddle of the Sands 02641649125 The Clock Is Ticking Blackmailed By Jake S Nemesis The Vengeful Pierre Perron Professor Fathom S Team Of Five Horny Gay Adventurers Is Sent On A Seemingly Impossible Mission To Uncover The Legendary Riddle Of The Sands In Order To Save One Of Their Own From A Rare And Deadly Poison But What Is The Riddle Of The Sands Where Are The Long Lost Clues And Hidden Maps That Can Lead To Its Whereabouts Is It A Myth, A Mirage, Or The Greatest Engineering Feat In The History Of Ancient Egypt From The Icy Plains Of Siberia To The Shadowy Bathhouses Of Cairo, From The Scorching Valley Of The Nile To The Heart Of The Jungle, Readers Join These Hunks Treasure Hunter Jake, Brazilian Biologist Eden, Texas Cowboy Shane, Art Expert Luca, And Quarterback Will In A Search That Blends Nonstop Action And High Octane Sex

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    I love the fast paced Indiana Jones type action of these books These books are exciting and sexy A must read The only error I found was that the alligators in Egypt turned into crocodiles in the next chapter Actually, I am changing my rating because as the author pointed out, there are alligators in the and crocs in the Nile and I believe I got them mixed up This book was worth a 5 star.

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    Unfortunately, this is a very misleading summary Riddle of the Sands is actually a sequel, which is essential to knowing and understanding the characters and dynamics of this book, but nowhere is that actually stated You MUST read the previous book to gain an understanding of the large cast and their purpose I haven t read the previous book unfortunately due to the misleading and erroneous blurb which doesn t state anywhere this is actually a sequel and thus my enjoyment is proportionally less than perhaps others who might have read the first book However, even so, for those looking for an empty but action filled story this might suit.The book opens with a professor and Shane going to a Russian prison to talk to a prisoner about some mysterious key While they are there, a dramatic and explosive prison break occurs and the heroes are running for their lives From there, that thread is completely dropped because some guy named Jake has a friend who s just been hit with a poison dart and to get the antidote, a bunch of men must come together and find a hidden pyramid that no one believes actually exists Along the way are improbable and highly entertaining antics and some hot sex.Sound ridiculous It pretty much is but at the same time it still manages to be easy to read, fast, and engaging The action starts from the beginning and simply doesn t stop as characters are introduced, shuffled around, and given action Globe trotting, this large cast is on the ultimate search for a hidden pyramid of an ignored gay son of an ancient priest but along the way there are the evil type henchmen, museum raiding, pits of snakes, mummified bodies, and rampant naked sex The back of the book proclaims HOT GAY TOMB RAIDERS and certainly does its best to deliver on that premise The plot takes the non stop action of classic adventure movies and adds in a bunch of gorgeous gay men who have seemingly indiscriminate sex while chasing their answers.While this is enjoyable, it is almost empty and forgettable Part of the problem is that there is zero characterization The book starts with action and that is the whole purpose There is no characterization, no introduction to the various men, no explanation of who these men are, how they relate to each other and several plot points are simply dropped and ignored Everyone is running around trying to save Sam, but the book never explains who exactly Sam is Is he Jake s lover Adopted son He seems to be a runaway Jake took in but there is no further explanation Additionally, there is a rather large number of people in the book with no differentiation on who is important than others and with no information about how they re all working together, where they get the money to go globe trotting, if they have lives outside of this, if they have lovers, if they are lovers amongst themselves, and what each does I m guessing the story presumes the reader has all this information from the first book So anyone just picking up this edition won t get the benefit of knowing the characters and how they fit into a larger scheme.For those that have read the first book or simply don t especially care about characterization, the book provides non stop action and entertainment, mixed with several naked scenes The men are all gorgeous, gay, and hung like horses so they get naked quite a bit They also run up against evil henchmen often as well as numerous obstacles from random people This makes for an entertaining, lightning fast read that feels very movie like with the over the top antics and action If you can suspend disbelief and just enjoy the ride, it s a pretty fun and sexy book There is a sense of repetitive prose and word choice that runs long in some places but the narrative jumps from person to person in a big cast so this keeps the pace moving quickly.Without the background of knowing who these men are, the book definitely suffers and is ultimately forgettable However, the entertainment factor is enough that I ll likely read the first book so I can continue with the series If the first book doesn t offer any characterization, this is not a series I d continue It s too chaotic and frantic without additional information For those that have read the first book and are looking for a purely action filled thrill, definitely pick this up Everyone else should start with the first book.

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    Ok first of all these stories are absurd They re Indiana Jones gone overboard with 5 hot gay men running around battling the odds to find crazy treasure lost to the ages This was no exception The story is completely unrealistic with asinine stakes, yet if you can ignore all that in favor of the absurd then they re an entertaining read Though I do still think they d work better as a film than as a book In the film you d get lost in the action and better forget about the absurdity of a lot of the situations.Here in the Riddle of the Sands our intrepid heroes are forced into trying to discover the location of the Lost Pyramid of Imhotep His son, the greatest architect of the time, supposedly built the pyramid as a home for himself and his lover to remain together in death despite the Egyptian belief that being gay was impure In a rage of her son s predilections and that the son far outstripped the father Imhotep erased all knowledge of his son and his lover from history Now only myth remains.In order to force Fathom and his crew to look for the pyramid and its treasures, our bad guy Perron has poisoned Jake s friend Sam, the kid that sometimes stays at his place The poison will not kill Sam for 5 days, but after that he will die without the antidote which only Perron has This of course sends our adventures out in all directions to try to find the cure, find the pyramid, and save them all.This of course results in everyone getting beat up, nearly dying and of course ultimately doing their adventurers best to discover the lost history There are cockamamie plans, human devouring plants, poisoned darts, crazy deadly Egyptian puzzles to be solved, and lovers to meet All traveling from Siberia, to France, to Brazil, and to Egypt There are of course dangling threads in this one that obviously must lead to something in a future book, the opening sequence had nothing to do with this actual story other than to have them all meet Daniel our erst wise lover for Shane who is a reporter out of England determined to find his great cover story I struggle to always remember the professor is blind as he often does things on his own that frankly he shouldn t be able to do like chuck a book at Sam s head and know who the author of the book is that he s throwing , but all in all I still enjoy the silliness The crazy adventure is just that crazy, but fun I keep waiting to find what the next big huge hurdle is going to be and how they re all going to avoid death one time Entertaining to be sure, but not fantastic literature I d give this 3.5 stars for pure entertainment purposes.

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    Talk about pressure when trying to discover the location of an ancient something an item or location that could be anything from an artifact to a building or maybe none of the above Professor Fathom and his team of heroic adventurers had their hands full in the first book, enough for me to believe it couldn t get any worse, but boy, was I wrong Their nemesis, Professor Perron, is back and this time he has got them by the jugular from the very start by using a slow acting poison to threaten the life of an innocent young man who is close to Jake s heart With settings ranging from the arctic cold of Siberia to the hot and humid jungle, the team s attempts to either find an antidote or discover the mysterious Riddle of the Sands aka the Lost Pyramid of Imhotep that the evil professor demands, had me breathless and turning the pages from the first moment.Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    3.5 stars More of the same, breathless, breakneck speed action as the first book, Cross of Sins This time, it s the Indiana Joneses meet The Mummy and National Treasure If there s any complaint I have about the Fathom Five books is that they read too much like a movie script This means it doesn t leave any room for time with the characters, to get to know them They are constantly moving, on the run, in a chase whilst I prefer to stop for awhile, as far as my books are concerned, to get to know the main characters I want to look into their heads and hearts but the FF books don t give me that.While I found RotS is quick read, I did find difficulty following all the action sequences as in they were hard to picture Or perhaps I m just lazy and prefer the movie guys to do it for me and all I need to do is sit back with my popcorn The scenes also switch very quickly from one group of guys doing their thing to the other guy guys doing theirs in another part of the world and while I had no trouble with this, there were a few scenes that pulled me out of the story Like Eden Santiago when he was trying to escape from his captor, Alexander Thorne and Gael, Thorne s assistant Eden s hands are tied yet he is able to catch Gael s knife which is thrown in the air by a kick, then throws said knife right in the center of Gael s chest Even if his hands were tied in front of him unlikely , it s still very difficult to catch the knife by the hilt then throw it dead center at your target.So again, I had to tell myself to approach these books as a movie script where realism is put on hold If you can do that, you ll enjoy the FF books.In RotS, we also see the introduction of a new character, Daniel West, foreign correspondent for the London Town Crier, who joins the gang on their quest to locate the Lost Pyramid of Imhotep and who is immediately involved with Shane We also get a glimpse of Jake s feelings for Sam which, in the first book, was nothing than a brotherly concern for the young guy We ll see what happens in the next book because Knight said this romance becomes very evident inTHE CURSE OF THE DRAGON GOD.

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    3.5WowsoumYeahso look, I think if you re looking for a realistic story, you should keep on moving, cuz this isn t it The villain is over the top,the action is outrageous, it really was like a Bond movie, with some Night at the Museum, Little Shop of Horrors and maybe some Dora the Explorer Anyhooit s just way the hell over the top, so if the crazy action adventure, saved just in the nick of time, every crazy thing that can go wrong, does then don t read this.But after the first, I knew what I was getting into I did like this, there were times when I laughed when I m sure I wasn t supposed to, maybe I should have been white knuckling my Kindle, but I was giggling Having said thatthere were some moments in there that did, in fact, get me Emotional moments, sweet moments, sad moments I think my biggest complaint with this book was there was so much going on, and there are so many characters and there is so much action, that I felt I was missing some details, I could see the action sequences playing out, but I wantedidkI wanted a little of the characters and their interactions, because when we get them they re awesome These guys take good care of each other and have good hearts and you see some little romances developing and I want IT This one was a little lighter on the sex, I thinkjust at the beginning and then its all go, go, go, butwell, I m not even getting into that I m definitely interested in what happens next with Sam, Jake, Daniel, Shane and Luca especially And WillGod bless Will.So definitely over the top, action packed, but I did enjoy it I will keep reading these.

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    When I bought this book, I realized that I remember practically nothing from the first book, which I read only a few months ago Now, when I finished this one, the events from it have already started to fade from my memory Which pretty much sums up what is wrong with these books They are forgettable Oh, the non stop action holds your attention But that is exactly the problem there is no respite from the action and no time for character development The guys are sexy, adventurous and gay and that s it They are like those paper dolls that can be dressed up into anything you want a cowboy, a model, a biologist It s not like Mr Knight is incapable, his writing style is fluid and, occasionally, he gives us a microscopic insight in their personalities But that is not enough for me to care for any of them Whether they live or die, get their treasure or their man, it s all the same to me And if that is not bad for an adventure novel, I don t know what is Also, I m realistic, I know you can t expect a depth of Dostoevsky s novel from a book like this, but there are other qualities a book like this could have, like humor or charm The adventures of Indiana Jones were equally over the top, but he made me smile and chuckle occasionally That wasn t the case here There were a few eye rolls involved though The bottom line is, you can overlook things like this when it comes to the first book in a series But, after reading both books, I can say it s regrettable that the author wasn t ambitious In my short note about the first book, I said that maybe my problem with it was that my expectations were too high They were significantly lower this time and the result was the same A disappointment.

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    First, I have to say that I really did think this was a fun, hawt smexy, lighthearted adventure book, with an imaginative plot and sexyadorable characters I have to say this because during my first conversation with Geoffrey about his books at the Gay Romance Lit retreat in New Orleans, any praise of the book would have sounded like frantic tapdancing to cover for the appalling and, ok, hopefully amusing faux pas I made I saw the descriptions for The Cross of Sins, and thought the Indiana Jones meets Da Vinci Code reference reminded me of a book I had given to a friend going on a gay cruise to the Greek Islands I was looking for the perfect beach read boy bait book to leave on his lounge chair when he went to get a drink or something, and this seemed perfectI had pulled it from the LGBT Center library I volunteer with, and the hawt picture on the front, plus the Eat your heart out, 007, these boys get their men in ways than one in the upper left corner of the cover looked promising, but the promo blurb on the back superimposed over a closer picture of the cover boy s six pack sealed the deal It wasn t actually the book description which is available next to the cover picture here on GoodReads but a reviewer s comments, in a larger font, in gold, that made me think this might be a good signal to a potential hottie hook up that my friend was reading something fun sexy Take a blind Indiana Jones with a gang of young and horny homo sidekicks, mix in a dash of the Mummy s muscles, add a brace of loathsome but sometimes sexy evildoers, and swoosh the daredevil action from a desolate Siberian prison to steamy South American rain forests to hot Egyptian desert sands That s the erotic essence of Knight s high octane, thrill a page romp, a rousing, arousing adventure for queer boys at heart men Seriously young horny homo sidekicks It sounded delightfully fun and a bit cheesy perfect for a Gay Greek Cruise And it totally got the desired results for my friend or so he said and he said he read most of it and it was actually pretty good considering the over the top descriptions on the cover I read it through kind of quickly and this was over a year ago, and remembered it as fun, with a kind of crazy, improbably international book with something about a sinking pyramid.Alas, in my efforts to assure Geoffrey that he seemed WAY too cool to write something that was described as a romp with hot and horny homo sidekicks , I said some awful things about this book that I kind of remembered , as in oh, I m sure you would NEVER write something that cheesy and was SOOOO sure it could not have been his bookUntil he pulled a copy from a box under the table and showed me the cover Geoffrey was a total gentleman about my red faced, stammering apologyand later signed a copy for me to take back and give to the guy who was looking for a sexy vacation read Now that I think about it, the whole thing was his fault Yep His fault.

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    If you take this book for what it is a lighthearted and hard cocked romp through not particularly factual Egypt and for those wanting factual accuracy, I would posit that goes out the window with a giant venus flytrap although, props for a giant venus flytrap , The Riddle of the Sands is a fast paced action movie that bypasses things like What do crocodiles living in a buried pyramid eat and Shouldn t giant maggots either starve without a food source or grow into giant flies that died without a food source , much in the way that Indiana Jones ignores the questions of How to spiders living beneath tiles eat anything if their only purpose is to crawl up your leg if you step on the wrong one.It s perhaps a shame that I read this immediately after reading Kerry Greenwood s Out of the Black Land, which was steeped in as much Egyptology as she could find, even if she did put her own spin on things, however, as a light read for equally light entertainment, this is definitely worth picking up.

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    With an explosive start and nonstop action, this book kept me on the edge of seat There is plenty of suspense, a few edge of your seat moments, and lots of adventure It was fun following along as the the Professor and his group set out on another adventure I look forward to reading what happen next.

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