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The Reincarnationist Papers chapter 1 The Reincarnationist Papers, meaning The Reincarnationist Papers, genre The Reincarnationist Papers, book cover The Reincarnationist Papers, flies The Reincarnationist Papers, The Reincarnationist Papers b9bbd0060a1af The Electrifying Book That Introduces Readers To The Cognomina, A Secret Society Of People Who Possess Total Recall Of Their Past Lives Haunted By Memories Of Two Past Lives, A Troubled Young Man Stumbles Upon A Centuries Old Secret Society Of Similar Individuals And Dares To Join Their Ranks Evan Michaels Now Public Account Takes Us Into This Organization Whose Members Have Been Agents Of Change Throughout History

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    Per FTC rules I received this book as a GoodReads First Reads giveaway.I have no idea how to react to this book It nods toward Dan Brown s Angels and Demons, with a hint of Forrest Gump type historical events, while masquerading as a philosophy and or religion tome, all the while purporting to be the work of a palingenesist named Evan Michaels who stumbles literally his way upon a secret organization of self same others who form the Cognomina Oh, and there s the slightest bit of soft porn thrown in for good measure It s weirdbut it s a page turner The problem is, I can t tell if it s fiction or not, and so it s difficult for me to know how I feel As fiction, it s decent, but it s not the best I ve ever read If it s non fiction, it is fantastical and makes me want to meet these people, though, based on what I ve read that s not likely to happen So, I guess if you re looking for a thriller that may or may not be based, at least in part, on actual events, this is your book.

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    This was almost a totally original book Whatever it borrowed was wisely chosen, though, I really enjoyed the experience, especially his asides Like the Immortal books, the asides, or parenthetical tales, are the most enjoyable parts of the book.

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    This is the finest book I have read in the past couple of years Spellbinding, original story and smooth, unstilted writing style I was genuinely hard to put down I refuse to go into plot points or spoilers, I ll leave the available summary to grab your interest I, personally, can t recommend it highly enough and hope to read from this talented author, other than his travel guides since I have no hope of getting to Italy anytime soon, LOL I would like to urge the author to set up a page for this title on Facebook so I can like it and refer friends to it to see the cover of my latest favorite book It is a little piece of genius to be suggested, shared and spread Thank you.

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    More a 3.5 stars, I really liked the concept and it let to some interesting philosophical discussions in the text, but the storyline itself got bogged down frequently and the prologue seemed superfluous to the actual story However, there s a lot of material for further stories now that the groundwork has been laid and I think there s a lot of room for good development I m also curious to see how the film adaptation of this might streamline some of the story.

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    Great book Read it because I heard Chris Evans was making a movie out of it so I was curious.This book has me obsessed, couldn t put it down Very original.I need a sequel I hope the author reads these reviews

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    A great read that I hated to put down Beautiful, savage, enlightening and bold This book is a prize and came recommended to me by a stranger on Reddit I will keep this one in my library, and read it again every few years like all good books Bravo.

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    Meh good concept but it did not keep my interest.

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    This book is definitely not for everyone I loved it You have to have questions about EVERYTHING in life and be very very open minded in order to understand and read this book Life is mostly thought to be black and white, but rarely is it the way people like to believe or would like it to be I thoroughly enjoyed this book and didn t want it to end, but alas all good things do If you don t believe or can t conceive the notion of reincarnation this book is not for you, for the others enjoy highly recommended and well written.

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    I won this book in a giveaway by goodreads It might not be everyone s cup of tea, but I fell in love with the concept of total recall and secret societies I ve heard of people who can remember, in great details, the things that happen in their lives and I m a little envious If only I could remember where I put my keys every time I come in the door.

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    I was enthralled, completely captivated by this story An extremely well written and thought provoking read Thank you goodreads for giving me the opportunity to win a copy for free Loved it

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