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    Yeah I m definitely putting this one on my dark shelf I love Dr Fell and his angst is my angst I can t help it No one suffers as beautifully as he does.

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    John Fell is distressed to find himself at the mall doing some Christmas shopping for his friend Ben While there, he runs into a young man from his past, and when the elf asks for a ride on his Harley, Dr Fell finds himself quickly agreeing He is immediately affected by the elf who is quite infatuated with him The men begin to spend time together, getting to know one another in a new capacity and exploring whether they want to continue the relationship Dr Fell s heart is still a little bruised from letting a few boys go and so he is naturally hesitant to start anything new When Dr Fell and the elf spend their first weekend together, things don t go quite as planned The young man is beginning to learn how to serve Dr Fell, as he is introduced to the level of submission that will be required of him This time is also meant to begin to build trust between the men, which is the basis of any Dom sub relationship A heated disagreement develops over an abandoned beagle puppy which Dr Fell insists be taken to a shelter but which the elf is unwilling to give up Both men struggle to control their anger, and the elf leaves, bringing an early ending to their weekend John then learns that his dad is planning to remarry and wants to sell his deceased wife s rings John wants to buy them rather than see them leave the family, but is forced to resort to drastic measures to get the money he needs for the purchase He makes a call that he swore to himself he would never make, to a man from his past What transpires is an intensely emotional ride, stripping John of his baggage in an attempt to help him overcome his past and be able to move forward and accept a new Forever Boy Teacher s Pet is an amazing story that deals with fierce emotions and a powerful journey There are so many paybacks in this story, as McGinley answers many of the questions that have been raised during previous stories in the series We learn the identity of the elf, the truth of John s past of which only Mike and Chris are aware, the content of the mysterious email from the elf, and if there is any truth to Dexter s Christmas prediction All of this helps to make this a satisfying and wonderful story, but also makes for a difficult review Although the identity of the elf is learned in the first few pages, I refuse to reveal it here as I think that all readers deserve to discover this on their own John s past elicited a particularly intense emotional reaction from me, and provided additional insight into a deeply complex man Although this section of the book was by far my favorite part of the whole series, I cannot go into much detail here as it would reveal too much about the core of this story Suffice it to say that the scenes are unbelievably powerful and will leave a significant lasting impression This story is very much focused on John and the struggle he is having with moving on with his life Thankfully he has some support, namely from Ben and Charlie John and Ben eventually come to blows, as John feels threatened by Ben s challenges to face that he isn t truly moving on with his life, that he is sabotaging himself by continually falling for boys that are unavailable to him It is a hard truth for John to hear, and he acts like a bad tempered bastard as a result Charlie, affectionately known as twink to Dr Fell, has grown so much since the first story Pet Sitting, and he has a unique insight into Dr Fell s moods He obviously cares deeply for the Dom and his desires to see the man happy lead him to confront Dr Fell about his relationship with the elf as well as his recent anger issues The interaction is an intense display of twink s courage as well as the strength of the bond between these two men His eyes are shut tight despite saying he knows I d never hit him Part of me wants to beat him right there, never mind promising I d report to Ben, but of me wants to hug the brave little fucker We have seen many different facets of John over the chronology of these stories, but Teacher s Pet offers a side to the man that is unlike any others John is still hurting over the loss of Rob, no matter how much he says he is over the past, and is essentially broken , unable to accept love and affection from those around him Watching John to endure the soul restoring process is intense and captivating So often throughout the story, he makes comparisons between Rob and his elf, something that John has done with several other boys as well John has put Rob up on a pedestal that is so high no one else is able to even get close If he is ever to move forward and live his life, John must finally let go of his grief and anger There is a passage from Joseph Campbell that John is given to ponder, The hero is the man of self achieved submission For me, that line summarizes a common thread throughout all of the Dr Fell stories as well as the core of Dom sub relationships At the surface, one might think that this statement applies only to the submissive in a relationship But the role of dominating another requires the ability to submit oneself to a immense responsibility and deep emotional connection, as is told to John by another Dom Being a sub isn t easy, but being a real owner takes a deeper submission, doesn t it Teacher s Pet is an astounding book and is most definitely the culmination of an intense journey for Dr Fell Although it would be possible for people who have not read any of the previous stories in the Dr Fell series to enjoy this book, I do not recommend starting here You would be setting yourself at a major disadvantage if you start here, and these books are so excellent that they deserve to be enjoyed in the order intended At the very least, reading Pet Rescue and Exotic Pets, the first and second in the Chaser series, provides enough background to fully grasp the intensity of this engaging story I cannot stress enough how much I recommend reading the stories in chronological order McGinley has created a powerfully riveting character and the accumulation of all of the stories is a fascinating and gripping journey You will not be disappointed and will want to devour every story in the series In order, the published stories include Pet Sitting, Pet Rescue, A Short Leash from Toy Box Rings, Rude Mechanicals from Taste Test Summer Solstice, Exotic Pets, A Secret Vice from Toy Box Nipple Clamps, Samhain, Sol Invictus, and Teacher s Pet Possibly the best news of all is that there will be a fourth story in this Chaser series, sure to be another compelling story in the Dr Fell series.

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    Yes at the third story, plus some novella here and there, about Dr Fell and his pets, I have finally closed a book and started to write a post without having to say well, even if BDSM is not my thing.I like Dr Fell, truly, but I always had this feeling about his stories, something like I should not become too fond of a pet since at the end he would be not the one All the previous stories are always quite angst, but truly romantic a wounded soul who, in the healing power of love and discipline, finds solace and is born again a soul that, in the end, is ready to love again, but not John.Why everytime John is not reaty to live again why he always needs to break my little pink romance bubble Yes, I was a little angry with John, and I almost skipped the third chapter in his series But then, I wanted to give him another chance and I was right about it.The problem with John is that he always takes care of the others, the wounded pets, but he never heals himself And to heal himself he needs to give up the control to someone else, someone from his past, that knows him well Only then he will be ready to love again.And so in Teacher s Pet, John becomes the pupil, and at the same time he meets who has many chance to be his future pet for good.Teacher s Pet is at the same time angst than the previous book and romantic John is not so stern in it, he probably is learning his own lessons, and he lets go if he is doing that since he is learning to grow on the pain of Rob s loss, or since he has really met his truly pet, I don t know, but I like him better in this way.http www. dp 1603708626

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    Loved that Dr Fell finally had to face his growliness I m looking forward to how this changes him and whether or not he will be a better Master because of it.

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    Yay to Dave But I m still wondering is he the right one

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Lost and Found 3: Teacher's Pet summary pdf Lost and Found 3: Teacher's Pet, summary chapter 2 Lost and Found 3: Teacher's Pet, sparknotes Lost and Found 3: Teacher's Pet, Lost and Found 3: Teacher's Pet da33d47 Dr Fell Would Rather Do Just About Anything Than Go To The Mall, But Somehow That S Exactly Where He Ends Up, Doing Ben S Shopping He Doesn T Expect To Run Into Anyone He Knows, But When A Certain Santa S Elf Reminds Him Of Their Past Acquaintance, Dr Fell Finds His Carefully Ordered World Rocked On Its Axis Interested As He Is, Family Problems Make It Difficult For Dr Fell To Explore His Attraction Things Come To A Head When Dr Fell Realizes The Solution To Both His Family Issues And His New Relationship Lie In His Past And In The One Person He S Been Avoiding For Years Is Redemption Just A Plane Ride Away Will Dr Fell Muster The Courage To Face His Demons Will The Time Away Allow Dr Fell To Claim His Forever Boy Before It S Too Late

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