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Extreme Bull chapter 1 Extreme Bull , meaning Extreme Bull , genre Extreme Bull , book cover Extreme Bull , flies Extreme Bull , Extreme Bull f282e02929fc8 Inside And Outside The Rodeo Arena, Jeff Stratton And Clay Harris Are Rivals With Tempers Worse Than The Bulls They Ride So Clay Is Shocked When Jeff Taps That Wild Energy And Kisses Him, Sparking An Undeniable Urge For Of Each Others BodiesBut When They Discover They Might Want Than Casual Sex Between Competitions, Clay S Greatest Fear Is Recognized He Is Scared Of Being Identified As Gay He Ll Have To Cowboy Up If He Hopes To Hang On To Jeff On The Circuit Of Love

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    I was just unable to believe the relationship Neither man was known to see men, but in a short amount of time they can barely keep their hands off each other I could never understand where the initial attraction came from.

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    This really should have been a great read I expected a lot out of Catt Ford after A Strong Hand but this one is really an average read The characters were likeable but the story was rushed and the dialog was not realistic Two mostly het guys that find themselves attracted to their rival just don t have conversations and make themselves that emotionally vulnerable so quickly At least, for me it was rushed and unbelievable They didn t seem to stay true to character either It did make me interested in reading the prequel but it isn t available at ARe yet Just at Dreamspinner Don t know what that is about.

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    Serious lack of ass pounding action and much am I, aren t I angst OK read.Edited review.Catt Ford was another new author for me Extreme Bull was ok, but the only ass pounding action here was on the bulls these cowboys were riding meh Quite short too and wrapped up a little too smartly Liked the authors writing despite this, so am definitely going to check out some of her books.http sharrow.wordpress.com 2009 07

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    This is a typical cowboy story about competitive rodeo bull riders that experience an unexpected attraction This was ok, but the poor characterization and unrelenting head hopping lead to difficult reading and an overall disappointing book Usually I slide this off by saying for anyone who likes cowboys you can get by the mistakes, but really, there are many better cowboy books out there that lack these problems I ve liked the author s work in the past but don t recommend this book unfortunately.The plot is about two heterosexual cowboys that fight a sudden and powerful attraction to each other while struggling to come to terms with their sexuality and their relationship The writing is decent but not outstanding or anything special to call attention to the descriptions or the story building The rodeo world is rather easy to depict with some authenticity and yet the author gives only the barest amount of detail and lets the drama and angst between the men shine through without much success This isn t horribly bad, but the feel, the grit, the dirt and visceral feeling to the rodeo was missing, this could have taken place anywhere else.The other unsuccessful writing element was the point of view changes Often I comment about head hopping negatively as I don t particularly like it, and it s of an inherent problem within same sex books where the pronouns are easily confused Here the author used the pronoun he for the men interchangeably but did so in a way that was impossible to tell which thoughts belonged to each man sometimes This was especially difficult as the narration jumps from Clay to Jeff and back again sometimes sentence by sentence in additional to alternating paragraphs Unfortunately this led to a jarring reading experience.Further the characterization was flawed Part of this was due to the head hopping so the reader has a difficult time trying to discern which man was feeling what, but the general point was that neither man was comfortable with being homosexual yet couldn t fight their attraction Unfortunately the characters and their appropriate actions would flip between the two men, giving a disjointed picture to both instead of a full characterization to either Clay was especially problematic as he responds eagerly and well to Jeff s advances, going so far as to be the aggressor most times, yet in the light of day he freaks out and says he s not gay and refuses to talk to Jeff, only returning each night for sex and comfort This read as a straight man being lured by gay sex rather than someone who was truly gay.Both Clay and Jeff are willing to get each other off in the night but then are very careful not to be exposed or even identified as gay The aggression both men have is at odds with the vulnerable need they express While this is supposed to show a softer side to the men and support the statement they re in love, it felt awkward and disingenuous Just as their final declaration of love and being boyfriends felt out of character and untrue This declaration and resolution prompted largely by outside circumstances rather than an emotional understanding as well.The plot is decent if not inventive but the story suffers from being poorly put together Taken in pieces it s not bad but together the point of view changing and lack of thorough characterization left this as a miss As I ve liked the author in the past, I can only hope future editions will be polished and readable.

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    Wow, was that really written by Catt Ford I really love her writing, but this was disappointing Maybe it s because I read it right after A Strong Hand I expected some awesome smutty action and lots of bull riding innuendos, but my expectations were probably too high.It was funny in some parts I even added some quotes for the book Some parts made me laugh simply because they didn t seem realistic enough In reality would two seemingly straight guys really kiss in the heat of the moment and end up wanting to do That doesn t happen in real life at least I think not Not only did it seem unrealistic in some parts, but I felt it was a bit too short, with a really unsatisfying ending for me Sam was really the highlight for me especially when he walked in on them the first time and then the knowing smirks afterwards He s just a really nice and sweet character If only everyone could be as understanding as him.Overall, disappointing, but not really bad There were some good parts, just too short I might read it again, just to read my favourite scenes.

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    Okay story, but it felt like it ended too abruptly and the characters really needed to be fleshed out a bit .

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    Okay, I enjoyed parts of this book because I love cowboys and bull riding has always been something I have watched I liked that it was fast moving and the side characters were fun.What I didn t like was how the two main characters just kept fighting and getting back together I had a hard time believing they were falling in love I also didn t really like that the book felt unfinished It had an ending but seemed rushed.I enjoyed the read, but I don t really think I would read the book again I had a lot higher expectations and found parts lacking That doesn t mean I wouldn t read something else by the author I think there is potential for other books This one just needs added to or a second one.

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    This book caught my attention because it is set in the world of bull riding Having recently read and reviewed a book by BA Tortuga in a similar setting, I was interested to see whether I would enjoy this one as much And, yes, I admit, I find it hard to pass up a cowboy book I also love that cover Catt Ford is such a talented cover artist who shows imagination in her cover designs and doesn t rely on the old naked torso shots so prevalent in m m romance these days.Jeff and Clay both work the bull riding circuit and both are reaching the top of their game This leads to fierce competition between them both in and out of the ring The men love the lifestyle and attention from women that bull riding brings, taking advantage of the townie women, who in turn take advantage of the cowboys This all changes for Jeff and Clay when a confrontation between them leads to a passionate kiss Suddenly both men are confused about their attraction to each other, Clay than Jeff, and they spend the rest of this novella trying to work out what they both want from this new relationship an opportunity to expend sexual tension or something which touches the emotions.This was very much a mixed book for me I really liked the depiction of the terribly competitive sport of bull riding the camaraderie between the riders and the other men associated with the sport the descriptions of the rides themselves and the matter of fact way that the men deal with a lifestyle where they are constantly on the move I also liked the way that these men thought and spoke and behaved with each other These men interacted with few embellished phrases, dealt bluntly with one another and hid any emotions other than a strong ambition to win For example in the scene where Clay and Jeff first come together Jeff tilted his head back and peered at Clay s face You queer Never have been, Clay said So what the hell are we doing You mind if we analyze it later Clay felt if he didn t get some action soon, he was going to explode Yeah, whatever Jeff applied himself to Clay s mouth once , greedily sucking his tongue.In some ways it is this reluctance to talk over their problems or even how they each feel about this new and somewhat frightening relationship that leads to much of the conflict in this book Clay is determined that he feels nothing for Jeff other than lust and their relationship is nothing than an opportunity to get their rocks off whenever he s in the mood for sex As a result, Clay spends most of the book jumping Jeff and then rejecting him afterwards I could quite understand when this happened the first couple of times, but when it continued to happen over and over again, I got rather irritated Clay s refusal to accept that he was at least bisexual even if it was in a gay for you context made the middle part of the book drag and it all got a bit repetitive.The characters of Clay and Jeff were, frankly, interchangeable They both spoke, thought and acted the same, with the exception that towards the end of the book Jeff becomes accepting that he might be bisexual As a result of this, and also because there was a certain amount of headhopping between the two men, they became almost like just one character with two different names This led to a certain distancing between myself and these characters which may not have occurred if they had different personalities I liked them, I wanted them to succeed at both the bull riding and in their relationship with each other, but I never really fully engaged with them or their situation.So, whilst the setting and the dialogue were done very well, the secondary characters fairly well rounded and the romance hot and believable, this book didn t wholly engage my emotions I m giving it a grade of Good and I can recommend it to fans of the author and those who like cowboy books.

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    Extreme Bull is an intense story set in the highly charged world of competitive bull riding Our heroes are Clay Harris and Jeff Stratton, both at the top of their class and rivals for the title of top rider Jeff likes to tease Clay, to knock him off balance before his rides Clay can t stand Jeff, especially because he knows he is his primary competition both in the ring and for the women they meet in the bar for one night stands Then one day, Jeff grabs Clay, slams him into the wall and kisses him What s that all about All of a sudden these men are conscious of each other, of each other s bodies, of each other s whereabouts, in a way they never had been before Jeff tilted his head back and peered at Clay s face You queer Never have been, Clay said So what the hell are we doing You mind if we analyze it later Clay felt if he didn t get some action soon, he was going to explode Yeah, whatever Jeff applied himself to Clay s mouth once , greedily sucking his tongue When these two strong, independent men get together, the sex is hot, hot, hot But neither of them wants to be gay, so they can t just settle into a relationship They are far too conscious of appearances in the decidedly hetero world of rodeo Much angst ensues I was ready to slap Clay a couple of times as he stalked away after a night of awesome sex saying basically that he didn t want to be gay Still, as emotions ride high, so does the erotic tension, so let s just say that these guys excel at make up sex Extreme Bull is a sequel to Riding Out the Bull, which I have not read, so i can safely say that this book stands alone nicely I found myself really liking Jeff and Clay, and the cast of cleverly portrayed secondary characters Catt Ford did an excellent job of portraying the inside view of bull riding I could almost see the men s bodies as they worked through staying on for the required 8 seconds Their scenes in private are roughly, toughly erotic if you have a cowboy fetish, this is definitely your book

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    This is a double GFY Jeff and Clay have had some experiences with other guys circle jerks count, right but are basically two straight bull riders who are neck in neck competing on the rodeo circuit They aren t even friends, maybe frenemies if anything One day Jeff gets overwhelmed by something and kisses Clay Instead of getting punched in the mouth like you d expect from a straight guy, Clay welcomes the change in their relationship sort of The next morning Clay has some serious recriminations and bolts Jeff, understandably, is both hurt and relieved, because he doesn t exactly understand these feelings and doesn t want any sort of reputation as a gay cowboy to tarnish his chances for rodeo success.The bulk of the story is Clay and Jeff dancing around their feelings and experimenting with the physical side of their relationship They get some great advice from the only out gay cowboys on the circuit but it isn t enough to keep the boys from fretting and frotting.When push comes to shove they decide that their relationship is worth working on and we are left with a pretty satisfying HFN I was really loving this story planning on at least a 4 heart review up until the end I didn t like the vague way the boys left it and I was disappointed that they didn t get a chance to really go all the way in terms of completing their commitment to one another.I enjoy Paul Morey as a narrator and he did a good job with the country twang in this story There were a few voices that were just odd and didn t really seem to fit, so I don t consider this his best work.Overall, both the story and the narration are a 3.5 of 5 hearts.If you need the L word, or penetrative sex you ll be disappointed, but if you like cowboys who have no gay experience experimenting with both their bodies and their hearts I think you ll really like this story.

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