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Found: A Hammer Novel pdf Found: A Hammer Novel, ebook Found: A Hammer Novel, epub Found: A Hammer Novel, doc Found: A Hammer Novel, e-pub Found: A Hammer Novel, Found: A Hammer Novel 1b5a57e93e2 Billy Has No Idea What Prompts Him To Take In A Ragged, Dirty Man Off The Streets All He Knows Is That Montana Calls To Him Somehow, And That He Always Listens To His Instincts Montana, Or Tanny, Thinks That Billy Is Crazy, Because Nobody Is That Nice Not In His Experience, Anyway Tanny Brings All Sorts Of Problems With Him, From Addiction To Trouble With The Police Billy Is Determined To Make Montana Whole Again, And He Thinks He Knows Just The Thing To Replace Tanny S Favorite High All Billy Has To Do Is Help Montana Get Back On His Feet, And Then He Can Teach Tanny All About His Lifestyle Too Bad No One Believes That Tanny Is Redeemable, Least Of All Tanny Billy S Friends Threaten To Become Overprotective, The People Who Populated Tanny S Life On The Street Pop Up At The Most Inopportune Moments, And Tanny Thinks That Billy Is Far Too Good For Him, A Homeless Guy Fresh Off The Reservation, Scarred And Way Less Than Perfect Can Billy Convince Tanny To Give Him, And Their Newfound Relationship, A Chance Or Will The Reality Of Billy S Lifestyle Scare Tanny Off Just When Life Is Starting To Get Good Again

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    The fourth book in the Hammer series is the story of two men from different walks of life and the changes a chance meeting one night brings to their lives When Billy first sees Montana, or Tanny, he feels sorry for the homeless man and offers him a meal rather than just a couple of dollars As they sit in a cafe eating Billy finds himself intrigued by the glimpses he gets of the real man behind the dirty, obviously drug addicted man he s with For his part Tanny can t imagine what a decent man would want with the likes of him.Billy recognizes pretty quickly that Tanny and he could be really good together and while he d love to have a relationship with him he insists on waiting until Tanny kicks his drug habit He wants him to be self sufficient and sure of himself before they get together This is not an easy process as Tanny has some very traumatic issues to overcome but with Billy s steadfast support and Tanny s own hard work he s able to slowly work his way past those issues.I loved the slow buildup in this relationship Sean Michael did a great job of showing the strengths and weaknesses of his characters and both Billy and Tanny come alive on the pages of this book Billy is kind, patient and even though he is a Dom he never forces Tanny into anything he s not ready for Once Billy and Tanny are ready to take their relationship to the next level it is with the author s usual super hot eroticism.I also like the supporting characters in this book Oliver and Jack from previous books in the series as well as a couple of new characters are good additions to the overall flow of the story.I really enjoyed this wonderfully compelling story The writing was solid and the characters interesting and engaging Although this story is part of the author s BDSM series, Hammer, there is very little of that element in the book Billy is slowly introducing Tanny to the D s lifestyle and although they do use toys such as clamps and paddles this is light BDSM The emphasis is on the characters and their relationship rather than on a complete BDSM lifestyle.If you enjoy reading stories featuring men falling in love, working through problems until they re able to enjoy a loving relationship and you also like these guys to enjoy a really hot sex life then this book would be for you It s a well written story and I recommend it Found can be read as a stand alone but if you haven t yet read the previous books, Bent, Forged and Spoken you re missing out on some really good books.

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    Found What a great title for this Hammer novel Billy finds a submissive diamond in the rough when he goes with his gut and offers to buy dinner for the dirty homeless man that hits him up for a cigarette Montana we never do learn his last name finds strength by believing in someone again He doesn t believe in himself, but he believes in Billy eventually who props him up to begin healing and moving toward the type of relationship Billy thinks he has found in Tanny The relationship building is very good in this story Maybe one of SM s best I think it is one of the best looks at how two men come to relate to each other from two totally different places to fulfill needs that are unique to them even if they are not unique at all in general Tanny has no self esteem, no relationship experience and no prior introduction to the idea of BDSM or a D s partnership Billy must bring him to it one step at a time as well as show him a better way to deal with emotions then with the drugs Fortunately Billy finds the only junkie in the world that doesn t lie for his habit The story proceeds in the way that Sean Michael does We are able to really get to know motivation for Billy and Tanny which helps us connect and empathize with both MC s positions and expectations There is the typical love , uh huh mine yours conversations nearly every time they make love which gets a little tiring and Tanny has a habit of constantly trying to weasel out of the scary conversations with a simple it s big, huh response and reaction that made me squirm with frustration after a while They never seemed to really get to the bones of the issue.yet.Once they start having sex about half way through the book and only after Tanny is off the drugs and self sufficient , it is typically erotic and well written, as you would expect from Sean Michael.I am rating this book with an assumption that there will be a sequel It is a great half of a story It sets up the beginning of their journey perfectly If there is no plans to see the second half of their journey, when their relationship really begins I have to give this book 1 star This book ends just when it should begin for us diehard romantics that expect HEA They have a HFN ending but that is very shaky and Tanny still has no real true vision of what Billy foresees as their future together Additionally, there are some scenes with outside protagonists that make no sense if they are not going to be followed up with additional storytelling No other Hammer novel that I recall ended with this much cliff hanger angst Additionally, we do not meet back up with Marcus Jim, Kendall Eric or Simon Jeremy in this book We do meet Oliver and Jack, Harrison and Giles I wasn t sure if I should remember these couples from past Hammer novels, Bent, Forged or Spoken or some other Sean Michael book They were all introduced in such a way that I felt like I should already know their back story but if that s the case, I am not sure where I should have found it Threre is no m nage, no hard core BDSM or D s in this book It is all a very slow introduction to the full D s relationship that Billy intends but Tanny has no idea about My own little pet peeve I continually read Tanny s name as Tranny or Tammy It was frustrating because Billy thinks of Tanny as Montana in his head but calls him Tanny out loud I finally had to adjust to calling him Tan in my head to stop getting side tracked.

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    So that s another Hammer novel I couldn t put down Plenty of m m erotica in these bdsm books, not always easy to know which character is speaking Dom Billy 33 picks up homeless addict Montana 26 a native american and feels he has found a lover and a sub The two next Hammer books follow on with Billy and Tanny s story He bent and kissed the back of Montana s neck, his fingers tracing the scars he knew by heart now I know They re ugly No I don t think so The strength they represented was huge, the ability to heal, to continue, to transform into something newMontana beamed at him, cuddled in I m glad we did this I m glad it was you

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    My new obsession is the Hammer series by Sean Michael.The reason I am enjoying them and, this book in particular is due to the protagonists of the stories The three I have read so far have been based on characters who live on the margins of society They are the troublecd, forgotten and broken men.Montana is such a man Life s beaten him up and spat him out He s homeless and a junkie He s given up on himself, a meaningful life and most devastatingly hope of a better life Enter Billy Strong, kind, determined and secure The story follows their developing relationship based on trust, hot BDSM sex, love and a future anchored in each other.This is a feel good story This is a story that makes me believe in real love.It is story that I found refreshing based on the fact our hero was not a billionaire, socially confident, devastating handsome or the CEO of an international company He was real, raw and so so so likeable.

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    Well, overall I was disappointed about how this book was written I really like what the author was going was trying to accomplish with this storyline Homeless man, who has had a hard upbringing and some bad experiences meets a wonderful person who helps change his life for the better I felt that the author could have executed the story better I felt he author used sex scenes which some were two drawn out in my opinion to make the book longer I did enjoy seeing Ollie and Jack make there appearance from the previous book I really like Jack Always so bubbly.Montana aka Tanny, is a homeless man Billy, our Dom, meets Tanny outside of a store one day during a heavy rainfall Billy decides to take Tanny out for some food and found him fascinating and attracted to him Tanny, whom we never do learn his last name, left his past life behind He was in a bad motorcycle accident that left someone dead and scarred his back very badly Tanny has low self esteem and feels he isn t deserving for a second chance at life Billy, feels drawn to Tanny and really wants to help Tanny get back up on his feet and off drugs He ends up bringing Tanny to his house and letting him live there At first, he refused to hit on Tanny in anyway because he wanted Tanny to be clean and stable Tanny and Billy have there ups and downs They have a very honest relationship from the very beginning which I really liked I felt this couple s relationship was very fast pasted to falling in love Tanny ends up getting a mark for Billy within a couple of months of knowing him.I did enjoy how at least it had an ending, though could be added to their story if they wanted Also, there a situation that was brought up but never resolved There was a police officer harassing Tanny The officer makes his appearance a couple of times The very first time, Billy was going to call his lawyer friend to make a complaint but never followed through Why does the author bring up situations in his books but never resolves them What was the purpose of focusing on the issue if you aren t going to follow through This is the third book I have read by this author and I feel that it is repetitive The phrases tongue fucking and pain slut are also used numerous times in the first two books Also, it be nice if there scenes were a little bit different I am still debating to continue the series or not I d really think the series has potential.

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    Good best one I ve read in the series so far Thankfully, I just realized that I have the next 3 books waiting to read If not, I d have a problem as this one left me wondering where the heck the end was It ends nice enough, but there is so much to explore around Montana and Billy s relationship So many issues and unanswered questions The next 2 in the series continue with their story, so, yay

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    I love Sean Michael s work This particular piece, with it s themes of renewal and redemption touched me deeply If you like BDSM, strong willed characters and learning to look at the world through the eyes of a nearly broken, incandescently brilliant artistthis is the book for you.

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    The relationship was hot and intense Very similar to Bent by the end the sex felt repetative.

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    wow I adored Tanny he s so sweet and eagerthe best so far

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    It took me a lot longer to read this book because I found that reading it a little at a time I didn t get bored and start skimming all the sex Which is a lot of the book This was the most intriguing book in this series so far.

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