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Velvet Need chapter 1 Velvet Need , meaning Velvet Need , genre Velvet Need , book cover Velvet Need , flies Velvet Need , Velvet Need 950eb12594765 Dent Farre Thinks He Has It All Retired Owner Of Several High Profile Companies, He Is Now A Full Member At The Exclusive Men S BDSM Club The Velvet Glove He Has Anything He Wants Available At His Fingertips, Including A Host Of Subs At His Beck And Call So Why Is He So Angry And Frustrated All The Time The Velvet Glove S Owner Believes That Bertoli Lutrell, A Dominant Who Runs Very Intense Scenes Might Be Just What Dent Needs But Just As Lutrell And Dent Are Beginning To Make Progress Together, Dent Is Kidnapped Will He Escape His Captors In One Piece And If He Does, Will Luttrell Be Able To Reach Him After Months Of Torture Read This Tale From The Velvet Glove And Find Out

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    Medical play Hmmm O_oYeah, to be honest it s not my first choice of kinks That said, this is probably some of the sweetest and most loving sounding and enema fixated play I ve read Not surprising with Michael s propensity for growly, possessive, and protective doms This is a longer read that takes advantage of the timeline to show some hurt comfort which addresses PTSD, all in the loving hands of his rather OCD doctor dom The amount of attention paid to the ritual of their play created a sacred feeling Overall, enemas in Minegrowlfucklandia that are tender, not sadistic.

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    Wow Okay Starting this from the top.As if in response to my comments after reading the previous story, we have a very different sort of pairing in this one The much longer format also allows for considerably greater character and plot development as well, but the protagonists themselves are Okay one of them was definitely pushing my boundaries.There is always something creepy about a medical doctor with a kink for giving enemas I mean job satisfaction is a good thing, but uh It doesn t help when he s a giggling sadist.What does help, actually, is getting to know him And this happens here It s been a long while since a book showed me the other side of a character without putting the lie to my first impression.It feels as though the author is fully embracing the dubious consent, going so far as having Lutrell voice the infamous rapist s excuse of your mouth says no but your body says yes than once At first and for a good while what is happening to Dent is quite horrifying I still can t imagine how his fear and humiliation and utter despair might appear sexy to anyone But it s part of the story s process and doesn t stagnate So while I still think that what Lutrell does in the beginning is horrifically wrong and really, truly terrifying , I can see it working out for the best in context of this tale.Plus something magical happened along the way I got to understand that Lutrell truly is what he claims to be He is a caring, sweet person who embraces his happiness to its fullest extent, hence the constant giggling and laughing And he really lives up to it in every detail, the way he cares for Dent, the way his feelings for the man develop and expand After a while I could truly feel his joy and not be put off any by the scary associations of a giggling man in a position of power over someone else.Often in these stories the sub s, uh, submission ends up feeling like a brainwashing has taken place particularly when reluctance was involved Not so here, despite the fact that what Dent went through in the hands of others actually does count as a sort of brainwashing.These two are both adult men in mostly full possession of their faculties that s so very clear the entire time And their relationship, with all its needs and peculiarities, feels entirely balanced They have normal interactions, treat each other with genuine caring and tenderness.It s really quite amazing, considering how this story starts out.I think this is what made me enjoy this story so much The lack of something childlike or infantile in their relationship, in the characters themselves Giggling notwithstanding, since it meant something removed from age Well, plus the fact that despite lots of scenes with sexual aspects they never felt unnecessary to me True, a few might not have been completely vital but I did not get bored, so that s a good indicator Especially since it certainly wasn t the kink that kept me interested.So yes My initial impressions were annihilated in the most beautiful way and this turned into something I wholeheartedly enjoyed.Lovely book.

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    Alot of giggling, laughing and enemas I found myself wondering if too many enemas would cause internal problems It turned into a hurt comfort book I really enjoyed it and, as usual, Sean Michael sucks me in.

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    This story would have been so much better for me without the incessant chuckling.

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    This book utterly disgusted me I am all for entertaining, consensual bondage and games of sexual humiliation between equals, but the mere fact that the Dom is a practicising, medical doctor who enacts his kinks on a surgical bank using medical processes had me close to barfing the first time it happened and made me skip all such scenes so soon as they began Enemas are not something sexy, Mr Michael quite the opposite, inasmuch as they can hardly stimulate the prostate unless the canula rubs abainst it beware of tearing open the thin membrana and provide no excitation whatsoever to the rectum, unless one is perverted enough to get off by one s own bowel moves Add that any abuse of enemas is likely to result in destruction of the intestinal bacterial flora and rectal laxity, and you will understand my furor at seing such a strictly therapeutic process misused by an unlightened writer for the sake of cheap thrills I am no expert reader of BDSM yet even I was able to discern that too many of the scenes between Luttrell and Dent were trotting along the edge of dubious consent, therefore a far cry, for most of the book, from the fully fledged power exchange between consenting partners of equal standing that the healthy practice of BDSM entails, or ought to entail I find it highly ironical, to say the least, that the creepy, skeleton looking medic plighting his trade of running enemas and plunging his phallus inside one s rectum would be the person best placed to care for, and to cure, his traumatized partner after said Submissive had been abducted and tortured for months That no one managed to understand that such gross outlandishness was enough to sink any self respecting, BDSM or hurt comfort story straight to the seabed, speaks volumes about the brain capacity of Mr Michael s circle, his publisher, and his devoted readership Finally, too much melodrama as is often the case with this author I did not feel it was necessary to have Dent live through so much hell, not even to gild the pill of Luttrell s sexual psychological expertise with PTSD and rather too many glaring inconsistencies that testify to excessive speed of writing and desultory proof reading, key among them the extremely irritating good cheer given to Luttrell even in the midst of the most inappropriate circumstances, finish to ruin whatever remained of the entertaining capacity of this book.

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    Story that looks at an unusual aspect of BDSMWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS I always enjoy reading stories in which the sub struggles with his desire to submit It seems like such a victory to me once he finally does, and especially once he admits to himself and his Dom that he enjoys it This author is good at conveying character changes that take place gradually over a long period of time He writes short scenes, many of which depict mundane, everyday occurrences, and shows at least a tiny bit of forward movement in each scene Luttrell is interested in aspects of BDSM that are a little off the beaten path an enema is one of his favorite things to do to his subs, for example I didn t find those scenes hot, necessarily, but I did find it refreshing to read about something different.CONS As much as I came to appreciate Luttrell s obvious joie de vivre, his constant laughing, particularly at the beginning of the story, got a little annoying Especially since he s a Top and giggles repeatedly that word appears probably 10 times in the first 5 pages I appreciate stories in which both men are not perfect physically Not everyone s beautiful, so not all stories should be about beautiful people Some of Michael s descriptions make Luttrell seem far from sexy, though the word gaunt, in particular, is not something that makes me think happy things It brings to my mind a skeleton with skin stretched over it The fact, also, that they do their scenes on a surgical table makes Luttrell come across now and then as a mad scientist.

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    Stars 4.5 5Overall I m not a huge fan of BDSM, which may make you wonder why I was reading a novel all about it There was a sale, I ll leave it at that And yetthis novel was very good Even if some of the subject matters weren t to my liking, the writing was done in such a sensual sexual way that I found it enjoyable.The characters aren t flat and they both struggle with their place in the dynamic, eventually finding their balance within the relationship While, obviously, BDSM practices are a core element of the story and sex, the author did a fantastic job of balancing them with development of characters and plot although plot is mostly through the characters While plot is important, it is mostly a tool to drive the character development and exploration Warning Contains BDSM and the use of sounds, enemas, fistingClick here for full review

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    The incessant giggling has to stop I don t care how happy you are no one laughs and giggles all the time It effing annoying The scenes are hot but JHC who can enjoy it with the incessant laughter Oh and the inconsistency view spoiler They 69 in a chapter then in the next Bertoli asks if this is the first time Dent has given a BJ What They sleep in Bertoli s bed and in another chapter Bertoli says you ve never slept in my bed Huh hide spoiler

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    As usual another unique look as a very specific kink And it didn t freak me out at all It was interesting to see how Lutrell handled Dent, even though Dent was there supposedly as the Dom, only to find that Lutrell was treating him like a sub And the help and devotion that Lutrell showed after Dent is kidnapped and returned, broken Lutrell is there to help him find himself after the horror he had been through.This is one of my favorite s of the series as it seemed to focus on the relationship between the two men.

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    Great story abt Dent who always believed himself to be a Dom but realizes that might not be true He gets hooked up with Lutrell a Dom who has a Very specific kink One that s perfect for Dent This story is emotionally charged to say the least It took awhile to get used to Lutrell and his personality It s a little offbeat The medical kink was a nice change from the typical BDSM scenes but even so it felt basic to me I was expecting a little bit indepth exploration of the kink than was given.

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