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Notturno pdf Notturno, ebook Notturno, epub Notturno, doc Notturno, e-pub Notturno, Notturno 7adea9434cc For Antique Document Expert Adin Tredeger, Finding A Perfectly Pristine Five Hundred Year Old Homoerotic Journal Is The Highlight Of A Successful Career He S Smart, He S Cautious, And He S Determined Keep It SafeDonte Fedelta Has Only Ever Loved One Man And The Journal That Celebrates Their Affair Has Finally Resurfaced He S Not Above Using Every Trick, Including Seduction And Outright Theft, To Get It Back He Knows Adin S No Match For A Centuries Old Vampire On A QuestAdin Tredeger Wants That Journal Donte Wants It Back Neither Man Is Prepared For Something Or Someone They Might Want

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    given the terrifying craze for anonymous, back alley sodomy among heterosexual women, it is perfectly understandable why a publisher of gay male erotic romances might be so diligent in its duty to promote safer sex practices as to insist that a five hundred year old vampire should take care to roll on a condom for the purposes of fucking a man in the ass while drinking his blood.anything else would be irresponsible.

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    1.5 stars Dear Deep Desire The M F romance abusive men and heroines that love them anyway and keep coming back for called they want their plot back.I should probably give this book only 1 star, but something about it kept me reading so I guess I have to give it props for that much Honestly though, I sort of hated this story Adin is a self important art dealer who meets Donte, a centuries old vampire, on a plane They have a quicky that may or may not be considered dub con followed by some VERY dub con ish encounters I m going to put it right out there Donte is an asshole Not only does he assert over and over again that he is a predator and that Adin is simply prey to him, but he displays a pattern of neglect and manipulation that NO ONE is going to convince me is even close to love Adin is a dishrag who trusts Donte, though he really shouldn t It is abundantly apparent that Donte s first priority is his true love and long dead lover, Auselmo Donte proves this time and time again throughout the story.How this book can be considered a romance between Adin and Donte is beyond me While the vampire world is sort of cool, and I enjoyed meeting Adin s sister and friends, I didn t get the whole deal with the book Why did everyone want it so badly Just because it was Donte s It was a bit bizarre All in all, I found the relationship between Donte and Adin to be abusive and far fetched, and though the plot was exciting, nothing could really redeem the story for me Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    FYI, this is a revised version of this book

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    3.5One of the most compelling parts of this book, for me, was the love story of Donte and Auselmo I found the journal entries both beautiful and tragic and I could see why Donte fought hard to retrieve that last physical tie to his first and best love.Although I enjoyed the world created here I found the vampire world building a bit light with the focus on the manuscript but given that it s the first book I m looking forward to that being explored in depth later.I couldn t help but feel bad for Adin here The poor man dealt with quite a lot in this read with several brushes with death and had his world view shift quite sharply I hope that in future reads he s not as sad and beaten down He s a good man and I enjoyed his friendship with Edward quite a bit and would actually love to read the story of how Edward and Tuan met There were other strong secondary characters as well that made this a nicely layered read This was definitely a sexy read with a lot of action but quite melancholy with the peppered journal entries I won t say it ended on a high note but rather a hopeful one I m looking forward to reading the other books Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I ve given this a B for narration and a B for content at AudioGalsRomances featuring vampires aren t ones I gravitate towards, but the audio of the Deep series was recommended to me by Kathleen here on Goodreads, and as I ve enjoyed books by Z.A Maxfield in the past, and I d seen the series crop up in the Audible Romance Package , I picked it up On the whole, that was a good decision, and I was engaged and entertained throughout all three books in spite of some inconsistencies in the plots and issues with the narration in book two in particular.Deep Desire opens as Dr Adin Tredeger, an authority on antique erotica, is flying home to San Francisco following the purchase of a very rare manuscript on behalf of his university Notturno, a five hundred year old journal that details the forbidden love affair between an Italian nobleman and his male lover, is the find of Adin s career, and he is determined to keep it safe, some instinct telling him to pack it in his luggage rather than in his carry on for the journey home.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.

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    I want to say fews words It s my first Z.A Maxfield book, and certainly will not be the last one She is a marvelous writer If you are searching an erotic M M books this book will disappoint you It s sexy, but tamed to be classified as erotic On the contrary, if you are searching for a first approach on M M world this books is perfect The paranormal romance is interesting, and the writer sytile will keep your attention I enjoy the writing as I appreciated the humor In my view it s a terrific book and I can t give less than 4 stars.Urfortunately maybe this book could be shorter It s a little boring the few 30 final pages, and maybe the drama of the fight for the love was exaggerated That s why I m giving 4 not 5 stars.Enjoy the reading, and thank you for reading my review image error

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    2.0 StarsAdin Tredeger is an antique document expert, university professor, and erotic book collector One day, Adin comes across a five hundred year old homoerotic journal and it s the find of his career Donte Fedelta is a five hundred year old vampire He authored the manuscript now in Adin s possession and he wants it back The journal is the story of the love of his life Auselmo wherein Donte poured out his heart and soul Thus Adin and Donte begin an adversarial and dangerous dance around the manuscript But Adin soon realizes that he s no than a gnat in a war amongst titans Ugh This book was really frustrating for me As a love story between Donte and Auselmo, it worked as a love story between Donte and Adin, not so much I think this is true for a couple of reasons Donte and Adin started out as a one off in the mile high club They basically had a string of sexual encounters while engaging in some good natured banter about the book, Adin being a lowly human, and Donte being at the apex of the food chain There was never anything than that between them Sure Donte marked Adin but that was it There was never anything close to the outpouring of love that Donte had for Auselmo So, it wasn t surprising that Donte didn t come for Adin when the chips were down That s fine but don t try to sell me a love story on such a premise It s one thing that Adin pales in comparison to Auselmo but if Donte is not even willing to engage not hurt or kill, mind you Auselmo s son when Adin s life is on the line well, frankly, that pretty much disavowed me of any notion of a LOVE affair.Adin s attempt to wait it out for Donte and his flippant attitude towards Donte s betrayal fell flat for me because Adin was a wimp at the start It would be one thing if he was self confident, self assured, and went after what he wanted with singular determination But no There were points that his insecurities and confusion over Donte made him TSTL cue dance club debacle So, when he kept professing his love for Donte despite repeatedly being rejected, he didn t come across as strong and determined To me, he was acting like a door mat It s no wonder that the ending was an anticlimactic meh It felt like Donte was settling for Adin and that is sooooo NOT my notion of romantic.Bottom line an underwhelming vampire tale I m a ZAM fan but I don t know that I ll be continuing with this series.

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    Overall I thought this was a pretty fun read I never got a chance to read the first edition

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    Hmmwhat to say I m feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much I loved this story For me Donte was the perfect, emotionally distant vampire hero Dark, dangerous and often a mystery to be solved, but at the same time his journal entries depicted someone who had loved well in his human life and cherished those memories still This gave him a soft side even as he played the big, bad vampire.Aiden was ready for someone special, even though he didn t know it Watching the relationship develop was sweet, even if the final outcome came down to the last pages Oh what a perfect ending This now goes on my favorites shelf.

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    This is a revised work originally published as Notturno.Adin Tredeger is a scholar of rare erotic manuscripts and has just won the priceless 500 y o Notturno manuscript at auction Notturno is the first recorded book detailing an erotic homosexual relationship, and Adin is captivated by the deeply passionate story of the two lovers Adin doesn t actually believe love exists, but the heartbreaking story of Niccolo and Auselmo s forbidden love is changing Adin s mind.Especially so when Adin meets Donte nee Niccolo in the, um, flesh Turns out the wages of Niccolo s sin was not death, but un death He was turned into a vampire now called Donte , and forced to exist for centuries without his precious Auselmo Notturno was his personal diary and he guarded it carefully, but it was confiscated with all his other art in the Nazi invasion of France and kept hidden for decades When it was up for auction Donte s bidding was tampered, resulting Adin claiming the book But Donte will not rest until his diary is returned, and he s willing to seduce, or sacrifice, Adin in order to get Notturno back.This was an interesting read, for sure The vampire element was cool, especially when we had two factions of vampires searching for the book Adin hadn t considered the possibility of vamps existing, and suddenly he s caught between Donte and Donte s nemesis, another vamp who wants Notturno destroyed I really enjoyed how Adin bonded with Donte Donte claims over and over that he cannot love, that his ability to love was killed with Auselmo, but Adin is a patient man Through his translations of Notturno, Adin sees the deep capacity for love that Niccolo Donte had as a man, and he s willing to prove to Donte that love like that never dies Over the course of several months, and several near death experiences, Adin recognizes that life really is hollow without love and having a true love, even with a vampire, is worth dying for.Spoiler alert, no men were killed in the course of reading this book Though some vamps do get staked I wished for a little heat in the smexytimes, but that s a small quibble I didn t read the first edition of this book, but NetGalley provided this copy for my honest review.

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