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  • Hardcover
  • 287 pages
  • The Monster in the Box
  • Ruth Rendell
  • English
  • 17 April 2017
  • 9781439150337

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    Okay what I did likethe narration by Nigel Anthony.As to the rest, it was quite an enthralling story I suppose but it was based on a ridiculous premise Wexford, when he was a young bobby on the beat, was involved in the investigation of the murder by strangulation of a woman whose husband became the chief suspect.Wexford, however, was 100% convinced that the murderer was a muscular squat thug with a birthmark called Eric Targo. the man was called Targo not the birthmark and he was certain of this on pure instinct Targo had looked at him from under a lamp post whilst out walking his dog and from that moment his guilt was unassailable Now i realize hunches are an important part of policework but in the name of all that s Holy that does seem a tad far fetched.For the rest of the book the action flashes back and forth across the decades and we take in the early romance and otherwise of the ever growing Wexford His total obsession, or rather Rendell s with times past If she had him musing once she had him musing a thousand times about what society, the streets, the air , the music, the food etc etc was like 20, 30, 40 years ago It became quite an annoying pulse to the narrative, funnily enough rather like your old Great Aunt Uncle who relates the same story over and over again without realizing she he has told you it 100 times before.Running alongside Wexford s startlingly certain solution from a hunch of past murders there is the story of a muslim family who are embroiled in the modern day associative incidents Here, Wexford s politically correct and right on assistant makes equally unsubstantiated assumptions about crimes or otherwise and yet whereas Wexford smarms and sneers his truth aloft against all the evidence or probability, he is 100% dismissive of her leaps in the dark The problem i therefore had throughout the book branched out in all kinds of areas Wexford s arrogant cetainty against all evidence to the contrary seemed superhuman in its cocksureness, and yet his inability to recognize his police help might have the same superhuman insight appeared to confirm the arrogance and tying all this up was the fact that view spoiler Rendell had written it in such a way that he was proved right though it was a ridiculous lack of evidence, a look for God s sake that is all it started from,a penetrating look from underneath a lamp post hide spoiler

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    How could I not give Ruth Rendell five stars She is my hero I told Grace I realized, looking at the back flap of this book, that she s now 80 I m hoping she lives to be at least 100, because I m not sure what I ll do when there are No More Wexford Books Answer probably start reading all of them again, which will be OK, because I ve already forgotten most of the plots anyway Which is my fault, and due to brain waste not hers Anyway, this is another fabulous Wexford novel as far as I m concerned there s no such thing as a non fabulous Wexford novel One of my favorite things about The Monster in the Box is seeing Wexford as a young man there s stuff in here about his early police career, and how he met and fell in love with his wife And the writing is, as usual, beautiful, smart, and weirdly funny, often, for a book about murder I didn t find this book as suspenseful as some of the other Wexford novels partly, I think, because the murderer s identity is clear from the beginning, and also because I just never totally bought in to the subplot, which is about a young Pakistani girl who s suspected of being forced to marry against her will I really appreciate, though, the way Ruth Rendell keeps so much of the classic mystery novel in her books, while at the same time making them totally contemporary, full of current issues the forced marriage plot is a good example and characters I also LOVE it that she s so funny unusual for a mystery writer and so concerned with relationships as well as who killed who, and why and how.

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    Rendell s latest has a dreamy feel to it, and almost an elegiac tone for the lost village of the 50s and 60s, even though all was not perfect in that village This is her most reflective Wexford so far, alternating the recent past with the 50s, and it s almost as if she is at last rounding out Wexford s character or at least filling in some blanks for all her steadfast fans, but not of course like the typical gimmicky prequel Being the savvy social commentator she is, Rendell does a marvelous job of contrasting what we have lost with what replaced it, for better or for worse, e.g losing close communities, and gaining technology and politically correct policing I have a feeling this book will appeal to the aforesaid long term, die hard fans, which are legion Being one of them myself, I really liked when Wexford would recall cases in his career, i.e.crimes which were part of earlier Rendell books It became sort of an aha feeling, almost as if I were reminiscing along with him The whole book felt to me like a nod to her readers, almost an emotional gift to them on some levels, but also a good story.Oh yeah, and there is a murderer, quite a creepy one which Wexford has failed to catch in the past This is the frame story for all Wexford s reminiscing, and it works well Of course every sentence is typically Rendell, elegant and stylish She turns 80 in February, and we can only hope she keeps turning out mysteries

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    The Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell.This particular Inspector Wexford novel had me from the moment the first sentence was spoken A tale of obsession and murder The obsession lies with Wexford This first murder case for Inspector Wexford, a bobby fresh off patrolling the streets, was a most baffling one It was one that he was never able to bring to a final ending The murder of a woman found in her own bedroom remained unsolved to this day Butthere was something or someone else that stayed with Wexford He had observed a rather stocky man wearing a scarf and walking his dog just alongside that woman s home at the time of the murder It was the intense glare that very man cast at Wexford that made it all the impossible to forget.Eric Targo had lived in Kingsmarkham years ago and now suddenly he was back This was in my opinion one of the best Inspector Wexford mysteries It was indeed a tale of obsession and murder.

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    In this one Inspector Wexford one day comes across Eric Targo, a man he hasn t seen for years, a man who he s convinced is a murderer by Wexford has not a shred of evidence beyond a few looks that Targo gave him and his being in certain places But how does he prove it and how does he stop him He has kept all his suspicions to himself all these years but now decides to tell his friend Mark Burden but Burden isn t inclined to believe him either but things begin to occur in the present that start to show that Wexford s suspicions may have something to them Alongside, his DS Hannah Goldsmith, along with Jenny have their own suspicions about one of Jenny s student s Tamima, a sixteen year old, who seems to be discontinuing her studies despite being a fairly bright student This was only my second Wexford book though it is no 22 in the series and I quite enjoyed it While it wasn t a mystery proper, but to do with Wexford having to prove something that happened in the past, there were still plenty of surprises towards the end that I certainly didn t see coming Since Wexford goes between past and present telling Mark Burden all that occurred with Targo in the past, we also get a peek into Wexford s own life and career from when he first started working In fact, though he doesn t tell Mark everything, the reader gets to see how his own personal life played out as well Going between past and present, there is a lot of reflection on how things were vis vis how they are now not only in how the police worked, differences in technology etc., media presence, as well as in society itself s, beliefs, attitudes The book also deals with the clashes , if one can call them that, in a multicultural present, stereotyping, certain conclusions that people jump to despite trying to be sensitive to difference Alongside, Targo s love of animals means that we meet not only his various dogs, but even llamas and a lion and with them comes in a bit of craziness as well All in all, I quite enjoyed the book and it might even be a good place to start despite being towards the end of the series Would love to read of the Wexford books sometime.

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    Nigel Anthony 8 Hours 52 MinsDescription He had never told anyone The strange relationship, if it could be called that, had gone on for years, decades, and he had never breathed a word about it He had kept silent because he knew no one would believe him None of it could be proved, not the stalking, not the stares or the conspiratorial smiles, not the killings, not any of the signs Targo had made because he knew Wexford knew and could do nothing about it Wexford had almost made up his mind that he would never again set eyes on Eric Targo s short, muscular figure And yet there he was, back in Kingsmarkham, still with that cocky, strutting walk Years earlier, when Wexford was a young police officer, a woman called Elsie Carroll had been found strangled in her bedroom Although many still had their suspicions that her husband was guilty, no one was convicted Another woman was strangled shortly afterwards, and every personal and professional instinct told Wexford that the killer was still at large And it was Eric Targo A psychopath who would kill againAs the Chief Inspector investigates a new case, Ruth Rendell looks back to the beginning of Wexford s career, even to his courtship of the woman who would become his wife The past is a haunted place, with clues and passions that leave an indelible imprint on the here and now.I m almost pleased that the last disc was missing from the box as the storyline here was preposterous.3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 3 A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2 3 Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford, 3 2 The Best Man to Die Inspector Wexford, 4 3 A Guilty Thing Suprised 53 No More Dying Then Inspector Wexford, 6 3 Murder Being Once Done Inspector Wexford, 7 3 Some Lie and Some Die Inspector Wexford, 8 3 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford, 9 3 A Sleeping Life Inspector Wexford, 10 3 Put on by Cunning Inspector Wexford 11 1 Speaker of Mandarin Inspector Wexford, 12 3 An Unkindness of Ravens Inspector Wexford, 13 3 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford, 14 3 Kissing the Gunner s Daughter Inspector Wexford, 15 3 Road Rage Inspector Wexford, 17 3 Harm Done Inspector Wexford, 18 3 The Babes in the Wood Inspector Wexford, 19 3 End in Tears Inspector Wexford, 20 3 Not in the Flesh Inspector Wexford, 21 1 The Monster in the Box Inspector Wexford 22 2 The Vault Inspector Wexford, 23

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    I know Ruth Rendell is a good writer She must be because so many people enjoy her books I read in a review somewhere or other that Reg Wexford was the most real of all the fictional detectives, and that s probably true But he is so DULL He doesn t have any bad habits except a desire to indulge in things that might not be good for him red wine, nuts and snacks which he dutifully tries to resist to please his dreary wife Quirky detectives like Jackson Brodie, ones who sleep with unsuitable men Jane Tennant or drink too much Morse may not be real, but they are interesting and sometimes fun I don t see how anyone involved in solving crimes like murder can be boring, but Wexford is boring It s probably apt then that the actor that played him on TV was also dull as ditchwater, so it s a shame that the person reading this book Nigel Anthony adopts a George Baker like accent for Wexford I would have liked to hear an alternative, it would have been a bit of an adventure.The plot of this is competently enough handled, but there is far too much nostalgia for my liking Wexford is constantly reminding us of what it was like in the old days compared to what it is like at the time the novel is set in It s all a bit of a clich no sex before marriage, no divorce, no internet etc all harking back to a time that was even dull than the present Added to this is an endless retelling of Wexford s personal love life, an unexciting history of getting engaged to a girl he didn t like and being too decent to break it off until he did , a brief entanglement with a woman and a rape scam, then meeting his wife to be, who was actually on holiday with her parents and Wexford with his mother This man has really lived As if Wexford s drab existence, banal personal history and stodgy personality weren t enough, he got no satisfaction from the resolution of this case Nor did I.Of the two personae of this author, I much prefer the Barbara Vine novels, several of which I have really enjoyed This particular Ruth Rendell novel passed the time, but so does watching paint dry.

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    Another in the long line of Inspector Wexford novels by Ruth Rendell This is a good one.Wexford suspects that a man he knew from long ago is a serial killer He has no proof of it, just a minor suspicion, but one which is strong enough to last many years In fact, Wexford has put the monster Eric Targo into a box, one he will only infrequently open and study Hence the title.When a few new murders occur and Targo seems to have been nearby at the time, Wexford opens the box in the hopes of new clues, new statements from witness, a new lead, anything He is stymied time and time again until a new set of circumstances occur involving a young Moslem girl whose family might be forcing her into marriage The two stories Targo s and the girl s overlap and intertwine until arriving at a completely surprising and stunning conclusion.There are the usual cast of characters here, Hannah, the PC correct investigator on Wexford s staff, and of course, Mike Burden, Wexford s continuing and oft irritating sidekick Jenny Burden makes a small appearance and even Reg Wexford s wife, Dora We also get a glimpse of the kind of police officer and man Wexford was when younger I didn t figure this one out, not until Rendell spelled it out for me at the end All in all, a very satisfying, complex, and intriguing story One of Rendell s best in this series.

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    I really enjoyed this Inspector Wexford book This book takes place in a modern setting with mobile phones, computers and modern subject matter, with a throwback to earlier times in Inspector Wexford s life The Inspector comes up against someone from his past and remembers incidents back when he was working on his first murder case As always, his personal life and his work are intertwined.Rendell accurately portrays the past and the present, although the characters seem to have aged slower than the passing years, but that is not really important The present times with multicultural society and the past where class and manners mattered have been described well The themes of being politically correct, preconceived ideas, and the older generation s reluctance to come to terms with technology are all things we can relate to which makes the plot extremely credible.If you have never read an Inspector Wexford book, this would make an ideal start But to the reader who has known him for a while, it will be interesting to see Wexford back in his single days with his mind on looking for the right wife It will also be interesting to see how life has a funny way of turning round in circles and how his own monster in the box has finally been dealt with.

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    Pros I like Rendell, I like Wexford, I like the class and race awareness that she sprinkles throughout her books often with considerable humor Cons this book feels like coming in midway through conversation, not just because it s part of a series, but the way she introduces this apparently long standing character in Wexford life It took a bit of getting used to The ending wasn t quite what I expected, and the Afterwards seems ill conceived.But as always I never seem to regret a Rendell read.

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