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Toy Box: Fisting summary Toy Box: Fisting, series Toy Box: Fisting, book Toy Box: Fisting, pdf Toy Box: Fisting, Toy Box: Fisting b17a1c2f4d Intimate, A Little Scary, And Hugely Pleasurable If Done Right, Fisting Is Something That No One Takes Lightly In Worship, By Lazuli Jones, Mohit And Sadhir Have A Moment Of Prayer, But Mohit Is Not Praying To His Usual Gods In Election Night Hell By Winnie Jerome, Josh Is Despondent After He Hears The Bad News About The Passage Of The Marriage Ban In California, And Derek Decides That His Boyfriend Needs Some Hardcore Play To Lift His Spirits If You Enjoyed Winnie S Best Man S Hell, You Ll Remember These Boys Finally, In Of All The Gin Joints, By Mallory Path, Holden Tracks Down His Lost First Love, Hoping To Get Kyros Out Of His System By Indulging In The Night They Never Had Together

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    This anthology is about inserting hands, namely fists in the places, where you would not like unless you have thing for it and sitting on the baseball baton the wider end pushed in Election Night Hell by Winnie JeromeHey we need to pass the lawlets relieve our tension my fist in the ass I think our politician should do that in our parliment, perhaps it would improve things in my country Whatever lot of political issues are excuse for kinky sex Enjoy the propaganda pushed with the fist Worhsip by Lazuli JonesExotic setting full of spicy smell in the air Oriental mood and two hands in the ass brings you to Hindu delights Well whatever at least no politics, but vanity involved as the main trigger of the story Of All The Gin Joints by Mallory PathThis was as bad as its title, but well I am not supposed to judge this marvel of the pornographic trash However the bonus points for the story are no politics, no crazy Oriental settings.

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    Worship by Lazuli Jones historical Election Night Hell by Winnie Jerome contemporary

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    Election Night Hell by Winnie Jerome 4 starsWorhsip by Lazuli Jones 2 starsOf All The Gin Joints by Mallory Path 2 stars

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