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    What I like about a novel such at this one is that a story based upon facts can be told and shared.

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    I give this book a 3.5 It just didn t grab my attention It took me so long to read this book because we were reading it to school and we barely read it Although I did like seeing what it was like being a refugee because I it mad me realise how lucky I am and that there are people who are desperate to be in a safe country I cried in the end but NO SPOILERS Overall I would recommend this book to people 12 14 since younger readers don t understand.

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    Mahtab s story is a very good book Libby Gleeson wrote this book being inspired by a true story It was first published in 2008 This book is a standalone If you have read Parvana you might like this book as it is adapted Mahtab as the main character is very responsible and has a very strong mind She has a family of four not including her Her younger sister is five and is the youngest in the family Her brother Farhad is about 7 and is very adventurous This story is about Mahtab and her family travelling through Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia They travel in a truck then on a plane and then on a boat to Australia There are both pros and cons about this book I think the books I mentioned early are much better Pros are that you gat to know what it is like to be Afghan Also you learn that there is always a bad side to things Personally I would rate this book 3 out of five stars.

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    Based on true events, this novel depicts a young Afghani girl and her family, fleeing the Taliban and ending up in Australia.How do they escape Afghanistan Under the floorboards at the back of a truck, winding perilously through the mountains to the border What happens next Mahtab must live through corruption, political contempt for refugees, family separation, trauma and displacement Their only hope is what they will find in Australia.

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    Actual rating 3.5 Mahtab s story is a good read It isn t thrilling but it isn t meant to be It s based on a true story and one that reminds me just how lucky I am to be Australian.

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    I studied Mahtab s Story during school and it wasn t anything special I had high hopes for this book and the prologue was very captivating I don t know why this book went wrong for me It could have been the author s style of writing or it was the main character s personality Mahtab overused the rhetorical questions that it no longer became effective The ending was good but I wish the journey to her freedom could have been put into detail Overall it was okay and I wouldn t read this again but I recommend it to people who are bored and have nothing else to read.

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    Mahtabs Story is an amazing, intense, exiting, and an interesting book Libby Gleeson has really made me visualize the setting and the people around her, when I m reading I can really feel how Mahtab is feeling Getting up in the morning, casting off the bed covers and stepping onto the rich red swirls of the carpet Mahtab is a very strong character, I know this because she is always looking on the bright side of things., This book reminds me of the time when I had to get stitches i was looking on the bright side of things and not the the bad side Mahtabs story reminds me of the book The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas because the boy runs away from the camp site and he doesn t get caught, just like Mahtab and her family run away from Pakistan and went to Australia and didn t get caught i m predicting that Mahtab and her family will arrive to Australia safely and find her dad, but she will also have to remake friends and for some reason i feel like shes going to have trouble with that Overall i recon Mahtab s Story is an amazing book and i recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about adventure

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    I love informed ad lit It is a great way to introduce the world, its problems, and its culture to the teenage population This is the story of Afghan refugees and their plight to Australia The protagonist is a young teenager who is the eldest of three children and accompanies her mother from Pakistan where they have been temporarily left to Australia where they re taken and put into a refugee camp until they can get visas Meanwhile they don t know anything about their father whether he is alive or dead, whether he s a detainee, or whether he is already working It seems to take place over about a year s time It was written by a teacher who had a class of juniors year 11s who were Afghan Iraqi refugees, and it seems she kind of combined the stories into this one This is another book I will give to my niece, as I think it really helps depict culture shock, as well as what political refugees have to go through to make it to a free land.

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    As was expected, the book drags at times and can be dry But any faults can be overlooked for the surprisingly emotional though a bit too quickly tied up ending I haven t read much about immigration to other that is, not the US countries, and for that reason alone Mahtab s Story gets points Great for use in the classroom a la The Breadwinner and for exposure to Afghanistan I m not a huge fan of Gleeson s writing style and choppy, episodic plot development, but perhaps it works in this situation, where the story spans a long period of time and strives to fit in a great number of important details of the struggles and perils that are a part of looking for a new, better life in a foreign land.

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    There have been a number of these refugee experience stories over the past few years, but I m yet to find one that captures what life in an Australian detention centre is like as well as this one Mahtab and her family travel from Afghanistan, through Pakistan and on to Australia Her father goes ahead and the family follow, not really know if they ll find her father again, or what they will find in Australia The frustration and boredom of sitting in detention is bought home in vivid detail A very moving story.

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