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Warrior's Cross summary Warrior's Cross, series Warrior's Cross, book Warrior's Cross, pdf Warrior's Cross, Warrior's Cross 53a8a872b6 Cameron Jacobs Is An Open Book He Considers Himself A Common Waiter With Normal Friends, Boring Hobbies, Harmless Dogs, And Nothing Even Resembling A Secret Except A Crush On A Tall, Dark, Devastatingly Handsome Man Who Dines Alone At His Restaurant On Tuesday Nights All It Takes Is One Passionate Night With Julian Cross To Turn Cameron S World On Its HeadJulian S Love And Devotion Are All Cameron Could Have Hoped For And But When His Ordinary Life Meets And Clashes With Julian S Extraordinary Lifestyle, Cameron Discovers That Trust And Fear Can Go Hand In Hand, And Love Is Just A Step Away From Danger

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    5 utterly brilliant and beautiful stars for this book and couple Unfortunately for me, when I started reading this book I got sick It started out as a mild form of butterflitis stomachitis After a few chapters I got the fever and started melting every now and then, my throat had some problems so I couldn t speak properly, it all came out as squeeling Near the end matters got worse My butterflitis stomachitis grew into acute sobbitis, which manifested through my eyes and the constant tear leaking And for some reason my hormones went all wild and I was very emotional Luckily for me, the medicine I took at the end of the book cured me, I think it s called happyendingamol, so I d recommend it if you ever get sick like me Even though I was sick, I enjoyed the book so so much the writing is excellent, and I was glued to my reader untill I finished Cameron and Julian ohhh what a wonderful couple, I simply adore them The chemistry they have is through the roof The book starts in the restaurant where Cameron is a waiter, and Julian is a regular customer This is full of glances, looks, slow conversation that will get your nerves and anticipation high like a rocket It was just intense Cameron doesn t know practically anything about Julian, but he s infatuated for months, and on Christmas Eve they talk and Julian walks Cameron home and Cameron takes his hand that whole scene was utter perfection, one of the best romantic scenes I ve read So they start a relationship and everything goes slowly I won t say anything else about the story, don t want to ruin it if you decide to read the book I ll just say that they are so wonderfull together, so sweet, I simply adored them The ending last 30% or so was intense, but considering the genre and Julian s occupation that isn t a big surprise XD I WISH that tense part was shorter, it kinda dragged the story, but oh well I d give it 4 stars for that, but I simply can t, I know, I m stupid, that s not the way to review, but I just can t The characters were so good, they overshadowed any fault the book might have, and I loved them so much that they deserve 5 stars, if not even Best scenes Cameron and Julian exchanging glances in the restaurant well, every damn scene with them in the restaurant is 5 star worthy the first time Julian spoke to Cameron Christmas Eve, Julian and Cameron walking in the street major meltdown first sex scene HOT Jeez was it hot when Cameron thinks he won t see Julian again when Julian finds Cameron on the bathroom floor Julian giving Cameron the present the moving of Cameron s boss the funeraaalll oh that was sad the ending of course This was a wonderful read, I simply love this book and it definitely goes in my favorites Can t wait to read about Cameron and Julian in the CutRun series Buddy re read with Nicole and Shelly3

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    4.5 StarsI went to bed on Sunday night, telling myself I d just start the book and read a few pagesA few hours and 40% later, I knew I had a problem of the best kind I reluctantly put the book down at midnight and proceeded to have fabulous dreams starring Julian Cross It was a good night.All day at work on Monday my students keep yattering away kids, sheesh , distracting me from my thoughts of Cam and Julian and their ridiculously tangible chemistry I read through my lunch break which I never do and when that final bell rang at the end of the day, I made a mad dash to my car and got home in record time just to dive back into the book Needless to say, I really enjoyed this one I went in feeling obligated to read this, when all I really wanted to do was dive head first into Armed Dangerous I m really glad I followed advice thanks, R I now have no doubt that Cam and Julian s appearance in my now upcoming next read Armed Dangerous will be all the epic I can not wait To be clear, I now worship at the altar of Julian Cross swoon Re read November, 2017There seem to be two schools of thought regarding this book Some readers are bored to tears and don t see the appeal of the characters and their love story, while others find the characters delicious and the romance astounding I ll admit, when I first read this story a few years ago, I experienced both extremes, absolutely loving the beginning of the story where Cam and Julian first came together, and then I felt it petered off around the halfway mark, leaving me with an unmemorable impression of the second part of the story My second reading experience produced very, very different reactions regarding that once perceived slower second half This time around I still felt Cam and Julian shared some of the most amazing sexual tension I ve ever read and I still adored their initial coming together, but I also found myself completely engrossed with what came after, following the slow reveals of Julian s life, and witnessing the personal tolls and imminent dangers his profession placed on him and Cam and others I think I simply connect to the writing and the characters themselves Or maybe my new experience all depended on my current mood Whatever the case, I ve decided to bump my rating up and add this to my favourites folder because, to me, Cam and Julian s story is one of the most romantic things I ve ever read.

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    A beautiful tale of the dangers of forbidden love, and a must read for Cut Run Fans To your limp he said solemnly. There is something satisfying about being engrossed in a universe as detailed and elaborate as the one which Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban have created Warrior s Cross is the first of the spinoffs created from the Cut Run series The tone was decidedly different than that of Ty Zane s whirlwind relationship, but it was no less entertaining or well writtenTy and Zane formed a partnership through various dangerous experiences and slowly built a romantic relationship Cameron and Julian however, formed a romantic relationship first and slowly layered in the danger Their love is sweeter, with significantly fewer punches to their lover s face.There s a phrase I don t think I ve ever used before, but I m going to use it now Insta Love Done Right It wasn t that these two gentleman fell in love at first sight it took many months but there was barely any interaction between them during that time They fell hard, but it was a slow burn The pair grew accustomed to seeing each other once a week at a restaurant were Cameron worked Julian would come in every Tuesday, order the same thing, and barely say a word to Cameron Once the pair took the leap into each other s arms, it was an intense, overwhelming attraction which neither could fightJULIAN CROSS Someone would have to be out of their mind not to come back to you I walked through a blizzard to get here CAMERON JACOBS It wasn t logical that he would choose Julian over his own safety, Cameron knew He would, though, and logic be damned. CAMERON S PUPPIES COBALT, SCARLET, SAFFRON, SNOWFLAKE Westies aren t mean They re tenacious JULIAN S CATS SMITH WESSON My cats would turn your dogs into hairballs, There was a perfect moment where the differences between Cameron Julian were laid out within the metaphor of their pets he s not one of us, just like you said He s the kind of man who if you gave him a gun and told him he had two choices shoot one of your dogs or shoot yourself in the head he d put the gun to his ear and pull the trigger Hell, Jules, you d do the same thing if someone did that to you and your goddamned cats, Blake said in amusement No, Julian murmured with a shake of his head No, there s a third option People like us, we re third option people We take the gun, stuff it in the person s mouth, and eliminate the problem Walk off into the sunset with our kitty Couple of Notes Is anyone walking Cameron s Puppies I don t know if that bothers me because I have to walk my dogs after a long day at the office and I want fictional characters to share the plight of walking puppies in the snow What was the dynamic between Julian, Blake, and Preston We never really get clarification on that I hope we gain a clearer picture in Armed Dangerous Why Oh Why would you get Cameron a job in this mysterious business after spending the entire book protecting him from these people The Ending view spoiler Only a few times in my entire life have I been so distraught over what I just read that I had to skip ahead to make sure everything will turn out OK This was definitely one of those timesDramatic reenactment of my reaction to Julian s funeral me He can t DIE Oh God, what if the next book about protecting Cameron He s just faking it right Honestly, it s nice to have a book affect you so much that you freak out a little at the prospect of a character dying Side note This is probably what I haven t read the Game of Thrones Series yet I get overly attached to fictional charactersSo I had to skip ahead, make sure Julian was going to come back, and resume my reading pacified with the knowledge that Julian was out there somewhere hide spoiler

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    2.5, will round it up to 3 starsEventually finished it.I tried I just couldn t buy it.I found Cameron to be quite naive.I wanted to like this one as I have loved the books in the Cut and Run series that I have read so farEven with a certain theme view spoiler the Irish connection hide spoiler

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    Buddy read with Wacky Blacky Must Have HEA tomorrow I bet they all die at the end, mwahahaha FINAL RATING 3.5 stars I m rounding up to four because I think I just expected something differentthat s what I get for skimming reviews My Own Synopsis Cam is a waiter at a posh Chicago restaurant He s content with his lot in lifehe has no big aspirations to be rich or powerful, he s a simple guy with simple tastes Everything he is reflects his simple character He is friends with everyone he works with, he s good at his job, he has a few fluffy white dogs at home to greet him.The biggest excitement for Cameron, it seems, is Tuesday nights That s when HE comes in Without fail, a mysterious dark haired, gorgeous hunk of man sits at Cam s table, orders the house wine and the daily special, and never says a wordno yes, no, or anything Just nods and looks Until one day he doesMr Mystery speaks He begins to very slowly have a certain repertoire with Cam As their one and two word conversations turn into lengthy discussions, Cam begins to notice that this man watches him with a certain look in his eyes Though he doesn t even really begin to let himself hope that the hotness personified is gay, let alone that he would be interested in plain, unassuming Cam, there comes a day that Mystery Man makes it clear that he s interested All I do is serve the food And all I do is sit there and watch you As Cam slowly comes to accept the attraction that he feels for the man may be reciprocated, he also begins to learn little bits about himsuch as his name, Julian But he also begins to notice things about Juliansome are obvious, like the way he always sits with his back to the wall, eyes alert, scribbling notes in a little notepad Others are intuitive such as the intense, nearly feral look in his eye and the sometimes too self contained demeanor in which he carries himself And so it goeshow can a normal, everyday average guy and a mysteriously dangerous and secretive stranger find a way to be together Cameron swallowed with difficulty You look at me like there s nothing else int he world, he whispered to Julian nervously There s not right now, Julian answered immediately It s Tuesday My Thoughts The first part of this book was full of that magical, giggly, squishy, sexually charged feeling of a new relationship It was made better because of the mystery surrounding Julian He s quite the badass, it seems, and yet he s not obvious about it That s one thing that made me like him even He s not at all what I expected Neither was Cameron for that matter While Julian is the stoic, self contained mystery at first, he slowly turns into a somewhat romantic figuresweet most often with little bouts of passionate lover Cam starts off almost feminine in his attitudes and actions He s an extremely passive guy, than I was prepared for Almost too much at times I will say that Cam does have a few moments that he sticks up for himself and doesn t let Julian unintentionally run rough shod over him.I think I expected this to be a romantic suspense novel For the most part, it was straight up contemporary romance, and with only one fairly nondescript sex scene I also expected bow chicka bow wow Nopeonly one The middle of the story fell pretty flat for me I think it needed moments of levity moments of quiet for these two in which their relationship was portrayed as solid But every scene with these two together had them solving or trying to solve some sort of conflict I just never got to the point that I felt comfortable with them as a couple Their solid relationship never manifested for me, even though they are supposedly together for months Maybe this was due to Julian s mystery profession that only allowed them to be together two days a week shrug But for me, it kept me from really accepting these deep emotions that they apparently felt for each other Well, that and the fact that Julian remains a mystery for pretty much the entire book In fact, there isn t EVER a moment in which his job is spelled out You have to sort of make an educated guess When the action picks up during the last parts of the book, my attention was again captured I had to laugh at myself because even though I knew what had actually happened at one point, I was still on the edge of my seat and choking upjust at the possibility that what was insinuated was true He d faced many things in his life that most people never faced, but he was not immune to terror He s discovered tonight that being scared for someone you cared about was an entirely different animal from simply fearing for your own life and limb Overall, I enjoyed getting to know these two as a couple They just seem to fit each otherthey seem to be polar opposites, really, but they fit like puzzle pieces And I put the book down feeling as if they were meant to be Julian allows Cam to have a solid, confident influence in his life, and Cam gives Julian the comfort of simply being loved and accepted without fear Beautiful love story When I m with him I feel like one of the good guys.

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    Sorry folks, I know I am the dissenting opinion here, but I just didn t really care for this book It wasn t bad, just ok for me, thus the 2 stars.So what was my problem First, I found the story to move at a terribly slow pace It s a 303 page novel, and nothing remotely exciting starts to happen until after 200 pages in and even after that, it s still not all that exciting I guess I was expecting this book to have a little action intrigue gun fighting etc in it than what it actually did In fact, there s only one action scene in the whole novel Pretty much the whole story is about Julian and Cameron s supposed romance and how Julian is big, bad, and mysterious Now, I could have gotten over the fact that this novel was not the action packed thriller that I had expected, but I m sorry to say that I didn t really find the romance all that believable either Actually, I found the whole thing to be completely baffling Julian and Cameron have nothing in common as far as I could tell aside from physical attraction Julian hardly even talks And Cameron just whines the entire novel about how he doesn t understand why Julian cares about him And he s got a point I don t understand it either I just never really got the whole true love vibe since, even by the end of the novel, I never really felt like I knew anything about the characters.Bottom Line I wasn t a fan of the story or the characters, but it is well written technically and there are plenty of other people who loved it.

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    3.5 Stars I should ve probably rounded down on this one, there was definite skimming involved with the first half Not much happened other than Julian and Cam s interactions at the restaurant But it picked up the second half and I m glad I read it just for the background of the two characters prior to starting Armed and Dangerous Definitely disappointed by the lack of steam But a pretty decent ending Back to Ty and Zane I go

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    Solid 3.5 It would have been a 4.5 if not for the dogs DOGS NEED TO POO AND PEE SOMEWHERE Maybe they were paper trained or something but wondering how in the heck the dogs were ok for overnight trips with just food kept bugging me and pulling me out of the scenes Even before the first and only sex scene I kept thinking He just got home from 10 hours of work Why hasn t he taken the dogs out He s gonna take the dogs out right I had to go back and re read the scene to actually follow the sexing once I knew the dogs weren t going out that night The distraction repeated every time with him arriving after a long shift or leaving for days was mentioned.Everything else criticized in other reviews didn t bother me a bit POV changes were easy to follow The other big one seems to be Cam not grabbing people Sometimes you just love someone because they are who they are and together it just works Not all of us have to be the dark handsome staranger What Julian needed was comforting and sweet Cameron was and I understood the freaking out too Things were being withheld from him and he didn t know what.Their first conversation outside of work was magical A sentence or two about a dog walker or paper training would have raised this from a decent book to an excellent one.

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    I was reliably informed multiple times that Warrior s Cross was a must read prior to reading Armed Dangerous Reportedly, Julian and Cameron play instrumental roles in book 5 of the Cut Run series I can t speak to that at this juncture but, I can say I was quite bored by Warrior s Cross It could easily have been a novella rather than a novel There was far too much restaurant talk opening wine, smelling corks, prep areas blah, blah, blah I don t understand how this is supposed to be either engaging or titillating I couldn t even get excited about Julian s line of work I found the whole thing about as scintillating as watching paint dry I can understand Cameron s appeal to Julian to a certain extent but, I m still dubious about their long term plausibility Cameron is naive and doesn t ask a lot of questions which is exactly what should appeal to a hit man He s also significantly smaller than Julian so there is that Ordinarily, I would classify this as instalove but it s not that exactly, it s like the story began in the middle of their relationship I didn t feel them fall in love I was just told to believe it Like I said, Julian s a hit man which, theoretically, should bring a certain excitement level yet, it fell flat Most of the jobs happened off the page except the vendetta a.k.a Arlo Lancaster that comes to town in search of Julian Yet, even that was only moderately exciting Perhaps, knowing Julian and Cameron make an appearance in Armed Dangerous took some of the wind out of those sails In a nutshell, the plot was thin The characters aren t all that likable It s far too long There certainly wasn t enough sexy time Overall, it was kind of a snoozefest thus, I can only muster up 2 stars.

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    Re read 24th April 2018I m so glad I decided to include this in my series re read I nearly skipped it this time around in my desperation to get to Armed Dangerous I really like Julian I mean come on who doesn t love a handsome man surrounded by mystery Cameron is cute and adorable just like his westies and while I liked him I wasn t sure I liked him for Julian at first but the time we spent with them together the they grew on me And I d seriously forgotten just how dry and funny Preston is Original review.At first glance Julian and Cameron are complete opposites who have nothing in common Cameron is slight and blends in well which helps him with his job as a waiter He s happy with his job, his life and his dogs the only mystery in his life is the tall handsome man who visits the restaurant on Tuesday s, he sits in Cameron s section rarely speaks always orders the special, Cameron is intrigued and attracted to this man who s name he finally discovers is Julian.I read this book before Armed and Dangerous after discovering that these two characters appear with Ty and Zane and I m glad I did I really enjoyed this book and it made Armed and Dangerous so much better knowing the background of these two first.I m trying to make an effort to write reviews since I enjoy reading everyone else s so much but if I don t do it as soon as I ve finished I just get into my next book so sorry this review is later than it should be.

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