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    I say 3 stars My penis says 5 We will compromise at 4.Big Nick This was a very fun, very silly book.Little Nick This was the best book ever written Smoking hot Big Nick Well It was hot, yes but some of it was hard to believe.Little Nick Don t be a douche, man What didn t you believe Big Nick For starters, everyone in the book was gay or bi That doesn t happen in real life.Little Nick Of course it does I ve never met a man who didn t love the cock.Big Nick No, but you re very sheltered You do live in my pants, after all One might say you exist in ignorant bliss.Little Nick You think you re so smart Don t talk down to me and don t talk above my head Big Nick How can I avoid it I m just saying that I don t introduce you to straight men.Little Nick Why not Big Nick They wouldn t like you.Little Nick You re crazy everybody likes me.Big Nick Trust me, there are people out there who wouldn t like you Isn t it enough that I like you Little Nick We need to talk about that sometimes I think you might be obsessed with me To be honest, you can be a little stalkerish.Big Nick Why don t I fill everyone in on the book Little Nick Fire away I m taking a nap I ve never stayed awake for a whole book before.The Back Passage is a very funny, very sexy mystery spoof Think Agatha Christie meets The Cocky Boys with British accents and you ll know what you re in for Go in with low expectations and you ll enjoy the show.

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    WHHHHYYYYYYYY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THIS I mean, look at that cover I ll wait I can only point to it anything else and GR might put me in the penalty box I digress What s behind hehe that cover is a story that had me in stitches and left me with a bit of shine for its delightful MC, Mitch Mitchell or as I like to call him MIIIIITCHYYYYYY That, however, is definitely not Mitchy on the cover Mitchy is decidedly in the otter category, though I believe he thinks himself a jock I don t think jocks get winded after running for 5 mins, but I don t want Mitchy getting butt hurt so jock it is Annnnnnd he s also my new BFF I recognized Mitchy as my spirit animal early on BECAUSE HE S AWESOME Mitchy is arrogant and vain He always has time to assess and critique other s sexual prowess He s slightly pompous and wholly unobservant He fancies himself a Sherlock Holmes type Now, if Sherlock were a libidinous cad easily distracted by cock then I nah Mitch is closer to another famous sleuther He does stumble into some clues usually in route to getting pounded or doing some pounding of his own in some often disgusting but always handy and furtive locales His trysts usually involve an inordinate amount of piss, body hair, mansweat and cum Mitchy knows what he likes and he s not judge y about his playmate s kinks I like all these traits Mitchy is often hoodwinked by any halfway appealing physique and doubly so if a man eating anus is in the mix He also has a marvelous ability to find something attractive about virtually any man This was the source of much chuckling on my part as were his insights into various traits such as male pattern baldness.Suffice to say, Mitchy is VERY popular with the menz He s young, fit, attractive, possesses superior deductive powers and is a veritable SEX MACHINE Just ask him He ll be happy to tell you However, his skillz oftentimes get him out of and in to and out of many a pickle along the way Not just a pretty face or a hairy ass, as it were I did, as a matter of fact I knew what he wanted, and it was staying firmly inside my trousers If anyone was going to get it, it would be Morgan, or West, or my friend Bill at the police station, or Simon, the hall boy, or even the fat kitchen maid with the wonderful tits but Leonard Eagle was never getting it again It ain t easy being a hot otter but he takes on the responsibility like a champ in this English country manor that s been termed Sodom by the Sea , the flapper version Mitchy and his pal from Cambridge, Boy Morgan, find themselves in a broom closet ostensibly to escape a dreadfully boring game of sardines Shortly thereafter they find themselves in flagrante by Mitchy s design, of course Seems Mitchy s been waiting to make his move in a broom closet for quite some time However a murder occurs prior to completion much to their mutual chagrin Inconvenient boner or no, nothing is coming between Mitch Mitchell and an opportunity to utilize his immense crime solving abilities Aside from the obvious.I mean, someone s got to pump these guys for information and Mitchy s always good to go, so work smarter not harder, right Ermmoving on I say it s nothing short of serendipity that puts Mitchy in the right place at the right time To not solve the mystery.Of course he finds time to bang the bejesus out of Boy with regularity as well as numerous others both upstairs and downstairs Because Mitchy s dedicated and an egalitarian Okay, Mitch, he said, with a businesslike tone that almost made me laugh, you can fuck me now And I did I fucked him rotten I fucked him on his back, with his legs over my shoulders, staring down into his eyes I turned him over and pulled him onto all fours, and fucked him from behind, pounding into him as hard as I have into anyone I fucked him on his side, one leg held in the air as his cock drizzled the carpet with juice Finally I dragged him to the bed, lay him down, placed a couple of cushions under his ass and began the long ride to my goal I believe I ve unearthed the origins of Mitchy s delusions of jockdom.The ensuing events are nothing short of hilarious EVERYONE is fucking everyone, usually in an adulterous fashion There are crooked cops and Peeping Toms and hysterics and and abundance of not so secret secrets I had a blast It was exactly what I needed It reminded me of Murder by Death only with way sex.Double entendres abounded in this farcical mystery The only thing I can think of that it lacked was a chase Lear s writing is witty, cheeky and campy He pokes fun at both genres with aplomb and most of what occurs is ridiculously farfetched Mitchy mostly engages in sexual escapade after sexual escapade while Boy does all the grunt work, though Mitchy did find time to sunbathe in there too It s important to maintain one s appearance when one s so highly sought after especially in the midst of a case Can t let the stress fade the pretty I LOVED that he delegates the things he d rather not do like actually solving the case Lazy sleuthing FTW If you re looking for a laugh with tongue in cheek humor and A HOT COVER give The Back Passage a spin I ll definitely be reading from this author If I was going to become a great detective, I would have to learn to master my own libido Oh, let s not be hasty, Mitchy.

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    I first tried to read this book in 2017 when I tended to take erotic literature WAY too seriously.I hated how this plot is a string of extremely unlikely sex scenes in a Victorian setting.Two years later I m back barely remembering how the book started, I gotta admit and I am ready to let logic fly out the window and just enjoy the hilarious plot twists Mr Lear throws at us.PLEASE someone tell me Will Boy Morgan return in the subsequent books or is this the end of his story The epilogue sounded a bit final to meBecause I LOVED him What mystery hero doesn t want a sidekick who s constantly fingering you, even during the most inappropriate moments And I loved how some subjects were just slightly touched and barely there, but still had an effect, like the rhododendron moment.I also love how Lear uses balding and really hairy guys in his stories I totally appreciate that.Anyway, the plot Oh God, I wish I could say much about the plot A young guy is murdered in the mansion of the wealthy Eagle family where Mitch and Boy Morgan are currently visiting because Boy is engaged to a daughter of the house.Trying to find the murderer while the police conveniently imprison the first but possibly innocent suspect, Mitch and Boy interrogate the entire household, penetrating this mystery in their amateurish sleuthing ways.God, it was so cheesy, but deliciously entertaining.And that ending I loved it Still, lots of gay sex that happened for no other reason than horniness in Victorian England I m not completely sold on that 4 stars

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    I really wanted to love this book I read listened to, really it mainly for the following reasons A The naked dude on the coverB Marshall Thornton gave it 5 stars.C Mary Calmes also gave it 5 stars, but somehow I take that less seriously view spoiler Sorry, Mary, you re still my favorite I need it like crack author hide spoiler

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    THAT WAS FUN Witty, hot, clever and quite enjoyable for all parts of me For my part bellow the belt as well as for the upper regions of my body.Crimes and cocks.The best combination Downton Abbey meets Sherlock Holmes meets Agatha Christie An English country estate mystery with a hard core sex Eagles family and their peculiar servants Add an American Cambridge student as a amateur detective with an uncontrolled libido, a web of intrigues, dark family secrets, hot sex scenes, a lot of HOT sex scenes, a well done mystery and a captivating writing and you have an imagination what this book is about For all fans of a gay porn erotica with a plot

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    Downton Abbey with gay orgies A sex laced cozy whodunit Take it for the alternate universe that it is, but don t take it seriously The main character Mitch is an American student of medicine at Cambridge who fancies himself as an amateur Sherlock Holmes Mitch is also highly sexed and he masterfully combines sex and crime solving into one highly productive weekend It s campy and fun and I totally recommend it.ETA in thinking about my favorite reads for 2014, I have decided to up this to 5 stars I have read this book and listened to the audiobook twice It has become my naughty comfort read.

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    So great It was a clever mystery and I loved how well paced it was throughout the story but the best part was the sex I don t think anyone can come up with creative or as wide a variety of sexual scenarios as James Lear It s never gets old.Loved the ending esp the roll of film.

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    Everyone rejoice The ebook just price dropped 86% to 1.99 today at US 4 3 14

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    Written with tongue firmly in cheek and sometimes elsewhere as well Lear and Mitch take advantage of each and every opportunity that arises and create as need be Set a la Christie in the English countryside dotted with men waiting in line to show off their prowess.This was my first Lear, I should have read this sooner and am happy that there are to look forward to.

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    DNFSo, yes, the reporter was the last strawI actually enjoyed the mystery and Mitch with Boy, but the everyone in the world is gay was definitely not my thing.I would recommend it to my male friends or my female friends with iron balls And now I have to start a BR with Lena If she is still on speaking terms with me.

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The Back Passage summary pdf The Back Passage, summary chapter 2 The Back Passage, sparknotes The Back Passage, The Back Passage 4d26300 Agatha Christie, Move Over Hard Core Sex And Scandal Meet In This Brilliantly Funny WhodunitA Seaside Village, An English Country House, A Family Of Wealthy Eccentrics And Their Equally Peculiar Servants, A Determined Detective All The Ingredients Are Here For A Cozy Agatha Christie Style Whodunit But Wait Edward Mitch Mitchell Is No Hercule Poirot, AndThe Back Passage Is NoMurder Of Roger Ackroyd Mitch Is A Handsome, InsatiableYear Old Hunk Who Never Lets A Clue Stand In The Way Of A Steamy Encounter, Whether It S With The Local Constabulary, The House Secretary, Or His School Chum And Fellow Athlete Boy Morgan, Who Becomes His Watson When They Re Not Busy Boffing Each Other When Reg Walworth Is Found Dead In A Cabinet, Sir James Eagle Has His Servant Weeks Immediately Arrested As The Killer But Mitch S Observant Eye Pegs Plausible Possibilities Polysexual Chauffeur Hibbert, Queenly Pervert Leonard Eagle, Missing Scion Rex, Sadistic Copper Kennington, Even Sir James Eagle Himself Blackmail, Police Corruption, A Dizzying Network Of Spyholes And Secret Passages, Watersports, And A Nonstop Queer Orgy Backstairs And Everyplace Else Mark This Hilariously Hard Core Mystery By A Major New Talent

  • Paperback
  • 199 pages
  • The Back Passage
  • James Lear
  • English
  • 20 June 2018
  • 9781573442435

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