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  • Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • Center (Center of Earth and Sky, #1 & #2)
  • Sean Michael
  • English
  • 11 April 2019
  • 9781603708074

About the Author: Sean Michael

Often referred to as Space Cowboy and Gangsta of Love while still striving for the moniker of Maurice, Sean Michael spends his days surfing, smutting, organizing his immense gourd collection and fantasizing about one day retiring on a small secluded island peopled entirely by horseshoe crabs While collecting vast amounts of vintage gay pulp novels and mood rings, Sean whiles away the hours

10 thoughts on “Center (Center of Earth and Sky, #1 & #2)

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    I m not going to rate this book because I would not rate it well Center is the amalgamation of two books The Center of Earth and Sky and Painting The Desert The second part was slightly, and I do mean slightly, meaningful However, both have big problems with dialogue Oh I need Love included Which never made any sense, a couple of times, OK, after that NO I kept thinking finish the fucking sentence I get really ticked off when people call erotica porn This book is what gives people that idea and that angers me Erotica is storytelling with sex, and the people I read write beautiful, fun filled, exciting, interesting, sci fantasy, shocking, even literary books Some of my favourites are in this very genre Sean Michael had a chance here to write something really lovely but he didn t, he copped out, in my opinion, and wrote what amounts to porn By the way I m not against porn believe me but I want to watch porn not read a script, albeit a long script.Raine, Grey and Whit seem like nice characters, but none were fleshed out much They could have been really memorable, this book could have been ethereal The prologue is one of the most interesting pieces of writing I ve read, otherworldly, with a transmundane feel I thought we may just go somehwere new, different But No It just went into sex scene after sex scene fuck, eat, sleep, fuck whilst eating, sleep fucking, fuck fucking, and eat, sleep, fucking some .The reason I won t rate this book is I don t want to rate it at 1 star, due to the prologue and the time spent in the desert plus I finished it after all I ll just leave the rating off.

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    I m glad that s over I managed to get through this book by sheer willpower and perseverance because it was a long book with very little content unless you want to read about 3 way sex constantly And, don t get me wrong, the whole 3 way relationship even in this day and age is still frowned upon so I am not sure how Whit was able to work as a teacher and have an open 3 way relationship regardless of gender I m not entirely sure I would feel about it IRL I hate to be an ass but it seems that, if they are keeping the twincest another thing that I would have a problem with in a teacher for no reason other than morals secret from family back home in the desert why are they open about it in their everyday lives That confused me especially when you take Whit s job into consideration Hell, some people have problems with gay teachers so a teacher in any form of 3 way may not go down well This is a niggle for me I hope I am making sense here I don t want to sound like an ass but I think some people myself included as far as any form of 3 way goes would have a problem with this relationship But then I have not found it a problem in other books so it might just be this book LOLThe crux of my reason for not liking this book much was the lack of storyline other than the one event that happens in the second part of the book.

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    3.5 Stars

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    This was my first time reading Sean Michael This book was over sexed and at times overly emotional and I loved it Center is the story of twins Grey and Raine Holstein and Bartholomew Whit Whittaker the man who enters their lives to become the center of their joined universe After meeting one night under the dim lights of a neighborhood bar Raine and Gray are identical twins born six minutes apart The nature of their relationship is such that they share every aspect of their lives with one another, including a sexual relationship They are two halves of the same whole two hearts, two minds, one soul Raine is the outgoing and frenetic of the twins always chattering and fluttering about he seldom sleeps He is the sky and Grey s voice Grey is the introspective and quiet of the two and sleeps for the both of them He is Raine s heartbeat, his earth and the foundation that keeps Raine grounded Whit s entry into their world as their lover and partner serves to enhance Raine and Grey s relationship by adding another dimension to it Although Whit immediately realizes that he is falling for both Raine and Grey and would like nothing than to become a permanent part of their lives he remains tentative He secretly fears that his inclusion in their lives as their lover is something that the twins will eventually tire of But as the year progresses Whit comes to realize that they both love him as much as he they, and that he has become the center between Grey s earth and Raine s sky Grey is diagnosed with cancer, and everything starts to fall apart and brings them to their knees Grey is their rock, and as he s ravaged by the cancer treatments Whit and Raine struggle to hold it together and to find the strength to be what Grey needs them to be As each one struggles in there own way with Grey s cancer I found it very interested how the author dealt with each of there emotions as a person dealing with a sick loved one with this disease I found that there emotions were true to the real feelings that one has in dealing with this disease and for that I am glad that it was written the way it was This was a good book.

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    I can t believe this book was written by the same author as Bent, Found, Snared, Owned, Baked, Forged, Push, Gravity I had to DNF, because this was totally meaningless to me.

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    Sweet story, but the angst is through the roofWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS I was drawn into the story immediately upon reading the preface, which is mystical and poignant and magnificent Two pages and I was hooked There are some very sweet scenes Grey and Raine have the spiritual connection common to twins, but their Native American blood makes the connection stronger than normal And they draw Whit into their relationship beautifully, giving and taking from him as though he really is a part of them, and not just a third wheel I loved how Raine, especially, refers to his lovers as my Grey and my Whit There are a lot of similarities between this book and Tempering, the fourth book and my favorite in Michael s Jarheads series The characters aren t all exactly the same, but they re the same TYPES of characters Grey is gruff and quiet like Rock, Raine is fluttery and outgoing like Rig, and Whit is solid and practical like Dick And one of the characters gets very ill in each book, and the illness is so traumatic that it almost tears the relationship apart.CONS Possible spoiler here The book has a happy ending HOWEVER, the journey the characters go through to make it to that happy ending is harrowing Michael explores the effects of Grey s cancer in pretty minute detail, and the last 50 pages or so are absolutely heartbreaking I cried and cried and CRIED I don t remember the last time I cried so much reading a book And to be honest, I don t really see the ending as unequivocally happy It s like life for anyone who undergoes cancer treatment it s gone for now, but no one knows if when it will return, and that not knowing hovers constantly like a black cloud of death There s a lot of sex, and it gets repetitive My suggestion is to read small bits at a time Sometimes it s difficult to tell which character is talking there are lot of he s without the benefit of character names to indicate which he we re looking at The book isn t horribly typo filled, but the references to Whit as Walt on than one occasion , when that s not his real name or a nickname or anything, are annoying.Overall comments The characters here are different than the Jarheads characters, but there are some marked similarities in the relationship dynamics This book has some sugary sweet moments and some lovely sex scenes, but there s also a long stretch toward the end of the book that s incredibly sad In fact, I found it so sad that it was difficult to finish, and I don t see myself reading it again anytime soon.

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    The Center of Earth and Sky is a wonderful romantic story I find it a comfortable story that I can just get lost into It is mostly sex including fisting and twincest but there is a story weaved in with the sex a long with some delightful descriptions I ve read the story 3 times and enjoyed it each time I wished their second argument had been better resolved talking before the sex The preface was sad, for me, due to Raine s other lovers and what one causes him to do This isn t gone into in graphic detail and is necessary to the story but my heart broke for Grey.Still, for me The Center of Earth and Sky is a great book There is much I love about this book the length, the romantic feel of it, the characters, and the way they were shown as unique individuals, the way they met, Whit s thankfulness for the two of them, the way Whit became their centre, their thoughtful gifts to each other, the descriptions that put one in the story, the beautiful ending, and I also love how the author showed them falling in love with each other, and the growth of the relationship The return to the bar where they met, on their 1st anniversary, is just perfect The story has a clear HEA The ending is complete, which I really like.Painting the Desert has a lot of angst in it It s a great book but for those who do not like angst, the story does not have to be read There are health issues in Painting the Desert, but the three remain in love and committed to each other.Painting the Desert is a powerful story of three men in an established relationship and their trials when Grey gets cancer It is a story of love and commitment and standing by each other when the way is hard.The ending is delightful I do wish readers were given assurance that they will have a long time together.More of these three can be found in the book, Toy Box Twins I wish this story had been the epilogue in Painting the Desert.

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    This is my second Sean Michael book I finished Bent yesterday because I wanted to see if Bent was indicative of Michael s style or an aberration Unfortunately these two books are distressingly similar in style as other reviewers have called these books classic Sean Michael I would have to say that this author is not for me.I can t read any of this book at the moment because the snooky snuggums lovey dovey language is nauseating me I am starting to wonder if the author isn t actually female because I have NEVER EVER read books like these written by men I am perplexed.The one star rating reflects my opinion of the book, not the quality of the writing I am well aware that I can t be objective at the moment may amend this review at a later date if I re read this book I made it to 20% before admitting defeat.

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    This is a typical Sean Michael book right up until the second part..I loved all the MC s in thisRaine was so sweet and hot.Always on the go hardly ever sleepingGrey with his deep voice and forever sleeping.The twins complimented each other so well.Then there s school teacher WhitHe fell for the twins almost right awayHis twins.The first part of the book is basically sex sex sex but that s how Sean tells most of his stories through the sex.It s the second part that s the killerWhen Grey is diagnosed with cancer it nearly tears them apart an it certainly broke my heart hoping they d be okI ve never read a SM book without a HEAhe loves his HEA..But it certainly was hard to read hearing of what the boys went through just as in the Chess series with Knight..I loved this and will definitely be reading it again x

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    Another great read Wonderful characters and good story As usual a LOT of gratuitous sex, but you always feel the love there not just the sex Loved this one just like all the others.

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