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The Adventures of Buster Bear quotes The Adventures of Buster Bear, litcharts The Adventures of Buster Bear, symbolism The Adventures of Buster Bear, summary shmoop The Adventures of Buster Bear, The Adventures of Buster Bear f087c3ca When Buster Bear Comes To Live In The Green Forest, The Amiable Bully Stirs Up Quite A Commotion, For Bears Haven T Lived In The Forest For Years And Sure Enough, Before Long Buster Has A Series Of Run Ins With Little Joe Otter, Chatterer The Red Squirrel, Farmer Brown S Boy, And Even A Stubborn Metal Pail These And Other Entertaining Escapades Are Delightfully Recounted In This Engaging Tale Set In A Timeless World Of Bubbling Brooks, Blue Skies, And Green Groves, The Story Also Teaches Valuable Lessons On The Dangers Of Greed, Pride, And Insensitivity The Text, Printed In Large, Easy To Read Type, Is Enhanced By Six Charming Illustrations, Based On The Originals By Harrison Cady

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    My 7 yr old gave these books a 5 I agree His books are awesome she says.I liked the way morals were told in an entertaining way I bet my daughter didn t feel she was being moralized at because she wanted to hear the whole book I ve tried others that had a distinct moral or value and she hates it Books that go is thankful or learns to be honest blah.Burgess books are interesting entertaining and a good read Hopefully the little lessons learned by the animals were also learned and put away in the back of my daughter s mind But if not, that s ok A book is meant to entertain and if it did that, that works for me.They are a little old fashioned meaning the sun is called Mr round red jolly sun, the wind is Old Mother West Wind, a breeze is One of Mother West Wind s Children, the Merry Little Breezes etc Quaint and not exactly science but endearing nonetheless But other than that these books are science in story form The stories are about real life things that frogs or bears or skunks do or could do Unlike most books with animals as main characters where they learn to ride bikes, win the spelling bee at school etc Beginning animal lore for young children Or budding animal lovers.If you miss any of these from your local library they are also on Gutenberg s free books site Personally I think that these should be re released with new covers so kids will read them again.The books themselves Buster Bear Buster moves to the Green Woods This doesn t please the other animals because he takes their fish, and they are frightened of him But when the animals find out that Farmer Brown s Boy is afraid of Buster, they look at him with new eyesuntil they find out the next personality trait Buster shows.Morals values lessons intertwined in the book temper, new friends come to the neighborhood.Old Mother West Wind A group of stories with Mother West Wind or her Little Breezes helping the animals of the Meadow and forest A couple of how the xxx got lost zzz stories also that were quite entertaining.Morals values lessons intertwined in the book vanity, friendship, contentment, helpfulness.Danny Meadow Mouse Danny gets upset because he has a short tail He also gets caught by Hooty the Owl, who wants him for dinner.Morals values lessons intertwined in the book greed, anger, envy, kindness, friendship, look before you leap.Grandfather Frog He decides it s time for him to see of the world A little risk keeps life exciting He has some exciting adventures before discovering there s no place like home.Morals values lessons intertwined in the book greed, mischieviousness, thoughtlessness, patience.Old Man Coyote Something is making a new sound in the Green Meadows Green Forest The animals don t know what it could be When it is discovered who has moved in, Granny Fox is determined to oust them from HER feeding grounds Granny is in for a surprise because this stranger isn t easy to fool.Morals values lessons intertwined in the book courage, resisting temptation, good planningBobby Coon Poor Bobby awakes from his winter nap to find his tree being chopped down He is injured in the fall but taken good care of by Farmer Brown Boy His trial are not yet over Bobby must find a new home but that is harder than he thinks Morals values lessons intertwined in the book helping others, not worrying needlessly, losing your temper.

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    I remember when Farmer Brown s boy left a pail of blueberries and Buster Bear came along because he was going to go eating berries too And Farmer Brown s Boy s mother promised him that he would make blueberry pie if he came home with blueberries And Buster Bear put the pail on his head to get lots berries and Buster Bear, when he was full, ran off and the pail came down on his neck and Buster Bear did not like that and tried to shake it off, and then a Farmer Brown s Boy came back and was very puzzled that the pail was gone And Buster Bear came to a bunch of other people, like Jimmy Skunk and Bobby Coon Buster Bear tried to catch Bobby Coon, no that s not right, the Red Squirrel or something Do you remember his name Daddy And the Red Squirrel was too scared to jump on the other side or branch, no on the ground And he remembered what Mother Nature had said, he could spread his hands out and jump down something like a napkin that is floating down in a big square And Buster Bear was disappointed And later Buster Bear got the pail off his neck and he was so happy, and that s it.

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    Burgess is fun for this Oklahoma Texas Louisiana boy to read out loud to the kids, with pacing, word choice, and sentence structure feeling very Southern to me I let my accent have free rein during bedtime read a longs Part Uncle Remus Br er Rabbit and part Ranger Rick, Burgess s animal adventures tie wildlife education and down home morality together artfully Burgess does anthropomorphism exceedingly well And for lovers of old fashioned children s lit, Burgess is your guy The wind s Old Mother West A breeze is One of Mother West Wind s Children, or Merry Little Breezes The sun s Mr Round Red Jolly Sun Awww.Since our little animal lovers liked but didn t love this one as much as I did, I gave 3 stars instead of 4 We ll give the series a rest before trying a second installment.

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    Modern cover for an older story This is a reprint of an older series of children stories The cover of this one gives it a face lift The artwork differs from the cover once you turn the page.I didn t know this instantly because I never heard of this book before But I found it odd that the cover look like something from Little Bill but the inside drawings looked antique The writing differs from today s children stories and what we use to get in books Due to the age of this book they are free to access You can read this online through a Kindle, Nook and whoever else has a copy You can also access it on Project Gutenberg.This book was accessed on Netgalley to look through and review But this one was a limited access with only given us 4 pages to examine this So, I don t know if there is anything extra in this one or if it s just a reprint with a modern cover to draw interest from kids today I think it ll work the cover was why I downloaded it in the first place.But the limited pages may be due to because this is easily accessed everywhere else to read The Table of Contents is modernized The copy I have on Kindle and on Project Gutenberg are Roman Numerals In their version they re our regular Hindu Arabic numerals which is easier on our students and makes it feel newer.Based on what I see in the Table of Contents they have everything the original copy has With extra feature At the end of the book you can read about the author I am all for bringing older stories into today s classroom or at your house.

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    Read this aloud to my son A sweet, exciting, charming story.

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    This is a pleasant read that my kids really enjoyed It is a simple story that will amuse your kids, while instructing them in common sense, courtesy, and humility.

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    My kids love Burgess animal stories.

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    I read this with my six year old son, and neither us were gripped Perhaps pedantic sententiousness and bloviate redundancy were all the style a century ago, but I strongly suspect neither of us would have been favorably impressed had we read this when it first came out either Which is not to say my son and I are jaded, cynical humans Rather, it is to say we prefer good, well written stories instead of this saccharine suffused blather As far as moralizing tales go, this isn t even very good at communicating decent morals to the kids If you steal things and get caught, as long as you growl and intimidate the people around you, things will work out, seems to be the lesson our hero learns It s okay that he steals from grumpy people because, well, they re grumpy With character names like Blacky the Crow, who is a villain in this lovely kid s book, I fail to see its appeal today It hasn t the quaintness that often keeps older things afloat, like slap bracelets and pogs This is just antiquated It s no Beatrix Potter, so stick with her.

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    The Adventures of Buster Bear by Thornton W BurgessPublisher Quarto Publishing Group Seagrass PressISBN 9781633224575Publish Date March 6, 2018Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group Seagrass Press for the ebook ARC of The Adventures of Buster Bear by Thornton W Burgess The Adventures of Buster Bear introduces a new generation to Thornton W Burgess s long loved Bedtime Stories characters Goodreads Buster Bear is new to the Green Forest and he is having some trouble making new friends because he is so big and so is his appetite I give this book a rating of 5 stars I read this book to my kids and they really enjoyed it Fun story TheAdventuresOfBusterBear NetGalley

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    Buster Bear had stolen little Joe Otter s fish and made him so mad that little Joe Otter muddied up all the little pools in the river where Buster Bear fished By using Grandfather Frog s advice, your enemy can become your friend, they became friends Buster Bear also stole Farmer Brown s son s berries Then Farmer Brown s son tried to get him back by knocking on Buster Bear s door and trying to scare him with a bucket on his head Buster Bear was completely scared These are just some of the fun adventures that happened in this book

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